• Show Date: 16/09/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: graham hill Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Darlington Dog Show Society Ltd

Breed: Beagle


Show Results - Hound Group



Judge: Mr G Hill

BEST OF BREED : 236 PARKER & STEVENS, Miss & Mr S & G Ch Serenaker Armani

Dog CC : 236 PARKER & STEVENS, Miss & Mr S & G Ch Serenaker Armani


Bitch CC : 242 RAYMOND, Mrs Melanie Ch Dialynne Bonny Tyler

Res Bitch CC : 219 HAVARD, Miss & Mrs LA & PJ Ch Annavah Princess Tiana


Best Veteran : 191 ARDEN, Mrs S Madika Spot On JW Sh.CM AW(G)

Class 79 VD (1 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 241 Pocklington-Hall’s Macall Bushman VW ) a 10 year old  well enough made, obviously masculine, male who has a mature looking, typy head. Pleasing front, good length in body with moderately angled hindquarters. Carrying the body substance of his years. Moved well enough up and back.

Class 80 MPD (1 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 224 Jones’ Clairdale Fusilier a well grown 8-month-old very promising young Tri male who when standing has a well-balanced and well-proportioned appearance. Attractive head both in shape and expression. He is well boned with pleasing make in body and satisfying spring, length of ribbing and firm body cover. Moderate, good width, stable hindquarters. Moved with a true action in front and pleasing drive behind. Carries his tail as he should.

Class 81 PD (3 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: 198 Beard’s Kellitcreed Sweeney Tod a very smart 10-month-old tri who possesses quality in breed type and conformation, He impresses in side profile outline being all in proportion and balanced front to rear. Attractive head set on good length neck, clean lines and alert in expression. Well boned and bodied, true parallel front and sturdy in look. Desirable body development, nothing in exaggeration, firm level top line which he kept on the move. Firm, stable hindquarters. Moved with confidence, free and true; best mover. Best Puppy in Breed and Reserve Dog CC.

2nd: 201 Bridgeman & Logue’s Kingswin Bug 'A' Lugs a shapely 9-month-old breed typical looking male who has a masculine looking head and expression although preferred muzzle and underjaw of 1st. Pleasing in front and rear angulation and width across the thigh. He has a pleasing neck length which is set well into shoulders. Well bodied with satisfying proportions and balance front and rear. Moved well enough but preferred front action of 1st.

Class 82 JD (2 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 199 Binks’ Tannahill Vagabond a well-constructed 14-month-old blanket Tri male who presents a pleasing outline having desirable overall proportions and being balanced in angulations front/rear. Attractive, head both in shape and expression, in proportion and having a clean, good depth muzzle. True, parallel well boned front, clean lines in neck, firm cover of sturdy body having pleasing spring, ribbed well back and firm in top line. Solid, moderately, angled hindquarters and good width parallel hocks which I preferred to 2nd  on the move. Better mover of this class.

2nd: 229 Leader’s Molesend Dic a shapely 12-month-old L/W who has a pleasing head, clean features with desirable proportions and outline. Well boned true front but would prefer more obvious fore-chest, well covered body, pleasing proportions, depth and balance. Moved with a good free action in front but tended to be loose hocked in rear movement.

Class 83 PGD (2 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: 203 Bridgeman & Logue’s Kubic Cziki Kopo At Kingswin (Imp SRB) Naf Taf a sturdy L/W male of 19 months of age who has pleasing bone and body. A sturdy male who has a well-defined outline and pleasing make and shape all through. Attractive masculine head which is clean, powerful in shape and pleasing in expression. Well-made front and forequarters. Firm nicely covered body with a short, broad loin.  Looked heavy on the move but had a true enough action in front and OK width and drive behind.

Class 84 LD (2 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 214 Hardisty’s Lanbur Kissing Bandit At Fallowfield (Imp USA) a striking 3 year old Tri male who has the most pleasing side profile which displays his proportions and balance which overall I preferred to 2nd. Typy but obviously masculine head having a strong clean, deep muzzle. Clean lines all through. True front with moderate lay-back and good pasterns which I preferred to 2nd. Pleasing forequarters, body, depth and nicely angled good width hindquarters. Moved well and free especially pleasing rear action.

2nd: 226 Jones, Jepson & Jepson & Jepson’s Eardley Specsavers a 22-month-old well-built male who has a very smart, attractive head and is typical in expression. Overall, he looks to be slightly longer in body proportions than 1st although is firm in top line with moderate depth of under line. He is clean and attractive in appearance with no hint of coarseness. Well made, true parallel front a little upright but of good width. Pleasing in hindquarters. Tended to be stretched over the ground which detracted from his profile look. Tail set on high. Moved well but needing to extend more in front.

Class 85 OD (4 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 236 Parker & Stevens’ Ch Serenaker Armani a quality 2-year-old Tri male who looks ‘Good’ and is ‘Good’. He is so well constructed and has strength and a strong, clean-cut, compact appearance. Handsome, breed typical classic head with an alert, intelligent expression. Well-made in front with pleasing fore-chest, firm sturdy, compact body with desirable spring, length and depth in chest. Fit and firm in condition. Sound true, purposeful movement. My Dog CC and Best of Breed.

2nd: 249 Taylor & Taylor’s Deaconfield Kingcraft a 5-year-old quality mature tri male who has a very attractive, breed typical masculine head set on good length, muscular neck. Pleasing forequarters, shoulders and well-made body and hindquarters Preferred his more- slender build and proportions over 3rd.  Moved with a pleasing free action although not as precise as 1st.

3rd: 237 Philpott’s Charterwood Storm

Res: 230 LEWIS, Mrs C Fallowfield Vincent

Class 86 VB (2 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 191 Arden’s Madika Spot On JW Sh.CM AW(G) a 7½ year old attractively marked W/L who presents a very smart, well-constructed appearance. She moved well both in front and rear action and had satisfying side gait which I preferred to 2nd. Overall she presents a pleasing side profile with a well-proportioned, mature developed body. She has nothing in exaggeration. Firm in body cover and top line and presented in commendable condition. Best Veteran in Breed.

2nd: 204 Brownlow’s Bellvalley Dunnit a 10-year-old tri who has a mature, well-bodied look and is all through deep in frame not helping her outline and proportions. Pleasing head shape. Good width across the chest. Firm top-line. Free movement although close in rear action.

Class 87 MPB (3 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 200 Binks’ Tannahill Yasmine a 7-month-old tri who has pleasing bone and body. Lovely head being of pleasing shape, proportions and refined in appearance. Obviously feminine. She has great promise and has all the basics in body proportions and balance in angulations front/rear. Moved really well when settled.

2nd: 228 Jones’ Tallier Miss Honey a well -grown 6 months old blanket tri who also scores in head, eyes and expression. True in front and well-made in forequarters. When standing free she has satisfying proportions size/height/length which for now just edged her over 3rd. Moderately angled good width hindquarters with parallel hocks both standing and on the move.

3rd: 220 Havard’s Annavah Angel Delight

Class 88 PB (6 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 197 Beard’s Kellitcreed Cotton Candy a very attractive 10-month-old L/W who has recognised quality in both breed type and conformation; she impresses in outline. Attractive feminine head, refined with clean lines and alert in expression. She has pleasing development in bone and body, true parallel front and sturdy and solid in body. Pleasing body proportion length/height, firm level top line both standing and kept on the move. Nicely let down, firm hindquarters. Moved well, free and true; best mover of this class.

2nd: 215 Hardisty’s Blunderhall Kiss Me Quick a shapely 10-month-old Tri who is well boned and well bodied and of satisfactory construction all through with nothing in exaggeration. Particularly pleasing head which is breed typical, having desirable clean lines, shape and lovely expression and just preferred to 3rd. True front having fore-chest, well-made body having spring and is ribbed well back with firm, stable hindquarters. Moved well in front, would prefer more width behind on the move.

3rd: 247 Stuart’s Kellitcreed Frozen Assets

Class 89 JB (7 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: 219 Havard’s Ch Annavah Princess Tiana a super quality 17-month-old, well-constructed young bitch, who just looks what she is - a “Champion”. She has desirable overall proportions, conformation and shape and has a super balanced, impressive profile. I liked her refined head and her fresh, confident expression; true well boned front, tight elbows, firm in body with ideal spring and ribbed well back; firm in top line, broad, powerful loin and soundly made, nicely let down hindquarters. One of the better movers today. My Reserve Bitch CC Winner

2nd: 196 Beards’ Kellitcreed Back Chat another 17-month-old Tri who is of similar style and shape to 1st. She is a quality young bitch and shares many of the attributes of 1st   but has scope to improve. Attractive eye-catching profile; well-made all through, pleasing width in front with good pasterns. Well-developed in bone and well-made in body with firm top line and matching under line.

3rd: 248 Stuart’s Kellitcreed Danger Digits

Class 90 PGB (7 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 211 Fitzpatrick’s Blunderhall Blow A Fuse a 23 months old shapely Tri who looks to being close to her prime and when standing is pleasing to the eye. She is of good size, has satisfying proportions length to height and has balance in angulations front/rear. Very attractive head having clean lines and of ideal shape with a very engaging expression. She moved well and was the better mover of this class.                                                                 2nd: 243 Rolph’s Dentonside Harper a 2½ year old |||Tri who though unsettled, looks to have all the essentials. Smart, attractive head with a friendly, alert expression, Head set well onto a good length neck, well-made front, body and hindquarters. Moved well enough and more settled than 3rd.

3rd: 233 Macdougal’s Molesend Will 'O Wisp

Class 91 LB (11 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 195 Beard’s Kellitcreed Jessica Barker a nearly 2-year-old quality Tri bitch in smart, clean-cut condition. Feminine, breed typical in shape and striking in markings having a real houndy appearance. Attractive head, both in shape and expression; head set on a strong shapely neck of balanced length to her overall body. She is true and parallel in front, compact in body and has desirable spring and depth, soundly let down, strong hindquarters, firm of stance. Best mover of the class with extension in front and rear drive.

2nd: 235 Parker & Stevens’ Serenaker Agatha Raisin ) attractive 2 year old smart Tri bitch who has a pleasing profiles when viewed side-on, from front and rear. Lovely head and having the head shape and expression I like. She is of good size and all in proportion and balance. True in front although preferred lay back of 1st. Firm well-made body being compactly-built and firm in substance. Moved freely with purpose although preferred rear action of 1st.

3rd: 210 Fitzpatrick’s Blunderhall Moonwalker

Class 92 OB (7 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: 242 Raymond’s Ch Dialynne Bonny Tyler a super quality 2 years + 5-months-old impressive quality bitch who is an excellent example of the breed. She has a beautiful breed typical head, correct shaped eyes and ears enhancing her endearing expression. Head set on a powerful looking, good length neck. She has the appearance of a sound, workmanlike hound, sturdy and compact with clean lines all through. She is in super condition both in coat and body. She is well made in front with pleasing fore-chest and has ideal bone and body. Firm level top line, good ribbing, short strong loin. Moved well with true, reach in front and good width drive behind; My Bitch CC winner

2nd: 217 Havard’s Annavah Lady Gaga a striking 2 year old L/W  bitch who has a very pleasing appearance with nothing in exaggeration. She has pleasing conformation and is powerfully built without coarseness. She has clean lines all through, has a refined feminine head with good balance of skull/muzzle; strong neck of good length and shape set on to moderately angled shoulders. Firm and level in top line, compact in body construction with spring, depth and is ribbed well back. Correct tail set and carriage. Moved out well and free but preferred rear action of 1st.

3rd: 225 Jones & Jepson & Jepson & Jepson’s Eardley Anna Sasin