• Show Date: 10/03/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Helen Cousins Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023


Breed: Old English Sheepdog

Crufts - Old English Sheepdog Critique – 10/03/2022

My thanks to the KC for the honor of inviting me to judge Old English Sheepdogs, the breed I grew up. Thanks to my stewards Ray & Angela Owen for the stirling job they did and keeping me supplied with coffee. Many thanks to the exhibitors from home and abroad for the wonderful entry of 111 dogs making 122 entries and taking my decisions so sportingly. My dog and bitch CC winners really complimented each other, a masculine male and a feminine female in natural coat epitomized for me the breed standard. My BOB the dog did me proud in the big ring. There was tremendous depth of quality in the limit & open males and limit & open female classes. Some decisions were not easy and a lot of quality OES went cardless. Since I last judged the breed hocks & movement have really improved and I was pleased to find so many cobby dogs with lovely coats and quite a few with rises. I did find a few mouths that weren’t perfect but overall the quality of dogs bodes well for the future of the breed. Thank you all for coming


VD - 5 (4a)

1 Deakin’s Ch Oldoake Kings Ransom at Darwillow

9 yr old boy in top condition with a lovely head and foreface, dark eyes, defined stop loved his muzzle and width of underjaw. Good length of neck, correctly angulated quarters with good layback. Well off for bone, good topline, well muscled rear quarters well angulated will low set hocks. Carrying a lovely harsh dark jacket. Moved with drive covering the ring with ease.

PD – 2 (1a)

1 Gardiner’s Hazyland Future Nostalgia

Lovely 11mth old boy who stood alone but well deserved his place. Excels in head, good width of skull, well pronounced stop, loved his head markings. Well off for bone, correctly angulated shoulders with good lay ack, his short compact well sprung body gave him that typical cobby shape. Well angulated quarters with low set hocks. Carry a quality blue jacket. Was full of the joys of spring and when he started to settle moved well.

JD – 7 (0a)

1 Labous’s Spartacus of Reality Dream JRW EDS FR JCH HU JCH

Impressive youngster who did not put foot wrong. Has a beautiful head, strong muzzle and foreface with dark expressive eyes. Straight front, well boned & good depth of chest. Lovely arched neck leading to well angulated shoulders. Compact body, good spring of rib, lovely rise, good breath of loin. Well muscled angulated rear quarters, well let down hocks. Good harsh coat still changing. His movement was a joy to watch powered around the ring with free easy movement.

2 Crane Duplock & Duplock’s Mirene Love of My Life

A lovey boy with many of the same qualities as above. Good head with lovely expressive dark eyes, nice neck, well angulated shoulders, plenty of substance, good spring of rib, strong rear end, good bend of stifle. Carrying a quality dark jacket clearing nicely. Neat low set hocks moved freely around the ring, just preferred the shape of 1

3 Millward Beauvallon Jack Frost at Wilbamil

Another lovely boy so well put together, lovely head and expression, cobby boy, splitting hairs on these boys moved well but not quite as freely as the other 2

4 Evan’s Starjanda Moon Walking with Bracalgem

5 Blackwood’s Evertonian Charlie Blue

YD – 4 (0a)

1 Oakes Ambleoak Harrybo’s Starmix

Loved this boy really eye-catching looks so good in profile with his beautiful shape he is so well proportioned throughout. Large head, good skull and foreface. Nice depth of chest and well boned. Plenty of width over the loin, correctly angulated quarters with well angulated hocks. Quality jacket of a harsh texture, just needs to finish changing to complete the picture. Moved with drive, expert handling got the best out of him.

2 Spurling’s Brinkley White Night

A lot to like about this boy, pleasing head and foreface square muzzle and has a lovely wall eye. Good neck & front well balanced throughout, good front and rear angulation. Has a lovely yearling jacket well presented. He moved well around the ring but preferred the front movement of 1

3 Cambell’s Mellowdee My Sweet Boy

Nice boy with a lot to like, nice head, good front & shoulders. In good coat well handled and presented. Moved well

4 Edward’s Mopies Dr Zhivago

PGD – 5 (0a)

1 Porter’s Mellowdee Mask of Zorro

Upstanding dog with a masculine head with correct proportions with lovely expressive eyes. He has a good reach of neck, well off for bone, straight front and correctly angulated shoulders with good layback. Straight front, good spring of rib and nice depth of brisket. Short coupled with a strong well-muscled rear end with low set hocks. Coat is changing nicely and is of a good quality, he will be a lovely color when he has finished. Moved around the ring with correct driving movement

2 Bailey & Duggan’s Guapo America

Lovely cobby boy with a good head, top and a lovely expression. Nicely arched neck leading into clean correctly angulated shoulders. Good bone, nice topline, short in coupling with good width over the loin. Well angulated rear end with good bend of stifle, well let down hocks. Carrying a quality dark jacket with a harsh texture. Moved with drive around the ring. Very compact boy would have liked him a little bigger but could not deny him his place

3 Barne’s Colinb By Micky’s Land (Imp Grc)

Lovely neck and shoulders on this boy, stands four square carrying a lovely jacket, all in proportion moved well again I would have liked him bigger.

4 Millard & Wales Mudetails Moonlight Hawk Under Blumoonrose

5 Gardiner’s Kerjalee His Moment Now For Sturanzo ShCM

LD – 11 (2a)

1 Pointon & Woods Vigilat’s Raphsody in Blue Via Bumblebob (imp Ndl)

Loved this lad, a masculine dog who stands four square and won this class on his movement. He has a large head, lovely markings with a well-defined stop, strong muzzle with good width to his underjaw . Good reach of neck, straight front, well off for bone. Well balanced throughout , short coupled with strong muscular quarters with well let down hocks which he used to cover the ring easily with drive. Loved his quality coat, presented and handled to perfection. Considered him for RCC

2 Hodgson’s Ragglrbarn Old Blue Eyes

You have to get hands on this boy to appreciate him, such a sound dog. Good head, well defined stop and strong foreface and has 2 lovey clear blue eyes giving him a lovely expression. He has enough neck, nicely angulated shoulders well laid back. Good depth of chest, correct spring of rib, well angulated quarters, moved well, just preferred the freer movement of 1

3 Adrian-Coleman Bovaron Going For Gold at Barcole

Another quality boy with a true bobtail shape, he is so well put together and all in proportion. Lovely head, good reach of neck, correctly angulated fore & aft, carrying a lovely quality coat, moved well

4 Barnes Macopa Call Me Jenson

5 Aaby’s Danish Delight All Over The World

OD – 14 (8a)

Had to split hairs between 2 outstanding dogs

1 Jones Ch Quemerford Take Two

Upstanding masculine dog standing four square and fill the eye with his cobby shape. He was a joy to go over so well balanced throughout and had everything I was looking for. Large domed skull, dark eyes, strong muzzle and foreface with good width to his underjaw. Nicely arched neck. straight front, well off for bone. Correctly angulated shoulders with good lay back. Deep brisket good spring of rib, lovely rising topline with good breadth of loin. Correctly angulated quarters, low set hocks. Carrying a super harsh dark grey jacket and was one of the few dogs with a correct break in his coat, presented and handled to perfection. He was a joy to watch moving covering the ground with ease and was lovely to see that typical bobtail roll. Was pleased to award him CC & BOB. He did me proud in the group ring with a top class performance.

2 Meijer’s Multi Ch Reata’s Vector Space JW A18 WW21

A top quality masculine dog with so many outstanding qualities and again was a joy to go over. He has a super head and square muzzle, dark eyes with the most delightful expression. Good neck, straight front, plenty of bone, compact, short coupled with a true bobtail shape. He has correct angulation fore & aft, good spring of rib and good depth of brisket. He was carrying a dense jacket of a lovey old fashioned gray colour and great to see the break in the coat. He moved with drive around the ring, he was handled and presented to perfection. I had to split hairs and 1 has slightly more reach of neck, I was pleased to award him RCC

3 Wakefield’s Raynham Bring me Sunshine at Forestbelle

A lovely boy with a true cobby bobtail shape with so many great qualities. He has a lovely masculine head, well angulated front & rear, nice rise over the loin. Moved with ease around the ring. He has a lovely coat and just a little more length on his would complete the picture.

4 Koroknai’s SK/CH Bottom Shaker The Greatest Picture EUW21 JWW18

5 Bell’s Bovaron Easy Rider With Soulbobs

GCD – 5 (2ab)

1 Laybourne & Johnson’s Melllowdee Paws In Thyme in Dominoesdale JW

Lovely dog with a good head, nice stop and muzzle. Plenty of bone and good shoulder angulation, well angulated rear quarters, he has a lovely coat and stood four square, won this class on his movement he went really well.

2 Evan’s Starjanda Moon Walking with Bracalgem

A junior boy who is nicely put together with a lovely shape, has a nice broad head and short muzzle loved his bone and has good angulation front and rear. Took a while to settle but moved well when he did

3 Gardiner’s Kerjalee His Moment Now For Sturanzo ShCM

Lovely boy, although his coat was short it was good quality. He was carrying a little too much weight which affected his movement


VB – 2 (1a)

1 Powell’s Jeddep Sweet Jasmine At Pouchymo

Lovely girl of 11yrs old and not showing her age at all. Lovely head with a sweet expression, nice shoulders angulation, deep brisket and a good spring of rib. Good rear end, nice rise and low set hocks. She moved out well around the ring. She is carring a full jacket of a quality harsh dark grey coat. She is in good condition all round and seemed to enjoy her day out. A credit to her owner.

MPB – 1 (0a)

1 Dragon’s Bumblebob Peruvian Lady at Mopies

What a sweetie, just 8 mths with everything in the right place, a bright prospect for the future and took everything in her stride. A lovely head with a sweet expression and a good stop & muzzle. Clean well laid back angulated shoulders, lovely shape with a good topline, nice rise. Strong angulated quarters, moved out well around the ring. Expertly handled who got the best out of her. Moved really well and was pleased to award her BP

PB – 4 (2a)

Two lovely puppies

1 Storey’s Twojo’s Little Miss Diva

Lived up to her name, her owner worked hard with her she was full of character. Most attractive 10 mth old youngster with a lovely head and neck, straight front and good bone. Such well angulated shoulders, a compacted bitch well balanced throughout. Lovely width over the loin, good quarters with let down hocks. Was hard work for her owner on the move, unsettled at times, I sure she will have a bright future.

2 Sculthorp’s Greyfell’s Maybe Its Me

Another lovely bitch so pretty and very feminine with so much going for her, so sound and honest. Well shaped head with a good muzzle and foreface. Nicely arched neck, lovely front, good bone. Her angulation was good fore and aft, had a nice bend of stiffle. Loved her shape, she moved well, just preferred the front angulation of 1.

JB – 9 (4a)

1 Mill’s Kerjalee Edna

An exciting prospect for the breed quite breathtaking and oozes quality fills the eye with her beautiful cobby shape. Loved her broad head and dark expressive eyes, good front & dept of chest, plenty of bone. Nice neck, good withers. Good dept of brisket for her age and has plenty of width over her loin. Looks delightful in profile carrying a clear blue junior coat. Excels in rear quarters, good turn of stifle, well let down hocks which she used well covering the ring with ease. Expertly handled & presented. Just loved her and was pleased to award her the RCC.

2 Poole’s Evertonian St Domingo’s Girl

Really pretty youngster a year old with so much to like, she has a lovely head and expression, straight front, nicely angulated well laid back shoulders. Well balanced and sound throughout. Loved her compact shape and has good width over her loin. Neat well angulated quarters, nicely let down hocks. Moved well around the ring and was unlucky to meet the winner who was on top form.

3 Birdsall’s Beauvallon Realms Of Glory

Completing a trio of lovely bitches. Lovely head on this girl and a super reach of neck. Good angulation all round, carrying a big junior coat She moved really well and was well presented and handles

4 Foweather & Nugent Evertonian Cute Toffee Lady

5 Hardy-Hodgson’s Starjanda Cosmic Love

YB – 8 (1a)

Three lovely bitches

1 Ford’s Brinkley Out Of The Blue At Clenmaen

This young lady caught my eye with her lovely cobby shape and must have a bright future ahead. She has a lovely large head, strong foreface, defined stop and a true bobtail expression. Has a good reach of neck and straight front. Plenty of bone on this girl but she remains feminine. Delightful clean shoulders, short coupled and broad in the loin. She has a gentle rise strong quarters well angulated, she can certainly move and covered the ground with ease. A quality jacket completed the picture, immaculate presentation & handling

2 Naismith’s Shaggybo Beautiful Dream

Such a feminine youngster just loved her beautiful shape, she‘s so well balanced and all in proportion, a more old fashioned type of girl just lovely. She has a most delightful head and the sweetest of expressions. Good neck & front , well angulated shoulders Sort coupled, so sound in the rear, neat well let down hocks. Changing her quality coat will be a lovely colour when finished. Moved with ease around the ring with drive. Splitting hairs and 1 had a little more length of neck. Beautifully presented.

3 Truffin’s The Amazing Piper

Another quallity bitch carrying a lovely full coat. She is well made throughout and has a lot to like, good head, well off for bone, good angulation, deep brisket. Moved well just preferred the shape of the other 2, 3 lovely quality young females bodes well for the breed

4 Van Beirendonck-Lembrechts She Is The One Of Snowboots Bears

5 Bell’s Shaggybo Spectacular Rival With Soulbobs

PG – 9 (1a)

1 Adcock’s Niedersachsens Pride Mary Poppins by Amblehart (Imp Deu)

Eyecatching b*tch with a pleasing cobby shape. She is very feminine but has plenty of substance. Large head with 1 dark brown and 1 lovely blue eye, defined stop and a nice square muzzle. Nicely arched neck and a lovely straight front. Correctly angulated shoulders with good lay back. Short coupled body, good depth of brisket & width of loin nice rise. Strong rear quarters, well let down hocks. Carrying a lovey coat with a harsh texture. She covered the ring with ease with strong driving movement.

2 Howsam’s Jandoes Ever So Scrumtious

A nice sized girl with a lot to like, lovely head with dark eyes with a lovely expression, good clean front and shoulders that were well angulated and laid back. Although feminine she has plenty of substance .Good spring of rib depth of brisket for her age, strong rear and a good rise over the loin. She has a crisp clear blue jacket which completes the pictured. Moved well just preferred the slightly more compact shape of 1

3 Deakin’s Lindisfarm Flower Of Hope At Darwillow

So much to like about this one, she has a good head, loved her markings. She is so sound and honest and I loved her profuse dark coat with a good break. She is well angulated and moved soundly around the ring

4 Bailey & Duggan Guapo Apple

5 Cartwright’s Molyneux Ladies Night At Applegem

LB – 15 (3a)

Some top quality bitches here a beautiful class

1 Simmonds Mellowdee A Perfect Storm

Attractive eye catching female quite took my breath away and must have a wonderful future ahead of her. She fills the eye with her glorious cobby shape. Has the best of heads with a lovely expression. Good neck, defined withers, correctly angulated well laid back shoulders. Well balance throughout, plenty of substance yet feminine. Short coupled with good width over the loin. Excels in hindquarters which are well muscled and angulated, correct low set hocks, loved her driving movement covered the ring with ease. Beautiful clear harsh coat. Expertly handled and presented, a credit to her owner.

 2 Palmer’s Hazyland Cheeky Devil

Loved this one she has many of the qualities I looked for and is on destined for a bright future so little between these two. Loved her cobby shape and when she finishes changing she will be a beautiful blue grey. Excels in head and bone and has correct angulation throughout. Gracefully arched neck of a good length, good withers, short back, nice rise, good breath over the loin. Moved freely around the ring with sound driving movement. Was just not as finished in coat as 1

3 Barnes Macopa Dream Come True

Another quality bitch so sound and honest. Delightful head & expression, lovely neck and front angulation. Well-muscled quarters, neat low hocks which she used on the move. You can see the texture of her dark harsh coat loved it. Three top class females .

4 Noyce & Barkham’s Zottles Just As Nice At Lammorick

5 Burn’s Floetta Sapphire At Bovaron

OB – 17 (a3 1wd)

So much depth of quality in this class I was spoilt for choice, best class of the day

1 Labous’s Multi Ch O’La Parisienne with Arthrug with Reality Dream

An outstanding female who had everything I was looking for and was a joy to go over. Beautifully constructed throughout, well balanced and so feminine. Excellent head, well shaped strong foreface and good width of underjaw, dark expressive eyes. Super reach of neck, well defined withers, clean well laid back angulated shoulders. Lovely depth of chest and brisket, plenty of bone and good spring of rib. Well muscled hindquarters with a lovely bend of stifle, low set hocks which she used well on the move. She was in full bloom carrying a fabulous hard textured dark grey jacket. Her strong driving movement around the ring was a joy to watch, loved her side profile. Presentation was immaculate she was expertly handled and had no hesitation awarding her the CC. A credit to her owners

2 Van Engelen’s Int Ch Youandi Millesime JWW17

Another female who again was beautifully constructed and has many of the wonderful attributes of the the 1st. She is so feminine, well balanced and in tip-top condition. A beautiful head with a true bobtail expression, loved her head markings. Good length of neck, straight front, clean well angulated shoulders with good lay back. Lovely spring of rib and a rising topline, her quarters are so well muscled with a good bend of stifle. Well let down hocks which she used on the move. Covered the ring with ease. Carrying a top quality jacket. These two girls were top quality in the end 1 just had a tad more neck and I just preferred her shape on the final look

3 Joice’s Ch Raynham Good Day Sunshine JW

A worthy CH in a top-quality class, so well put together, beautiful large head with a strong muzzle and foreface, she has the best of angulation, such a well boned bitch yet looks so feminine, she moved really well. Beautiful coat and presentation completed the picture

4 Leggett Meldale Diamond Moon

5 Winson’s Ch Allhart Angelic Roly Poly of Meisan

GCB – 4 (0a)

1 Laybourne & Johnson’s Mellowdee Patsy’s Spirit in Dominoesdale

A sound honest bitch with a nice head and pleasing expression , she has enough neck, nice front, good shoulder angulation. Carrying a lovely colour jacket, she moved well around the ring much better than in her previous class.

2 Poole Evertonian St Domingo’s Girl

3 Winson’s Ch Jandoes Crystal Sparkles

A nice quality bitch, good head, lovely quality coat, moved well.

4 Poole Mellowdee Coral Gladioli of Evertonian

Helen Cousins