• Show Date: 22/10/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Heather Simper Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Tibetan Spaniel Association

Breed: Tibetan Spaniel

The Tibetan Spaniel Association Ch Show 22nd October 2022

I would firstly like to thank the Committee for inviting me to judge and making my day a memorial appointment, secondly the exhibitors who very sportingly accepted my decisions. I have not judged the breed for four years and I was a little dismayed at the number of large heads with incorrect ear placement and overshot bites which I found in the younger exhibits. The incorrect bite in many cases resulted in a lack of width and depth of chin which in turn detracted from the overall expression I was looking for. I did find some upright shoulders brought about in many cases by necks that we too short. Movement still needs attention both fore & aft. I do wonder if many exhibits are being moved too fast for their natural pace. This can make an exhibit move very close behind and wide in front and appear to scuttle round the ring. Every dog has its own pace that displays its movement to advantage. On the positive side I think on the whole eye shape, toplines, tail sets and feet shape have improved. Today, which in my opinion, is often the case the bitches showed more depth of quality.

Special Vintage D (2)

1. Breeze & Styles Ch Paralde Little Bredy with Hilsar, 12 years old. Moderate throughout and in excellent condition. Correct amount of coat. Moving in a very positive way. Correct bite and overall head proportions. I liked his overall size and balance.

2. Thornely-Taylor’s Ch Alfie Beau at Saxtead, 10 years old. He also is in excellent condition with good muscle tone and this showed as he moved round the ring. I liked his head proportions. I preferred the overall size and balance of 1.

Veteran Dog (7)

1. Breeze and Styles Ch Paralde Little Bredy with Hilsar

2. R Lemon’s Old Charm Love Me Again. 9 years old. I was splitting hairs between 1st & 2nd. He displays good balance and is good for size. His movement is positive, keeping his topline at all times. I just preferred the overall balance to the head of 1.

3. Bevis’s Empty Room at Starlance JW ShCM VW.

Minor Puppy Dog (4)

1. Thompson’s SuSu Parti In The Stars, 7months. A well marked parti colour presented very well. I liked the proportions of his head which gave the expression I was looking for. His overall balance is good and moving round the ring he covered the ground well.

2. Heaney & Harrison’s Dixpat Fire In The Sky, 7months old. He is much heavier throughout and I hope he does not develop an even heavier head. Nicely put together and moved out well.

3. Keepence-Ketye Oldcharm Peaky Love for Alandobel

Puppy Dog ((6)

1. Moran & Prouve’s Xaramae Image (Imp Fin) 11 months old. This dog is full of quality and is moderate throughout. I liked his size and overall balance, his head displayed good size and shape of eye, excellent ear placement and slight lift, correct length of muzzle. His bite was correct, which in turn help to create good depth and width of chin. All these attributes created the expression I was looking for.

2. O’Dell’s Tsarong Tashi with Sukeshi 11 months old . A very moderate dog in all departments. Displaying good head proportions, overall balance, and movement.

3. Morton’s Linsdown Kabir

Junior Dog (4)

1. S Lemon’s SuSu We’re Goona Parti at Parloueve, 15 months old. A very mature parti colour presented and handled well. He has a good length of muzzle, correct bite with good width and depth to his chin helping to create a pleasing expression. He is very eye catching on the move when watched in profile . Good for bone and overall balance.

2. Steed’s Gianni Its Delbert, 11 months old. Another very mature exhibit for his age. Many of the comments for 1 apply to this dog but he lost out on his profile movement.

3. Maitland’s Sanville Kiss Me Quick

Novice Dog (2)

1. Cooper & O’Brien’s SuSu More Than A Prince. A rather feminine dog. Nice for size and shape and I liked his head overall. I would have preferred more substance throughout. Moved well.

2. Brown’s Saxtead Norbu. Absolutely loving his day out. I found a well put together exhibit with nice head proportions. Sadly, he had to pay the price for his inability to cooperate with his handler on the move.

Graduate Dog ( 2)

1. McGowan’s Saxtead Rob Roy. Good for size and balance. His head displays lovely eye shape and correct ear placement which allows him to produce the slight lift. He has a good length of muzzle and very good pigmentation. Moved out well.

2. Cooper & O’Brien’s SuSu More Than A Prince.

Post Graduate Dog. (6)

1. Close’s Velrok King Silver with Arikara. A well -marked parti colour who is moderate throughout. Liked him for overall size and balance. Pleasing head proportions creating the expression I was looking for. Well put together which enabled him to move well.

2. Hall’s Balgay ShabTra. Another dog with no exaggerations, good for size and balance. He has a nicely proportioned head and uses his ears well. An exhibit that certainly has hare feet. Well schooled and moved well.

3. Maitland’s Sanville Kiss Me Quick.

Mid-Limit (5)

1. Morton’s Linsdown Karib. Presented a nice picture for size and balance. Masculine head with good length of muzzle, good pigmentation, and eye shape. Good for substance. Moving well fore & aft and good in profile.

2. Breeze & Styles Hilsar He T’so. I liked his overall balance and size. He was good to go over and moved out well. I preferred the length of muzzle on 1.

3. Thompson’s SuSu Prince Charming ShCEx

Limit Dog (8)

1. Bevis’s Skyvana Empty Dreams of Starlance. Masculine head displaying good eye shape and dark pigmentation. Good bone, length of neck leading to well-placed shoulders Moved out well in profile.

2. Beveridge’s Gianni Its Denzil. A shade heavier and longer cast & I would have preferred his head a little smaller in proportion to his body. Having said that he is well put together with everything in the right place. His movement is positive and sound.

3. Rose’s Caselden Oliver Twist

Open Dog (7)

1. Morton’s Linsdown Rambler. A dog I have always liked from the ringside. Throughout our standard the word moderate appears, this to me means no exaggerations in any department. I found this dog moderate throughout. He is good for size, make and shape. He does not flash round the ring but instead moves positively displaying an excellent topline. His head is well proportioned with a correct length of muzzle, good width and depth to chin, nice slight lift to his ears and good eye shape. DCC & BOS.

2. Parke’s Fantasa Wartortle. I have always liked this dog for his excellent balance and movement especially in profile. He displays many of the attributes of 1 but I preferred, today, the head of 1. RDCC.

3. Moran & Prouve’s Castafiore Romulus.

Champion Dog (4)

1. Davies’s Ch Bowcara Be My Guest. A worthy Champion with a nicely proportioned head. Good for size and balance. Today I felt he was being moved too fast as his hind movement appeared rather close.

2. Morton’s Ch Linsdown Jai. Another worthy Champion. A well- balanced red sable. He has good shoulder placement and strong hind quarters which help him produce correct movement. I just preferred head of 1.

Special Vintage Bitch (5)

1. Short’s Ch Malia Yuan Zhi JW. 10 years old. Last time I judged I awarded this bitch the BCC. She is still a lovely bitch full of quality & type and carrying her age well. She has a very pretty head, good body proportions and is a credit to her owner.

2. Steeds Gianni Itsaparti . 12 years old. Larger than 1 and a little narrower in the muzzle. She also is in excellent condition and moves out well.

3. Roses Ch Caselden Agatha Christie

Veteran Bitch (9)

1. Steed’s Ch Gianni Itsapandora 8 years old and I see she is the daughter of 2nd in Special vintage. She is a Parti colour with a very feminine correctly proportioned head framed by well placed ears with the slight lift of ear giving the expression I was looking for. She moved well and a credit to her owner. BVIS

2. Cooper’s Dedicated To Sensational White SuSu. 9 years old and a credit to her owner. She is a heavier type bitch but none the less very feminine. She has a good length of muzzle with lovely expressive dark eyes. She is good for size and balance and moved out well. I note the last time I judged she was second to today’s special vintage winner.

3. Davies’s Ch Mullagh Twilight Over Bowcara

Minor Puppy Bitch (6)

1. Morton’s Parloueve Move Over Darling. 6months old. Good for make and shape. Lovely to go over as she is so well made. Her head is small with good length of muzzle and nice shaped eyes. Her movement was positive. She really was enjoying her day out.

2. Beasley’s Marlyoak Just A Little Bit 6 months. Another nicely constructed girl, heavier in head than 1 but still had good length of muzzle and I liked her lift of ear. She moved well.

3. Lemon’s Oldcharm Little Bit Of Love

Puppy Bitch (8)

1. Abercrombie’s Tibwood She Tells Our Story 9 months old. A well constructed girl in excellent coat and condition. Her head was small in proportion to her body and it displayed good muzzle length, width & depth of chin, eye shape and ear placement. She has a good spring of rib. In good coat and she moved out well. Handled and shown well.

2. Meacham’s Amcross Kuzuki at Zellamere 10 months old. This bitch is moderate throughout. She is plainer in the head as she is slightly narrower in muzzle. Her coat has yet to develop but she has nothing to hide. She moved and showed well.

3. Beasley’s Marlyoak Just A Little Bit

Junior Bitch (4)

1. Minto’s Anacan Summer Breeze. 16months old. So feminine, lovely shape and construction, moved soundly fore & aft and good in profile. Her head is small in proportion to her body has all the correct elements, well placed ears with slight lift helping to give the expression I was looking for.

2. S Lemon’s Linsdown Diva. 11months old. Not as feminine as 1 and very mature for her age. Heavier throughout with a more masculine head. She was good to go over and very sound in all departments. Moved well.

Novice Bitch (5)

1. Smeardon’s Linsdown Klarice . A pretty bitch, nice for size and balance. Her head is small in proportion to her body. She showed good profile movement keeping her topline at all times.

2. Hourihane’s Amcross Kutisha. Only still a puppy and determined to play her handler up. She is a lovely red colour with a pretty head and when she decided to cooperate with her handler I could see good balance and movement.

Graduate Bitch (5)

1. Beveridge’s Gianni Posh Totty. An extremely feminine bitch who pushed hard for the RCC. Her head contains the correct shaped eye, muzzle length, width and depth of chin, excellent pigmentation, this all framed by correctly placed ears which she used to advantage. She is well balanced and very good to go over. On the move she showed correct positive movement.

2. Young’s Colphil Keyuri at Barrowgreen. She is good for shape and construction. She is much heavier in head than 1 thus giving her a more masculine appearance. She moved well.

3. Hourihane’s Amcross Parti Puzzle

Post Graduate Bitch (6)

In this class I found I was splitting hairs between my 1 & 2

1. Beveridge’s Gianni Its Posh Totty

2. Lee’s Oldcharm What Devils Do . Another feminine bitch who has many of the attributes of 1. It was the overall expression of 1 that won the day.

3. Hourihane’s Amcross Parti Puzzle

Mid Limit Bitch (9)

1. Hourihane’s Bajenta Parti Parvati at Amcross . She is lovely for balance and certainly feminine. She stands on excellent shaped feet and she is good to go over. Her head is small in proportion to her body and displays lovely pigmentation, good eye shape, nice muzzle length and good width & depth of chin. She moved and showed well.

2. Breeze & Styles Hilsar Ucant Ignore A Nora. Another pretty bitch with the correct head proportion to body. She is well constructed and good to go over. She moved well fore & aft.

3. Coopers Linsdown Socialite Among SuSu

Limit Bitch (12)

1. Short’s Malia Harvest Flower. Good for size, balance, and construction. She has a very pretty head that displays the correct width and depth of chin, good length of muzzle, and a nice shape to her eyes, well placed ears which she used to advantage. She is carrying the correct amount of coat which lies flat to her body. Sound as a pound on the move. RBCC & RBIS

2. Hourihane’s Bruesown Kyi Mo at Amcross . Good for size and balance and construction. For me not as feminine in head as 1 but otherwise many of my comments on 1 apply to this young lady.

3. Breeze & Styles Hilsar Ucant Ignore A Nora

Open Bitch (9)

1. Dolphin’s Castafiore Rebecca . This girl is so moderate throughout, well- constructed with correct balance. Her pretty head is small in proportion to her body, containing a good -shaped eye, good length of muzzle displaying correct width and depth of chin, her ear placement is good and she has the slight lift of ear that creates the expression I wanted. She has good hare feet. On the move she was sound both fore & aft. Today I felt she was worthy of the BCC & BIS

2. Hourihane’s Amcross Pandita . Another red from this kennel. She is moderate throughout and good for type, balance, and construction. I liked her head which is feminine and small in proportion to her body. She moved soundly.

3. Osborn’s Quailmoor Lady Of The Lake

Champion Bitch (8)

1. Moran’s Buus’s Ch Hi-Ra Hailey. One I have judged before and placed 1st. I like her femininity and lack of exaggeration in all departments. She is good for size, balance and construction. A worthy Champion.

2. Short’s Ch Malia Summer Memories . Another worthy Champion who displays many of 1’s attributes. I just preferred the expression of the winner.

3. Place & Halliday’s Ch SuSu Wears Parda In Lockdown.

Judge Heather Simper