• Show Date: 02/04/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Ian Gabriel Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/03/2024

National Terrier Club

Breed: Fox Terrier (Wire)

Many thanks to the exhibitors for an excellent entry at this special show. It was really a pleasure to judge wires today as the quality has certainly improved from my previous assignment. Dogs were generally better than the bitches. Similarly, to smooths I did note the creeping in of cathedral chests, this is in my opinion a real fault and I penalised for it. On arrival at the show I would never have thought that come open dog I would have been more than comfortable in awarding any of those present a CC. I was delighted to see my BOB annexe the top award and go Best in Show at this the premier terrier show. Many congratulations SPECIAL BEGINNERS DOG 1st DOYLE, Mrs Sarah & DOYLE, Mr Andrew SELVINA INDIGO. Nice start to the entry. 15 month old. Pleasing male although up to size. Typical head and expression with good length of head with correct eye and nice sized ears, carried correctly. Good front. Decent bone and feet. Needs to shorten up and fill out. Moved well. JUNIOR DOG 1st: MAUGHAN, Mrs A Brocolitia Kracklin King. Upstanding male who commanded attention in this class. Quality throughout and overall presents a very pleasing outline. Pleasing lean head with good keen dark eye and correct ear carriage. Good length of neck into well placed shoulders. Clean in front, good bone and feet. Short backed with good strong loin. Well ribbed up. Plenty behind the tail. In good hard condition. Moved well with drive. Considered for the RCC. A very nice prospect who I will watch with interest. 2ndFORD, Ms L & BURTON, Mr D Selvina Indiana. 3rd: DOYLE, Mrs Sarah & DOYLE, Mr Andrew SELVINA INDIGO

POST GRADUATE DOG 1st: 478 ADSHEAD, Mr Carl magsmoor mr topsy turvy. Nice old fashioned type of dog who appealed for his overall type and make and shape. Good head and expression. Correct front, well off for bone and nice tight feet. Good neck and shoulder, short backed, plenty behind the tail. Decent pin wire coat. Slightly over-angulated behind and down on back hock which was evident on the move. Put down well. LIMIT DOG. A good class. 1st: VALLI, Mr DAVIDE FUNFAIR FOXHOUSE. Striking male who caught my eye as soon as he came into the ring. Has a super lean head of good length and not a suggestion of coarseness. Excellent small dark eye. Perfect set of ears. Lovely clean front with no suggestion of significant fore chest. Correct bone and tight feet. Overall his shape is absolutely correct, and he is wonderfully short, his topline is strong with solid loin. He has that desired ‘shelf’ and his tail is bang on top. Moved well. RCC and pushed the CC winner. If I am critical he has too much in the way of furnishings for me, and I never thought I would write that ! 2nd: JOHNSTON, Mr A B Eskwyre Showdown At Oregill. Different type to 1. However this is another excellent example of the breed. He has many of the virtues of the first placed dog. Excels in head and expression and another with typical eye and ear carriage. Super bone. Good body throughout. In good hard condition. Very correct coming towards you but lacks drive going away. 3rd: KINSON, Mr Daniel VIVA QUALITY CASTING VOTE (IMP RUS). OPEN DOG As mentioned above this was a class that was full of quality and any wire enthusiast would be have delighted to be faced with this array of males. Although type varied all the dogs were from the top drawer and if faced with just one dog I would have been happy to have any of them right down to the final placed dog who I like. 1st: BROWNE-COLE, Mrs S Ch Travella Secret Asset. Well known male. All male solid male without being in any way coarse. Good for size. Pleasing head and expression with lean long head. Neat sized ears well placed. Has good length of neck into well placed shoulders. Super rib and depth of chest, which set him above others. In good hard condition throughout with no loading over his shoulders. Front construction is correct. Good bone. Short level topline. Plenty behind the tail. His hind angulation is correct, and he is not overdone, however he does tend to over-extend himself on the stack. A1 presentation as you would expect from this handler. Moved well and was precise in both directions and pleasing on the go around. CC in tough competition and BOB over his daughter. He put up a good performance in the BIS ring to annexe himself the top award. Many congratulations. I believe that he is to grace the European rings from now on, I wish him well there. 2nd: O'DONOGHUE, Mr Harry Ch Blackdale Regent. This kennel consistently produces quality wires of superb type and always put down to perfection by this clever handler. Here was no exception in a very smart dog who exudes breed type. Quality lean head with correct eye and typical expression. Good neck of excellent length into well placed shoulders. Correct bone and feet. Short level topline and enough behind the tail. Well angulated hind quarters. Correct pin wire coat and harsh furnishings. Makes a very nice picture, just preferred the front action of the winner. 3rd: SCHOENEBERG, Mr Friedrich-Wilhelm AKC Tango v. d. schonen Bergen. Another Ch in the making. VETERAN DOG 1st: RICE, MISS Patricia Winning Colours at Duchmorn. Smart dog of good make and shape. Pleasing head and expression. Nice front. To be critical I would like more length of neck. Correct topline. Nicely angulated behind. Moved OK. 2nd: NIXON, Mrs S Ch Willowyre Watastar. Worthy Champion of good size and full of breed type. Pleasing head and expression. Good construction throughout. Moved well for his age. Unfortunately, had left his jacket at home. 3rd: HARDING, Mr Ashley & HARDING, Miss Paris Hardirosella Heartthrob. MINOR PUPPY BITCH 1st: VAN WEERSCH, Miss Edith Blossom Purple v.d. Golden Hope. Very pleased the owners brought this young bitch from The Netherlands, as she is a pleasure to go over. ‘Old fashioned’ type with nothing overdone in any way and a rather nice prospect. Has a quality and very typical headpiece, with small dark keen eye and nicely sized and placed ears. Displays that required varminty expression. Nice overall shape. Super neck and shoulder. Clean front. Good depth of chest for one so young. Nice short topline. Super mover for and aft. Good pin wire coat and put down to the nth degree. Pleased to award her best puppy. 2nd: MAUGHAN, Mrs A Brocolitia Aurora. Different in type to the first placed bitch. Nice size and good make and shape. Very pleasing head and expression. Not quite as mature as the winner and would prefer a better tail carriage. 3rd: WYNTER, Miss P Flashblack Audacity. PUPPY BITCH 1st: 514 WILLIAMS, Mrs Yukie ALKINRA GOSSIP GAL. Nice size. Pleasing head and expression. Nice neck and shoulder. Needs to body up and drop. Not quite enough spring of rib. Super coat texture. Front action has a fair bit of tidying up to do. JUNIOR BITCH 1st: 489 FORD, Ms L & BURTON, Mr D Selvina Isadora. 14 months and very moderate throughout. Quality bitch with nice head which is lean and of sufficient length. Well off for bone, and nice cat like feet. Mature for one so young. Short backed. Well muscled up hind quarters. Tail on top with plenty behind. Moved well. Put down very well. POST GRADUATE BITCH 1st: HANZA, Mrs Neva Avena Lucy in the Sky. Very classy and stylish bitch who exudes breed type and appealed greatly. I note that she is all Blackdale breeding. Super head and expression with the keenest of eye and neatest of ears. Super length of neck into well placed shoulders. Good depth of chest, correct spring of rib. Short backed. Lovely moderate hindquarters which are well muscled up. Presentation was second to none. To be critical she could be a little more free in her front action which cost her higher honours later in the day. 2nd: WATKIN-JONES, Mrs R LLANISBURY Gilnivers Tully. Up to size for a bitch and longer cast than the first placed bitch. However pleasing headpiece and good neck and shoulder. In good hard condition. Moved well ib both directions.3rd: DIPPLE, MR DAVID & DIPPLE, MRS MARY MARVIDYNE ELLIE MAY. LIMIT BITCH 1st: DE MUNTER-UITERWIJK, Mr D & Mrs R Spice Girl Van Foliny Home. This bitch is quite beautiful and pushed the CC winner hard in a tight competition. My notes say simply ‘quite lovely’ and she is, from her very typical head with keen eye and strength throughout yet very feminine, through to her super hindquarters and ‘shelf’. Super shape, short backed and covering plenty of ground. Super coat texture and presentation. Movement was precise. RCC with some to spare. A sure Ch for 2022. 2nd: WATKIN-JONES, Mrs R LLANISBURY Gilnivers Tully. OPEN BITCH 1st: 479 BROWNE-COLE, Mrs S Travella Spotlite. I have liked this bitch ringside on a number of occasions and was pleased that I was given the opportunity to go over her. Ultra-feminine bitch, full of breed type and by todays dog CC winner. Spotlite has a super headpiece which is long and lean yet fully in balance with the rest of her. Nice front. Long neck without loss of strength. Good shoulders. Short backed. Good hindquarters which are moderately angulated and not overdone. If I am hypercritical, she could use her ears more. Not quite 2 years old, I think this bitch will just get better with age and maturity. Pushed her sire hard in the competition for BOB. 2nd: 487 EBDON, Mrs Jacqui & EBDON, Mr Chris Stunning Luxe Jaime La Vie at Flashblack (Imp Rus)

Dr Ian H Gabriel