• Show Date: 24/04/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Huw BISHOP Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

West Of England Ladies Kennel Society

Breed: Retriever (Labrador)

West of England Ladies’ Kennel Society

24th April 2022

Retriever (Labrador)

Many thanks to the committee of WELKS for inviting me to judge at this lovely Spring show and to my excellent stewards for the efficient and supportive way they carried out their work. Thank you particularly to all exhibitors for such a fabulous entry, both in quantity and most certainly in quality. Some decisions were challenging, very close and potentially interchangeable, and I thank all of you for the spirit of sportsmanship in which those were received. I sensed an atmosphere around the ring of exhibitors supporting exhibitors in different ways as we moved through the classes. That reminded me of long past show scenes, but I also think that some Spring sunshine (despite the cold wind) gave us all a real sense of freedom to enjoy after the turbulence of recent years. I was absolutely delighted with my CC and RCC winners who, reflected so many positive aspects of the standard. Having witnessed some significant interpretations of the standard over the years, it is good to see youngsters coming through now with so much promise.

Veteran Dog 5.3

1 Mccrory’s Sh Ch Millrosglen Make My Day with Meadowvillabs. Stood out in this class 0 in good condition at 8 years. Solid, strongly built outline. Kind head and biddable expression, correct eye and ear set . Good reach of neck into good shoulders. Level topline – stood four square and moved well.

2 Moody’s Trendlewood Mr Blue Sky. Slightly taller in outline than 1. Kind head, good reach of neck, topline and good angulation front and rear. Took a little time to settle and stood well when he did. Lost out on movement to 1.

Minor Puppy Dog 8.6

1 Harvey-Major’s Floki The Jester in Linjor Took a little time to settle but when he did, there stood a well-balanced and strongly built youngster of just 8 months. Short coupled. Good bone. Such an appealing head with good reach of neck, deep chest, correct shoulder placement, level topline and well-set tail finishing off a lovely overall profile. Covered the ground well. BPD

2 Rawlinson & Balshaw’s Halshimoor Prime Time at Shanorrell. Another nicely constructed puppy – finer in outline than 1 but this did not detract at all from his overall quality. So attentive to his handler, he presented well. A kind and expressive head, good topline and lovely front and rear angles. Movement was sound and true.

Puppy Dog 8.2

1 Tulloch’s Tullochmohr Final Hurrah. Stood out in this class – loved his overall outline. Good bone – such a kind, expressive and masculine head, not overdone in any way. Good fore chest and well sprung barrel rib. Stood four square. Level topline which he kept on the move. Tailset came straight off the back. Moved well

2 Allen’s Tiouron Secret Liaison. Slightly smaller than 1 but much to like about him. Pleasing head, good neck and shoulders – developing topline. Splitting hairs between him and the noticeably clear qualities of 3, but he won this place on movement, which was stronger today.

3 Elliot’s Cremino County Trader at Lyndham

Junior Dog 7.2

1 Metcalfe’s Baileydale Puff Daddy. Upstanding youngster, masculine but with the kind expressive head and watchful eye. Nicely broad and deep through chest and ribs. Lovely front and rear angles. Level topline with a tail coming straight off. Stood four square showing off his short coupled and strong loin. Covered the ground well on the move.

2 Bell’s Westerulston John. Nicely constructed and well presented and liked him a lot but 1 was a little further ahead in developing maturity. Kind head, good reach of neck and shoulders to a level topline held well on the move once he found his stride.

3 Potter’s Harrop Pick Pocket

Yearling Dog 12. 4

1 Mclellan’s Saranden Shadeuxplay. Nicely built black with a keen and biddable expression on a lovely broad head without being overdone. Well-proportioned throughout. Powerful neck into well sloping shoulders. Well sprung chest. Level topline and correct tailset. Good angles front and rear well let down hocks enabling a powerful driving movement.

2 Allen’s Tylersgreen Narsil at Timouron. Lovely breed type of good outline and sound conformation. Pleasing head and masculine but not overdone expression. Correct front, good reach of neck to good shoulders Stood four square. Moved well too. Preferred topline to tailset of 1

3 Bond’s Carpenny Padraig

Novice Dog 7.0

1 Floki The Jester in Linjor

2 Tullochmohr Final Hurrah

3 Cremino County Trader at Lyndham

Graduate Dog 9.4

1 Carpanini’s Carpenny Poldark. This black really stood out in this class – typical overall outline as expected from this kennel. The kindest of heads with correct eye and earset, good reach of neck, correct shoulder angulation, level topline and correct tailset. Clearly the best mover in this class covering the ground well and easily.

2 Tipson’s Ffurador First Past the Post. Strongly built and short coupled, another good breed type despite a carrying just a tad too much weight on the shoulders which thankfully did not limit his movement which was sound overall. Deep through chest and good front and rear angles.

3 Bond’s Carpenny Padraig

Post Graduate Dog 8.2

1 Baker & Judd’s Harpitts True Spirit. Mature and upstanding example, appealing and masculine and not overdone in any way. Defined head shape and stop. Good shoulder placement and depth of forechest. Presented a great outline on the move as he really covered the ground strongly and with ease.

2 Smith’s Flyenpyg Porky Pig. Finer bodied than 1 but with correct proportions, this yellow had great front angles, good neck, topline and tailset. Nice, round and well-padded feet stood four square and moved well.

3 Brookes’s Lunarpet Ruperts Latest Gem

Mid Limit Dog 5.0

1 Mills’s Lembas Maui. Presented in hard condition, this black stood out right through in this class. A most appealing outline, kind head with a most pleasing expression, Clean, powerful reach of neck into correct shoulders, level topline and good rear angulation. Today, he kept this pleasing outline on the move, which was free and true, and did not falter in showmanship right up to my final decision.

2 Callaghan’s Royalty at Bannabeach Vistor Victoria’s. Different outline and shape to 1 with so much to like – broad and clean-cut head leading to strong and powerful neck. Correct topline through to a lovely thick tail. Movement was faultless too. Despite a clear quality of breed type, my final decision was based purely on overall eye-catching symmetry.

3 Coode’s Warringah’s the Bluff

Limit Dog 10.2

1 Walton’s Gallybob Marmalade. Soundly constructed and very appealing yellow. Well proportioned, strong neck into well placed sloping shoulders, Correct front, level topline to a thick, dense tailset. Secured this strong class on movement which was true yet delightfully relaxed, ending in a natural pose which singled him out clearly

2 Gilroy’s Claychalk Costa Yen. Another strong example of breed type, nicely sized and well balanced, super head, correct eye and ear set, good shoulders, level topline and tail straight off the back. Movement was sound, covering the ground well.

3 Meredith’s Tweedledum Off The Record

Open Dog 6.2

This class was very strong with exhibits showing such excellent quality through and through.

1 Druggan’s Sh Ch A Sense of Pleasure’s El Toro at Balladoole JW (Imp Deu) This dog has a presence which is so natural and unassumingly stylish from nose through to tail tip. His head is broad with a defined stop, correct muzzle length and the kindest of eyes. Shoulders are well placed, from a correct and powerful reach of neck. Chest of good width and depth and level topline. Although strong and well-muscled throughout, there is no sign of coarseness, and he oozes an air of masculine gentleness. He stood four square on tight feet and his movement was faultless as he covered the ground with precision. DCC BOB

2 Hodge’s Sh Ch Naiken Elite Envoy (ai) JW Ir Jun Ch. Such a pleasing picture of natural masculinity and breed type. Expressive head, good reach of neck, level top line and excellent tail set. Good deep chest with plenty of heart room. Well bent stifles, well defined front and rear angles and strong, free movement. RDCC

3 Williamson’s Sharouns Ventriliquist for Tempaskell JW

Special Beginners Dog 6.0

1 Ffurador First Past The Post

2 Potter’s Harrop Pick Pocket. Workmanlike and eager to please. Correct proportions. Kind head and expression. Good reach of neck and deep chest. Moved ok.

3 Hill’s Kimbajak Full Golden Monty of Waggador

Veteran Bitch 5.0

1 Wallace’s Tiaja American Dream. Caught my eye as she entered the ring. At 10 years, most feminine of heads with a gentle expression, good front, plenty of bone, good layback of shoulder, well sprung deep chest. Level topline and correct tailset, well-muscled. Moved straight and true.

2 Smith’s Flyenpyg Snout Like It. 8 yo. Pleasing head and expression, straight front and level topline. Good turn of stifle. Moved well.

3 Jones’s Roboshalee Way To Tipperary for Serengoch

Minor Puppy Bitch 11.6

1 Allen’s Timouron Willalooker. Balanced 8 month black – gorgeous head and expression. Good front and bone. Clean neck and well-placed sloping shoulders. Level topline and short coupled. Correct tailset carried well on the move. A steady mover covering the ground well.

2 Casey & Jayes’s Berlan First in Line at Sandylands. At 6 months, slighter in build than 1 but balanced angles front and rear. A lovely, sweet head, good neck on well placed shoulders. Level topline and good tail carriage. Moved well.

3. Quick & James Farnfield Winnie

Puppy Bitch 15.7

1 Edwards’s Kimbajack Miss Jazz Swinger. Fell for her right at the start and she did not disappoint. Overall, a nicely constructed bitch. Captivatingly sweet head and expression, excellent reach of neck, well set ears and correct eyes. Good length of fore and hind leg – all in proportion. Well padded, round feet. Moved purposefully, keeping her topline well on the move. BPB BP

2 Stewart’s Streamanda Guelder Rose. Again, another lovely feminine girl – good overall conformation. Pleasing head, correct eye and ear set. Good reach of neck and level topline with correct tailset. Good depth of chest. Moved well too.

3 Neachell’s Rudidale All That Jazz at Suttonpark

Junior Bitch 12.2

1 Braddon’s Chyanhal Pendray in Trendlewood. Balanced black in coat and good condition. Feminine in head, good reach of neck into well laid shoulders. Good bone and close-fitting elbows. Level topline and good tailset, Moved well.

2 Bradley’s Nancy’s Special Treasure. Slightly smaller than 1. Sweet, balanced head – lovely expression. Well laid sloping shoulders. Level topline, good tailset, used well on the move.

3 Mclellan’s Wynfaul Resolution for Saranden

Yearling Bitch 9.2

1 Callaghan’s Bannabeach The Wests Awake. Balanced broad feminine head, well set on neck of good length and clean in outline. Good bone, Good front and rear angles. Deep chest and short coupled. Level topline, held well on the move – strong front extension, with rear driving forward.

2 Casey & Jayes’s Sh Ch Laperna Masquerade at Sandylands. The kindest heads and feminine expression. Correct front. Good reach of neck into sloping shoulders and level topline. Balanced throughout although she carried her tail a little high at times. Moved soundly.

3. Mclellan’s Wynfaul Happy New Year for Saranden

Novice Bitch 16.2

1 Chyanhal Pendray in Trendlewood

2 Kimbajak Miss Jazz Swinger

3 Streamanda Guelder Rose

Graduate Bitch 14.4

1 Metcalfe’s Baileydale Dizzy Miss Lizzy. Another lovely, feminine girl from this kennel. Sweet head and expression, good reach of neck and shoulder placement. Level topline and correct tailset – well muscled front and rear with nice deep chest in profile. Stood four square. Moved well, true and confidently.

2 Harrison Carpenny Philly at Likav. Well proportioned and compact black. Kind head, sweet expression and good length of muzzle. Well placed shoulders. Deep chest with well sprung ribs. Stood four square and moved well responding positively to confident handling.

3 Chapman’s Daisypatch Tutti Frutti

Post Graduate Bitch 14.6

1 Digweed’s Willokin Wears Prada. Presented a pleasing picture standing and when she settled, also on the move. Pretty head with kind eye. Excellent forequarter construction with good layback of shoulder. Rear angulation equally as good. Deep chest with well sprung barrel ribs, short coupled and strong. Level topline – held well on the move.

2 Lally’s Chyanhal Trezelah. Feminine and lovely head, balanced outline throughout. Clean reach of neck, well balanced front and rear angles. Level topline – tail carried level and kept on the move. Strong, straight movement covering the ground well.

3 Woodall’s Mattand a Million Dreams for Thirlmere

Mid Limit Bitch 9.1

1 Davies & Torrance’s Maxrose Daisy Belle Stunning yellow youngster. Stood out in this class. Nice kind expression. Good feminine head, correct earset. Clean flowing neck into well-laid shoulders. Level topline with otter tail flowing straight off the back. Strong in loin, well-muscled hindquarters on well let down hocks. Coat in good condition and gave hard feel to the touch. Movement was outstanding, with correct reach and drive, free flowing and purposeful. RBCC

2 Neachell’s Suttonpark Consuela. Feminine head, straight front, lovely reach of neck into well laid-back shoulders. Lovely straight topline. Good turn of stifle . Moved well, straight and true.

3 Mills’s Trendlewood Day Dreaming

Limit Bitch 18.5

1 O’Dwyer’s Overthefence Wait for Me. Well-made bitch with balanced outline, lovely head and kind, typical feminine expression. Stood perfectly four square. Liked her well-proportioned body and lovely overall outline with plenty of substance. Correct shoulders, straight front legs, nice and muscular. Level topline right through to the correct tailset. Sound reach out on the move.

2 Campbell’s Binnaig Brene. Good head shape, balanced angulation front and rear. Good reach of neck, level topline and correct tail carriage used well on the move.

3 Wilmshurst’s Kroppsmarkens Mamma Mia of Mandamay (Imp Swe)-

Open Bitch 10.0

1 Jones’s Hafnau Georgette. Stood out in both the class and the challenge as a bitch of substance, totally symmetrical and completely balanced in outline. Lovely head and body proportions, deep chest with width, well sprung ribs, short loin – all in hard muscled condition. Gentle expression, correct eye and ear set. Correct front with good bone. Well placed shoulders. Good level topline, leading to correct tail carriage which she used well on the move. There were no exaggerations at all, she just swept around the ring at an even pace covering every inch of space. BCC

2.Overthefence Wait For Me

3 Wallace’s Tiaja Love in The Sun

Special Beginners Bitch 5.0

1 Mills’s Jaybec Winter Wispa . Quality yellow of correct size and in lovely condition. Feminine, well-shaped head. Good reach of neck, fitting into well placed shoulders. Stood four square with good bone and tight feet. Level topline and moved well. Delighted that she later went BSB in the gundog group challenge! BSB

2 Jones’s Willowrush Kersey Dusk at Serenjar. Nicely constructed bitch with lots to like, finer in outline than 1. Good head and expression and good front and rear angulation.

3 Nightingale’s Flyenpyg Snazzy Sniffer

Huw D Bishop