• Show Date: 25/06/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Henric Fryckstrand Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Blackpool & District Canine Society

Breed: English Setter

Blackpool Champ. Show, June 25th, 2022. Judge; Henric Fryckstrand (Sweden)

My sincere thank you to the committee of Blackpool for inviting me to this smoothly run and very well-organized show. It was a sheer pleasure to be back judging and I thoroughly enjoyed my entry of the high-quality breeds I had been given. I would like to thank the exhibitors for accepting my decisions so sportingly and to my two efficient ring stewards who made my day very pleasant.


It was such a pleasure to judge this glamourous breed for the second time in the UK. My winners had the typical elegant outline and gleaming coats. They were well-made throughout and the driving movement with the required slashing tail action made a perfect picture. It seems to be quite a family affair as my bitch CC and R-CC are by the same stud dog.

JD (2). 1. Thomson’s Maursett Morganite for Caspellwynd. Lovely junior with a promising future. Well balanced head and nice expression, kind eye, very good neck and shoulders, needs to develop in front, excellent body for age and level topline, strong rear and moved with drive, lovely coat and well presented

2. Horne’s Pewterspeare Porter. Junior looking very young in this class and needs to get more substance. Masculine head, good neck, lacking in body, good topline and rear, moves well

PGD (3). 1. Mckiernan’s Bushbane Celtic Rant. Most attractive outline and a true pleasure going over this well constructed male of top quality. Lovely, chiselled head with kind expression, excellent neck and good return of upper arm, strong topline and correct tailset, deep body with well sprung ribs, powerful rear and moves with plenty of drive, well presented coat. Must have a brilliant future. R-CC

2. Catton & Cook’s Valsett Starlite Sky Storm with Ferngate, Nicely balanced with correct movement, pleasing head and nice expression, elegant neck, good body and topline, well angulated backend, good coat,

3. Smith’s Bournehouse Secret Sunset of Meadoorush

LD (6,1) Wilson’s Ravensett Giovanni. Quality male who is well presented. Beautiful head. Well defined occiput, Good neck and front, excellent body with correct depth, level topline, good bend of stifle, shown in glorious coat, strode out really well

2. Owen’s Cornsett You My Everything, Masculine head with pleasing expression, reachy neck, good front, plenty of heartroom, nice topline and good second thigh. Moves well, lovely coat

3. Arkley’s Hartsett Flash Dance

OD (5,1) Phillips, Bryant, Watkins’ Sh Ch Glenmaurangi Star Man JW, this eye-catching male is combining masculinity and elegance in a perfect way, I was told afterwards I gave him MPD four years ago and predicted him a bright future, delighted to see he fulfilled his early promise. Classic head and gentle expression, reachy neck which is well set on, excellent forehand construction, short back, well sprung ribs, firm topline held on the move, hind assembly mirrored that of his front, powerful mover with correct tail action and very sound coming and going, well presented in glamourous coat, CC and BOS

2. Poynter and & Lewis’ Sh Ch Quensha Cowboys and Angels, another most attractive male that appeals a lot, well balanced head pleasing expression, good neck and front, short couplings, excellent body and good depth of brisket, excellent topline. Good bend of stifle, presented in lovely condition and coat

3. William’s Sh Ch Bournehouse Secret Admirer

VD (1) 1. Loynd’s Sh Ch Crimbledale Sea the Skies JW, Sh CM, very pleased to have this attractive veteran in my ring as he was shown in brilliant condition and in good muscle tone. Balanced masculine head with a bright expression, clean neck which is well set on good shoulders, nice bone, excellent body with good ribs, level topline, sound behind, covering plenty of ground with correct slashing tail action, lovely coat

PB (2,1) Kemp-Taylor’s Quensha Strawberry Swing, happy feminine puppy with a pleasing head and expression, nice neck and front, good body for age, lovely topline standing, nice rear and moves well, shown in good coat

JB (2) 1. Loakes’ Goldbirch Hearts Desire JW, Gorgeous junior who looked a picture standing and moving, pleasing head, expressive eyes, lovely neck blending smoothly into the withers, good fore and aft, correct body substance, the best of toplines, excellent angulation, strode out really well, correct tail action, shown in beautiful coat, has all the essentials and I predict a very rosy future for her, looking at the catalogue at home I figured out that I gave her mother BOB four years ago where she also went BIS.

2. Kemp-Taylor’s Quensha Strawberry Swing

YB (5) 1. Mckiernan’s Bushbane Celtic Banter. Striking bitch in marvellous condition, the best of heads and expressions, clean neck, excellent forehand construction, well sprung ribs, perfect topline, good second thigh, effortless mover, lovely coat, pressed hard for top honours, her day will come very soon I am sure

2. Hilditch’s Barleymoats Summer Breeze, attractive bitch, beautiful head, lovely eyes and expression, good reach of neck, very good body properties, free mover, nice coat

3. Wale’s Chanina Golden Rose

PGB (5,1) 1. Dobbie’s Tattersett Swiss Storm at Suthron, classy bitch who appeals for her overall balance, well chiselled head and lovely expression, dark eyes, very good neck and front, correct depth of body, level back, perfect rear, driving hindaction, presented in good coat

2. Forrest’s Walshaw Illumination over Elvistar, Feminine head, nice expression, reachy neck, nice body and topline, good bend of stifle, moved freely, nice coat

3. Walker’s Wansleydale Charetreuse for Hathermere,

LB (5) 1. Colton’s Rowanmyle Gude Blue Bonnet Ennyloc, well presented bitch in good condition, appealing head and gentle expression, good neck which is well set on, well ribbed body with good depth, nice topline, strong rear, smart mover, beautiful coat

2. Forrest’s Walshaw Illumination Over Elivistar

3. Hutchin’s Mariglen Xara at Moneybridge

OB (6,2) 1. Loakes’ Rachdale Painted Lace at Goldbirch, beautiful elegant bitch possessing all the required attributes that make a first class English Setter, she ticked all the boxes of my ideal picture of the breed, attractive well-balanced head, melting and bright expression, dark expressive eyes, clean and well arched neck blending smoothly into well laid shoulders, handful of forechest, plenty of heartroom, short couplings, perfect rear, free flowing driving movement with a slashing tail action, I could have watched her going round for hours, shown in grand coat and condition and put on a good performance throughout, ultimately landed the CC and BOB

2. Richards’ Bournehouse Secret Love, pleasing head and expression, good reach of neck and nice front, correct substance and depth of body, strong topline, good fore and aft, perfect driving hind action, presented in excellent coat and condition

3.Dennis, Harris & Morgon’s Sh Ch Ravensett Work of Art at Alolfrana JW,

VB (1) 1. Loynd’s Sh Ch Crimbledale Seaing Stars JW, Charismatic bitch from the top drawer who looked a picture standing and moving, the best of heads, beautiful expression and eyes, wonderful neck and shoulders, best of legs and feet possible, perfect body with well sprung ribs, short back, good quarters used to advantage on the move, pristine coat and condition, presented to advantage, a credit to her owner and hard to overlook, delighted to award this veteran the R-CC