• Show Date: 09/07/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Graham Newton Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

East Of England Agricultural Society

Breed: English Toy Terrier (Black & Tan)

East of England Agricultural Society Championship Show

        English Toy Terrier (Black & Tan)

9th July 2022

I am grateful to the committee for giving me the opportunity to judge at this prestigious show. I have exhibited, stewarded and camped at the showground for many years. It would appear that 2022 will be the last show at the showground but I will treasure many happy memories of time spent with friends on this site. Last year’s show was overshadowed by covid so I was glad to see the testing centre had gone and things were back to normal. The quality of exhibits today was generally good however a few dogs proved a little table shy due perhaps to the lack of socialisation during lockdown. More attention needs to be paid to the dog’s claws and teeth because I noticed some long claws and poor dentation. The odd exhibits did not have clear distinctive thumbprints and I also noticed the odd black sock. The exhibits were in good health and clearly fit for function, it was a delight to judge outside in the bright sunshine where the thick black glossy coats highlighted the muscle definition to good effect. A big thank you to the exhibitors many have travelled a long way.

Minor Puppy Dog 1/0.

1st Pelagius Flaming Miracle (Miss L L Allsop) 7 months old sound and well balanced, correct candle-flame ears, charming small dark eyes set in wedge shaped head. Correct scissor bite with good dentation. Mastered the skill of being handled from a mobility scooter demonstrating smooth movement once settled. Stood alone but worthy of best puppy dog. He needs time to mature and grow in confidence. One to watch, he has a bright future.  

Puppy Dog 1/0

Nasabe Don't Tell Him (Mrs H & Mr J Haffenden & Wood) 11 months old. Maturing well, Compact smooth appearance strong and well-proportioned overall. Appealing correct wedge shaped head viewed from front and profile. Dark oblique set almond eyes flat scull close set erect candle flame ears in proportion to head. Perfect scissor bite strong jaw full dentation pearly white teeth. Graceful neck, straight front, topline slightly curving to well cut up loin. Legs parallel out and back, distinctive extended trot in profile. Perfect profile when stood. Ebony jacket, all the right chestnut markings. Eager to please his handler. I was delighted he won the Toy Puppy Group. BPIB Toy PG1

Junior Dog 3/3

1st Ethology Bounteous Barney (Mr K Dennison) 13 months old, compact and well balanced body. Correct wedge shaped head expressive dark almond shaped eyes, correct scissor bite with gleaming white teeth, erect candle- flame ears. Elegant neck, shoulders well laid back, straight front. Deep chest. Slightly curved back with rounded buttocks, low set tail. Ebony coat with clear tan definition. Sound on the move. Proper extended trot demonstrating strong drive from behind. RDCC.

2nd Edalene in A Silent Way to Capledrae JW (Mr R & Mrs M Bennett) 16 months old, well balanced overall, wedge shaped head, dark eyes erect ears used to advantage. Correct scissor bite with good dentation. Graceful in profile and on the move. Straight front, correct slightly curving top-line, Gleaming black coat showing off muscle definition to advantage. Moved true out and back exhibiting extended trot in profile. Little to choose between first and second.

3rd Boimans Call Me Boz (Mr T & Mrs J Harman)

Yearling Dog 2/0

1st Ettology Big Bang JW (Mrs Z Phillips) 22 months old. Well balanced body. Wedge shaped head small dark eyes, correct scissor bite with good dentation, erect candle- flame ears. Shoulders well laid back, straight front. Deep chest slightly curved back appealing in profile. Black coat with chestnut tan. Flowing on the move, good extended trot. Over handled on the table, the dog was bait fixated. A worthy winner even though.  

 2nd Boimans Call Me Boz (Mr T & Mrs J Harman) 16 months old. Elegant clean compact body. Long wedge shaped head proper scissor bite good dentation. Close straight front, back slightly curving to loin.  Sound on the move evident extended trot, strong drive from rear. In perfect coat clear markings and definition. A lot to like.

Post Graduate Dog 2/2

1st Lasagesse Supersonic (Mr D & Mrs C Howard) 4 year old. Sleek and well balanced. Narrow flat scull and wedge-shaped appearance in profile. Dark almond eyes, correct scissor bite, erect ears. Straight front elbows close. Correct top-line curving to loin. Smooth action on the move. Gleaming black jacket in the sunshine with clear thumbprints. Of particular note was his short claws.  

2nd Lasagesse Lucky Man (Ms A & Mr J Keylock & Collins) 2 year old. Compact and well balanced overall with proper wedge shaped head. Correct scissor bite, small dark eyes. In good coat with all the right markings. This not so lucky man was recovering from a slight leg injury that effected his movement. Will do well when back to full fitness.

Limit Dog 6/2

1st Pedara The World Is Mine (Mrs T & Mr J M L Warren) 4 Years old. Compact elegant body of ideal size and type. Wedge shaped head with correct scissor bite and good dentation, appealing dark eyes and erect candle flame ears. Gentle curve to top-line and low set tail creating desirable shape in profile. Straight close front, good turn of stifle and low hock. Moved with precision demonstrating extended trot and strong drive from the rear. Shiny ebony jacket and clear thumbprints. Spirited and showing signs of defiance.

2nd Lasagesse Starman (Mr D & Mrs C Howard) 5 years old. Sleek and compact body appealing in profile. Long narrow flat scull wedge shaped head with correct scissor bite and erect candle fame ears. Graceful neck, desirable top-line curving to loin and low set tail. Moved well when settled showing good drive. In good muscular condition and coat with clear marking definition. A close second.

3rd Twowayshouse Tudor King for Dalmonde (Mr S & Mrs N Whitehouse)

Open dog 5/1

1st Witchstone Mine's A Double at Lasagesse (Mr G & Mrs L Dixon) 3 year old. Ideal sized elegant compact well balanced dog. Long narrow head with slight stop creating desired wedge shaped impression in profile and from the front. Dark correctly set appealing almond shaped eyes, proper scissor bite strong jaw with good dentation. Erect candle fame ears set high and close. Desirable top-line sloping slightly to loin and low set tail. Narrow deep chest with good spring of rib, straight close front. Good drive from behind, sound and smooth on the move demonstrating unexaggerated extended trot. Thick shiny black jacket with clear definition between black and chestnut tan markings clear thumbprints. I was delighted when I was told later that this dog gained his Championship Crown today (subject to K.C. approval) the breeds 346th Champion and the first Champion for the Lasagesse kennel. DCC.

2nd Ch Witchstone Place Your Bets at Capledrae JW (Mr R & Mrs M Bennett) 4 years old. Not a lot to choose between this dog and the winner I struggled to separate them. Good size well balanced dog of quality. Long wedge shaped head correct scissor bite with good dentation and strong jaw. Erect candle flame ears set high, dark almond shaped eyes. Gentle curve to his top line sloping to loin and low set tail. Straight close front and deep well sprung ribs. Demonstrated true extended trot on the move. Shown in outstanding condition ebony jacket and chestnut tan with clear definition.

3rd  Witchstone Crazy Horse at Boimans.

Veteran  Dog 1/0

1st Neerodan Top Notch (Mrs & Mrs Perry) 8 years old. Ideal size sound compact body slightly curved top-line sloping to loin. Wedge shaped head dark eyes scissor bite. Moved well out and back with extended trot evident in profile. Thick black coat with tan markings in the right places.

Special Beginners Dog 1/0

Lasagesse Lucky Man (Ms A & Mr J Keylock & Collins) See 2nd in Post Graduate

Puppy Bitch 1/0    

1st Gillings Syloette (Mrs P Reeve) 11 months old Petite compact and lively. Appealing wedge shaped head correct bite and good dentation. Dark eyes erect ears set high and used to effect. Gleaming ebony coat with dark tan markings. Very excitable on the table and on the ground but moved well when settled. An delightful young Bitch.

Junior Bitch 2/0

1st Lasagesse Californication (Mr G & Mrs L Dixon) 14 ½ months old. Matured to an ideal size, sleek compact and well balanced. Endearing face tapering to a wedge shape when viewed from front and in profile. Flat scull slight stop correct scissor bite with good dentation. Dark almond shaped eyes with a hint of mischief, erect ears sit high and close. Desirable top-line with distinctive curve to loin with low set tail. Front legs close and falling straight from shoulders. Narrow deep chest well cut up at loins and gently rounded buttocks. Parallel flowing movement out and back, extended trot in profile. In excellent coat with all the correct markings. RBCC.

2nd Edalene Court and Spark (Mrs C & Miss R Inch) 14 months old. Elegant athletic compact and well balanced. Desirable wedge shaped head with strong jaw proper scissor bite and gleaming teeth. Dark well set eyes, erect ears set close and high on head. Graceful shape everything in proportion. Top-line curving to loin. Moved with ease, strong drive from rear demonstrating correct extended trot. In outstanding shinny ebony coat highlighting her muscle definition in the bright sun. Clear correct markings with good definition between black and chestnut tan. A close second.

Graduate Bitch 1/0

1st Amalek Jenny Wren (Ms L. C.  Middleton) 3 years old. Ideal size. Compact and well balanced. Wedge shaped head with flat scull and slight stop. Correct scissor bite good dentation. Dark eyes, ears slightly limp today. Moved parallel out and back with a hint of an extended trot in profile. In good coat.

Post Graduate Bitch 3/0

1st Amalric Dream Dollies (Messrs P & A Conway & Oakden) 15 months old. Ideal size, dainty well balanced appearance overall. Head viewed from front and in profile gives desirable wedge shape with slight stop. Proper scissor bite with good dentation. Dark eyes and erect ears. Compact body in the right proportion. Top-line slightly sloping to loin. Deep chest, well cut up to loin. Moved freely and correctly out and back and in profile. Dark thick jacket with correct contrasting chestnut markings.

2nd Peopleton As You Like It (Mr J & Miss W Francis & Blatchford) 2 years old. Properly proportioned elegant bitch. Correct wedge shaped head, Strong jaw with correct scissor bite and clean teeth. Erect ears set high, dark almond shaped eyes. Compact body, slight curve in back from shoulder to loin. A little unsettled on the move and appeared a little wide at front when moving out and back. Looked better in profile when settled. Shiny thick black coat correct tan markings.

Limit Bitch 5/5

1st Pallisandre Pocahontas (Miss C & Mr M Ramsden & Kagzi) 15 months old. Ideally sized sleek immaculately presented elegant bitch. Correct compact and properly proportioned overall. Delightful wedge shaped head, flat skull with slight stop, charming dark almond shaped eyes, candle flame ears erect and set high and close. Correct scissor bite with sparkling white teeth. Gentle curve to topline from shoulder to loin, slight arch of neck well laid back shoulders straight front. Narrow deep chest, well sprung ribs, well rounded loins. Moved parallel and freely out and back, sound movement in profile demonstrating extended trot with ease. Super coat condition ebony black and dark chestnut tan with clearly defined markings. Clearly much attention was paid to preparation and of particular note was the short claws. A picture of perfection in the summer sun today. BCC & BOB

2nd Neerodan Thyme to Shine (Messrs P & A Conway & Oakden) Another 15 month old. Ideal size compact young lady. Dark appealing eyes set in long narrow scull with slight stop. Wedge shaped head viewed from front and in profile. Good size well set erect ears. Well balanced overall. Correct complete scissor bite and good teeth.  Moved freely out and back but lacking the precision of first moving in profile. Presented in good coat with correct tan markings. I called her back for the RCC challenge but she did not move quite as well as the Junior Bitch winner today.

Open Bitch 1/0

1st Ch Witchstone Minnehaha (Mrs H & Mr J Haffenden & Wood) 5 ½ years old. I was delighted to see this mature bitch in the ring today. Properly proportioned pleasing and elegant profile with correct topline. Quality wedge shaped head. Proper bite strong jaw, good teeth. Well set candle flame ears, sparkling dark eyes. Parallel out and back with good extended trot. In good coat with correct markings.

Veteran Bitch 1/0

1st Ariane Oh What A Night at Edalene ShCM VW (Mrs C & Miss R Inch). 11 years old. I was delighted to be able to judge and critique this “Super Senior” Ariane brought back happy memories of her breeder the late Larraine Errington. Lexi is a credit to the Edalene kennel because she was presented in outstanding condition for her age. Of particular note was her correct scissor bite and full sparkling dentation. Wedge shaped head with dark eye and erect ears. The frosting on her muzzle was the only indication of her age. She moved soundly out and back and in profile. In good coat with correct markings. She made my day.

Special Beginners Bitch

1st Amalek Jenny Wren (Ms L C Middleton) BSB

See Graduate Bitch

Judge Graham Newton