• Show Date: 02/09/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Gill Grist Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

City Of Birmingham Canine Association

Breed: Borzoi

I welcomed the invitation as substitute Judge in place of Robin Spencer, trusting he will soon be well again. My thanks to the exhibitors for sportingly accepting me without a great deal of warning.

The venue was a little different from previous times with the Borzoi ring being housed in a rather large tent, which the Hounds seemed to cope with well enough. 

A few things to consider; dirty plaque encrusted teeth are a health issue, small teeth are not strong teeth. The standard calls for dark eyes with dark rims, no exceptions, not even against coat colour.


VD (1) Abs: 0

1st: WILENCZYC, Miss KRYSIA Dreamlight Northern Dancer At Kashiba.

Large build, head proportionate to size, deep brisket, good width between elbows, slightly arched neck. He could have given more on the move, was running out of steam by the challenge. BV

PD (1) Abs: 0

1st: BIRMINGHAM, Mr M A Takatori Barnum. Well off for bone, head in keeping with size, showing veining, strong deep jaws, good dentition. Already has a deep brisket & good spring of ribs. With full maturity hopefully will tighten-up in movement & drop into his hindquarters. For his first time out today, he’s a lovely outgoing boy, definitely enjoying himself. BP

JD (3) Abs: 0

1st: JARCZYNSKA, Miss Adrianna Diamond Magnus Borzoj. Liked his overall balance very good top-line into a well balanced fallaway & low croup. Pleasing head with expressive dark eyes, standing on good legs & feet, low hocks, good on the move, well handled.

2nd: RACZKA, Mrs C & RACZKA, Mr P Prime Rubin Castor (Imp Hun) Lacking the balance of one above, his head is okay with small ears & dark eye. I found him a little narrow in front, and shorter through the body than I like. He was determined to enjoy this outing, which made assessing movement difficult.

3rd: SAWULAK, Mr Robert Szron Wladca Stepu

PGD (7) Abs: 1

1st: ALLEN, Mrs G Lynx Life of Brian with Araura (Imp Swe) Lovely lines, deep chest standing on sound quarters, good bone, attractive head, dark eyes, moved well enough, beautifully turned out in great coat.

2nd: JARCZYNSKA, Miss Adrianna Diamond Magnus Borzoj. First in JD

3rd: EDWARDS, Mr Nicholas & EDWARDS, Mrs Pamela Ryazan velsk.

LD (4) Abs: 0

1st: ODELL, Miss Y Sukeshi Dazzling Dan. A medium size mature dog, who has great overall balance, gently curving top-line into his balanced fallaway, nicely angulated quarters, with spring of pasterns & low hocks. Head in keeping to his size, neat ears, expressive dark almond eye, well laid shoulders, with depth to brisket, in good muscular condition, sound mover. RCC

2nd: PINKERTON, Mrs Sue & CATTONI-SARMAN, Mrs Lynda & A Ryazan Viceroy Of Radost At Menigma. Nicely built dog, excellent presentation, wonderful silky coat, head with noticeable veining. Slightly arched neck, deep in brisket, standing on good legs, could strengthen a little more in pasterns. 

3rd: BIRMINGHAM, Mr M A Russkiy Azart Master Ballantine Eletto

 OD (2) Abs: 0

1st: DAWSON, Mr Nigel & DAWSON, Mrs Elizabeth & DAWSON, Steppdance Pintel At Stubbylee (Imp Nor) Different type, carrying less coat & furnishings, though still presented in excellent order. I could not deny this elegant strongly built mature male, well bodied with great depth of chest reaching to the elbows. Handsome head, correct bite with strong jaw, dark eyes & fine neat ears. Slightly arched neck of good length, nice lay back of shoulder, & return of upper arm. Sweeping hind quarters, lovely outline, moving with drive & ground covering strides. D.CC

2nd: SAWULAK, Mr Robert Szron Wladca Stepu. Third in JD, head okay with dark eye, lacking balance of body to height ratio, over curved topline, long somewhat upright upper arm.




PB (2) Abs: 0

1st: DOVE, Miss Jenny TAKATORI MADAM BUTTERFLY AT SARINGA. Litter sisters to the BP winner. Quite taken with them and many of the same comments apply to each. Attractive head good reach of neck into shoulders, & return of upper arm. Good depth to brisket, hindquarters with bend of stifles. Moved well enough on a surface that some were not so fond of. 

2nd: WHEATLEY, Mrs Elizabeth Margaret & WHEATLEY, Mr Pa Takatori Legally Blonde (AZ2) sweet litter sister to first place winner who also has a lot going for her, build was very similar, so it was splitting hairs:- she had slightly less depth & a slightly shorter tail, though also moved well enough for her age. 

JB (1) Abs: 0

1st: SAWULAK, Mr Robert Dziewanna Moj Fantazmat. Pleasant head, good large strong teeth, this strongly built youngster is upright in shoulder throwing her front set up too far forward, well muscled thighs helping her movement.

PGB (1) Abs: 0

1st: SHAKESPEARE, Mr K & Mrs S A Ryazan Velda with Cairdean. Attractive lean head, bones & principle veins clearly visible. Good slightly arched neck into shoulders, quarters nicely angulated with good bend to stifles. Muscular thighs moving with a light action, just wish she were more accurate.

LB (3) Abs: 1

1st: CLARE, Ms J Ryazan Vogue. Elegant graceful bitch has depth of brisket & good musculature. Pleasing in head, principle veins & bones clearly visible. Balanced quarters standing on good feet, moved well enough.

2nd: PAGE, Mrs Tracy Lynx Autumn Mist (imp Swe). Liked the elegance combined with her aristocratic look. Grand depth of brisket reaching to the elbows. Shapely in top-line, moving she toes-in coming towards & her tail hooks around a back leg, which detracts in her movement.

OB (5) Abs: 1

1st: CODLING, Mrs R & JONES, Mr V L Ch Jansams Killer Queen. Strongly built & powerful lady who retains elegance & dignity in her outlook. Full of quality, attractive lengthy head with good strength in jaws & teeth. Shapely top-line, good length of neck into laid back shoulders. Good front, deep chest, sound balanced quarters standing on good feet. Overall a grand bitch presented in good muscular condition with full gleaming coat, moving around the ring as if she owned it, I was pleased to award her the B.CC & BOB

2nd: ODELL, Miss Y Sukeshi Natalia Markarova. Most attractive bitch, no exaggerations, lovely head with expressive dark eyes, fine well set ears. Gently curving top-line into well balanced fallaway, balanced angulation front & rear, moved nicely in profile, coming & going. RCC

3rd: DAWSON, Mr Nigel & DAWSON, Mrs Elizabeth & DAWSON, Ch Metel Avgusta Ala Azul At Stubbylee (Imp Rus) J