• Show Date: 22/07/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Jackie Parker Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Leeds City & District Canine Association

Breed: Rhodesian Ridgeback

Leeds Championship Dog Show 24th July 2022 - Rhodesian Ridgebacks.

Thank you to Leeds Show Society, for their hospitality and the opportunity to judge both my breeds. My gratitude to my lone, super steward Julia Alexander, who looked after me, the ring and exhibitors to perfection throughout a very long day. Thank you to the exhibitors for your entry which was both quality and quantity and I must say I felt so very privileged. The classes of the day were open dog and open bitch. So much quality and so many I would have been happy to award the Challenge Certificate to (not all were in the cards).

I was looking for a balanced, moderate dog, unexaggerated both in construction and movement. These attributes and a sound temperament are the basic requirements for any hound doing the job originally intended. The breed standard gives us what distinguishes one breed from another.

The unfortunate ring layout did not favour easy assessment, however, I always endeavour to judge the quality of the exhibit and not the skill of the handler and hopefully, give every exhibit the time it takes for me to do this.

MPD (5, 1). 1. Shaw, Mrs Margaret Crombie & Shaw, Mr William Negasi Radagast. lovely head plains with handsome expression and desired round, dark eye. Crested neck with plenty of reach into excellent shoulder. Correct prosternum, good depth and length of rib for a youngster. Good bone and nice tight feet. Lovely profile movement with plenty of scope. BP. 2. Field, Mrs Aileen Chaser Jake Jumanne (Imp Dnk). Not the maturity of the class winner and still lots of time to tighten and catch up. Great topline, nice bone and so very sound. Good to see in this great moving class. 3. Jeffery, Mrs E L Negasi Thorin At Rexgrove. PD (4, 0). 1. Black, Mrs Gillian & Black, Mr Lee & Mckinlay, Mrs Asharaa Dark Side Of The Moon At Gileeja. So much to like about this rich red wheaten. He took a while to settle but so worth a bit of patience. Still to tighten up but totally balanced outline with matching fore and hind angulation and correct body length to height ratio. Handsome head with well-set ears. Good prosternum back into correct depth and length of ribbing. Great bone. So very sound with an impressive profile action, straight coming and going.2. Catharell, Mrs Caroline & Larkin, Mrs Janet Asharaa's Perfect Match With Faahac. Rich liver nose in super condition, so well-schooled and handled to perfection. Litter brother to 1. Slightly shorter cast, another with excellent balance. Top head and expression with harmonising eye and coat colour. Another with enviable profile action. 3. Maylor, Miss K L Rubicon Red Marvelous Black Panther At Kamili Imp. JD (9, 0) A class headed by some very mature juniors with excellent movement throughout. On another day my top winners could have come from this class. 1. Mackfall, Mr And Mrs John And Cheryl Hespa Masseto Of Africaner. Rich red wheaten with plenty of correct, bone and great balance of outline. Today he out moved the rest in a class of outstanding movement. Strong level topline held effortlessly on the move. Good reach of neck into the best of shoulders. Balanced, unexaggerated angulation. So well-schooled, fit and expertly handled. Considered for top honours.2. Doughty, Mrs Tracey & Doughty, Mr Russell Saimon's Praide Victorious Brabus With Rubiltra. So much to like in this standard young dog. The eye just flows over a great head and neck and beautifully balanced outline Fantastic long effortless profile stride, sound and true coming and going. 3. Moore, Mr Robert & Moore, Mrs Katherine Royalridge Glory Days. GD (5, 0). 1. Maylor, Miss K L Rubicon Red Marvelous Black Panther At Kamili Imp.Patient handler had settled this young boy from the earlier class. Now, relaxing into his frame giving a better outline, he moved true and with scope in profile. Compact with balanced angulation matching his correct height and length ratio. Best of round dark eye, well set ear. Strong bone and nice feet. Great topline with correct croup and tail carriage. Still to come into maturity, as it should be at this age.2. Reid, Mrs Lisa If I Can Dream Energy Of Africa For Saadani. Lovely expressive head. Good straight balance from front, standing with a correct line from shoulder to ground. Well sprung rib into strong loin giving correct rise. Well let down hocks together giving lots of effortless power behind. Took a while to settle on the move and one that would benefit from a larger ring. Another with so much more to come. 3. Nelson, Mrs Eileen Zougani Zante. PGD (2, 0). 1. Smith, Ms Maghan Leteela Happy As Larry. Handsome liver nose, beautifully presented, fit, with gleaming coat. Great expression, correct ear set, good eye, colour harmonising with coat colour. Moved with long relaxed stride. Handled well with empathy. Just needs a bit more return of upper arm. 2. Wigglesworth, Mrs A Ranginui Great Expectation. Correct size with a fun temperament that made me smile. Balanced outline with correct angulation to height, length ratio. Moved well in profile but bit close behind on the up and down, needs to tighten up in front. LD (3, 0) 1. Rhodes, Mrs Kerry Priorpark You Coda Be Mine Of Metalrock JW. Correctly balanced with no exaggeration. Clean outline. Great expression and head of correct proportions, clean, well-set neck into body proportion over which the eye flows. Well let down in hock. Moved as his conformation said he should. Expertly handled. 2. Nash, Mrs P Mutoko's Noble One. One I have admired often and, on another day, could swap places with 1. Great bone, strong topline. Excels in profile movement. So very balance when free standing. Definitely one that benefits from a larger ring. 3. Hanson, Mrs Gillian & Inwood, Mr Joshua Kuwinda Bullseye. OD (12, 0) Superb class in which there were so many deserving of top honours.1. Piehl, Mrs L & Storey, Mr P & Storey, Mrs E Ch Kiromol Heaven Can Wait (A.I). Handsome, upstanding wheaten mature dog over which the eye flows. No exaggeration and totally balanced in outline. Correct head with beautiful expression, and well-set ears. Crested neck with plenty of reach into very good shoulder balanced to hind angulation and body length. Did not put a foot wrong on the move with a smooth, unexaggerated stride holding a beautiful cadence throughout. Shown expertly and in hard fit condition that comes from hours of natural exercise. DCC & BOB. 2., White Mrs E Carlincox Gold Star JW. Red wheaten upstanding dog fitting the standard with no exaggeration. Flowing lines and beautifully balanced. Tight topline held at all times, level but not flat giving a powerful hind action. Great bone and correct angulation. Top feet. Really love his type and another outstanding mover. RDCC. 3. Ashman, Mrs Michele & Ashman, Mr Neil Robert Patemeliann Red Tarka At Kitaarka JW. VD (3, 2). 1. Craven, Mrs G & Mackfall, Mr J Ch Hespa Henry Higgins. Such a handsome, fully mature red wheaten. Stood alone but such a worthy winner. One I have long admired and just gets better with age. The very best of expressions, deep muzzle, well placed ears. Strong, long neck, great topline held at all times. Great bone, correctly sloping pasterns into tight feet with deep pads. In cracking condition and his fitness demonstrated in his beautiful, extended profile movement. SBD/B (4, 0). 1. Hall, Mrs Carolyn Louise & Hall, Mr Lee Msingi All About Me Of Cynami JW. Beautiful, feminine red wheaten bitch. Standard size, nicely balanced angulation, with very clean lines. Good front, best of feet and very pretty expression. The more I looked the more I liked. Well-handled and moved with scope. BSpB. Delighted to see her do well in the Group. 2. Ferns, Mr Robert & Ferns, Miss Catherine Kinabula's Can Can Kiwi. Very pretty, light wheaten bitch. Beautifully put together just needing to tighten up and mature. This should be a slow maturing breed and at 7 months she is exactly what I would hope to see. Impressive, long profile stride and best of all loving her time in the ring with her handler. Should have a long and successful show career. 3. Darnell, Miss Jacqui & Darnell, Mrs Edwina Rubiltra Mitaa Wimbo At Jacquidon. MPB (4, 1). 1. Ferns, Mr Robert & Ferns, Miss Catherine Kinabula's Can Can Kiwi - as SpB. 2. Jolly, Mrs Nicola J Negasi Elberith For Clanbruachan. Second of two very feminine, pretty youngsters. Nicely balanced throughout, with good angulation, reach of neck, great bone into tight feet. 3. Davis, Mrs C & Davis, Mr Phillip Imola Inglesina. PB (4, 0). 1. Morais, Mrs K Rubicon Red Marvelous Pepper Pots (Imp Mne) Caught my eye straight away. Love her size, type and balance with an outline that just flows. Icing on the cake.-.she could move. One I could watch all day. Sadly, fell victim to a wasp sting – one of many throughout the day which sadly put her off in the challenge. 2. Kehoe, Miss A M & Phillips, Mr C R Redcrown Hawaiian Fire. Similar in type to 1st. Both standard size, Very best of heads, great bone. Just needs to tighten up in front a little but not to be rushed. Unsettled on the move but with her good handler eventually found her stride and moved well. 3 Black, Mrs Gillian & Black, Mr Lee & Mckinlay, Mrs Asharaa Stars In Your Eyes At Gileeja. JB (6, 2) 1. Craven, Mrs G & Rowbottom, Mr & Mrs E Hespa Ornellaia. Very smart liver nose with clean lines. Great and balanced angulation, plenty of body depth. Good neck into nice shoulder. Correct topline and correct arch of loin into good croup and tail set. Good bone. Moved true coming and going and with good drive in profile.2. Griffin, Mrs Louise Veldtkammer Irresistible To Clarismore. Prettiest of heads and expression. Good reach of neck into lovely shoulder and return of upper arm. Well held topline standing and on the move. Free and easy balance gait, sound on the to and from. 3. Thomas-Bassett, Mrs Tina Bonfirebeau Red Skye. GB (2, 0) Two bitches to be proud of. Both of correct, standard size and both moved so well. 1. Pearce, Mrs Alison & Pearce, Mr Stuart Msingi Sabriel. Just that bit more mature and developed in front than 2. Very pretty head and expression with correct round eye. Well set ears. Well balanced outline. Correct size and moved beautifully. 2. Murray, Mrs Julie Priorpark Patience Of Dellared. Another one with pretty, feminine head and expression with correct round eye. Well set ears. Balanced outline. Correct size and moved beautifully. Not quite the maturity of 1st. Yet. PGB (7, 0) 1. Storey, Mr & Mrs P & E & Piehl, Mrs L Kiromol Tip Toe And Go (A.I.). Very attractive head and expression, with large well-set ears. Well crested neck with reach. The best of shoulders and return of upper arm. Deep chest with plenty of heart and lung room. Well ribbed back, to strong loin giving correct topline. Great width to thigh and second thigh Shown in top, fit condition. Light, effortless, sound stride.2. Humphrey, Mr Robin Priorpark Peaky Blinder JW. Livernose correct bitch of excellent proportions, balanced with no exaggeration. Strong topline held at all times. Great forechest. Well let down in hock. Deep, well knuckled feet. Sound with correct stride, moved well but not quite usual verve.3. Farleigh, Mrs M L Kinabula's My Girls Lollipop. LB (13, 2). 1. Parsons, Miss H Priorpark Pinch Of Salt. Another unexaggerated bitch of correct size from this kennel. Balanced proportions. Correct shoulder and return of upper arm. Well let down hock. Good croup and tail set. Relaxed, correct profile movement with reach and drive. 2. Mackfall, Mr and Mrs John And Cheryl Benicloujam Aumba Breeze Of Africaner. Larger than 1. Rich, red wheaten, expertly handled. Great neck into clean shoulder. Well ribbed back into strong loin. Unexagerated hind angulation. Moved with strength and precision. 3. Black, Mrs Gillian & Black, Mr Lee & Mckinlay, Mrs Rottzridge Perihelion At Gileeja. OB (8, 2). 1. Larkin, Mrs J E Rubicon Red Do The Right Thing Royaal Pearl. Standard size bitch of excellent proportions. Excellent, balanced outline with no exaggeration. Feminine head but with no loss of strength and depth of muzzle. Dark, round eye. Great shoulder and upper arm well balanced to hind angulation. Super depth of brisket with desired heart and lung room. Strong loin, all supported on the best of toplines. Fitness and condition, with long lean muscle that comes from maturity and natural exercise. Movement true, sound and deceptively effortless. BCC. 2. Farleigh, Mrs M L Ch Kinabula's Gucci Bloom. Another outstanding bitch of slightly larger, standard proportions. Very best of feminine heads set on beautiful, crested neck of excellent length. Well balanced outline with correct angulation great depth of brisket. Correct spring and length of pastern. Very well let down hock. This gave a sound effortless stride as it should. So sound and moved true. RCC. 3. Scanlon, Miss I Kinabula's All About The Bass JW ShCE OSW. VB (7, 2). 1. Storey, Mr & Mrs P & E & Piehl, Mrs L Ch Kiromol Midsummer Spirit JW. I have judged this beautiful mature bitch a few times over the years and she just gets better each time. Beautiful head. Deep powerful muzzle without losing her femininity. Large correctly set ears. Long, crested neck. Strong, balanced outline with the best of fronts, fore and hind angulation with well let down hocks. Great bone with deep, well knuckled feet. Moved an absolute dream with long, rhythmic profile stride. True coming and going. Seriously considered for top honours. BV. 2. Hicks, Mrs Sally & Hicks, Mr John Nuthouse Hot Stuff. Such a feminine head with dark, round eye. Correct topline, well set shoulder and return of upper arm. Again, another veteran with long, effortless stride. Out moved many of the youngsters. 3. Mcintosh, Miss Liz Cleopatras Fortune Of Chagall.

Jackie Parker (Azuli)