• Show Date: 11/03/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Gordon Inglis Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023


Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Crufts 2022 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - Dogs

It was an honour to be invited to judge at Crufts 2022. The culmination of a lifetime’s association with the dog show scene in particular with Cavaliers. This year is the 50th anniversary of a Cavalier coming into our lives in 1972 who remained with us for nearly 17 years. Over the years there have been many high points, for me personally, from winning my first Reserve CC in 1979 to making up the 4th sibling of a home-bred litter in 2017. My canine interest is exclusively in Cavaliers. 

It is always a thrill to show a dog at Crufts, but this year I discovered, when I saw the schedule, that the qualification criteria had been extended considerably. This was presumably a decision by the Kennel Club to try to regenerate the interest in Dog Shows post-pandemic. Entries had been falling even before this and the Golden Years of Cavaliers having class entries of 30 plus (sometimes double that and more) are now just a historical statistic.

The generous qualification terms was reflected in the entry, which from a quality perspective was varied. That said there were enough dogs of sufficient merit to provide me with a challenge to reflect my particular requirements.

On the day I was completely captivated by my CC winner Granasil Trick Or Treat for Narvidar. He dominated the challenge with his presence , verve and attitude, fulfilling all I was looking for in size, type, construction, demeanor, temperament and presentation.

Of the remaining four finalised, I opted for the Italian visitor Milcham Northern Sky Sun for the Reserve CC. His unexaggerated head properties and neat lipline were so correct forming the gentlest of expressions. He was steady on the move and and his coat was an object lesson in presentation.

I enjoyed judging along side Lucy Koster and we have spent many years together competing in the ring.Harana Cavaliers are a household name and I have admired them from the early 80s. I shared Lucy’s excitement when we saw our Best of Breed Leogem Winter Melody do the breed proud with a third place in the Toy Group. Congratulations to Tina and Dennis Homes. What a proud moment. The finish to a splendid day.

Veteran Dog (9/0)

1ST Kynaston's Granasil Golden Nugget

2ND Maclaine's Ch Lochbuie Cappuccino 

Two Rubies headed this class, with the more youthful 7 year old edging it over the well known 11 year old Champion. Although I preferred the angles of the elder, the younger dog carried himself with more vigour and style. Good rich colouring and pigmentation on the winner and a better balance of height to length. Cappuccino, I felt looked a bit tired, nose off colour and rather sluggish on the move. No denying his remarkable record as a show dog and he has proved himself a capable sire. In 2018 I gave his now champion daughter her 2nd CC. He has nothing to prove.

3RD Wawman's Bellrise Lil Boy Blue

RES Taylor's Beautiful Man 

VHC Phillips' Tillymist Heez Harry Beau 

Minor Puppy Dog (2/0)

1ST Smith's Canando Goldleaves 

This 8 month Blenheim satisfied in many aspects. Perfect for size and a balanced outline with appealing head and expression. Dark round eyes, black pigmentation and correct teeth. Well broken markings. Needs more practice moving as he tended to crab and carried his tail rather low. A confidence thing but he is worth persevering with and has scope to improve.

2ND Sheridan's Cavasher My Only Son Shine

Another Blenheim, about the same age, but much further behind in development. He is a shade taller and rangier than winner. Also pleasing in markings with a perfect lozenge spot. Not really ready for the show ring yet, but having qualified for Crufts, I guess the temptation was too great to be missed. Narrow in skull and muzzle, mouth finish needs to improve and body still to develop. Rather straight in stifles and not moving so well.. Needs a lot of time to grow up. Unplaced in Puppy Dog class.

Puppy Dog (8/0)

1ST Hughes' Loranka’s Best Kept Secret

Small neat and well marked Tricolour who showed a good outline both standing and moving. Head still to finish and I’d like gentler eyes and expression. Good neck and tail carriage and, moved accurately when fully cooperating.

2ND Spall & Clark's Llapsttam's Secret Seven 

Ruby of good size and proportions. Reachy neck and good topline standing, but tended to dip slightly behind the shoulders when moving. Plenty of coat of rich colouring. I’d like eyes a tad larger to balance his facial outlook, which is, as yet, rather angular and has still to soften.

3RD Jones' Boatswain Ethan at Droleus (Imp Ita) NAF TAF

RES Spall & Clark's Llapsttam Double Oh Heaven 

VHC Griffith's Frondil Happily Ever Arthur 

 Junior Dog (12/1

1ST Guvercin's Amouage Fleur Imaginary Mario at Glebeheath (Imp Rus)

Black and tan whose size and balanced outline was satisfying, and who conducted himself well standing and moved steadily holding his outline well, apart from his high flying tail. But much to be appreciated in front of that, with good head shape, dark eyes and correct bite. Enough coat of soft texture on a compact body.

2ND Seidel's Heartbreaker Spirit of Heaven 

Blenheim, bigger and taller than winner, well marked and richly colouring. Accurate enough going and coming but not so impressive in profile on the move. Head type amiable.

3RD Rogerson & Evans' Heart of Y Once in A Lifetime TAF

RES Spall & Clark's Llapsttam's Heavenly Scent 

VHC Walker's Stavonga Sky Walker Kayceekay 

 Yearling Dog (4/0)

Overall a very disappointing class.

1ST Hubert's Hearthfriend Just William

I liked this ultra heavily marked tricolour’s size and balanced outline and he displayed a great attitude. I don’t mind blanketed tris, I’ve had a few in the past, but in this one, the only white on view was his feet and his blaze was narrow with a tan face mark. That said, he was very graceful and accurate on the move. Unplaced in Undergraduate class.


 2ND Seidel's Heartbreaker Spirit of Heaven 

see previous class.


3RD Fraser's Bracken Gold at Fraskye

RES Hawkins' Lexody Shenanigans 

Undergraduate Dog (16/2)

1ST Hazeltine's Juzandia The Shaman 

Very neatly proportioned Blenheim. Very satisfying in outline with good neck, shoulders, topline and tailset. Attractive head with good sized dark eyes, neat muzzle finish and a generally pleasing outlook and expression. Accurate and steady on the move, he showed himself to advantage, Coat of good length and texture. In my final four today.

2ND Mckay's Narayden Ben Hur 

Much to appreciate in size and balance in this Black and Tan. Expression is pleasing and pigment is good. I’d like bigger eyes. Good in neck and topline and steady and accurate on the move.

3RD Mynott's Honeybet Tri Again 

RES Gibson's Toraylac Grayson 

VHC Harrison's Piotrus Pan Dobry Rok (Imp Pol) 

Graduate Dog (6/1)

1ST Cox's Fujairah Eric Morecambe

Good proportions and angles on this handsome Blenheim . Plenty of coat of soft texture and good length. So well turned out. Responsive to sympathetic handling he looked good standing and on the move showing off a clean outline. Reachy neck, firm topline and correct tail carriage. Well defined head qualities which impressed me. Perhaps his eyes could be bigger. Finalised in last 4 in challenge.


2ND Bartlett & Hitcham's Granasil Garibaldi at Korolevsky 

Ruby, a size larger and a shade longer than my ideal, but proportionally correct. He holds his outline well both standing and moving. I’d like darker nose pigment and a softer texture to his coat 

3RD Lee's Kelrick Flashback 

RES Lock & Thomas' Bowfort Bo Jo 

VHC Phillips' Tillymist Cracking The Code 

Post Graduate Dog (12/0)

1ST Parsons' Peakdowns Marcopolo at Anjomil JW

I particularly liked the head and expression on this Blenheim. He has gentle eyes, correct skull to muzzle proportions and a tidy lip line. Good shoulders and angulation front and rear. Tail set on correctly, though he can carry it higher than preferable on occasions. Winner of minor puppy, the last time I judged in 2019, he has developed into a stylish adult. Strong and accurate front and rear movement,. Perhaps needing a bit more attention to his coat presentation.

2ND Renaud's Ellenaud Oliver Twist

Very well made Blenheim, with correct angles front and rear, presenting a balanced outline with good neck, shoulders and topline. Dark nose pigment and rich colouring on his well distributed markings.. Steady on the move and attentive standing showing a satisfying outline.

3RD Baillie's Coralvalley Pure Mischief at Cavallino 

RES Hughes' Loranka’s Imagine 

VHC Taylor's Loranka's Heavenly Treat

 Mid Limit Dog (6/0)

1ST Levy & Sedgwick's Pascavale Douglas 

Small and neatly proportioned Blenheim, who was not at his cooperative best today and from time to time was a bit distracted by the surroundings. He fulfilled all my requirements in size and bodily construction, with good neck .topline and tailset and carriage. Good in head with gentle eyes and expression, but perhaps a shade heavier in muzzle and not so tidy in lip line. Accurate front and rear movement,  

2ND Guvercin's Verheyen Vincent At Glebeheath

Another Blenheim. Good for size and a balanced outline. Plenty of coat of good length and silky texture. Huge bell-shaped ears and a nice balance of skull to muzzle. A bit untidy on the move away and return but correct in profile. A happy attitude at all times.

3RD Baillie's Marisk Greatest Showman at Cavallino 

RES Godwin's Cavaliegh Kennedy 

VHC Swanston's Pamojill Arran

Limit Dog (10/2)

1ST Wileman & Bott' s Granasil Trick or Treat for Narvidar JW

The effervescence of this Black and Tan drew me in today. A great character who combined with his handler to form a great double act. He moved , not only accurately, but with such flourish, and when standing held the outline I sought, with a gently wagging tail. Beautiful in head and expression, with well-feathered ears framing a face displaying gentleness and mischief in equal measures .In size, shape, coat and presentation he held all the aces. It was a pleasure to award such a typically Cavalier personality his second CC today. 


2ND Favaron's Milcham Northern Sky Sun 

This very attractive Blenheim was presented in pristine condition. He sparkled. So many positive points. Head properties very satisfying with good eye size and colour. Correct in skull and earset with a shapely muzzle and neat lips providing a gentle and gracious outlook. Correct angulation front and rear and covering the ground well. he presented a very pleasing overall package. Beat off close contenders to win the Reserve CC today. 

3RD Deamer's Lorankas Dont Stop Me Now at Bankshill 

RES Leach & Kolb's Melrose Dalton at Ouzlewell (Imp Deut) 

VHC Rhodes' Calonlan Grand Royale 

Open Dog (8/0)

1ST Levy & Sedgwick's Ch Pascavale Kyle

He has everything I was looking for in size, structure, balance and deportment. I gave him the Reserve CC in 2019 as a puppy so had already acknowledged his Champion quality. He has achieved great things in the interim.Today he was outplayed by the Black and Tan’s great presence, but my high regard for his attributes remains intact.  

2ND Kilcoyne's Ch Granasil Bourbon

This Ruby is just a shade bigger than the class winner, but he is so well made and proportionate. Coat of rich colouring and good length and a gentle and soft expression. A graceful mover. It was a pleasure to handle this well-deserved Champion


3RD Raboin's Fr Ch/Mk Ch Oki Square Prince Harry 

RES Belloni's Ch Armorica Champagne Supernova 

VHC Wimberley & Newman's Trishine's Celestial Dream with Finjaro 

 Good Citizen Dog Scheme Dog (6/0)

1ST Parsons' Peakdowns Marcopolo at Anjomil JW

see Post Graduate.

2ND Kynaston's Granasil Golden Nugget 

see Veteran.

3RD Bloomfield's Delhaze Reach for The Sky with Oaklake JW 

RES Taylor's Loranka's So Amazed JW 

VHC Rhodes' Calonlan Hendricks

Gordon Inglis CRAIGOWL (Judge)