• Show Date: 20/05/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: graham hill Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Scottish Kennel Club

Breed: Basset Fauve De Bretagne


BEST OF BREED : 1252 ELLRICH, Mrs Debbie & ELLRICH, Miss Rebecca Malrich Frankincense

Dog CC : 1246 ALLENBY, Mrs Heidi & ALLENBY, Mr Richard Ch Rangali Tigger


Bitch CC : 1252 ELLRICH, Mrs Debbie & ELLRICH, Miss Rebecca Malrich Frankincense

Res Bitch CC : 1262 RUSSELL, Mrs Denise & RUSSELL, Mr Colin Ch Shiroblam Serendipity

Best Veteran : 1257 LEECH, Mrs Jacqui & LEECH, Miss Antonia Ch Ir Ch Hibeck Scooby Doo With Soletrader Sh.CM V

Class 559 OD (3 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 1246 Allenby’s Ch RANGALI TIGGER a quality, mature, harsh, dense coated wheaten male who is breed typical and is attractive in head having dark correctly shaped eyes with good ears and furnishings. He has a pleasing appearance in side profile being of good size, proportions length/height and balanced angulations front and rear. Satisfying in body, being well ribbed back with desirable depth and spring with tight elbows. Workmanlike in look. Firm top line and strong hindquarters. Striding, purposeful action on the move. My Dog CC Winner.

2nd: 1250 Blevin’s IR CH INT CH BLEVWIL UNBREAKABLE a good honest male who has a harsh, close coat, presenting clean well-defined lines. He is moderate in construction all through with nothing in exaggeration; preferred overall appearance of 1st. Attractive head, expression and when standing out over the ground he presents a very pleasing picture which I preferred to 3rd. Moved well, quick and true action. Reserve Dog CC.


Class 560 VD (2 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 1257 Leech’s CH IR CH HIBECK SCOOBY DOO WITH SOLETRADER Sh CM V a mature 11 year old male in excellent condition. Breed typical in coat and coat texture both of which I preferred to 2nd. Attractive head which is breed typical in appearance and expression. Pleasing front and forequarters and fore-chest. Well boned and sturdy in body which is of satisfying length and proportions. Good spring, depth, ribbed well back and moderate hindquarters being firm enough top-line; moderate angles front and rear. Better mover of this class.

2nd: 1254 Greig’s SHIROBLAM HOT TO TROT a 9-year-old who has an attractive head. More up on the leg than 1st   and not as good in proportions and balance as 1st. Pleasing width of front but I would prefer more forechest. He is well bodied and has decent depth, but lacks strength in hindquarters. Close front and rear on the move.

Class 562 GCD (1 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 1258 Leech’s CH &IR CH GAVELKIND CONQUISTADOR BY JAMCHALA a nice sized well made male who has a pleasing overall appearance with a harsh dense coat. Masculine typy head, good width front but would prefer more obvious forechest. He has pleasing length of body and stands well over the ground. Free and active movement but needs to settled in action.

Class 564 JB (2 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 1256 Jones, Roberts & Gregg’s WRATTHEMBRAY MISS BRAHMS a shapely young bitch of pleasing size and proportions. Attractive feminine breed typical head set on a strong neck. Preferred her front to that of 2nd. Well-proportioned with corresponding length of body. Pleasing coat and coat texture. Tended to be up on her hindquarters and needing to settle into herself. True, free and lively movement.

 2nd: 1260 Revens & Hyde’s SOFIYA DO CAL PADERNA AT BEABASS (Imp Esp) a good looking bitch who is attractive in overall outline and side profile; smaller in stature than 1st. Pleasing head in shape, proportions and expression. Pleasing conformation but I would prefer her to be tighter in front and have a definite forechest. She is well boned and has ideal substance of body. Needs to settle in front on the move but has notable free action in side gait.

Class 566 LB (4 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 1252 Elrich & Elrich’s  MALRICH FRANKINCENCE an impressive wheaten bitch who has a breed typical, houndy look and is of desirable size and overall of sound construction. Shown in good order presenting her breed typical dense, harsh coat and general appearance. Attractive head which is of pleasing shape, length and proportional width and is set correctly on a strong, decent length neck. She is balanced in angles front/rear and is of pleasing proportions. Soundly made in front with desired forechest and is well ribbed back, with good spring. Firm in body and is workmanlike in appearance. She was the better mover having an active, true, free moving gait complimenting her conformation. My bitch CC Winner and Best of Breed.

2nd: 1265 Stevenson-Bramley’s SHIROBLAM SEAL OF APPROVAL a quality bitch who is breed typical in overall side profile. She is particularly attractive in head, both in shape and expression. Well constructed all through with OK front of pleasing width which I preferred to 3rd. She is well boned and bodied and is of good size and proportions Moved out with a free action but needs to settle in front movement.

3rd: 1249 Blevin’s BLEVWIL MALTEASER

Class 567 OB (3 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 1262 Russel’s CH SHIROBLAM SERENDIPITY a sturdy, good size bitch who has an attractive side outline but would be improved with more stifle angle. Well made in body with firm width over the loin. Attractive head of pleasing make and shape having an alert, amiable expression. She stands well over the ground and presents a proportioned body outline which I preferred to 2nd. She is well boned and well made in front. Adequate length in body which is in proportion to her height. She was more settled on the move than 2nd. Reserve Bitch CC.

2nd: 1248 Allenby’s CH RANGALI YUM YUM an attractive mature looking bitch who, when settled, presented a pleasing breed picture. Excellent coat and coat texture. Lovely head in shape, proportions and expression. She is well boned and has substance of body and is of good size and proportions. Needs to settle to give of her best both standing and in front action on the move; free moving in side gait.

3rd: 1259 Mochan’s BASLER WISECRACK