• Show Date: 03/06/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Helen Mansfield Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Southern Counties Canine Association

Breed: Rhodesian Ridgeback

Southern Counties Canine Association

3rd June 2022

Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Thank you to the committee of SCCA for the honour of judging at their championship show.  Further thanks to my two stewards, Jenny and Jane, for keeping the ring running smoothly and efficiently.  

I’m very grateful to all the exhibitors for such a wonderful large entry and giving me the opportunity to judge such quality hounds.  As always in some classes there were not enough places to go round.  I was delighted with all my winners and thrilled to see those put through to groups all placed or shortlisted.  Thank you to all for taking my decisions with such sportsmanship.

All ridges and mouths were acceptable so I have not commented on them individually.  I thought temperaments were excellent, both in the ring and when going over.  Since the last time I judged heads have improved considerably, as had front angulation.  It was nice to see the whole range of wheaten being shown, especially the lighter wheatens, and all liver noses had the correct depth of coat colour.

Some areas still gave me a great deal of concern and influenced my decisions.  I felt many had steep croups, were short in lower thigh and consequently long on hock, which reflected in a weakness in rear movement and an inability to show balance, and therefore convergence.  As breeders we need to be mindful of this as we are custodians of an endurance hound that must be able to demonstrate the ability to do the job for which it was intended. I found some pasterns to be weak but this can be helped enormously by keeping toe nails short and exercising appropriately.

Finally, I would like to give my sincere apologies for the delay in the publication of this critique due to my ill health.

MPD    (3,1)

Two very raw 8 mth old puppies at slightly different stages of development but both beautifully put together and I’m sure they will swap places many times in the future.

1st    Abbott’s Rex Ventors Xabiso (ImpSWE)

I liked this young boy with his kind dark eye, nice ear carriage and lovely gentle head of correct proportions for his age.  Nice length of neck, leading to good lay of shoulder and fore chest, standing on excellent feet and good bone throughout.  Lovely body shape, well ribbed and good topline leading nicely off the croup.  Good rear angulation.  A little unsettled on the move but showed a beautiful free flowing stride.  One that will come into his own given time.

2nd    Catharell & Larkin’s Asharaa’s Perfect Match with Faahac

A little more immature but that is not a criticism of this gorgeous coloured liver. Already showing strength all through starting with a lovely head of good proportions, nice reach of neck set on good front angulation.  Excellent bone and feet, nicely ribbed with good depth of body. Good rear angulation and well let down hocks.  He enjoyed his time round the ring but proved a little harder to assess than 1st.  Beautifully handled with patience and humour.

PD    (6)

1st    Doughty’s Saimon’s Praide Victorious Brabus

11mth old who caught my eye from the start. Danced a little on the forehand a few times but he’s a puppy and his balanced front and rear angulation produced a beautiful ground covering movement showing precise reach and drive.  Super head of good proportions and correct dark round eye, with good ear setting.  Strong clean neck with good reach, leading to excellent front assembly.  Good depth and breadth, well boned, good feet and pasterns.  Lovely through the body with good ribbing, strong loin presenting correct topline.  Nice off the croup, giving balanced rear angulation and nice low hocks.  A real showman and delighted to award him BP and BJ.  He went on to be placed HPG3 and to be shortlisted in the HJG.

2nd    Maylor’s Rubicon Red Marvelous Black Panther at Kamili (ImpMNE)

Masculine head, showing lots of character on this 11 mth old.   Overall a lovely body shape conveying strength and balance, standing on correct feet.  Good neck and front angulation, lovely fore chest with nice depth and breadth, correct ribbing, lovely underline and topline, leading nicely off the croup to a good tail set.  Strong rear and well let down hocks.  True fore and aft with lovely ground covering stride.  

3rd    Whiteside’s Jimanns Jackass

JD    (6,1)

1st     Doughty’s Saimon’s Praide Victorious Brabus  - As 1st PD

2nd    Moore’s Royalridge Glory Days

Looking very mature in this class despite being just 12 mths.  Handsome head of correct proportions, nice reach of neck, good lay of shoulder.  Good bone and nice overall body shape coming from good top and under lines.  Strong loin, coming nicely off the croup enabling correct tail set. Good rear angulation with nicely let down hocks.  Moved out true but lacking the drive of first place today.

3rd    Edwards’ Rubiltra Kubwa Faru

YD    (4,1)

1st    Darnell’s Rubiltra Mitaa Wimbo at Jacquidon

Lovely young male without any exaggerations who is developing nicely for 14mths.  Pleasing head of correct proportions and nice kind eye.  Nicely balanced front and rear angulation with a good body shape, proportionately correct all through with good depth, length and breadth for age.  Good bone and standing on correct feet with good pasterns.  Moved out well and very true.  

2nd    Edwards’ Rubiltra Kubwa Faru

Litter brother to 1st and a lot of the same applies just a little slower to mature.  Overall a lovely young male with good head of nice proportions.  Good feet and nicely boned.  Good front and rear angulation giving lovely movement when he got in his stride.  I hope his handler continues to gain confidence as this could be a lovely partnership as they learn together.

3rd    Cotton’s Royalridge Born to Run

GD    (2)

1st    Webster’s Kazembe Crescendo

Excellent type with masculine head of correct proportions and lovely planes, good dark eye and ear set.  Nice shape and length to neck. Strong fore chest and lovely lay of shoulder with tight elbows.  Nicely boned, good pasterns and feet.  Lovely depth to chest, good underline and top line, enough rise over loin and nicely off the croup.  Balanced rear angulation with well let down hocks.  Presented in hard condition and scored on lovely free movement showing drive and reach.

2nd    Picton & Ince’s Priorpark Point and Click

Liver nose of nice overall shape and sufficient angulation front and rear.  Correct kind head with good eye and ear set.  Reasonable length of neck leading to nice topline. Nicely boned and well muscled rear quarters.  Moved out freely, straight on the away and back.  

PGD    (6,2)

1st    Parsons’ Priorpark Perfect Timing

A lovely example of the breed, with nothing exaggerated.  Lovely kind head, nice proportions giving gentle expression.  Good reach of neck, nice front of good angles and close elbows.  Nicely boned, good pasterns on excellent feet.  Good depth and breadth, well ribbed, lovely topline, strong over the loin.  Balanced rear angulation, nice turn of stifle, good second thigh and well let down hocks.  Very true on the away and back and showed reach and drive, no wasted energy.

2nd    Barnard’s Malekas Keira’s Daybreak

Another without exaggeration and moderate all through.  Super head, with good ear and eye set giving typical expression. Long clean neck leading to balanced front angulation and good forechest.  Lovely bone, excellent feet and good proportions all through, nicely ribbed and good topline, strong loin.  Nicely developed rear with good angulation and well let down hocks.  Moved out well, good away and back.  

3rd    Little’s Nuthouse Abracadabra

LD    (4,1)

1st    Nash’s Mutoko’s Noble One

Upstanding larger stamp, who conveys strength from first glance.  Handsome head of correct proportions giving typical expression.  Clean muzzle with good depth and padding, correct planes, kind dark eye, well set ears.  Lovely reach of neck leading to good front assembly, nice lay of shoulder, good forechest.  Excellent bone, pasterns and feet.  Super through the body, ribbed well back, strong loin, pleasing under line.  Topline was held at all times with nice rise and super off the croup to correct tailset and carriage.  Nicely developed rear, good turn of stifle and well let down hocks.  All combined to give true movement fore and aft and a lovely ground covering side gait.

2nd    Hurn’s Diamondridge Dark Delight of Matikiridge

Handsome hound that catches the eye.  Nice head of correct proportions.  Super clean neck showing strength and arch.  Good front and fore chest and correct shoulder and elbows.  Good bone, pasterns and excellent feet.  Body of good depth, width and length, nice top line and underline, well ribbed, gentle rise to the loin.  Correctly muscled rear with balanced angulation.    Moved out with good side gait but felt he lacked precision fore and aft.

3rd    House’s Diamondridge Keep It Dark for Kemgordoni

OD    (11,1)

A lovely class of quality hounds but a few really weren’t showing their best today.

1st    Storey & Piehl’s Ch Kiromol Heaven Can Wait (AI)

This beautifully balanced hound stood out from the moment the class first went round.  He conveys strength and power without exaggeration.  Classic male head of correct proportions.   Full of breed type coming from parallel planes, and that all important depth of muzzle, width of skull and refined chiselling.  Lovely round eye and good ear set giving kind expression.  Strong neck with elegant arch flowing into his topline.  Excellent front assembly, tight elbows, good bone, super pasterns and feet.  Deep chest showing the correct amount of forechest, ribbed well back and proportionately correct throughout.  Good coupling, giving gentle arch to the loin, correct off the croup allowing for good tailset. Pleasing underline and super topline maintained throughout. Correct rear angulation, developed first and second thigh, well let down hocks complete a balanced image all confirmed by his powerful movement showing effortless reach and drive and totally true. Presented in superb condition and you just knew he could keep a steady pace all day.  Delighted to award him the DCC.  

2nd    Chavez’s Carlincox First Impression

Moderate hound full of breed character and type.  When moved a little slower, he dropped into his stride presenting an accurate gait showing reach and drive, and was true fore and aft.  A very correct head for a mature male with good eye shape and ear set, giving kind, intelligent expression.  Good strong neck of nice length.  Lovely shoulder angulation, nicely boned, good pasterns and excellent feet.  Balanced all through, good underline and strong topline which he maintained, nice off the croup.  Correct tail carriage.  Good rear angulation, lovely turn of stifle, nicely muscled and well let down hocks.

3rd    Whiteside’s Jimanns The Doctor

SBD     (3)

1st    Picton & Ince’s Priorpark Point and Click - As 2nd PGD

2nd    Tanner & Baldwin’s Barfordridge Rudolph

A true hound of good type.  Lovely correct head, with round dark eye and good ear set giving a beautiful expression.  Lovely length of clean neck leading to good shoulder and correct fore chest.  Well boned, tight elbows and feet.  Good depth and breadth through the body with nice length, strong loin, good topline.  Well developed rear quarters with good turn of stifle.    Moved out well but not quite the drive as 1st.

3rd    Puttock’s Oostblik Skyn Hadar

VD/B    (9)

Such a shame this class was combined; it was one of the strongest classes of the day and some lovely exhibits had to go unplaced.  All were shown in excellent condition and were a credit to their owners.  

1st    Catharell’s Ch Faahac Free N’easy JW ShCM

A stunning liver who at nearly 8 years old powered round the ring showing reach and drive coming from his balanced and correct angulation.  He was just as accurate on the away and back.  A pleasure to watch; upstanding and free from exaggeration  Handsome clean head of correct proportions.  Lovely chiselling, correct eye and ear placement giving super expression.  Strong neck of nice reach to lovely front angulation, nicely developed fore chest, true front with tight elbows, correct pasterns and super feet.  Correct depth and length to body with good breadth. Top line still strong with a good rise to the loin through to the croup.  Super balanced rear angulation, nice turn of stifle with good second thigh and well let down hocks.  Pleasure to award him the RCC and BVIB, and delighted to see him win HVG3.

2nd    Storey & Piehl’s Ch Kiromol Kendi JW ShCM

A super bitch I have always liked and her fitness and movement belies her 9.5 years.  Beautiful head of lovely proportions, good chiselling, correct ears and dark round expressive eye. Strong neck with good arch, nice front assembly and good lay of shoulder. Good elbows, lovely bone, correct pasterns and excellent feet. Good top line  and nice depth. Strong coupling, good arch of loin coming nicely off the croup. Balanced rear angulation, correct width to first and second thigh, well let down hocks.  Balanced movement, very true, showing reach and drive.

3rd    Dunn’s Ch Fadil Nallah by Luanda for Tukela (ImpSVK)

SBB    (1)

1st    Tanner & Baldwin’s Barfordridge Zita

A lovely feminine hound full of breed type. Nice expressive head and kind dark eye. Good neck leading to strong front assembly, nice lay of shoulder and tight elbows. Nice bone, good pasterns and feet. Good length and depth, nicely ribbed, correct coupling and nicely off the croup. Lovely underline and good top line. Good rear angulation with nicely developed thighs, well let down hocks. Moved well; true and precise with correct side gait.  Stood alone but totally deserved her win. Felt she needed a bit more ring confidence to fully show off her many attributes. Pleased to award her BSB and see her win HSBG1

MPB    (3,2)

1st    Farleigh’s Kinabula’s Coco Melon

Very raw baby at 6 mths old but lots to like about her. Kind expressive head which has all the correct proportions for age. Good eye shape and set, with correct ears. Lovely elegant neck showing strength. Excellent front, good lay to shoulder and nice bone. Correct pasterns with nice feet. Lovely body shape, good top line and nice rise to loin, coming nicely off the croup. Good tail set and carriage. Lovely rear angulation with well let down hocks. All giving her a lovely long reaching stride, when she found it.

PB    (4,3)

1st     Morais’ Rubicon Red Marvelous Pepper Pots (ImpMNE) NAF

Happy girl who made her handler work hard. Nicely shaped at 10 mths old with an expressive head of good proportions, kind dark eye and nice ear set. Strong neck coming cleanly onto excellent front for age and balanced shoulders with good elbows, Nice depth and width of body, nicely ribbed and nicely coupled. Balanced rear angulation and well let down hocks. When she got into her stride she was balanced and showed a good reach and drive.

JB    (6,1)

1st    Salmon’s Msingi Love Me Do at Lobengula

Liked this girl for her lovely breed type.  Lovely head with good planes and proportions, lovely dark eye of good shape with correct ears. Good reach of neck. Lovely fore chest and correct shoulder placement with tight elbows. Good bone, nice straight legs leading to good pasterns and the best of feet. Lovely body shape of correct depth & width, well ribbed, excellent top line, good coupling, correct arch of loin, coming nicely off the croup to good tail set giving correct carriage. Lovely rear angulation leading to well let down hocks. Moved out well with correct side gait and very true fore and aft.  

2nd    Raymond’s Sofala Stellar

Taller stamp, of good breed type coming from correct, nicely proportioned head with lovely expression.  Good length to neck, niceinfill. Good angulation front and back. Good bone, correct pasterns and excellent feet. Nice depth, length and width to body, with good top line and nice rise over loin. Well let down hocks. Moved out covering the ground with ease but would like a bit more precision on the away and back.

3rd    Catley & McGimpsey’s Royalridge High Hopes

YB    (6,3)

1st    Catley & McGimpsey’s Royalridge High Hopes

A nice moderate bitch with a lovely body shape. Feminine head with correct planes, eyes and ears. Good front angulation, nice depth to body nicely ribbed and good coupling, nicely boned, good topline, nice croup. Good rear angulation, good turn of stifle and well let down hocks. Nice balanced side gait, covered the ground but would like her to be smoother on the away and back.

2nd    Simpson’s Gunthwaite Hart Stopper at Renescent

More mature but not as settled as 1st.  Lovely correct head with typical expression coming from nice dark eye. Good clean neck, balanced front, nicely boned, good pasterns and feet. Strong throughout with a nice shape, good length of rib, correct top line. Lovely rear muscle, balanced angulation, well let down hocks.  Move out nicely as she gained confidence.

3rd    Conlon’s Tukela Kusasana at Nigirozi

GB    (2,1)

1st    Hodge’s Colkerin The Sun Runhr

Elegant girl with lots to like.  Pretty head of correct proportions giving lots of breed expression. Kind dark round eye and correct ear shape and set.  Nice long neck flowing onto good topline. Correct lay of shoulder, tight elbows, straight front leading to good feet. Liked her body shape; good depth, width, lovely length, well ribbed, strong coupling, nice arch to loin and good off the croup. Good tail set and carriage. Nice ground covering stride, true away and back.

PGB    (6,1)

1st    Storey & Piehl’s Kiromol Tip Toe And Go (AI)

A beautifully made bitch of substance who came into her own on the move with a low, effortless ground covering stride which is as precise on the away and back as it is on the side gait.  Lovely correct head, nicely proportioned. Good long, strong neck, balanced lay of shoulder, good front, nicely boned, good pasterns and feet. Lovely length, depth and width to body, good underline and topline, nice rise to loin and correctly off the croup. Balanced rear angulation, good second thigh and turn of stifle with well let down hocks.

2nd     Humphrey’s Priorpark Peaky Blinder

Very feminine liver nose with a pretty head coming from correct eye and ear placement.  Lovely reach of neck, correct lay of shoulder, straight front with excellent feet. Nicely boned and proportionately balanced throughout but overall I would prefer a bit more of her.  Super body shape with nice underline and good topline, which she maintained at all times.  Nice off the croup with correct tail set.  Moved out well, true and precise.

3rd    Maidment’s Amahle Spirit Lead Me

LB    (15,1)

1st    Parsons’ Priorpark Pinch of Salt

A beautiful correct bitch I liked from the first look around the ring. Quality head of correct proportions and planes, correct eye of good shape and nicely set ears. Beautiful long neck leading to super front, good forechest, super angulation, nice bone, correct pasterns and excellent feet. Nice shape and proportions to the body, good underline and nice length to coupling with good arch of loin. Correct tail set and carriage. Super rear angulation, nicely muscled with good width, correct turn of stifle and well let down hocks. Loved her easy long movement, showing reach and drive, very true on the away and back. Presented in super condition.

2nd    Storey & Piehl’s Kiromol Mandolin Wind

A beautiful light wheaten fully of breed type.  Lovely head of correct proportions with kind dark eye and correct ear setting.  Beautiful long, reach of neck, correct lay of shoulder, straight front with excellent pasterns and feet.  Good depth, well ribbed and strong loin presenting a lovely shape all through and good topline.  Balanced and correct hind quarters with well let down hocks.   Another presented in super condition and moved out with a beautiful gait, precise fore and aft .  Today, I just felt 1st flowed a little more freely.

3rd    Parsons’ Priorpark Pot Kettle Black JW Another super bitch

OB    (9)

1st    Farleigh’s Ch Kinabula’s Gucci Bloom

I loved the elegance and overall shape of this bitch; for me she encapsulates the breed in appearance, character and type.  A beautiful feminine head with lovely planes, correct chiselling and kind dark eye. Long elegant neck leading to clean shoulders with good angulation, lovely fore chest, correct depth and infill of chest and nice tight elbows. Nicely boned, good pasterns and feet. Ribbed well back with good coupling and correct rise to loin. Excellent off the croup with correct tail set and carriage. Good width to rear, excellent angulation leading to well let down hocks. She made her handler work but she came into her own on the move when she dropped into her stride covering the ground with effortless reach and drive, true on the away and back, showing natural convergence. Presented in super condition; another I could watch all day.  Delighted to award her the BCC, BOB and thrilled to see her HG3.

2nd    Cox’s Ch Carlincox Pure Gold JW

A true showgirl full of breed type presented in hard condition. A beautiful head of lovely proportions, correct planes and chiselling.  Strong neck with good arch, lovely front assembly, correct fore chest and good lay of shoulder.  Tight elbows, good bone and pasterns, excellent feet. Nice depth, length and width to body, good shape throughout, strong topline. Nice length of coupling with good rise to loin.  Lovely off the croup and good tail setting. Excellent balanced rear angulation, super width to thighs, well let down hocks. I preferred when she was moved a little slower enabling her to really show her beautiful effortless reach and drive and precision fore and aft; lovely to watch.  Pleased to award her RBCC.

3rd    Simper’s Amahle Ayita of Matabelle

Helen Mansfield (Shingwidsi)