• Show Date: 25/06/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Henric Fryckstrand Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Blackpool & District Canine Society

Breed: Spaniel (Irish Water)

Blackpool Champ. Show, June 25th, 2022. Judge; Henric Fryckstrand (Sweden)

My sincere thank you to the committee of Blackpool for inviting me to this smoothly run and very well-organized show. It was a sheer pleasure to be back judging and I thoroughly enjoyed my entry of the high-quality breeds I had been given. I would like to thank the exhibitors for accepting my decisions so sportingly and to my two efficient ring stewards who made my day very pleasant.


Although not a numerically a strong entry of this clownish breed I thoroughly enjoyed the dogs being shown. I was delighted when looking in the catalogue that my BOB and BOS were by the same studdog,

PD (1) 1. Andrews & Blades’ Kenisal Ringlets in a Lake for Antdela, highly promising puppy who eventually was the only male who turned up today, has all the attributes to take him to the top, well-shaped head of correct length, strong muzzle, lovely eyes, correct set of ears, strong neck, sound forehand construction, well off for bone, excellent body for such a young male, good topline, short back, powerful quarters, short hocks, correct tail, moves with drive, although being young has the correct colour and type of coat but hasn’t got the adult fully crispy ringlets, well presented and handled , Best Puppy, Best male, BOS

PB (1) 1. Foody’s Lospith Tempestas, sweet puppy needing somewhat more confidence but it was heavy rain and thunder outside so I gave her the benefit of the doubt, feminine head, nice expression and correct eyes, long ears, I would prefer more neck and a better front construction, good shape of the body for age, nice topline and tail, adequate hind angulation, moves well, coat not yet at its best, time is on her side

JB (2) 1, Wilson’d Cambridgecurl Calypso at Eldarrah, top quality bitch who has a lovely square correct outline, most beautiful head of good length and a strong foreface, correct almond-shaped eyes a good colour, well arched strong neck, good front construction, excellent bone and feet, barrel-shaped body, short back, level topline, lovely bend of stifle, short hocks, covering plenty of ground with correct rolling motion, excellent top-knot, correct coat and colour with tight ringlets all the way to the feet, well-handled and presented, Best Junior, Best bitch, BOB

2. Bannister’s Ta An Neifinn at Banysun, not completely confident in the ring today, nice shape of head, would prefer darker eyes, correct ears, nice neck, adequate front angulation, nice bond, good body, a bit soft in topline, nice rear, moves Ok, coat not on top form today.

YB (2) 1. Foody’s Kendenner Louisa, appealed for overall quality and squareness, correct shape of head, a touch light in eye, strong foreface, nice neck, good fore and aft, lovely bone and feet, excellent barrel shaped body, strong topline, correct length of tail, good quarters and second thigh, short hocks, correct coat quality but coat on the legs a bit woolly, strode out really well with excellent drive, well presented

2. Weaving’s Stanegate Cast A Spell, nice bitch but could be in harder condition, feminine head, would prefer darker eyes, correct long ears, nice neck, adequate front construction, good bone, nice substance and depth of body, a bit long in loin and could have a stronger topline when moving, nice rear, lack somewhat drive when moving, nice coat and colour

LB (4,1) 1. Weaving’s Kandalin Golden Storm, compact, upstanding bitch with a typical square outline, well-shaped head of good proportions, lovely dark almond shaped eyes, good ears, correct length of neck, good forehand construction, excellent bone and feet, substance body with barrel shaped ribs, short back, strong quarters, short hocks, moves freely, good coat colour and ringlets but not in her very best coat today. Very well presented and handled. Res Best Bitch

2, Walker’s Gloi Donn Crazy Little Thing, my note says many good points about this substanceful bitch but shown too heavy which spoils the overall balance both standing and moving, Attractive head of correct shape, a touch light in eye, good long ears, strong neck, nice angulation fore and aft, barrel-shaped deep body, short back, nice topline when standing, strong rear and short hocks, correct coat colour with crispy ringlets, moves Ok but would like more animation ,

3. Maccallum’s Weemaes All About Eve