• Show Date: 06/08/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Helen Laidlaw Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Great Dane Breeders' & Owners' Association

Breed: Great Dane


1st Miss J Cranfield’s Zefather’s Ralph Lauren, 8 month fawn, balanced young dog who looks all male. Head strong with dark mask and eye giving a kind expression. Well filled front with width through body, good bone standing on tight feet. Movement free and ground covering once settled. BPD & BPIS

2nd Miss J Walton’s Novavida Hellboy. 8 month well marked harli. Plenty of bone, strong head, would prefer a cleaner eye. Move well.

3rd Miss S Barratt’s Rioco My Boy.

PD 3


Miss T & Mrs L Pocock’s Tamzdane Empower Mint. 9 month mantle. Demands attention as soon as he enters the ring. Clean lines, strong head with dark eye and correct head planes. Well filled front, plenty of bone, strong top line. Free moving, covers the ground with ease, would just prefer tidier movement coming and going.

2nd Mr J & Mrs L Donnelly’s Primus Law Man. 10 month fawn. As soon as I saw this dog loved everything about him. Strong, well balanced, plenty of bone, well filled front and width and depth through body. Correct angles, clean lines which just flowed as your hands go over him. Correct head planes with square drop of lip and dark eye. Wasn’t totally sound on the move which lost him the class.

3rd Mr D Simpson’s Novavida California Dream at Renescent.

JD 6 (1)

1st Mrs S Lipman & Mrs S Booth’s Rimor Aurelius. 15 month dark brindle. Overall a nice shape with well filled front, strong head, dark eye, good top line. Moved well. More to come. Down to last 4 in line up.

2nd Mrs P Price’s Devorin Washington via Leamap. 12 month black giving a lot away to the maturity of the winner. Presented in beautiful condition, just needs time to fill his frame. Moved well.

3rd Miss Hewet’s Brooke Springtime.

YD 3 (1)

1st Mr M & Mr P Jacques & Kirby’s Jacqukir No Regrets J.W. Strong fawn with dark mask and eye. Would prefer more chiselling under eye and  length of foreface. Little over done in front which unbalances him.

2nd Miss Hewett’s Brooke Springtime. 3rd in junior. 16 month blue who needs time to fill his frame. Correct head and gentle expression. Covered the ground well, front movement let him down.

ND 3

1st Miss J Cranfield’s Zefather’s Ralph Lauren. 1st MPD

2nd Miss Ferguson’s Elitedaimos Magick Mago at Chateaudain. 13 month blue. Well balanced, light eye gives a little hard expression to otherwise good head planes. Moved well. Really liked him, just needs time.

3rd Mrs S Tempest’s Adoreadane The Way You Are.


1st Miss V Barnett’s Dainoak Dreams of Blue at Dreamdiamont. Strong blue with plenty of bone, masculine head, would prefer a little more length of fore face. Well muscled, presented in lovely condition. Good side gait, moved a little wide in front.

LD 3 (1)

1st Miss M Abbott’s Nikami Leap of Romance. Strong fawn with correct angles. Well filled front and width, plenty of bone. Little broad in back scull and needs more chiselling under eye. Won this class on movement.

2nd Mr & Mrs J Martin’s Keishant Zues. Another strong male with plenty of bone, well filled front, correct head planes, kind eye. Movement let him down.


1st Mr J, Mrs H & Miss C Dyson’s Ch Samdice Nobody Does It Betta (AI) Loved this boy. Correct make and shape, masculine head, dark eye, well filled front, good depth and width of body. A dog you need to get your hands on. Moved steady in his class but just wilted in the challenge, such a shame.


1st Mrs C Cunningham & Mrs C Gilbert’s Lomondane Chuffed Tae Bits. 2 year old with clean lines, strong head and neck and good width through body. Needs to strengthen in rear. Moved well and pulled out to last 4 in challenge. Needs time to fully mature.


1st Mr D Simpson’s Renescent Caught in a Spell. Well presented clear black, clean lines, strong masculine head, correct angles, enough bone, level topline and croup. Just moved a little close behind.

2nd Mrs J MacDonald’s Zeus Nero Von Adamantium of Ranaldane (imp Deu) 4th in junior. 13 month very raw boy who needs to fill his frame. Lovely head and dark eye. Moved better in this class.


1st Mrs C MacKenzie’s Carsan Vincent RCC. Good honest dog, strong make and shape. Correct head planes with a lovely gentle expression. Well filled front with plenty of depth and width through body. Moved well, just wish he had a little more animation.

2nd Miss C Lawson’s Creek Danes Out and of The Darkness at Droolakiss (imp USA). Loved this boy on the stand, correct head planes, eyes just ruined his expression. Movement let him down.

3rd Miss Ferguson’s Elitedaimos Magick at Chateaudain.


1st Miss T & Mrs L Pocock’s Nordic Giant’s Leopold at Tamzdane (imp Nor) Strong dog with clear white background, solid black rear leg spoils overall picture. Masculine head, square drop of lip, plenty of bone. Good ground covering movement.

2nd Mrs E Hitcham’s Dainoak Tempus Vincit, 5 in junior. 16 months. Would prefer a cleaner background. Happy dog, enjoying himself. Placed 2nd on movement.

3rd Mrs S Tempest’s Adoreadane Summer Sunshine.


1st Mrs S E Burton’s Ch Ravendane Deal Me In with Elbarevol. Well deserved Champion. Correctly marked, lovely condition, clean outline. Really moved out well today.

OD 2

1st Ms L & Mr A Chappell’s Ch Selmalda Jealous Guy (AI) CC, RBIS & BOS. Dark brindle. A dog you need to go over to really appreciate his qualities. Strong male, correct head planes and square drop of lip, well filled fore chest and width and depth of body. Well angulated with firm strong top line. Seen him move better but did enough on the day.

2nd Mr P & Mrs M Hograth’s 

Fendanesylcrest American Outlaw at Sunlind (AI) (imp USA) Fawn with strong masculine head, correct planes and square drop of lip. Plenty  of bone. Preferred cleaner lines of 1st. Didn’t use himself on the move today.

ChD 1

1st Burns, McGuinness & Nelson-McGuinness’s Ch Garsak Sir Brodick Dinahtron. Strong fawn, square body with good angles. Correct head planes expression. Little prominent in sternum. Rear movement let him down.