• Show Date: 24/04/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Gemma Jacobs Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

West Of England Ladies Kennel Society

Breed: Retriever (Flat Coated)

WELKS 25/04/2022

Flatcoated Retrievers

Many thanks to the committee for the invitation to judge this show and after it being cancelled for two years I was thrilled to be able to fulfill the appointment.

Thankfully we managed to show outside in the sunshine although the wind was chilly, as it was the first outside show of the season many of the dogs were very distracted by lots of lovely scents on the grass. Many thanks to my two stewards for the day in ensuring a smoothly run day.

A few observations as it has been 6 years since I last judged Flatcoated Retrievers in the UK .

 Condition, so many were overweight, I could barely feel for a ribcage under the fat and this led to rolling movement over the shoulders, this coupled with lack of muscle tone in what is historically an active working breed was very disappointing.

Overbaiting, I did ask exhibitors to show their dogs own teeth I always find it helps to remove the bait from your hand while doing this, and when the judge is trying to look at your dogs head and expression don’t start feeding it loads of sausage.

 The Flatcoat is a medium sized breed, I found it incredibly hard to find medium sized dogs, the size and type was so varied in both dogs and bitches , so many bitches were far to big and lacked feminity and when they were the correct size many lacked bone and were narrow through the body ( this also applied to some of the dogs) it does seems the norm these days to have upright shoulders and no front reach .

 Rear movement has definitely improved but to find a dog that was both correct fore and aft with the correct reach and drive and ability to cover ground effortlessly was somewhat challenging, that being said I was thrilled with my principle winners who conveyed all these attributes.

Veteran : 7(3)

1st Walkers Sh Ch Gloi Dubh Fingal JW ShCM

8 year old in excellent coat and condition,very good head with dark eye and kind intelligent expression, oval bone and well arched neat feet ,good topline and tailset and holds a lovely shape in profile, moves out positively covering the ground well.

2nd Kilminsters Berend Uit De Zwarte Polder For Withybed (imp NLD)

9.5 year old in great coat and condition, kind head and expression but lower set ears than the winner,good bone and feet , longer cast than 1, moving true fore and aft.

3rd Blains Sh Ch Caci’s Just A Gigolo At Steelriver JW ( imp SWE)

Minor Puppy : 4

1st Walkers Gloi Dubh Kristofer Robin

Very appealing balanced 6 month old puppy with plenty of bone, well moulded kind head, good eye colour and shape, good length of neck leading into a well constructed forechest with plenty of depth, moving out confidently.

2nd Miltons Monteauplat Montbazillac

8 moth old at the inbetween stage, the best of classic heads with beautiful length and expression, good bone and feet, nice return of upper arm, just needs his body to drop which will come with age and to co ordinate his rear movement with his front.

3rd Bellamys Bochilbarley Goblet Of Fire

Puppy : 7 (1)

1st Gulbis Blacklake Lysander For Gayplume

Well grown pup with pleasing well moulded head and expression, good bone and feet, in nice coat for his age, deep through the body with plenty of lung room, correct length of loin, moving out the soundest in this very mixed class.

2nd Clarkes Telurn Each To His Own For Chalway

Liver of good colour and coat quality, kind head and expression with good eye colour and shape, nice depth throughout his body and plenty of spring in his rib, a little bit un coordinated in his movement coming and going but holds himself well in profile .

3rd Nicholls & Price Llantrussa As Big As The Ritz

Junior: 6(2)

1st Braemist Bootlegger At Ravenhall

Medium sized boy with super head and expression, good neck leading into well constructed forequarters with adequate return of upper arm and enough depth through his body, he tends to slope off in croup when standing with his over enthusiasm and appears over angulated but once he moves at a good pace this is not the case. Covers the ground well with a good topline

2nd Wilsons Hameldowntor Pedro Ximenez

Larger mould of dog with good head and expression, at an inbetween stage in his development ( as were most in this class) and was a bit all over the place with his movement but when he settled he held a good topline and moved out OK.

3rd Gould Slevin Never Touching Ground (imp CHE)

Yearling :2 (1)

1st Wilsons Hameldowntor Pedro Ximenez ( 2nd in junior)

Novice :3(1)

1st Ashcrofts Gunoak Emerald Highlander

3 year old male with good bone and feet, pleasing head but would prefer a slightly darker eye , he has a kind expression and good eye shape. Would prefer a better return of upper arm but he is clean through his elbows and has a good depth of body , moves out positively fore and aft holding a good topline and tailset, very well muscled rearquarters with good width of second thigh.

2nd Blains Steelriver Just Kiss This

Very raw 10 month old giving away a lot in age , racy and rangy my notes say, I would prefer more bone and width throughout , moved OK

Graduate : 2 (1)

1st Mays Ronevorg Dark Angel At Lussac JW

Quality medium sized male with a beautiful well moulded head , kind intelligent expression with correct eye shape and colour. Lovely length of neck leading into excellent front construction with good depth and well ribbed up , correct length of loin , strong well developed and muscled rear quarters, moves out covering the ground well, once fully mature this dog will trouble the best.

Post Graduate : 7

1st Flynns Ballyriver Back To Basics

Well presented medium sized dog in excellent coat and condition, melting head and expression with dark eye and good shape, excellent bone and well arched round feet. Deep through the body with the gradual spring of rib, correct length of loin , well made rearquarters with excellent width of second thigh , short hocks not over done in any way, covered the ground well effortlessly, gave his handler a hard time!

2nd Eggingtons Pajanbeck Shall We Dance

A different type of dog to 1 and incredibly close decision , classical head with neat ears and kind expression, good bone and feet , adequate depth through the body and good return of upper arm, well constructed rear quarters, moved out well but another who was really giving his handler a hard time and that just lost him the class

3rd Millbanks Skybrook Sandpiper Of Larksdown

Limit : 11 (2)

Absolutely super class of quality dogs

1st Lewins Rodsdream First Choice For Vynesbrook

Medium sized moderate dog with no exaggerations, clean well moulded head with correct eye shape and kind mischievous expression, strong neck and well defined brisket, correct width through the front legs which had good oval bone, round well arched feet. Excellent depth of chest and gradual spring of rib, correct length of loin leading to well constructed rearquarters with a moderate bend of stifle and well muscled throughout. On the move he covered the ground effortlessly with a free flowing open gait, and so true fore and aft, he looked like he could do a days work, the finished picture was his excellent flatcoat attitude with constant wagging tail and” look at me” approach pleased to award him the CC and BOB.

2nd Trotters Lussac Winter Wizard JW SGWC

An incredibly close decision between 1 & 2 and the same remarks apply, this dog has one of the best heads I saw all day with a melting kind expression , correct eye colour and shape, excellent front construction with good bone and feet. Good depth of chest and broad enough, a little longer in loin than 1 , in excellent coat and hard condition, on the move a he is incredibly accurate fore and aft and holds a good topline in his profile movement , he lacked the drive of 1 and that cost him but he did enough when he came back into the challenge to take the RCC.

3rd Walkers Lizzlog Buzz Lightyear

Open : 6 (1)

1st Zuberbuehlers Multi Ch Almanza Secret Of Success

Its absolutely no secret that I have done this dog well in the past and my opinion of him still remains, he is a classically elegant medium sized flatcoat with the most beautiful one piece moulded head with a melting kind expression, he has a lovely neck flowing into a good forechest with adequate width and depth, well sprung ribcage and correct length of loin, on the move he excels in his side profile movement with a level topline and correct tail set, he is unexaggerated and not overdone in any way, he could certainly do a days work , he won this class with ease but just didn’t have the momentum of the CC and RCC winners on the day when asked to move in the challenge.

2nd Walkers Lizzlog Shotgun Harry

The correct size of dog I was looking for in excellent coat and condition ,kind head with small ears , good bone and feet, would prefer a better return of upper arm and more forward reach when he moves but he has a fabulous strong square rear end that moves away true and with purpose.

3rd Holmans SA CH Trevena Masterchef ( imp ZAF)


Veteran : 5

1st Thurgoods Ballyriver Snowflake Of Thurwitt

A larger type of bitch but still feminine, the most beautiful one piece moulded head with good shaped eye of correct colour. Elegant neck and deep chest and well ribbed up, correct length of loin, strong rearquarters, she covers the ground effortlessly and accurately holding a good topline.

2nd Grooms Candiliz Black Velvet

Different type of bitch with pretty head, good bone and feet , could do with losing a few pounds but she was honest enough on the move to take 2nd in a somewhat mixed class.

3rd Ashcrofts Gunaok Emerald

Minor Puppy: 6

1st Chambers Hototo Pretty Ballerina

What a super puppy, could easily have popped her in my car! Just the right size for her age with excellent bone ( so lacking in this class sadly) classical head with kind expression and good eye shape and colour, fabulous front construction with just the right amount of depth in her body for her age, correct length of loin, strong square rearquarters that were well muscled , when she moves she is so coordinated and true fore and aft, her side profile is textbook, for such a young puppy she must have a really fabulous future , Best Puppy In Breed

2nd Gales Willowswind Fayetta (ai)

Very pretty girl with classic head and kind if mischievous expression, unlucky to meet 1 on such form, good front and nice bone and adequate depth of chest , super coat , well made rearquarters, a little unbalanced moving but I’m sure that’s an age thing as she has everything there.

3rd Grenville Payne Misfitsfluke Patronum

Puppy: 8 (3)

1st Goodmans Blacklake Dark Lady For Gayplume

Pretty puppy with good bone, classic head with good eye colour and shape. Well constructed front with enough width and depth for her age, moving out enthusiastically fore and aft and keeping a good topline

2nd Gales Willowswind Fayetta (ai) 2nd in MP

3rd Clarks Chalway Friday I’m In Love

Junior : 9 (2)

1st Bosshards Solveigh Never Touching Ground

13 month old giving away a lot in age but one of the few in this class to have enough bone and be of the correct size, really lovely head with kind expression, good eye colour and shape, well contructed front with good return of upper arm and well defined brisket , her rearquarters are super with great width of second thigh and so correct going away on the move. She holds a lovely shape on the move and will mature into a lovely bitch.

2nd Bellamys Moontorn Better Half Of Me

Pretty bitch in good coat and condition, would prefer more width and depth throughout, moves out ok holding a good topline

3rd Thurgood & Holmes Finhamspride Clio

Yearling : 3

1st Bellamys Moontorn Goddess Of Love 2nd in Junior

2nd Simmons Coedyylan Bambino Caro

Medium sized bitch in lovely coat and condition , good bone with pretty head , would prefer a better eye shape but her expression is kind, on the move she covers the ground well but could be a shade tidier coming towards .

3rd Beesons Esined Double Delight

Novice : 5 ( 2)

1st Romeo Dieste Hopevalley Morning Wicked

Very pretty medium moderate girl with a classical one piece head , good eye shape and colour, clean elegant neck into a well constructed front with just the right width and depth through the chest, good spring of rib and correct length of loin, super rearquarters and well set tail, in great coat and condition , on the move she flowed around the ring covering the ground well with good forward reach holding herself well, considered her for higher honours.

2nd Bellamys Bochilbarley Pumpkin Spice With Moontorn

Medium sized liver bitch who is at an inbetween stage with the coat quality & colour, pleasing head but would prefer a darker eye, good depth of chest , on the move she was somewhat erratic and hard to assess.

3rd Grenville Paynes Raynestone Catherine

Graduate: 9

A very mixed class of size , type and body condition (overweight, under muscled)

1st Nicholls & Price Llantrussa O’Sole Mio

A real quality bitch of medium size , nice head and expression but just wanted a bit more feminity and a darker eye and that’s what cost her in the challenge when up against bitches with a more classical shape of head , she has super front construction with a deep chest and good spring of rib, excellent bone and feet, correct length of loin and strong soundly constructed rearquarters, she moves out positively coming and going and holds a super topline covering the ground with ease.

2nd Macdonalds Skyloch Final Say

Medium sized bitch with classical head and kind expression, correct eye colour and shape, good depth of chest and gradual spring through the ribcage, adequate bone and good feet , she was moving somewhat erratically but after some gentle persuasion and time she settled and flowed well around the ring holding a nice topline and covering the ground well.

3rd Delameres Gamerights Deep River Blues

Post Graduate: 13

1st Walkers Lizzlog Nun On The Run

Super medium sized bitch with quality bone and the best feet, classical well moulded head with dark eye of correct shape ,neat well set ears, elegant neck and well constructed forequarters with good return of upper arm, well defined brisket , deep chest and plenty of lung room with a gradual spring through the ribs, well constructed rearquarters with good width of second thigh, short hocks, on the move she excels with fluid movement fore and aft covering the ground effortlessly, thrilled to award her the RCC

2nd Cobbys Waverton Ice and Fire

Different type of bitch but a good size, pleasing head and cheeky mischievous expression , well constructed forechest with adequate depth and width, a little longer cast than the winner but is balanced throughout,super muscle tone, really giving her handler a hard time but once she settled into her movement she showed a lovely open side gait and was true fore and aft.

3rd Eggingtons Pajanbeck Angels On My Side

Limit: 16 ( 6)

Another class with mixed type and size a number of lovely bitches lost out due to carrying too much weight.

1st Walkers Lizzlog Fanny By Gaslight

Absolutely beautiful elegant and workmanlike bitch which epitomises the breed , power without lumber, raciness without weediness, she has a beautiful kind intelligent expression with correct eye shape and colour, neat ears, beautiful clean neck leading into well contructed forequarters with good depth and width and the gradual spring through the rib,super bone and the best of feet, correct length of loin and strong square rearquarters with absolutely the correct tailset, on the move she comes alive and covers the ground with ease with good front reach and an ever wagging tail , a super side profile holding her topline well and moving out true fore and aft free and flowing CC

2nd Goodmans Blacklake Isabella

Slightly larger bitch than 1 but a quality bitch , pretty one piece head with good eye colour and shape, clean neck into well constructed forquarters , longer cast than 1 but balanced throughout, moving out soundly holding a lovely shape in profile and true fore and aft.

3rd Ashcrofts Gunoak Solar Wind JW

Open : 7 (1)

1st Macdonalds Steelriver Dance In The Sun At Skyloch

Easy winner of this class, quality medium sized bitch with classical kind head and expression with a hint of cheekiness, in excellent coat and condition, pleasing front construction with good return of upper arm, well defined brisket and plenty of depth in the chest with a gradual spring through the ribs, correct short strong loin, moving out well fore and aft but not quite the ground covering of the two top bitches .

2nd Colsons Blacktoft Frozen In Time By Windyhollows ( ai)

Larger bitch than one but with a quality classic head, ok for bone , good depth of chest and enough width, shown in good coat condition, moves out well covering the ground with ease and holding her topline well.

3rd Romeo Diestes Hopevalley Morning Rainbow JW

Special Beginners :2

1st Delameres Gamerights Deep River Blues ( 3rd in nice G class)

Quality bitch in excellent coat and condition, good head and cheeky expression, well constructed forequarters with deep chest,moving out well and covering the ground effortlessly while she has a very thick coat she was also carrying a bit too much weight which cost her higher honours in the graduate class.

2nd Wilsons Hameldowntor Music Of The Night

Larger bitch with a quality head and kind expression, longer cast but balanced, in good coat and condition, moved out well but not the fluidity of 1.

Gemma Jacobs ( Judge)