• Show Date: 25/06/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Henric Fryckstrand Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Blackpool & District Canine Society

Breed: Gordon Setter

Blackpool Champ. Show, June 25th, 2022. Judge; Henric Fryckstrand (Sweden)

My sincere thank you to the committee of Blackpool for inviting me to this smoothly run and very well-organized show. It was a sheer pleasure to be back judging and I thoroughly enjoyed my entry of the high-quality breeds I had been given. I would like to thank the exhibitors for accepting my decisions so sportingly and to my two efficient ring stewards who made my day very pleasant.


I thoroughly enjoyed judging the majestic Gordon Setters in the UK. I was spoilt for choices and would like to thank the exhibitors for entering so many quality exhibits under me. Halfway through the judging the storm came and we all rushed under the tents. I am so impressed by the wet weather accommodation the UK shows provide. My BOB just took my breath away as he is outstanding and an epitome of the breed. He possesses all the required attributes that makes a first-class Gordon Setter and my eyes were drawn to him like a magnet. It turned out to be quite a family affair as both Res CCs were siblings with a third sister winning limit bitch. Both junior winners were sired by the RDCC. The BOS is the dam of the Yearling dog and the Post Graduate bitch. Thank you for an amazing day I will never forget.

My BOB also was Best veteran amongst the Gundogs

MPD (2) 1. Mappin’s Carnoustie Are you Ready Forit at Bryerdale (AI) (IMP AUS) NAF, most attractive puppy with many good points and will for sure have a bright career, balanced masculine head, kind expression, lovely eyes, nice neck and front, correct bone, excellent substance for his age, level topline, sound behind and well bent stifles, moves well, lovely coat, BEST PUPPY

2. Smalley’s Graylacier Higher Power with Glenmoss NAF, puppy that needs more time to be at his best, nice head and expression, adequate neck and front construction, needs more spring of rib, would prefer a stronger back end and more angulation in the rear, moves OK, nice coat

PD (2) same as in MPD

JD (2) 1. Ashley-Turner’s Hernwood The Botanist, stylish junior who has a most attractive head and expression, lovely eyes, very good neck and front, excellent bone, good substance and spring of rib for age, strong topline, very good tailset, powerful back end, strode out really well, beautiful coat and tan markings, well presented, BEST JUNIOR

2, Poynter’s Hernwood Cooper King, well-handled junior, heads needs to break and I would prefer a stronger foreface, nice eyes, adequate front angulation, good bone, needs more spring of rib, good topline but tailset not perfect today, good rear, moves with drive, correct coat quality. time is his best friend,

YD (5,2) 1. Philips, Watkins & Sykes’ Glenmaurangi Mandalorian JW, striking young dog who appeals for his overall correct balance, most beautiful head and expression, dark eyes, reachy arched neck which is well set on a good front construction, lovely bone, plenty of heartroom, dead level topline, short back, perfect tailcarriage, good bend of stifle, lovely sound mover with good reach and drive, beautiful coat, excellent tan markings and excellent presentation

2. Ozog’s X-Man Black Lofty at Amberlove (imp POL) masculine head, nice expression, good neck and front, well off for bone, good fore and aft, nice spring of rib, very good topline, moves with ease. Very good coat

3. Donald’s Clos Erasmus Black Business (IMP RUS)

GD (5,1) 1, Parker-Smith & Tuer’s Lignum Money Talks at Bratticus, well presented male in hard condition, nicely balanced head and good expression, good neck and front, lovely bone, plenty of heartroom, strong topline and quarters, effortless mover, very nice coat

2. Johnson & Boxall’s Ludstar Maccabee at Glenquin (IMP ITA) appealing head and expression, nice eyes, good reach of neck, adequate front angulation, good bone, nice substance, level topline, good tailset, strong rear, nice coat, could move with more reach and drive,

3. Danks’ Colquhally Major Tom

PGD (4) 1. Philips, Watkins & Sykes’ Glenmaurangi Storm Trooper, impressive male in excellent condition and well presented, masculine attractive head and expression, reachy neck, correct overall make and shape, good depth of brisket, excellent strong topline, good tailset, powerful rear, moves with lovely stride, gorgeous coat, correct tan markings

2. Bell, Miller & Bell’s Balnakeil Beinn Corradail of Blairbelles, lovely head of good balance, lovely dark yes, good reach of neck, nice front, bone and feet, well-ribbed body, strong topline and correct tailset, well bent stifles and moves with drive, lovely coat, could have a little clearer tan markings

3, Davies’ Amscot Anything Goes at Herrera,

LD (4) 1. Johnston’ s Gordon-Sett Style Heartbraker for Glenquin (IMP UA) masculine dog with plenty of substance, well balanced head, nice expression, strong neck, good fore and aft, lovely bone, excellent body with good depth of brisket, strong topline, well angulated rear, moves well when settled, lovely coat, I would prefer more clear tan markings

2, Parker-Smith & Tuer’s Lignum Evolution at Bratticus. Well-handled male in good condition, nice head but I would prefer a broader muzzle, lovely dark eyes, nice reach of neck, sound construction, lovely bone, needs a touch more body substance, level back, good tailset, nice rear, moves with drive, lovely coat

3. Hall’s Melview Moving Time JW,

OD (6) 1. Mappin’s Sh Ch Bryerdale Quantas (AI) quality male in excellent condition and well presented. Attractive masculine head, lovely expression, dark eyes, strong neck, well laid shoulders, excellent bone and feet, well ribbed body with plenty of heartroom, excellent topline and tailset, powerful rear, moved seemingly without effort and with great drive from the rear, beautiful coat, excellent tan markings RES CC

2. Ford’s Sh Ch Liric Fusilier with Shillay JW Sh CM Sh CEx, well-balanced male in good condition, beautiful head and expression, reachy neck, good front and bone, excellent substance with good spring of rib, strong topline, nice well angulated rear, moved freely with drive, lovely coat, would prefer a touch clearer tan markings

3. Sandiford & Lewis’ Sh Ch Hernwood Neptune Sea,

VD (2,1) 1. Boxall & Salamon’ s Sh Ch Ludstar Frederick Frankenstein (IMP ITA) Terrific male oozing quality and breed type and ticked all the boxes of my ideal Gordon Setter, gorgeous head and gentle expression, bright eyes, reachy neck blending smoothly into the withers, spot on front assembly, best of legs and feet possible, excellent body with perfect spring of rib, short back, firm topline held on the move, tailcarriage level with the back, hind assembly mirrored that of his front, as his construction suggested he moved out with reach and drive, gorgeous well-presented coat, good tan markings, , put on a good performance throughout and could not be denied the top spot, ultimately landed the CC and BOB and BEST VETERAN

MPB (2) 1, O’Kelley & Hancock’s Caradilis Sparks Will Fly, Nice puppy with a well-balanced feminine head and nice expression, good eyes, good neck and front angulation, nice bone, good body for age, I would prefer a better tailset and more hind angulation, nice coat and moves well.

2. O’Kelley & Hancock’s Caradilis Little Sparkler. She looks very young in this class and needs more time for better balance, sweet head that could be a touch stronger, nice neck and front, adequate bone, lacking substance, nice topline, a bit straight in stifle, moves ok, good coat

PB (1) 1, Hall’s Clohass Diamond, pretty puppy with an appealing head & expression, good neck and front construction, could have more bone, good body for age, topline not brilliant today, well angulated rear but needs to be stronger in the back, moves well, nice coat

JB (4,3) 1. Sandeford & Lewis’ Hernwood Gin Fizz JW, very promising junior of excellent breed type, lovely head, expression and eyes, nice neack, good front construction, lovely bone, good substance and spring of rib, strong topline but I would prefer a better tailset and croup, strong rear, moved out well, excellent coat and tan markings

GB (8,2) 1. Munro’s Panthera Bad Medicine Dulmaur, Striking bitch in amazing condition, most beautiful head and expression, lovely expressive eyes, lovely neck which is well set on good shoulders, very good bone and feet, excellent body substance with good depth, level topline standing, very strong and well angulated backend, effortless mover, presented in good gleaming coat, excellent tan markings

2. Donald’s Clos Erasmus Arabian Night (IMP RUS), attractive bitch in good condition, nice head and expression, I would prefer a little less lip, dark eyes, good reach of neck and front construction, nice bone, well sprung ribs and good topline. I would prefer a touch better croup. Excellent angulation behind, really good mover, lovely coat and correct tan markings

3. Warren’s Benbuie The Last dance,

PGB (6,1) 1. Mappin’s Bryerdale Qangeroo (AI) immaculately presented and handled bitch is excellent condition, gorgeous head and expression, expressive bright and dark eyes, muscular neck springing cleanly into good shoulders, excellent front, bone and feet, excellent body and deep through the heart, short back, correct tailset, well bent stifles, covering plenty of ground, glorious coat and tan markings, showed faultlessly RES CC

2. Green’s Balnakiel Creag Na Caillich, well balanced bitch with a pleasing head and expression, good eyes, nice neck, in my opinion could have a better layback of shoulder, nice bone and feet, nice spring of rib, good topline standing, good second thigh, smart mover, coat not brilliant today

3. Macara, Jamieson & Alcorn’s Cromasaig Daisies Choice JW,

LB (11,3) 1, Mappin’s Bryerdale Qookaburra (AI) 1, top quality bitch teeming with quality shown in very good condition, well balanced head, pleasing expression and eyes, could have a touch more neck, correct overall make and shape, nice bone and feet, well sprung ribs and depth of body, short back, level topline, correct tailset, very good bend of stifle, beautiful coat and tan markings, moved with drive and style. shown and handled to perfection, pressed hard for top honours

2. Johnston’s Glenquin Phoenix, attractive bitch with many good points, feminine head, in my opinion could have a slightly stronger foreface, nice expression and lovely yes, excellent neck, good forehand construction, lovely bone, well ribbed both with good depth, strong topline and correct tailset, strong rear, moves with great drive and animation, coat not in the best condition

3. Boxall’s Laurelhach Ovation

OB (2,1) 1. Philips Watkins & Miles’ Sh Ch Flaxheath Top Model at Glenmaurangi, this bitch looked a picture standing and moving with a typical most attractive outline, appealing head, with lovely gentle expression, dark eyes, wonderful neck and shoulders, lovely bone and feet, deep through the heart, firm topline, short coupled, excellent quarters used to advantage on the move, shown in perfect bloom with gleaming coat, excellent tan markings, moved with ease and style, she possessed of that illusive sparkle that gives the edge on showmanship and hard to overlook, delighted to award her the CC BOS

VB (2,1) 1, Green’s Lignum Miss Mossberg for Balnakeil, quality veteran with a pleasing outline, lovely head and expression, dark eyes, good reach of neck, nice bone and feet, very good body properties, excellent ribs, level topline and correct tailset, good second thigh, smart mover with good reach and drive, coat not brilliant today.