• Show Date: 19/06/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Gail Link Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Border Union Agricultural Society

Breed: Afghan Hound

Border Union Agricultural Society Championship Dog Show

Sunday 19th June 2022

Afghan Hounds

Judge Mrs Gail Link ( Orashan )

I would like to say a big thank you to the Border Union Agricultural Society committee for giving me the opportunity to judge at such a prestigious show. To my lovely steward who did a fantastic job all on her own “Thank You” .

In this day and age with the cost of fuel, accommodation and entry fees it was a lovely entry both numerically and in quality I would also like to thank all the exhibitors who ventured far and wide to give me the opportunity to asses your beautiful hounds. The quality in every class was very high especially Limit , open and veteran in both dogs and bitches unfortunately I couldn’t give out enough red cards and some exhibits had to go cardless.

MPD ( 0 ) No Entries

 PD ( 1.0 )

1st Gardner Saxonmill Majic Me Danwish

B/C youngster has a nice head with good depth of under Jaw, low set ears and nice dark eye good lay of shoulder, balanced fore and aft good spring of rib and deep chest. Firm loin leading to good fallaway and ring tail. moved soundly. BP

 JD ( 0 ) No Entries

 YD ( 0) No Entries

 ND ( 0 ) No Entries

GD ( 3,0 )

1st Walsh’s Calamus Devil In Disguise

Nice shaped Brindle boy, masculine head , dark eye, good length of neck and front assembly, matching rear angulation giving a nice level topline . Correct tail set and carriage completes a nice picture on the stand, nice sound easy free movement covering the ground well.

2nd French’s Trust Queen Buddha at Zalmeerah

B/M Silver dog , has a good shaped head and expression, strong neck in lovely body condition, good angulation both front and rear giving a true balanced afghan shape. To be hypercritical I would have preferred a better fallaway as carried tail slightly high on the move.

3rd Metcalfe Jo-Kin’s Pineapples Have Peelings Too (imp fin)

 PGD ( 5,2 )

1st Mcphillips Tulak Rebel in the Rye at Dargai

SMG , lovely outline and balance of conformation . Masculine head , with nice shaped eye and good length of neck leading to well placed shoulders and good front. Good depth of chest. Level topline and matching rear angulation makes for a nice picture on the stand. ringed tail, Moved well.

2nd Mitchell & Smithson Zandahar Xplosive Storm

Silver grizzled \Brindle , another one who had substance and in good body condition Good head , long neck , well balanced throughout good depth of chest and short firm loin, prominent hip bones good fallaway and ring tail. sound movement with good ground coverage..

3rd White’s Shine On you Crazy Diamond at Ruannas

LD ( 7,1 )

1st Anderson’s Zandahar Tartan Xplorer

Exceptional pale grizzled gold who appealed straight away. He has quality throughout from his super head to his ring tail giving an impressive picture on the stand. Correct proportion good depth of chest , deep saddle, well muscled , well set hocks , presented to perfection, this boy comes into his own on the move performed with style and controlled attitude. driving from the rear and extending at the front showing his beautiful side gait , covering the ground with ease. Today he absolutely deserved the CC which gave him his Champion title .

2nd Pascoe’s Popovs Aladdin at Sarakhan

3 year old BMG , masculine head , strong underjaw, prominent occiput, well balanced in scull and good length to foreface, correct well set ears, good length of neck, deep chest and spring of rib , well angled front with well muscled quarters ,big feet , ringed tail . coat put down in beautiful condition. Moved well with power and covered the ground with ease.

 3rd Bartram & Perry Gezancol Utter Chaos at Chardara

Open Dog (7,1 ABS)

OMG what a lovely class this was, 2nd,3rd, 4th all from the same litter all beautiful, full of quality anyone could change places , all slightly different in type.

1st Small’s Popovs Simba

Loved this lovely S/M gold boy (brother to my 2nd in limit. ) Another boy of such quality winning this strong class. His conformation compares favourably with the standard without being exaggerated in any way . Has a lovely head, dark eye good length of neck leading to good shoulder placement , level topline deep gold saddle moved well with power from his well muscled quarters. he sailed round the ring with drive, lift and extension together with head and tail raised in action. Pleased to award him the RCC

2nd Lancashire & O’donnell Ch Drishaun Fair as a Lily

I preferred this lovely cream boy for my 2nd choice, finer throughout , lovely pigment , refined but masculine head with dark eye, level topline and balanced angles . Ring tail correct set and carriage, moved soundly and covered the ground , presentation tip top he moved soundly with style driving from the rear and extending at the front covering the ground with ease.

3rd Thompson’s Ch Drishaun The Vampire Lily Via Gothika

VD ( 4,0 )

1st Scott’s Ch Arushkhan Dancin in My Heart at Ambershan

Lovely class of Veteran boys all well deserving champions.

8 year old BMG dog he is a worthy champion with all the qualities you would expect from this breeding. Super head and expression with quality all the way through to his tail set and carriage, moved soundly with style driving from the rear and extending at the front covering the ground with ease. BV and BVG 3.

2ND Appleby , Minchin, Edwards and Mulvaney IR/INT/UK CH Davashey to tell the truth

 Another dog of quality a worthy representative of the breed . 10 year old brindle boy lovely Masculine chiselled head , dark eye low set ears , good depth of chest and spring of rib level topline ring tail presented a very nice outline both standing and on the move, considering his age he could have gone on all day unlucky to have met 1

3rd Cullen’s Ch Syrdarya Toffy Pop at Eweyisska


MPB ( 0 )No Entries

PB ( 1,0 )

1st Harris’s Saxonmill Girl in The Mirror at Portianja

B/T Litter sister to my PD has all attributes as him . lovely head, long neck good shoulder placement , deep chest ,Firm loin leading to good fallaway and ring tail. Enjoyed herself a bit too much leading her handler a merry dance. PB

 JB ( 2,1 )

1st Humphreys Ayoubkhan Porcelain Dove

Pretty white Baby girl so full of character with a lovely feminine head beautiful dark eye and lovely pigmentation, presents a nice overall picture. Played about a little bit on the move but that’s what being an Afghan hound baby is all about . has everything in the right place at the moment I shall watch her development in future .

YB ( 4,1 )

1st Milligan-Bott & Bott Medawlark Attitude Is Key The Wones Thendara

Well-made quality black and tan girl full of character with an elegant head and nice dark eye complimentary front and rear construction giving a nice level topline , in tip top condition both body and coat presentation. moved with style and attitude presenting a nice overall picture.

2nd Humphreys Ayoubkhan Porcelain Dove

3rd Mitchell Thornton & Smithson Absolute Afghan’s India at Karnak

NB ( 1,0 )

1st Harris’s Gezancol Tickled Pink at Portianja

B/S feminine head, dark eye, level topline with balanced angulation front and rear, ring tail .Very nice young lady and moved well.

GB ( 0 ) No Entries

PGB ( 2,1 )

1st Charlton’s Drishaun Lily Among Thorns at Nyanza

New one to me and stood alone but loved this shaded BMG bitch. Sister to my CC winner, has a more rangy outline standing, super femine head complete with chizzling and nice dark eye lovely expression. Long neck, deep dark saddle and good depth of chest and spring of rib, level topline, complimentary front and rear angulation , good fall away and low set ringed tail. Moved soundly has a lovely side gait with reach and drive. Didn’t seem to relaxed at times but pulled it together enough in the challenge to win the RCC.

LB ( 12,3 )

1st Cullen’s Cloudside Sevillana at Eweyisska

This Black girl presents a lovely picture and overall shape which reflects her quality construction throughout . Femine head, lovely dark eye, long neck , good sprig of rib, balanced angulation with level topline, moved really well, still needs to mature but worthy of her first place in a really strong class.

2nd Gilbert’s Altside Hot as Hell at Affietar

Shaded Oyster brindle bitch Good head and long neck, deep chest, excellent construction throughout giving a nice balanced overall picture on the stand. Presented in lovely muscled condition. Moved with style and elegance enjoying every minute.

3rd Millward, Millward & Race Calahorra Moonlite N Dreams of Tico at Alouann

 OB ( 4,0 )

1st L & C O’Donnell’s Drishaun Faith is Like a Lily for Javidan

Very femine red brindle bitch of lovely size, well balanced shape with matching front and rear angulation. Nice head and long neck, level topline, well muscled throughout with correct fall away and tail set giving a true afghan picture. Moved elegantly with spirit and the style of high order I was looking for. Sometimes this girl is her worst enemy on the move but today pulled out all the stops pleased to award her the CC which gave her a well-deserved crown . CC & BOB

2nd Noble & Wilcox Aqua’s The Bitchisback at Bichoux

 SMG bitch different type to 1, feminine head and nice expression dark eye, low set ears , deep chest, correct body weight . Ring tail and coat presented in lovely condition with correct silky coat texture. In harmony with her handler on the move.

3rd Nisbet & Forrester’s Zandahar Xclusively for Finix

 VB ( 2,0 )

1st Waggett’s Just For You De Koulanger at Clenagh

8 year old Mature /S/M Gold bitch of lovely proportions. Lovely head and dark eye, level topline and correct tail set . Desired quality conformation throughout giving a nice overall balanced shape. Moved soundly with long strides and a nice springy gait.

2nd Harris’s Devanmarn Majic Touch at Portianja

Nice B/T bitch very similar in quality to one. Lovely head and overall shape with good quality conformation throughout. A very excitable lady who definitely enjoyed her day out, eventually moved round the ring soundly.

BOB Drishaun Faith is Like A Lily for Javidan

DCC Zandahar Tartan Xplorer

RDCC Popovs Simba

BCC Drishaun Faith is Like A Lily for Javidan

RBCC Drishaun Lily Among Thorns at Nyanza

BP Saxonmill Majic Me Danwish

BV Ch Arushkhan Dancin in My Heart at Ambershan