• Show Date: 30/06/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Glenway Dymock Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Windsor Dog Show Society

Breed: Basenji

Windsor Championship Show, 30 June 2022


I seem to attract the rain whenever I judge my favourite breed & today was no exception as the heavens opened just as we were ready to begin proceedings, forcing all judging to be conducted under canvas which I know can affect the performance of some dogs more than others in this sensitive breed. Still, we soldiered on & it ended up being a super day for Basenjis with the BOB-winning bitch ending up in fourth place in the hound group, and the DCC winner garnering third place in the hound veteran group.

V (4) 1 CC & BV, Palubicki’s Ch Woodella True Song, 8 years tri dog, excellent type & balance, looked half his age & very much fitted the standard requirement of an elegant dog of gazelle-like grace, excellent long forearm giving a lovely tall front which could not be matched by any other exhibit today, attractive head, small ears, long neck, rock solid topline, good shelf & tail, correct moderate hind angulation, lovely square outline both standing & moving.

2 BVB, Grayson’s Ch Kissangani Shining Star at Embeau, youthful looking 9 years tri bitch, lovely type & quality, good head proportions, small ears which she used well. Would prefer darker eyes. Very good topline, nice shelf & tail curl & set, lovely square outline which she maintained well on the move.

3 Legget’s Ch Swanwite Katrionah.

PD (1) 1 BPD, Casentieri’s Alchez Best Life, 6 months tri just learning the ropes, attractive head of good proportions, presented a very pleasing square outline, fine bone, single curl tail which was well set, moved OK once he got the hang of things, balanced angulation at both ends.

JD (1) 1 Casentieri’s Alchez Guava Nice Day, 6 months baby, painted a striking first impression with his lovely sleek coat, fine wrinkle & correct orange red colour. Would prefer a slightly smaller ear & longer legs which hopefully will improve with maturity. Good straight forearm, stepped out well.

PGD (2) 1 Nicholls’ Shyllar Breaking News, b/w dog of very good type & balance, attractive square outline both on the stack & when he gaited. Used his ears well, very good topline. Feet could have more arch to toes. A bit unruly at first but grew on me as the class progressed, sound mover.

2 Grayson & Cullen’s Bushwacker American Hustle at Embeau, 18 months lad, well presented as one always expects with this handler, well balanced angulation at both ends, deep chest. Preferred the overall elegance & movement of 1. Used his ears well, looked good moving around the ring.

LD (2) 1 Thomas’ Dobri's Kenji Jabari Kamau, quite a cobby dog with a lovely look of quality about him. Excellent fine coat of correct orange red colour. Wrinkle OK but slightly lazy with his ears. Deep chest, good tail, stepped out well with a nice easy action, presented very well by his young handler.

2 Matthews’ Flugelberry Free Cuba, masculine & leggy br/w dog, calm expression, deep chest, very good square outline which he maintained at all times. Could have more wrinkle & a tighter tail. Moved with a very good stride without exaggeration, attractive lofty head carriage.

OD (6, 1 absent) 1 RCC, Hardy & Hallam’s Ch Tokaji Walking In Memphis, handsome tri dog of excellent type & quality, attractive masculine expression, good wrinkle & earset, long neck & forearm, deep chest, tail well curled & set. In the challenge, I preferred the squarer outline of the CC winner, although this lad covered more ground on the move so it truly was a case of splitting hairs. Two handsome examples of a colour which for previous generations of breeders was very much a minority taste but not any more.

2 Knowles’ Ch Tokaji Klassic Trickster at Sarawana, another handsome tri, painted a very good square outline, attractive head, used his ears well, clean bone, deep chest, good tail & shelf. Could have slightly more length of neck. Excellent topline which he maintained well on the move.

3 Legget’s Ch Swanwite Take A Chance On Me.

PB (1) 1 BP, Casentieri’s Alchez Koko Kola, 6 months b/w baby, litter sister of the BPD winner & has the same lovely square outline. Such a pretty & feminine expression, I particularly remember her persil white markings, long forearm, single curl tail which sat nicely on her hip. Slightly slab sided at this stage but hopefully will body up with maturity. Good head carriage, stayed lovely & square on the move.

JB (3) 1 CC & BOB, Dunsdon’s Ch Mawali Four Get Me Not, top quality 18 months bitch, so full of type, totally caught my eye with her overall balance & freedom from exaggeration, ideal size, attractive head with small ears, almond shaped eyes, correct muzzle which is not overly long, super square outline, fine & clean bone with ideal moderate angulation, excellent shelf & tail curl & set. Covered the ground well while maintaining her square outline & general picture of elegance.

2 Palubicki’s Jessella Lady Margot, 18 months bitch, very pretty & feminine outlook, leggy & square, ideal orange red colour, lovely sleek coat, fine bone. Would prefer darker eyes & she was a tad lazy with her ears. Looked very nice moving around the ring, maintaining her square outline.

3 Casentieri’s Zvezdny Alliance Genie In A Bottle.

PGB (4, 2) 1 Stratton’s Aheme Cinnamon Swirl for Justartee, 18 months bitch, presented a lovely leggy & square outline both standing & moving. Would prefer a smidgen more bone & she needs to body up. Lovely orange red colour, fine wrinkle.

2 Holloway’s Aksaifleet Basi Busu, 18 months tri bitch, slightly plainer type, very good size, nice head proportions, excellent small ears. Stood a bit low in front at times. Stepped out quite well.

LB (6) 1 RCC, Knowles’ Bushwacker Dragon Tattoo at Sarawana JW, top quality 18 months bitch, excellent type & size, really caught my eye with her compact build and super head & inscrutable expression with lovely small hooded ears which were set perfectly. Good square outline, excellent forehand, deep chest, looked lovely on the move. I understand this youngster has already won two CCs, her title is surely just around the corner. In the challenge, I just preferred the slightly more shapely quarters of the CC winner. Two super young bitches whom people should study if they are having trouble understanding the ideal Basenji head & expression.

2 Nicholls’ Shyllar Born To Perform, square & feminine bitch, attractive head of good proportions, ideal muzzle not overly long, balanced angulation at both ends. Would prefer better feet with more arch to toes. Kept her square outline on the move, stepped out well.

3 Casentieri’s Alchez Kivu.

OB (4) 1 Nash’s Ch Tokaji Moon Over Miami with Mutoko JW, tri bitch presented in the most beautiful bloom, lovely persil whites, deep chest, clean bone, balanced angulation. A bit plain in head for my particular tastes & would prefer a firmer topline. Excellent feet, very sound on the move.

2 Matthews’ Flugelberry Cherie Trifle, br/w bitch, nice head proportions, small ears, good square outline, deep chest, correct amount of bone, single curl to tail which is set OK. Preferred the overall quality of 1. Stepped out with good head carriage.

3 A Cinnamon Swirl for J.

Glenway Dymock (Judge)