• Show Date: 16/09/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: graham hill Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Darlington Dog Show Society Ltd

Breed: Alaskan Malamute


Show Results - Working Group



Judge: Mr G Hill

I was very pleased to be invited to judge this impressive breed at the prestigious Darlington Championship Show.

Thank you to all the Alaskan Malamute breeders and exhibitors for their support in these financially testing times.

BEST OF BREED : 2761 ELLIS - PAYNE, Mrs Sue Ch Chayo Cause Celebre

Dog CC : 2761 ELLIS - PAYNE, Mrs Sue Ch Chayo Cause Celebre

Res Dog CC : 2791 SHEEHAN, Mrs Joan & SHEEHAN, Mr Jeffrey Ch Cedarcreek Frozen River

Bitch CC : 2762 ELLIS - PAYNE, Mrs Sue Ch Chayo Vasilisa

Res Bitch CC : 2748 AITCHISON, Miss Laura & HURST, Mr Steven Kaskae Oasis

Best Puppy : 2764 ELLIS - PAYNE, Mrs Sue Chayo Spellbinder

Best Veteran : 2791 SHEEHAN, Mrs Joan & SHEEHAN, Mr Jeffrey Ch Cedarcreek Frozen River

Class 1034 VD (4 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 2791 Sheehan & Sheehan’s Ch Cedarcreek Frozen River a substantial 7 year old male who has an imposing overall appearance. He is well made, well-boned and has a strong, powerful look. Pleasing height/length proportions and is balanced in profile. Masculine, shapely head and expression which I just preferred to 2nd. Well bodied with strong hindquarters which tended to be overstretched when standing. Free moving and the better mover of this class. My Reserve Dog CC winner.

2nd: 2774 Mountstephens & Pullin’s Ch Inupiat's Qulit Henrik At Whitewalker (Imp Nor) a 9 year old strapping male of similar powerful make and shape to 1st. He is also sturdy in bone. Mature looking head and expression; at 9 years old he has commendable condition and body substance; parallel in front when standing and on his toes the whole time and tended to be unsettled when on the move.

3rd: 2753 Brooks’ Snobruk Secret Mission (ai) JW

Class 1036 PD (2 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: 2764 Ellis-Payne’s Chayo Spellbinder a well-developed and well-boned 11-month-old who has a particularly attractive, breed typical head in shape, eyes, ears and expression. Very well-balanced profile having a powerful appearance. Impressive, substantial strong body of ideal length in proportion to height. True parallel well boned front and is impressive in overall construction and is eye-catching in side profile both when standing and moving. Moved freely, steady and with a true and free sound purposeful action. Exciting promise; Best Puppy in Breed.

Class 1037 JD (5 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 2768 Horsman-Phoenix & Horsman’s Snow Legend Zenith Of Fame Nordicwinds (Imp Rus) an upstanding 15 month old powerful male. Attractive in head shape, proportion and expression. Well-boned parallel front, substantial body and strong moderately let down hindquarters, strong firm and of pleasing width. Preferred his body proportions and standing profile to 2nd. Moved the better of this class. Impressed in side gait.

2nd: 2771 Innes & Innes’ Icycool Hudson Bay (ai) very smart quality 17-month-old masculine looking youngster who has a robust, powerful appearance. Well boned and having substance of body. Tended to lose his top-line. Pleasing head, strong front and neck leading to a well-constructed firm body. Moved with a free, easy gait but not as precise in front action as 1st.

3rd: 2760 Druce & Druce’s Kaskae Hell Of A View (ai)

Class 1038 PGD (2 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: 2767 Horsman-Phoenix & Horsman’s Nordicwinds Grtest Showman JW a substantial male rising 2 years of age who has a lively personality. He is attractive in overall profile. Well-made, firm in body and has good height/length proportions with a very satisfying balanced profile. Masculine, shapely head and pleasing expression. Well bodied with sound firm hindquarters. Free moving but needing to be more controlled in rear action.

Class 1039 LD (5 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: 2750 Bogle & Horsfield Whitewalker Kings Landing at Valknut a very smart quality 4-year-old male possessing maturity and a powerful appearance. He has a distinctly masculine, breed typical head which is balanced, of good proportions both viewed head on and from the side. Heavily boned, upstanding, sturdy male in notable coat and condition. True well boned front, substance of body and strong in hindquarters. Steady, free, purposeful movement, more precise front action than others in this class.

2nd: 2792 Vasarhelyi Okinastar I'm the Man a nearly 2½ year old striking male who has an eye-catching appearance. I liked his head and expression, strong neck, true front, he has pleasing substance of body and broad, stable, angled hindquarters. Not as settled on the move as 1st.

3rd: 2770 Innes & Innes’ Icycool Atomic (ai)

Class 1040 OD (6 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: 2761 Ellis-Payne’s Ch Chayo Cause Celebre a sound, strong and powerfully built, impressive male who, at nearly 5 years of age, looks to be in his prime. Super, breed typical, handsome head, having a confident and responsive expression. Powerful neck and forequarters, full-bodied and fit condition throughout. Imposing in appearance and soundly made all-through. Eye-catching both standing and moving. Steady, true, purposeful action in front and rear with a free striding side gait. My Dog CC & Best of Breed Winner.

2nd: 2785 Raby’s Yuayua At Icemoon (Imp Swe) a mature rising 6 year old who is similar in profile shape and conformation to 1st. Attractive looking male who is well-balanced in side profile; satisfying conformation in front which is true and well boned. Super masculine head of pleasing make and shape set on a strong, shapely neck of good length. Well bodied which is strong and sturdy. Tended to be unsettled in front action but was free moving with a pleasing side gait.

3rd: 2778 Page & Page’s Ch Snow Legend Believe In You Cedarcreek (Imp Rus)

Class 1041 VB (6 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 2765 Horsman-Phoenix & Horseman’s Nordicwinds American Dream Sh.CM JW a well-constructed 8-year-old mature bitch who, although not the biggest, is in commendable condition and has retained her firm substance and powerful appearance. Breed typical, strong, though feminine in head and having a friendly amenable expression. Stands four-square. True well boned front, sturdy body, pleasing body proportions and balanced in angulations front/rear. Pleasing coat and condition. Better mover of this class.

2nd: 2787 Raby’s Candrakanta Moon Child At Icemoon a shapely 10 year old having a similar look to 1st. Attractive head both in make, shape and expression. True enough front although tended to turn out at times. Well-bodied with strong hindquarters. She has an excellent coat covering. Pleasing in overall body proportions and angulations front and rear. Free and precise on the move.

3rd: 2773 Jarvis & Troisi’s  Nordicwinds All Attitude

Class 1043 PB (1 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 2775 Mountsteven & Pullin’s Whitewalker Winter's Gol a shapely well grown youngster of 9 months of age. Attractive, feminine, breed typical shaped head with an alert friendly expression. Would prefer her to be more settled in front on the move. She is well boned and bodied and has scope for development. Close puppy coat. Balanced in angulations front and hindquarters. Very promising. Moved freely.

Class 1045 PGB (6 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 2779 Page & Page’s Snow Legend Zest For Life Cedarcreek (Imp Rus) a well-made, well balanced 15 months old bitch who has an attractive profile. Smart and breed typical, she has a feminine head which is set well onto her strong, shapely neck and well-made forequarters. Sturdy in body with pleasing spring and ribbed well back. She is of satisfying construction and has good height/length body proportions and sound firm, angled hindquarters which I just preferred to 2nd. She has a shapely body and was the better mover of this class.

2nd: 2766 Horsman-Phoenix & Horsman’s Nordicwinds Miss Marvel a 20-month-old quality, nicely shaped bitch who is well boned and has substance of body. Feminine in head although preferred strength of muzzle of 1st. Pleasing overall length of body and leg. Balanced in angulations front and rear. Moved with a free driving side gait but would prefer her to have more width between the hocks behind on the move.

3rd: 2786 Raby’s Moon's Nordicstars Burning Flame at Icemoon (Imp Swe)

Class 1046 LB (6 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 2780 Page & Page’s Patrick The Magician Bloody Mary Cedarcreek (Imp It) a very smart quality rising 3 year old bitch possessing a youthful, powerful appearance. A distinctly, feminine, well-shaped head with a balanced well-proportioned appearance. Well-boned and sturdy in body and with pleasing coat and in firm condition. Soundly constructed all through with a true well boned front. A bitch who has substance, as well as being well made and well bodied. Powerful moderately let down hindquarters. Balanced and all in proportion. Easy, free movement, purposeful with drive with a more precise front action than others in this class.

2nd: 2756 Brown’s Cupun's Masterpiece a nearly 3-year-old pleasing quality bitch who has a strong powerful but feminine appearance and has breed typical characteristics all through. Attractive head and expression set on a strong neck of good length. Well-made all through but preferred front of 1st. She has plenty of substance in body and width front to back. Strong stable moderate hindquarters. Moved well and free.

3rd: 2749 Aitchison & Hurst’s Kaskae My Wonderwall

Class 1047 OB (6 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: 2762 Ellis-Payne’s Ch Chayo Vasilisa a super quality 3½ year old bitch of impressive appearance who fills the eye in side profile and front on. She has a super outline which is in balance and is complimented by her sound construction. Eye-catching profile both standing and in side gait. She has a lovely head and expression which I just preferred to 2nd. She is in super coat and condition and is soundly constructed in front, in fit condition and well bodied with strong muscular hindquarters. Moved well and effortlessly. My Bitch CC winner.

2nd: 2748 Aitchison & Hurst’s Kaskae Oasis another 3½-year-old who has a strong, powerful but feminine appearance presenting her breed typical characteristics all through. Attractive head and expression set on a strong neck of good length. Good front and forequarters with plenty of substance in body and width all through; just preferred the more developed appearance of 1st. Strong, stable nicely angled hindquarters. Moved well and free.

3rd: 2769 Innes & Iness’ Icycool Oriana