• Show Date: 21/05/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Gemma Vaughan Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Scottish Kennel Club

Breed: Border Terrier

Scottish Kennel Championship Show 21st May 2022

I would like to thank Scottish Border Terrier Kennel Club and committee for my invite to judge and award my 1st CC appointment,their hospitality and welcome was appreciated greatly for such a long trip from my home county of norfolk i thoroughly enjoyed my day judging and thanks to my 2 great stewards who kept my ring running smoothly.

To have an entry of 87 dogs I believe the 6th highest of the whole show with only 19 being absent on the day which is to be expected was a great honor for myself. 

Coats as always were in many different stages,not always easy to target for every show entered,I found no major faults in any of my exhibits thankfully but some dogs lacking good thick pelts and a few longer and not so desirable longer tails. There were some closer choices between some dogs in the stronger classes.

Minor Puppy Dog Entries 0

Puppy Dog : Entries 4 Absentees 0

1st Stineval Lambart (Mr A and Mrs C Horner)

Nice balanced 9 month old dog,in good tight jacket,moved soundly and held his topline well on the move. BPIB

2nd Valicetarn Rock Or Bust (Mrs V I Mason)

Good sized dog,just under a year old,in a good but heavier jacket,moved ok. Just preferred overall balance of 1st today.

3rd Ravenside Run To Me (Mr Graeme Grassie)

4th Lairehope Bijou (

Junior Dog : Entries 1 Absentees 0

1st Smurfski Jingle Bells (Mrs Anne Walker)

b&t 17 month old dog in a really good tight jacket with the right amount of ticking,easily spanned,moved ok but today sadly was more interested in the dogs in the next ring.

Yearling Dog Entries 8 Absentees 1

1st Beaconpike Dionysus (Mrs K and Mr S Golding)

Presented today in really good condition with a really good harsh coat,nice strong head and good jaw.easily spanned and moved with great drive.

2nd Thornheswin Huntsman (Mr J Dixon)

Unlucky to come against 1st today,strong b&t dog with a good head and under jaw,nice jacket and showed well.

3rd Ycart In With The Hounds (Mr and Mrs KK & TJ Fraser & Butler)

Res Tyneotter Sun Stands Still

VHC Elemcella Bar Tender 

Post Graduate Dog Entries 1 Absentees 0

1st Hollexby Travellin Man (Mr P Appelby) 

Nice grizzle dog,good depth of coat with texture.easily spanned,good head and under jaw,moved ok and held topline on move.

Limit Dog Entries 8 Absentees 0

1st The Joker Let’s Rock And Roll To Fevstone (Mrs D Bullen)

18 month old grizzle dog,good strong otter like head,lovely confirmation with a good front and rear,moved really well.

2nd Cromlechs Fenrir (Miss K Hamilton)

b&t male with good strong head,nice and racy hindquarters,moved ok.

3rd Knowcrag Tam O’shanter By Irton (Mr DG & AC Fryer)

Res Cedarhill Dish Of The Day For Dexlin

VHC Chesterton Merlot

Open Dog : Entries 3 Absentees 0

1st Ch Otterbobs Tolson Mr and Mrs J & H Gilpin)

Super example of the breed,perfect sized with a lovely strong head with keen dark eye and strong muzzle,presented today in good double coat,a great showman who with handler made really good use of the ring pleased to award DCC & BOB and lovely to here he took Terrier group 2 also.

2nd Ch Achouffe Mckay’s Fable Of Redesholt (Mrs S L McKay)

Up to size male,with a strong under jaw and otter head,showed today in lovely condition,good harsh coat,moved & showed really well. RDCC

3rd Otterpaws Mountain High (MR G and Mrs N Birrell)

Veteran Dog : Entries 3 Asentees 1

1st Irton Morse Code Jw (Mr DG & AC Fryer)

One I have judged before and pleased to say at 11 years old hasn't lost his showmanship,red grizzle in good harsh depth of coat with great texture,a strong otter head with great dentition to match,really good outline on the move showed well.

2nd Otterpaws Muninn (Mr G and Mrs N Birrell)

Slightly longer in muzzle than my 1st today but an ok head,narrow throughout and in good condition,movement was ok.

Special Beginners Dog : Entries 1 Absentees 0

1st Ravenside Run To Me (Mr G Grassie)

Good sized 10 month old,shown in a good depth of coat,moved out well,nice overall balance.

Good Citizen Dog : Entries 0 Absentees 0

Minor Puppy Bitch : Entries 4 Absentees 2

1st Thorneswin Northern Lass (Mr J Dixon)

Good size 8 ½ month old bitch,good movement and held topline well on move,lovely strong but feminne head with lovely dark expression,slightly lacking in coat today but overall a good quality puppy.

2nd Carrickfarm Myra (Mrs J Armstrong)

7 ½ month old b&t bitch,was extremely overwhelmed with the noisy hall today for one so young,good coat and pelt,move out ok.

Puppy Bitch : Entries 4 Absentees 1

1st Lairehope Jade (Mr P and Mrs K Lothain)

11 month old puppy another who was a little overwhelmed by the hall,good head with a nice strong under jaw,coat a little short today but texture felt.

2nd Etterbern Platinum (Ms G Tierney)

B&T bitch puppy just under a year old,little smaller in size than 1st with less bone,nice head with good expression,coat & pelt ok. 

3rd Lairehope New Beginning For Tyneaster(NAF) (Mrs S Gill)

Junior Bitch : Entries 6 Absentees 0

1st Benattivo Silver Flame Mr & Mrs C & S Girling)

Lovely 14month old b&t bitch who caught my eye when she entered the ring,a really good strong otter head with just the right amount of under jaw,great front and hind,moved with ease and had a super topline on the move. Will look out for this one's future career. 

2nd Tarkaswell Highland Fling Jw (Mrs C Sansom)

17 month old with a pleasing strong feminine head with good under jaw,just slightly less coat than 1st today and a very narrow split between 1st and 2nd for me,moved really well.

3rd Picer Bess Pool Mrs S & Mr G Pickering)

Res Oh Vienna Chesterton

VHC Liatch Madam Pommery At Wilholme

Yearling Bitch :Entries 7 Absentees 3

1st Remony Fallen Embers (Ms B Wakefield)

17 month old grizzle bitch,a lot to like with this girl,super jacket and pelt,nice head with moderately broad skull,spanned easily,moved well

2nd Tyneotter Summer Solstice (Mrs N Anderson)

Lovely typy bitch,good head and under jaw,moved well away and back,just lacking in coat today.

3rd Etterbern Mrs Bucket Mr Gavin A & Alcorn,Mr R & Reynolds)

Res Great Clifton Chime

Post Graduate Bitch : Entries 9 Absentees 2

1st Howthwaite’s Resolution (Mr & Mrs RJ & EA Barrett)

Grizzle bitch in super harsh jacket and great pelt,lovely otter head,super front,moved out well around the ring.

2nd Achnagairn Class Act (Mrs A Fraser) 

Another lovely bitch with a good head and strong under jaw,spanned easily and moved well. 

3rd Borderrush Magic Bean (Miss A J Hal)l

Res Otterpaws Lyin’Eyes Jw

VHC Tyneotter Solar Eclipse

Limit Bitch : Entries 18 Absentees 6

1st Picer Isabel Derby (Mrs S & Mr G Pickering)

Lovely feminne bitch,but with a good otter head and correct underjaw,really nice size bitch with good length of loin,shown & moved well.

2nd Tarkaswell High Fidelity (Mrs C Sansom)

Another quality bitch again size was lovely,super otter head with neat ears,spanned well,good front and rear angulation and moved well.

3rd Ycart Hunts Bays N Stays (Mr & Mrs KK & TJ Fraser & Butler)

Res Irton Savoy

VHC Sweet Ebony Princess At Liatch

Open Bitch : Entries 11 Absentees 2

1st Ch Howthwaite Gay Dusky (Mr & Mrs RJ & EA Barrett)

Quality bitch with a super head and expression with perfect teeth to suit,excellent harsh coat and pelt,super front and rear angulation. Pleased to award her the BCC 

2nd Remony Cider Sparkle Mrs A Gregory)

Super b&t bitch with a lovely ticked jacket and good pelt,lovely head and jaw,easily spanned with the right amount of loin,good angulation moved well. RBCC

3rd Tarkaswell Sea The Stars (Mr C Sansom)

Res Smalesmouth Cadence 

VHC Carrock Curiosity Jw

Veteran Bitch : Entries 2 Absentees 1

1st Otterpaws Firebird Shcm (Miss A Dixon)

Lovely 7 year old bitch with a nice broad skull,good double coat with nice texture,correct tail set,moved ok.

Special Beginners Bitch : Entries 5 Absentees 1

1st Borderrush Magic Bean (Miss A J Hall)

Lovely head and dark eyes with a good expression,nice narrow body,well presented and move out well.

2nd Fisherbloom Killer Queen At Thistlewhiss (Miss A Sutton)

Grizzle bitch,nice head and under jaw,lovely double coat and pelt,moved ok.

3rd Hollexby Heartbreaker At Tinklletop (Ms L Templeman)

Res Great Clifton Chime 

Good Citizen Bitch : Entries 1 Absentees 0

1st Otterwood Aura At Borderrush (Miss A J Hall)

b&t bitch with a nice tight jacket and good ticking to it,good head with expression,moved well.

Judge Gemma Vaughan ( Holteal)