• Show Date: 09/10/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Geraldine Cove-Print Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

South Wales Kennel Association

Breed: Portuguese Podengo

South Wales Kennel Association.

Sunday 9th October 2020

Thank you to SWKA for the chance to enjoy so many examples of this fascinating hound. Clever, intuitive and amiable they are a fabulous mix of clown and hunter. The late start wasn’t helpful to the youngsters who had waited some time but I was thrilled with such quality of exhibits.

JD. (1,0a) 1.Judge Plushcourt Cosmic Energy. At just 6 months this chap is a bobby dazzler, head of super proportions with correct ear set giving charming alert expression. Well-engineered fore and aft, a little overwhelmed with his lone spot in the ring but I certainly saw enough of his sound movement to declare him BPIB

PGD (2,0a) .Judge Plushcourt Bear Witness. 15mnth. Construction on this athletic, alert dog is harmonious. Clear wedge to head of faultless proportion with intelligent eye. Under one’s hands he just feels so quintessentially Podengo, energy and construction combined. Medium length to neck flowing into well laid shoulder. Hindquarters made for stamina and economic movement, and he didn’t disappoint as he easily traversed the ring with correct tail set and sound as a bell. BOB 2. Judge Plushcourt The Crusader Head and expression excellent but a little upright in shoulder which showed in less extension to the forehand on the move, but straight and true. Lacking a little in muscle which, if attended to would be to his advantage I feel.

OD. (3,1a) 1.Sampson & Brookes Morialta Ferriera 5yr old of good length to height proportions, enough bone. Eye, nicely set in the classic wedge shape but lacking a little in refinement to head, good to ear set. Moved soundly RBD 2.Judge Plushcourt Beacon of Light. Very unsettled on the move and really didn’t get into his stride, Good to topline once relaxed. Excels in head shape & expression, ears used well and balanced throughout.

JB.(5,1a) 1.Judge Plushcourt Crystal Clear. Interesting class of youngsters at different stages of development. Smooth 6 months. Excellent construction, absolutely beautiful head of quality and detailing, a joy to measure from every angle. Gentle flow from strong neck into decent shoulders, length to height ratio correct and just that gentle rise over the loin. This young lady needs to get her act together on the move, I saw enough to say she was typical and sound but once she has more confidence, she will be one to watch. 2.Brundle Brundledean Giovana Good to shoulder, correct to top line, Moved OK, not the head proportions of 1. Unsettled on the table. 3.Judge Plushcourt Cherub 4.Judge Plushcourt Constellation

PGB (5,2a) 1.Judge Plushcourt Gibberish. Lovely b. Good length to height proportions but just an extra smidgeon to loin which I find acceptable in a bitch where all other attributes are outstanding. Quality head of measurably good proportions all over. Excels to shoulder placement with enough muscle to hind to produce fleet of foot movement with ease. RBB 2. Sampson Morialta Sesmarias Hindquarters of good construction with good width to second thigh allowing powerful thrust from behind, just lacking in reach to fore. Pleasing head and expression. 3. Judge Plushcourt Good Gracious.

OB (4,1a) 1. Judge Plushcourt Gizelle. Exquisite head balanced and harmonious to body, exceptional shoulder giving fabulous ground covering stride, effortlessly. BB 2.Judge Plushcourt Guessing. Thought this was my winner on entering the ring. Loved the quality of her head, excellent to shoulder but hind lacked muscle, moving very close behind on this occasion and paid the price.3. Sampson Odisseia De Viamonte At Morialta

Geraldine Cove-Print