• Show Date: 22/01/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: gillian marley Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Manchester Dog Show Society

Breed: Dalmatian



Many thanks to the Officers and Committee of Manchester Dog Show Society for this judging appointment. This was my first-time awarding CCs in this breed. Thank you to all exhibitors for an excellent entry of true quality. My results were accepted very sportingly by all. I was happy with all my winners. I had some very large classes and some good examples of the breed had to go card less today.

Class 1501 MPD (5 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: SMITH, Mrs A Rapanooey Sugar Donut – at only 8 months this youngster was well bodied and well-muscled for age. His head is correct with good pigmentation, strong bite, neck of correct length, straight front, tight feet. Good overall body proportions with correct tailset. Steady gait moved true both ways BPD.

2nd: FAHEY, Mr J & HILTON, Miss A Tamilanda Continental Gibs – another 8 month youngster, pleasing size, correct head, good front angles, correct feet, well bodied just felt he was slightly longer than my class winner, moved ok.

3rd: BRIDGE, Ms L & MEYER, Ms E & BRITTON, Mr G Akoni Athos Comte De La Fere

Class 1502 PD (8 Entries) Abs: 2

1st: SIMS, Miss J Koroyza Hrafna Floki For Snowspeeder – 10 month black, a well balanced exhibit with good body proportions. Pleasing head and expression with dark eyes and good pigmentation. Positive movement both ways keeping his topline and shape.

2nd: GRINHAM, Mr and Mrs S Koroyza Norse Explorer – Another 10-month boy, with pleasing head and expression, good ear placement, enough neck, pleasing shoulder placement, correct bone and feet, enough substance, just lost his outline on the move.

3rd: BOOTH, Miss R BuzzBrook King Alfred

Class 1503 JD (7 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: HOBBS & WHITING, Ms & Miss M RAPANOOEY RANUNCULUS – 16-month-old liver spotted who took my eye on his overall size and shape. Masculine head with dark eyes correct oval shape and correct muzzle length, well arched neck flowing into well placed shoulders straight front enough bone and correct feet. Deep chest, well covered loin, correct tailset. Easy mover keeping his topline at all times.

2nd: PHILIP, DUNNACHIE, Mrs L , Mr M L Dvojica Enrique – Another well balanced exhibit who is correct for size. Good head proportions with good pigmentation. Correct front angles, deep chest, powerful level back, well rounded hindquarters with good rear angles. Moved soundly. Not as positive in attitude as my class winner.

3rd: ROBBINS, Miss V Jasquarella Edge of Winter

Class 1504 PGD (9 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: WILLIAMS, mr K Tolkain Storm King from Phadante JW – 3.5-year-old black with well-defined markings. He is well off for bone and body substance. Correct head shape with correct amount of stop, good ear placement. Correct angles both front and rear, deep chest, strong loin. Very happy boy in attitude, moved the best in the class.

2nd: GARDNER, Dr & Mrs W Wrendragge Stone the Crows -2 year old black male, larger than I prefer but had lots to like. Pleasing head and expression with good pigmentation, enough neck, correct topline, well-muscled rear correct tailset. Full of himself and moved well.

3rd: COWPER, Mrs I G Perdita's Never Say Never

Class 1505 LD (10 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: WHINCUP, Mrs D L & WHINCUP, Mr K Tamilanda Air Force One – This male was on his toes from the moment he entered the ring until he left the class, he never stopped showing. He is the correct shape and a lovely size. He has a pleasing head and expression with dark eyes and correct ear placement. Well arched neck flowing into good shoulder placement. His front is true with a good deep chest, just enough tuck-up correct topline. Well angled rear and very good driving movement. He was well handled and responded to his handlers every request.

2nd: PEARSON, Mrs C A & BLISS, Mrs A Kelevra What a Guy JW – A very smart 3-year-old black slightly smaller than my class winner. He has a pleasing head with correct flat skull and powerful muzzle. He is in good overall condition and moved well. He just lacked the sparkle of my class winner today.

3rd: MOATE, Mr J Sundowndal Trijonkuro

Class 1506 OD (8 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: LOCKE-MCFADZEAN, Mrs A Ch Caprillis Panache Over Sassafras (Imp USA) – This black spotted male was the star of the day. He came into the ring as if he owned it. He is a well-balanced exhibit of good size with correct body proportions and substance. His head is delightful with correct skull shape, strong muzzle, dark eyes, good pigmentation, clean lips, correct mouth. Well placed ears carried close to head with well broken markings. Strong arched neck flowing into correctly placed shoulders with good round bone and correct feet. Deep chest with level topline, well-rounded rear, excellent muscle tone. Moved true with style and drive, never stopped showing. His overall attitude and ring presence won him the CC and BOB today.

2nd: EMMETT, Ms E & SIMONS, Mr C Ch Ellemstra Against All Odds J.W – Another quality male who is balanced in outline and excellent mover. He is well off for bone and substance. Correct head proportions with good pigmentation and eye shape. He has a strong neck and good angles front and rear. Well-muscled and in good overall condition. Unfortunate to meet my class winner today – RCC.

3rd: SIMS, Miss J Ch Mullabuoy Magic Man For Snowspeeder JW

Class 1507 VD (2 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: MCCARTHY, Mr & Mrs J Fr Int Ch Ir Ch Domdallino Je Suis Kilndandy JW – this 8-year-old liver boy I liked a lot. He is in lovely clean condition. He has a pleasing balanced outline and a lovely size. He has a good clean head and delightful expression. Strong neck good front assembly, correct bone, deep chest. Well sprung ribs carried well back, strong loin, well rounded rear. Very steady on the move and has a delightful temperament.

2nd: STOCKS, Mrs T Nospar's Shaded Lanson JW – Another veteran boy who was in good overall body condition. He is lightly marked but is still a good shape and correct size. He has a pleasing head and expression, good deep chest well ribbed and well angled rear. Pleasing movement both ways.

Class 1508 MPB (9 Entries) Abs: 2

1st: LAMB, Mrs R DALPETRO DOTTY – 6.5-month feminine black youngster enjoying herself today. Correct for size and shape. Delightful head and expression with good pigmentation, correct eye shape, clean lips, strong bite. Well angled front and rear, well bodied. Animated on the move enjoying herself, her tail never stopped wagging. She was full of attitude. A lovely quality puppy – BPB and BP.

2nd: NEWTON, Miss C & NEWTON O'BRIEN, Miss M Cotterspot Nidderdale Lady of Chizzmic – 7 mth black who was another very nice puppy who was of correct shape and balance with correct bone and substance. Everything in the right place. Two very nice young ladies just preferred the attitude and positive movement of my class winner today.

3rd: HUGHES, Miss C Carodal Coast to Coast

Class 1509 PB (16 Entries) Abs: 4

1st: GRINHAM, Mr and Mrs S Koroyza Pagan's Myth – 10 mth liver girl who held everything together to win this class of puppies. She has a delightful head and gentle expression. Pleasing body proportions and good angles both ends. Good well-defined spotting, moved well.

2nd: HUGHES, Miss C Carodal Coast to Coast – this youngster at only 7 months was third in her previous class but held her own in this older class. She is well bodied and of the correct size and shape that I was looking for. She has a pleasing head and expression, good bone and correct feet. She is well muscled and moved well to gain this place.

3rd: FOSTER, Mrs L Perdita's Tomorrowland

Class 1510 JB (12 Entries) Abs: 2

1st: PENN, Mr and Mrs J DALFELLIN AGAPE – This 14-month black, won this class on her overall outline. She is lightly marked, has good head proportions dark pigmentation and well-placed ears. She is elegant on the move and holds her shape and topline. Responds well to handler.

2nd: KNIGHT, Mrs E J BUZZBROOK PUSSY WILLOW – 10-month youngster held her own in this older class. Pleasing make and size. Plenty of substance, moved ok.


Class 1511 PGB (16 Entries) Abs: 3

1st: VALENTINE, Mrs S Wrendragge Rainbow Dream – At nearly 2.5 years black who was a lovely size and shape. Very feminine. Pleasing head proportions with kind expression. Good front assembly with deep chest and ribbing. In good muscular condition, moved well.

2nd: NEATH-DUGGAN, Mrs S & BAKER, Miss S Buffrey Carry on Emmanuelle with Dalleaf – Another very nice bitch of correct shape and proportions. Nothing exaggerated about her, pleasing head and expression good deep chest, well boned, well-muscled rear. Just preferred the front movement of my class winner.

3rd: THOMAS, Mrs C & THOMAS, Mr K Buffrey Carry on Loving At Philcarthom

Class 1512 LB (20 Entries) Abs: 3

1st: RICHARDSON, Mrs L Mapplewell Limited Edition – This 3-year-old black caught my eye on her overall exhuberance in the class while standing. She has a very feminine head and melting expression, dark eyes, correct skull shape, good tight lips. She has correct neck length flowing into good well laid shoulders, sound front assembly, good deep chest, well ribbed back, correct round bone and good feet. She has a strong loin and correct tailset. She has good rear angles. She is well muscled throughout and in excellent clean condition. Her movement is true both ways and a delight to watch. In the bitch challenge she had to work hard to outshine all the other class winners which she did – CC.

2nd: HOBBS & WHITING, Ms & Miss M SOPHTSPOT KNOCKOUT AT RAPANOOEY – 2-year-old black of good make a shape. Slightly taller than my class winner. Good head proportions with dark eye, enough neck flowing into well laid shoulders, deep chest, good tuck-up, well ribbed, with good tail set. Well rounded rear, good muscle tone, moved steadily.

3rd: 5900 PRATT, Mrs W & PRATT, Miss E Sophtspot In A Heartbeat Of Lyndalla

Class 1513 OB (16 Entries) Abs: 3

1st: LAMB, Mrs R Ch Dalpetro Diamond JW – This was a very strong Open class today. This girl caught my eye on the first run off around the ring. She is very feminine with a delightful head and expression, correct skull shape with correct eye colour, good muzzle. Correct ear placement with good markings. She has the correct amount of bone and substance, good arched neck. Correct front assembly, well ribbed, strong loin and well rounded rear. She has good rear angles. She is well muscled which showed in her positive movement. She kept her topline on the move at all times. I liked her very much – RCC.

2nd: DUNNACHIE, Mr M & PHILIP, Mrs L Dvojica Daisy Diamond – 3 yr old black girl who has a well-proportioned head with dark eyes and correct skull shape. She has a lovely profile. She is a well-conditioned bitch with good muscle tone. When moving she kept her topline at all times but just preferred the front movement of my class winner.

3rd: NEATH-DUGGAN, Mrs S & BAKER, Miss S Ch Buffrey Hanky Panky By Dalleaf JW

Class 1514 VB (8 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: PEARSON, Mr S & PEARSON, Mrs C Int Multi Ch & Ch Kelevra Classic Cliche JW Sh.CM - This 8 year old girl is well named as she is a ‘classic’ Dalmatian. She is a well-balanced exhibit both standing and moving. She has great head proportions with melting expressive dark eyes. She has enough neck on well laid shoulders, deep chest, correct round bone and cat like feet. She has a deep chest and strong loin with correct topline. She has a well-muscled rear with good hind angulation. She has just the right amount of body. She moved with good reach and drive. BV

2nd: GARDNER, Dr & Mrs W Ch Dvojica Black Again at Wrendragge JW Sh.CM – at 9.5 years she is is very good condition. Correct size, well off for bone and plenty of substance. She has a pleasing head and expression, arched neck, deep chest and good level topline. Moved well both ways.

3rd: MORGAN, Mrs D Winflash Olympic Star Ger

Judge : Gillian Marley