• Show Date: 06/08/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Hans Stigt Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 17/08/2023

Paignton & District Fanciers' Association

Breed: Retriever (Labrador)

Paignton & District Fanciers Association Championship Show

6th August 2022

Firstly I would like to thank the officers and committee for my invitation to judge

and award my first CC’s in the UK for my beloved breed, the Labrador retriever.

Many congratulations on such a well organised and well run show on this lovely

showground with a friendly atmosphere!

My sincere thanks to the exhibitors who entered their dogs and supported me. It

is not close to home for many and I am really grateful that they came from miles

away. I really appreciated their sportsmanship on my decisions and placing’s. It

was a long hot day for everyone but I enjoyed every second of it! A big thank you

to my experienced ring stewards for their excellent assistance ensuring the

smooth running of the ring.

Special Beginners Dog (3,1)

1st: 2411 TIPSON, Mrs Meena. Ffurador First Past The Post.

Lovely looking chunky chocolate dog, nice size, well balanced with good

substance, nothing overdone. Pleasing head with the softest expression, which

made me smile. Loved going over him, deep in chest, broad in loin, lovely otter

tail, excellent coat texture, moved well. He looked excellent as first dog in the ring

and he still did at the end of a warm day as the Best Special Beginners.

2nd: 2351 EVANS, Mrs Iris & Mr Howard. Chyanhal Pentewan At Pudleigh.

Nice black dog with good qualities but he needs to mature a bit more in chest and

body. Nice expression, strong muzzle, strong neck and topline. Excellent coat and

otter tail. Short coupled, a bit sloping in croup so on the move I would have liked

to have seen a bit more drive in hind movement. Nice temperament.

Minor Puppy Dog (2,1)

1st: 2339 CHAPMAN, Mrs HM & Mr D. Daisypatch Ostratto.

6 months yellow puppy dog of very nice type with a lovely and free temperament.

Masculine head, pleasing expression, excellent earset, good neck and well placed

shoulders. Nice round ribcage, excellent forechest. Good bone and lovely round,

compact feet. Good coat with a typical otter like tail. For his age already well

matured. Nice movement due to his well balanced front and hindquarters.

Puppy Dog (4,0)

1st: 2340 CHAPMAN, Mrs HM & Mr D. Daisypatch Annie’s Bay.

Another yellow puppy dog of excellent quality, nicely compact in body with an

extremely nice head and expression. Nice skull and muzzle, good stop, ear

placement. Excellent neck and shoulders and already nice barrel shaped ribs.

Good forechest, bone and feet, good coat texture and otter tail. Free, happy mover

in the ring.

2nd: 2381 JUDD, Ms Sandra M. Harpitts Hot House Rock.

Lovely black puppy dog with a good outline. He has a lovely masculine head with

a dark eye, which gives him a nice soft expression. Enough bone for his age but he

needs further development in body but the quality is there. Excellent coat texture

and a nice otter tail. Balance in angulations front and rear but a bit sloping in

croup. Soft temperament and a good enough mover throughout the ring.

Junior Dog (2,0)

1st: 2389 METCALFE Mrs J. Baileydale Puff Daddy Jw.

Super quality black dog who is very pleasing to the eye. Super balance with a

beautiful masculine head, correct shape of muzzle and broad in skull. Lovely eye

and expression. Good neck, topline, short coupled. Excellent shaped barrelled

ribs. Loved his bone and feet. Nice quality coat and texture. Lovely otter tail,

showing his nice temperament. Excellent mover around the ring. He was

definitely a contender in the dog line up.

2nd: 2367 HARVEY MAJOR, Mrs Linda. Floki The Jester In Linjor Jw.

Only two dogs in this junior class but both of really excellent quality, so a close

second for this lovely yellow dog who was very nicely balanced with a typical and

nice outline. Well built for his age. Soft and pleasing head with the loveliest

expression. Lovely ear, strong muzzle. Excellent ribcage, nice bone and compact

round feet. Coat texture and otter tail okay. Good movement throughout with an

excellent topline maintained on the move.

Yearling Dog (5,0)

1st: 2328 BARTOSOVÁ, MVDr. Daniela. Swissking Chicago.

Pleasing yellow dog with a nice shape and size. Sweet head and expression, a

dark eye, well developed muzzle, good neck and forechest. Very nice topline, held

on the move, excellent ribcage, good coat texture and lovely otter tail showing his

lovely and free temperament. Could do with a bit more bone but that will develop

with age. Nice free movement with reach and drive.

2nd: 2351 EVANS, Mrs Iris & Mr Howard. Chyanhal Pentewan At Pudleigh.

Novice Dog (4,0)

1st: 2381 JUDD, Ms Sandra M Harpitts Hot House Rock.

2nd: 2342 COODE Mr D Warringah Dalhalou Oombabeer.

Lovely young dog with a nice outline and with one of the most beautiful heads of

the day. Excellent dark eye, loveliest expression and almond shape, strong muzzle

and well carried ears, nice bone and well developed ribcage for his age. Excellent

coat and otter tail. Well angulated in front but needed more in the rear and a

fraction too steep in croup and needed a bit more drive from behind. Lovely


Undergraduate Dog (1,0)

1st: 2331 BOND Mrs L.A. Carpenny Padraig.

Black dog of excellent quality and type with another beautiful head, just how I

love to see them. Dark eye and good shape which gives an endearing and

intelligent expression. Nicely strong and well shaped muzzle. Good stop, nice well

set on ears. He has a strong neck, good topline and a well developed good ribcage.

Good angulation in front could do with a fraction more angulation in the rear.

Good coat texture and nice otter tail. Goes with enough reach and drive though

the ring. Lovely type and temperament.

Post Graduate Dog (4,0)

1st: 2380 JUDD Ms Sandra M. Harpitts True Spirit Jw.

Lovely chocolate masculine dog that is very well balanced with excellent bone

and neat feet. Broad in skull with the correct proportions in head. Very soft

expression, which gives him a pleasing head with a nice dark eye. Strong, well

muscled neck, excellent topline and correct croup. Nicely shaped and developed

ribs, correct front and hindquarters. Coat texture okay, lovely thick, well shaped

otter tail showing a lovely temperament. Good mover with drive. Very nice

example of the breed.

2nd: 2354 FINNEY Miss L & CARPANINI Mrs P. Carpenny Kipling.

Masculine black dog, excellent type, overall nicely balanced. Excellent and

pleasing head with the right proportions, correct length of muzzle. Nice eye and

expression. Very happy and attentive temperament. He has a strong and powerful

neck, which goes over into well placed shoulders together with a strong topline. I

love his barrelled shaped ribs, good bone and very nice compact round feet.

Excellent coat texture and super otter tail. Strong hindquarters, well muscled and

correct front angulations. He moved very well around the ring, he just needs to

develop a little bit more in body which I am sure he will do in time.

Limit Dog (10,0)

1st: 2343 BROWN, Mr Mrs & Miss A.M & M. Ramsayville Revolver.

RCC Black dog, one of the best of the day. Loads of quality and exceptional breed type.

Beautiful head with such a nice expression, excellent shape and profile. Good

length of muzzle. Strong, defined stop, broad in skull. All good features for a

typical lab. Super strong topline, held easily on the move. The right amount of

bone, nice compact feet. Typical coat with excellent texture, good otter tail.

Excellent angulations front and rear so could cover the ground easily. Lovely

temperament. Very pleasing to the eye, a big contender for the CC but very happy

I could reward him the reserve CC.

2nd: 2394 MILLS, Mr & Mrs Chistopher & Claire. Lembas Maui.

Another cracker of a dog in this big class. A super quality black that on another

day also could win this class. Super outline, very typical, nicely broad in skull, nice

head with intelligent expression, dark eye, strong muzzle. Strong neck going into

well placed laidback shoulders. Excellent topline, very well developed in body

and ribcage. Heavy bone, lovely compact feet. Super quality coat and otter tail. A

dog that covered the ground well with a lovely temperament and presence. I liked

him very much too!

Open Dog (5,0)

1st: 2355 DRUGGAN, Miss K. Sh. Ch. A Sense of Pleasure’s El Toro At Balladoole Jw.

DCC This black, an outstanding dog, just stole my heart. Quality of the next level with

BOB performance and presence. Top marks in his class and still when competing for

best of breed, which I proudly awarded to him. I just felt he was completely in

balance, nothing overdone on any level. Strongly built, short coupled, active,

broad and deep through chest and ribs. Nice head with keen expression. Super

bone and neat feet, excellent coat and otter tail. Moved through the ring and made

it his own, freely yet with drive, covering the ground well. Great temperament.

Just picture perfect in my eyes so I was honoured to award him the dog CC and

BOB at the end of a long hot day.

2nd: 2347 DODD, Mrs Gail & DODD, Mr William. Carriegame Moonshine.

Very nice black dog, excellent type with a nice head, good shape and lovely

profile, strong muzzle of good length, enough stop, lovely endearing dark eye and

expression, nice ribcage with an excellent forechest and topline which he held on

the move. Good angulation in front, would like to see a fraction more angulation

in the rear, excellent coat and otter tail. Nice mover around the ring with a lovely

happy temperament.

Veteran Dog (3,0)

1st: 2327 BAMBROOK, Mrs Karen & Mr Carey & HARVEY-MAJOR, Mrs L. Linjor

Sessile Oak At Ravoakar Sh. Cm Vw.

Almost 10 years old yellow with a lovely type and excellent quality. The softest

expression, good eye and colour, nice earset, well carried, such a sweet and

attentive dog to his owner. Beautiful head, good proportions. Nice barrel shaped

ribcage, good front and rear angulations, a strong topline, nicely broad in loins.

Excellent coat texture and a lovely wagging otter tail. Endearing temperament

and a good mover around the ring. He stood his ground in his class so a first place

for him and a well deserved best veteran at the end of the day which he proved

to be as he was awarded a well deserved 4th place in the veteran’s gundog group.

2nd: 2404 PHILPOTT, Mrs Clare. Rossacre Keno.

Seven years old black dog of excellent quality and type. He has a lovely head,

masculine with a nice dark eye, good expression. Nice strong muzzle. Enough

bone for his type, nice barrelled shaped ribs, good topline, neat feet and

exceptional good coat texture and super otter tail. He shows his lovely

temperament standing and on the move. Covers the ground enough, could do

with a bit more angulation in front and in the rear but over all a nice balanced


Special Beginners Bitch (4,1)

1st: 2392 MILLS, Miss R. Jaybec Winter Wispa.

What a treat to start the SBB class with this lovely yellow bitch. Full of quality and

breed type. I loved her head, so beautiful, super expression, well proportioned

excellent muzzle, clean chiselled, strong neck, lovely strong topline, good loins

and well placed croup. Nice feminine outline with correct bone, excellent ribcage,

good feet. Nicely angulated in front and rear a bit in summer coat but good

texture and well shaped tail which showed her happy temperament standing and

on the move went with good reach and drive maintaining her lovely outline.

2nd: 2372 HOSKING, Mr W & Mrs P. Cornishwater Springtide.

Nice black bitch of good quality with a lovely outline and nice breed type.

Pleasing head and muzzle, nice eye and expression. Enough reach of neck,

excellent topline, strong loins and good croup. Good forechest, well shaped

ribcage enough bone for her age, good feet, excellent coat and otter tail. Happy

temperament. Held it all together on the move and she looked very good in

profile, coming and going.

Minor Puppy Bitch (4,2)

1st: 2345 DAVIS, Mrs C. Bloomwood Follow Me.

Very nice black youngster of only 6 months with a very nice type and profile. Very

feminine and beautiful in head, very dark eye and kind attentive expression. Good

length of muzzle, strong for her age, very nice topline, level back body, well

developed, excellent ribcage and forechest. Lovely bone and neat feet. Well

angulated in front and rear. Super happy temperament, outgoing and free. Good

coat texture and otter tail. Moved really well for her age with reach and drive.

2nd: 2406 PHILPOTT, Mrs Clare Clarisview Primrose.

7 months, nice yellow of a good type, still very young but very endearing in head,

pleasing eye, enough dark shape would like a fraction more stop that will come

the more she matures. Good pigmentation, nicely placed and carried attentive

ears. Good forechest, well developed ribcage for age, nice bone and compact feet.

Nicely balanced in angulations, moved with enough drive, a bit in summer coat

but good texture. Sweet temperament.

Puppy bitch (2,0)


: 2376 JAYES, Mrs E & CASEY, Mr. E. Berlan First in Line At Sandylands.

What a joy to go over this outstanding yellow! 10 months and so much potential

and quality. Could not take my eyes off her! Such a well balanced and lovely type

with a very nice pleasing head, dark eye, super expression. Kind and biddable,

defined stop, powerful muzzle but still feminine in head. A super topline which

she held standing and on the move, nice bone, compact feet and a very strong

well shaped ribcage, the right angulations front and rear which she used to her

advantage to show her typical and correct movement. Excellent coat texture and

what a marvellous otter tail. Very happy and honoured to award her first and

then later best puppy in breed. Still showing her socks off in the puppy gundog

group where she was awarded a very well deserved 4th place. I foresee a great

future for her.

2nd: 2346 DAVIS, Mrs C. Gwinivere de Loyre de Aralla.

8 months of yellow of an excellent type. Lovely pleasing head with great eye

colour and expression, good muzzle, and broad in skull, strong neck and topline.

Very round in ribs, well developed for her age, good bone and feet. Moved well

and happy with good reach and drive provided by the right angulations. A bit in

summer coat but good texture and wagging tail showing her happy temperament.

Nicely presented.

Junior Bitch (4,1)

1st: 2390 METCALFE, Mrs J & METCALFE. Mr A. Baileydale Flo Milli.

Another eye catching black in the ring. Only 14 months, very feminine with an

exceptional outline and typical breed type. I loved her head, so pleasing and all

the right proportions, keen dark eye, correct muzzle, defined stop. You could not

ask for more. Strong neck, level strong topline, well developed strong loins and

ribcage, the right angulations providing good balance and structure. Stands four

square in her neat feet, enough bone, correct coat texture, otter tail could be a bit

more developed. Lovely temperament, very easy on the eye, moved very well and

was a nice contender in the bitch final line up.

2nd: 2353 FINDHAN, Mrs Vivienne. Lyjansen Nelly Trent Rossacre.

One year old, lovely type black with correct proportions. Nice feminine head,

excellent dark eye, good shape, giving her a nice expression. Attentive to her

owner, nice length of neck, strongly going into a good topline, well developed

ribcage for her age. Enough forechest and front angulations. Wearing her summer

coat but with the correct texture and good otter tail. Moved with good drive

through the ring showing her nice temperament with a lovely presence.

Yearling Bitch (10,4)

1st: 2375 JAYES, Mrs E & CASEY Mr E. Sh Ch Lapema Masquerade At Sandylands.

RCC What an outstanding, eye catching yellow bitch for 22 months. Breed type all over

and I could not wish for more balance, shape and structure. Lovely to go over her,

looking at her beautiful head made me smile. Correct muzzle, expression,

endearing and attentive. Excellent forechest. Strong neck going over into superb

shoulders, level topline. Short loins and the best tail set. Excellent barrel shape

ribs. Lovely bone and feet. Correct angulations in front and rear. She moved like a

dream through the ring, not putting a foot wrong. Lovely temperament. Excellent

coat texture and super otter tail. In the bitch line up for the CC she still shined as a

star and I felt very honoured to award her the reserve CC.

2nd: 2401 PERCIVAL, Mrs MA. Wynfaul New Years Eve Jw.

Lovely feminine black bitch, full of type with a beautiful head. Very eye catching

in this class. Feminine head of excellent proportions, correct eye colour,

endearing expression. Very well balanced, excellent forechest, nice shaped

ribcage, strong neck and super topline. Excellent front and hind angulations

which makes her very balanced standing and also on the move. Her bone and feet

are excellent just as her double coat and lovely wagging otter tail. Well handled

and presented. Super sweet temperament. Second place today but she will be

collecting many first places and more in the future.

Novice Bitch (3,0)

1st: 2371 HOSKING Mr W & Mrs P. Cornishwater Mountsbay.

Lovely yellow, correct type but needs to develop more in body and ribcage.

Strong feminine head, good proportions, nice muzzle, good eye shape and

expression. Enough reach of neck going into a level correct topline. Needs to

develop a bit more bone, which she will gain in time. Enough forechest and front

angulation, good hind angulations. A bit in summer coat today but good enough

texture. Well tempered and moves with enough reach and drive.

2nd: 2406 PHILPOTT Mrs Clare. Clarisview Primrose.

Undergraduate Bitch (3,2)

1st: 2398 NEWSTEAD Miss S J. Champles Golden Syrup.

Nice yellow two-year-old bitch with a lovely pleasing head, soft expression of her

well shaped and dark eye. Correct muzzle, good earset. Correct neck and topline,

level back, could do with a fraction more bone. Balanced in angulations in front

and rear, which provided her a good movement throughout the ring. A bit in

summer coat but texture is correct. Otter tail could be better. Sweet


Post Graduate Bitch (9,2)

1st: 2402 PERCIVAL Mrs M.A. Wynfaul Dancing Flame Jw.

What was not to like about this beautiful bitch. Lovely, lovely feminine yellow

with just the right breed type. So pleasing to the eye. Such a stunning and

attractive head, it gave me goosebumps. Super muzzle of good length, strong well

proportioned in head and in body. Gorgeous strong topline, correct forechest,

well angulated in front and rear, nothing overdone. Correct ribcage, nice bone

and feet. Excellent coat texture with a super otter tail and a very nice attentive

temperament. I loved going over her, she was a real contender in the final line up.

Super quality!

2nd: 2393 MILLS Mr & Mrs Christopher and Claire. Lembas Kakamora.

Another quality bitch in this class, a lovely black of excellent size and proportions.

Super breed type with a charming head. She has a good length of muzzle, nice eye,

and lovely earset. Good neck and strong topline. The correct amount of bone with

nice compact feet. Correct angulations, good forechest. A very typical barrelled

ribcage, lovely to go over. Correct croup, very nice tailset with excellent otter tail

showing the right temperament. Moved very pleasantly through the ring with

drive, covering the ground well.

Limit bitch (7,2)

1st: 2337 CARPANINI Mrs P. Carpenny Berry.

BCC For me this is just an outstanding, super quality bitch. She just warms my

BOS Labrador heart. As I saw her standing first in this big class I knew I was in for a

treat going over her. Super outline, pure breed type, all well proportioned as it

should be. Loved her muzzle, excellent length and strong. Beautiful expression,

well balanced head, correct shaped and placed ears. Strong neck with a super

topline. A ribcage that can float like a boat. Top quality bone and feet. Well

angulated and very balanced in body, super coat texture and otter tail. She must

have been hot in the sun with such a coat! She moved soundly, covered the

ground, very typical movement and very well presented by her handler who

showed her to perfection. I felt honoured and also emotional when I awarded her

the bitch CC that I subsequently found out was her crowning third CC. She totally

deserves it! Many congratulations to the breeder who has bred high quality

Labradors for many, many years.

2nd: 2370 HOBAN, Mrs Elizabeth Anne & Mr Martin. Meadowleigh Black In Style.

Another excellent type, lovely black who caught my eye, enchanting head, lovely

in profile, good proportions in skull and muzzle. Attentive expression. Good

strong neck going over into well placed shoulders and level topline, which she

kept on the move. Correct croup, lovely tailset and otter tail. Excellent coat and

texture, nice shaped ribcage, the right amount of bone. Nice mover, straight and

true with a lovely free temperament.

Open Bitch (8,2)

1st: 2400 PARK Mrs L. Kinchyle Hit The Lights.

Excellent black, very nice in type, enough length of muzzle, strong and broad in

skull, correct eye shape, nice expression, well carried ears, very strong and well

formed neck, level topline and broad strong loins. Very evenly balanced with the

right amount of angulations, excellent second thigh, good bone and feet. Well

shaped ribcage, shown in splendid condition. Sound and free movement with

drive from behind.

2nd: 2417 WILES Mrs S. Richbourne Hermione.

Super quality yellow, excellent size and shape with a very soft expression and an

attractive head. Excellent shaped and strong muzzle. Superb neck and topline,

level and going over into strong broad loins. A first class forechest and barrel

shaped ribs. Good bone and feet. Tiptop coat texture and otter tail. Excellent

hindquarters and sound mover, a close runner for the number 1 spot.

Veteran Bitch (6,2)

1st: 2336 Carpanini Mrs P. Carpenny Portia.

It was wonderful and a true honour to go over this beautiful black bitch which I

gave Best Of Breed to a few years ago and now is an exceptional veteran with first

class breed type. Outstanding head and expression. Strong neck and good topline.

Barrel shaped ribs and wonderful to see how this quality is passing onto her

offspring. Excellent broad loins and balanced angulations front and rear. Superb

coat quality and otter tail and I just love her sweet temperament. Very happy to

award her Best Veteran Bitch, so well deserved.

1st: 2352 FINDJAN Mrs Vivienne. Rossacre Xekia.

Beautiful black veteran, full of breed type, excellent quality, nicely balanced in

size and proportions. Nice pleasing head, good expression, strong neck and

topline, excellent forechest, very nice bone and compact feet. Moved well in the

ring, still showing her lovely temperament at the end of this warm day. Excellent

coat texture and typical tail. Nicely presented.

Hans Stigt

The Netherlands