• Show Date: 27/10/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Gill Buller Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Midland Counties Canine Society

Breed: Hungarian Vizsla

Midland Counties Canine Society 27-10-2022 Hungarian Vizsla

I like to thank the officers and members of the committee for the kind offer of this judging appointment. An appointment which was originally for 2020, but due to COVID was not completed until this year. I was ably assisted by two extremely competent stewards, who efficiently kept proceeding in order and running smoothly. I had a limited amount of time to assess with an entry of over 100 and we were second in the ring, following WHV, and only commencing at lunchtime. Generally I would have liked to have seen more depth of brisket and width to forechest, breed specific qualities such as fine leathers, median line to skull, effortless light ground covering movement which were sadly lacking and I found a couple of less than perfect bites. There were some difficult decisions and I was happy with my class winners. I apologise for sounding repetitive but these were the qualities I was looking for. Thank you to all the exhibitors for entering & excepting my placings.

MPD (6,1abs) 1. Oakswarren Fire Kracker with Roughshoot (ai) (Mr J & Mrs S Bergin) BP too much lip, good eye colour, good bone, calf lick, good leathers, rich colour, good depth of chest, well ribbed, a good prospect for the future.

2. Amarantos Katana for Ertekes (Mrs R & Mrs L Da Silva & Sexton) well shaped muzzle with the correct amount of lip, paler, robust yet elegant, everything in moderation, just 6mths Moved well for one so young, confident youngster, shows promise.

3. True Magic of Skyrocket at Szelkiraly (Imp Hun) NAF TAF (Miss C & Mr W Murray & Parker)

PD (4,1) 1. Amarantos Katana for Ertekes (Mrs R & Mrs L DaSilva & Sexton)

2. Roughshoot Heaven Sent of Solencia (Mr M & B Rackett) a raw youngster, soft gentle expression, good dentition, correct length of leathers, balanced outline, good bone, strong pasterns and tight feet, correct moderate tailset, moderate turn of stifle, has plenty of time to mature.

3. Donurie's Austin Texas (Miss C, Mrs T & Mr S McDonald)

JD (3,1) 1. Temeraire Keepsake (Mrs D Commins) Moderate size, kind expression, good leathers, wide nostrils, correct bite and ear set. feet, wide nostrils, elbows close, firm topline, ribs well sprung, well let down hocks, stood and moved well, coming along nicely.

2. Rarog Ruda Szata for Pirospont (Imp Pol) NAF (Mrs E Roe) Well presented, good masculine head, correct harmonising eye colour, moderate stop. Well ribbed back, strong topline. Moved well from all angles.

PGD (5,1) 1. Aldom Douglas Fir (Mr N C & Mrs R M Dear) Would prefer a little less lip, correct length of neck leading to well laid shoulders, good depth of chest, darker in colour within the breed standard, nice proportions, better depth of chest than 1. not always at one with his handler and would benefit from ringcraft.

2. Oakswarren Inferno (Mr P Watson) Very well presented, good length of neck, good feet but would prefer more length and return of upper-arm. Well ribbed, correct moderate rear angulation, shorter in croup to tail than I’d prefer, balanced fore & aft, moved well coming and going. Shows promise.

3. Bitcon Jackpot (Mr Underdown)

LD (11,1) A pleasing class with good depth of quality 1. Facanvadasz Andris (Mrs D L Carter), noble head moderate stop, good bite Good width and infill to chest, correct depth to elbow, good coat, and tailset, moved well. Should have a bright future.

2. Highforce All or Nothing JW (Ms E M Bradley) Mature for age, I liked his head with moderate amount of stop, good wide nostrils and good eye colour. Strong neck, would prefer more return of upper arm, good feet, lovely rear angulation, moved well coming & going and nicely presented.

3. Maserati of Skyrocket at Danton (Imp Hun) (Mr A & Mr B Scourfield & Kantor) another good example of the breed

OD (8,1) 1. Sh Ch Layways Van Winkle JW (Miss E J Miles) RDCC Head lacked refinement required too much stop and lip, correct wide nostrils, strong neck, leading to well laid shoulders, well filled chest and good depth of body to elbow. Firm topline which he held on the move, a lovely balanced vizsla, excellent colour, well handled. Certainly matured into a handsome boy.

2. Vizslanya Aragonia JW (Mr S & Mrs K M Challis) not as heavily built as 1. Classic vizsla head with nothing overdone, gentle kind expression, strong neck, correct depth of chest, everything moderate and in proportion, moved well and in lovely condition.

3. Sargasbarna Rocket Man by Pirospont (Mrs E Roe)

VD (2,1) 1. Sh Ch Oroshaza Chukar Cw18 (Mrs D, Mrs C & Miss E Clubb, Mason & Findlay) DCC, BV & BOB did not disappoint, vizsla of good colour, balanced outline, nothing exaggerated, noble head and expression, strong neck leading to well laid shoulders, good bone & feet, well ribbed, with good length of loin, moderate tailset, strong quarters which powered him round the ring, my notes say ‘enthusiastic’ he did not disappoint on the move.

SBD (2) 1. Gunfield Phantom (Ms M Kiely) Head a little strong for me, correct length of leathers, strong neck and crest, good width & depth to chest, well ribbed, excellent dense coat, better feet would complete his overall appearance, Moved well.

MPB (5) 1. Oakswarren Light My Fire (ai) (Mr P Watson) Pretty feminine Vizsla, very much a baby, good medium colour, good feet, well balanced, shows promise, one for the future.

2. Amarantos Bellaria at Castlefield (Miss J & Mrs A Coombe) Correct lean head, elegant and feminine, good bone and feet, correct tailset, confident on the move close up to 1, at this stage she lost out in maturity, shows promise should have an interesting future.

3. Afanleigh Caitlin Rose (Miss L & Mr B & Mr M Wilcox & Rackett & Rackett)

PB (6,2) 1. Amarantos Bellaria at Castlefield (Miss J & Mrs A Coombe) see above

2. Vizash Elenk (Mrs C & Miss G Adams & Aynsley) Elegant and feminine, kind expression, long correctly set leathers, good length of neck leading to shoulder & good forechest, moderate turn of stifle, well balanced youngster.

3. Eltrym's Talihina Sky (Ms D Priestley)

JB (7,2) 1. Ambravittoriya Art of Love for Marghele (Imp Rus) (Miss K G Bradley) good bone, feet, coat and tailset

2. Listerlo Russian Roulette (Mrs E Hughes) sweet youngster, expression noble, moderate stop, clean shoulders, good chest, correct body proportions and tailset, move well with maturity her confidence will grow.

3. Oroshaza Foggieloan Bailey (Mrs D & Mrs C Clubb & Mason)

PGB (12,2) 1. Roughshoot Onboard (Mrs H Mccormack) Robust elegant girl of good colour, lovely example of the breed, nicely squared muzzle, dark eye harmonising with her colour, moderate stop, strong neck leading to well laid shoulders, excellent coat, good bone and standing on tight feet, balanced moderate angulation, firm loin and topline which she held on the move.

2. Chica Queen of Locura at Aldom (Imp Cze) (Mrs R J Price) Just like her grandmother Alerta, a lot to like, kind eye, good wide nostrils and noble expression, fine correctly set leathers framing her cheeks. Good depth of chest. Firm topline and moved effortlessly round the ring. She’s a credit to her owner.

3. Facanvadasz Banu JW (Mrs D L Carter)

LB (11) 1. Vizslanya Csibe JW (Mr S & Mrs K M Challis) darker, sweet expression, neat feet, good topline which was held well on the move, very typical Vizsla, good shoulder and return of upper arm, loved her movement and confidence a credit to her breeders.

2. Afanleigh Anna (Mr E G & Mrs C L Fishlock) similar remarks to that of 1. Moderate amount of stop, good eye colour, length and set of ear, strong neck leading to well laid shoulders, good chest, bone and feet. Strong topline. Moved well.

3. Nevedith Nyari Breeze (Mrs T Gregory)

OB (10,1) 1. Aldom Rose Fizz Bel Jun Ch (Mrs R J Price) BCC lovely breed type, classic head, nostrils wide, kind expression, correct shaped eye and colour, low set ears of good length, good bone & feet and strong pasterns. Correct tail set & carriage. Moderate all through, powerful quarters, moved soundly with a ground covering gait. Held topline well on the move. A picture of elegance, she’s the newest Vizsla Show Champion subject to KC approval.

2. Sh Ch Nevedith Nyari Gail (Mr A & Mrs I Shooter) feminine, well squared muzzle, refined head with moderate stop and defined median line. Strong neck, leading to well laid shoulders, tail moderately low set. Elegant yet robust, a little overdone behind. Good tailset, moved well. A credit to her owners.

3. Hawkpoint Peregrine (Mrs C & Mr J C Hansford)

VB (2) 1. Sh Ch Vizslanya Vivmany by Highforce JW ShCM ShCEx VW (Ms E M Bradley) RBCC what can be said about this bitch which hasn’t been said before. She is a credit to her breeder/owner, a Vizsla of quality. Feminine bitch, of medium size, classic Vizsla head and sweet expression, enhanced by dark eye, good lay of shoulder, width of brisket, good topline which she held well on the move, happy confident free-moving.

2. Nl/dt/vdh Ch Recuerdo Roomour JW Njk Fsg'14 Bwnl'14 Esg'15 (Mrs V C Moggridge) slightly older and proportionally larger than 1 and possessing similar qualities, good forechest and excellent feet, lacked the refinement of 1. Moved soundly with a ground covering stride.

SBB (7,1) 1. Nordicfield Desert Gold (Mrs R Warner) and overall BSB in earlier class inexperienced handling concealed her qualities, she did not exhibit her full potential in earlier class very much the baby of this class. Sweet puppy of quality, correct tailset, docked, long fine leathers, neat feet, well balanced.

2. Ambravittoriya Art of Love for Marghele (Imp Rus) (Miss K G Bradley)

3. Listerlo Golden Oriole (Mrs J & Mr J Littler)

Judge Gillian Buller (Huntingate)