• Show Date: 02/04/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Frances Bard Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Midland Cocker Spaniel Club

Breed: Spaniel (Cocker)

Midland Cocker Spaniel Club 02.04.22


Judge: Frances Bard (Franaille)

I would like to take the opportunity to thank the officers and committee of the Midland cocker spaniel club for inviting me to judge bitches at their championship show. My thanks must also go to my two stewards who were efficient in keeping things flowing. Although numbers were not in abundance, I felt that the overall quality of the exhibits present was pleasing and bodes well for the future of our beloved breed. I shortlisted 6 from my fabulous final line up and felt all were worthy of winning top honors. My co-judge, Alan Crossley (Atherbron) and I were in full agreement of our main show winners, awarding the bitch, SH CH Coedcernyw Calendar Girl JW BIS, and the dog, newly crowned SH CH (subject to KC approval) Snowgate Onyer Bike to Scapafield JW, RBIS and BOS. BPIS was awarded to the dog, Wilmerella Outlander, his last class as a puppy. The delightful minor puppy bitch, Kyna Azzura was BMPIS. A real crowd pleaser was the BVIS, which was awarded to the bitch, Canyonn Classic Destiny JW, who certainly defied her 10 years. Finally, I must thank the exhibitors for their sportsmanship and for taking my decisions gracefully.

AOC Special Puppy (4,1)

1. Grice’s Kyna Azzura. A raw puppy, but oozes quality. She has a pretty head with lovely dark eyes. Good lay of shoulder, although she was carrying a little weight today. I forgave her, given her age as I prefer puppies with substance. Straight front, with good bone and tight feet. Compact body with big ribs. She has a well-rounded rear, with correct angulation. Moved well with typical cocker bustle. Pleased to award her BPB and BMPB. In agreement with my co-judge, she later went on to win BMPIS.

2. Shapland’s Deracor Dream Love. A well-balanced bitch with lots to admire. Feminine head with dark eye and correct ear set. Liked her front assembly and tight feet. Held her topline well on the move, although she was being a little un-cooperative today.

3. Hutton-Baber’s Esqueen Following Star at Babtonkelpie (imp Pol)

AOC Special Junior (4,2)

1. Mitchell’s Glowhill Sweet Magnolia. A really well-made bitch, so typical of this kennel. Feminine head with kind eye and gentle expression. Moderate length of neck leading into correct lay of shoulder. Straight front, deep chest, enough bone and tight feet. Level topline, short back and well-made rear. She moves out positively and true. In my final 6, but lost out on maturity. I am confident she will have a very bright future.

2. Dean’s Sandlauga Sherbert Pip. Dark blue who is presented beautifully. She has a pleasing head and expression. Good front legs and feet. Well sprung ribs and nicely angulated quarters. She is in really hard condition. Moved out well, but was a little close behind.

AOC Special graduate (4,2)

1. Craig’s Alisma Alwena. Delightful little bitch who was a compact package. Head so typical of this kennel, with dark eyes and nicely set ears. Straight front, good bone and neat, tight feet. Rounded quarters, short below hock. Her tail did not stop as she powered around the ring.

2. Green and Brain’s Cachel Pop the question to Meloneras JW. Well-made bitch, presented in beautiful coat and condition. Pretty, feminine head and pleasing expression. Good, straight front with catlike feet. Moved out well with a merry action.

AOC Special open (1)

1.William’s Sh Ch Amaroanne Athena at Wilmerella Ir Jun Ch. Quality bitch, well worthy of her Sh Ch title. Feminine head, with dark, expressive eyes. Deep chest, straight front, plenty of bone. Tight, catlike feet. She is well ribbed with a strong loin and muscular, well rounded quarters. Moved freely, with purpose. In my final 6 shortlist.

Solid Special Puppy (5,1)

1. Ward’s Wensum Let’s Dance. Pretty golden. Her head is developing nicely and she has kind, expressive eyes. She stands on really good legs and feet. Strong topline with good depth of brisket and spring of rib. Good rear assembly. Moved confidently to win this class.

2. Kidd’s Laurellakes Dream come true with Freestone NAF. Well presented black with a nice head and eyes. Would prefer her a little more up on the leg to give her a more balanced profile. Moved well.

3. Remington’s Rozamie Black Pearl

Solid Special Junior (1)

1. Blackley and Salero’s Wightroche the Bee. Balanced black bitch with a nice outline. Straight front with plenty of forechest. Good spring of rib, well made quarters with a good bend of stifle. Covered the ground well as she moved. Smartly presented.

Solid Special graduate (2,1)

1. Kengyelic’s Hebdene Haute Couture. Nice black with a good overall shape. She stands on good legs and tight feet. She has a slight roll over the shoulder which slightly spoilt her profile today. Well sprung ribs and well rounded quarters. In super coat, presented well. Moved with purpose.

Solid Special open (4,2)

1. Kew’s Withiflor Bird on the wire over Wylyeview. Lovely bitch of a nice type. Pretty head, dark eyes and well-set ears. Straight front legs and tight feet. Moved out well, keeping a balanced profile and level topline. Presented beautifully, although perhaps would benefit from a little less coat on the front legs.

2. West’s Sheigra Super Special JW. Another typey bitch, typical of this kennel. She has plenty of substance throughout and is short and cobby. I felt she carried a little extra weight over the shoulder today. Moved out well.

Any colour Veteran (2,1)

1. Young’s Canyonn Classic Destiny JW. Stood alone, but such a worthy winner. This bitch defied her 10 years, it was only the grey that gave it away. She has the most beautiful head and expression, full of type, as expected from this famous kennel. Really cobby and cockery. She held her topline well as she moved like a youngster around the ring. BVB and delighted that my co-judge was in full agreement she was BVIS.

Any colour Minor Puppy (7,3)

1. Mitchell’s Glowhill Chiquitta. Super baby, another so typical of the type consistently produced by this kennel. Short and cobby with a pleasing head and expression. Stood on strong legs and feet, with good bone throughout. Liked the overall balance and substance of this young bitch. Moved out well to win this class. Lost out in the final challenge for best puppy bitch as she wasn’t as positive on the move as she was in this class.

2. Kettle’s Laurellakes Sweet Dream at Lujesa NAF. Beautiful black with a smart profile, both standing and on the move. Her clean neck and shoulder flows into her level topline. Good front assembly and well-made quarters. Moved out well, I really was splitting hairs between 1st and 2nd in this class and I am sure they will change places in future competition. Just preferred the substance of 1st.

3. West’s Sheigra Super Secret

Any colour puppy (9,2)

1. Ward’s Wensum Dancing in the Dark. Another quality puppy from this kennel. I liked her overall balance. She has a nice straight front, leading to tight feet. Good spring of rib and level topline. Well assembled rear, which she used well to drive around the ring. Coat coming along nicely.

2. McBride’s Topday Tiny Dancer. Smart dark blue, with a nice profile. Her head was of a heavier type than 1st, but was balanced. Dark eyes and well-set ears. Good flow from the neck to lay of shoulder. Moved well.

3. William’s Wilmerella Sassenach

Any colour junior (4,1)

1. Masters and Dott Manchela Single Ladies JW. Quality dark blue who presents a balanced profile. She has a feminine head and is not overdone in any way. Correct reach of neck into well laid-back shoulders. Strong front, with well developed forechest. Muscular rear quarters with good bend of stifle. Moved powerfully, showing super reach and drive. In my final 6 shortlist.

2. Mason’s Sandlauga Candy Crush. Smart bitch who needs to be handled to be appreciated. Pleasing outline. Pretty head and kind expression. Straight front assembly. Big ribs and well-rounded rear quarters. She moved out well, but not as positively as winner. She has plenty of coat, presented well, but would benefit from a little less in places.

3. Yorath’s Gypsyhill Highland Wedding at Witko

Any colour Yearling (6,1)

1. Shinkfield and Lester’s Quettadene Queen of Stars. Super head, very pretty, with a kind eye and gentle expression. Lovely straight front with good bone and tight feet. Clean neck and shoulder. Well sprung ribs, good level topline and correct tailset. Lovely rear angulation and short hocks. Very merry and positive on the move. In my final 6 shortlist.

2. Bindza’s Laurellakes Whos that Girl. Another nice black of a different type to 1st. Pleasing outline. For me her head was a little overdone, but she had lovely dark eyes and low set ears. Good spring of rib. Moved well and true.

3. Mason’s Sandlauga Candy Crush

Any colour Novice (6,3)

1. Blackley and Salero’s Wightroche the Bee (Repeat)

2. Taylor-Kistner’s Rizi Bizi Lois at FrielIjoanipa NAF TAF. Well presented black and tan. Good bone and feet. Well sprung ribs and level topline. Would have preferred a better lay of shoulder. Moved OK, would have preferred more reach and drive.

3. Remington’s Rozamie Black Pearl

Any colour Undergraduate (5,2)

1. Shapland’s Deracor Dream Love (Repeat)

2. Yilmaz’s Anlasana Angel Eyes. Liked her overall type. Balanced head, dark eye and kind expression. Slightly heavy over the shoulder. Well sprung ribs and plenty of forechest. Stood on good legs and feet. Moved well.

3. Dean’s Sandlauga Sherbert Pip

Any colour Post Graduate (4,3)

1.Moutrey’s Sunzo Songstar. Stood alone here, but a worthy winner. Mature golden presented in super coat and condition. She has a pretty head and lovey dark eyes. Short and cobby. Lovely action on the move.

Any colour Special Beginners (3,0)

1. Green and Brain’s Cachel Pop the Question to Meloneras JW. (Repeat)

2. Dean’s Sandlauga Sherbert Pip (Repeat)

3. Leslie’s Peejaydees Pink Sapphire by Ferrersedge

Any colour Limit (8,3)

1.Master’s and Dott Manchela Lady Million JW. I have admired this bitch from the ringside on many occasions and was pleased to finally be able to handle her and she certainly did not disappoint. She has a balanced feminine head and is clean through her neck and shoulders, with a level topline. Straight front with good bone and tight feet. Muscular rear quarters with excellent bend of stifle. Presented immaculately. She moves effortlessly, with drive and purpose, as do all from this kennel. Delighted to award her the RBCC.

2.West’s Sheigra Simply a star JW. Another well made bitch, unlucky to meet winner in such good form. Typical head with dark eye and low set ears. I preferred the neck of 1st. She presents a balanced outline and has a well-made rear with good bend of stifle. Moves well, with cocker bustle.

3. Becquet and Darby’s Rayol Ameliae Dargess

Any colour open (3,1)

1. Hillier’s Sh Ch Coedcernyw Calendar Girl JW. There is not much I can say that hasn’t already been noted by many others before about this beautiful bitch. She has the prettiest of heads, with that desirable, gentle, melting expression and kind eye. She is perfectly balanced, flowing from the tip of her nose to the tip of her ever-wagging tail. There is nothing exaggerated about her and she is turned out in the highest order. Commanded the ring on the move and could not be denied the BCC, and in agreement with my co-judge, BIS.

2. West’s Sheigra Stars in her eyes JW OSW ShCEx. Quality black of a heavier type to winner, but a lovely bitch nonetheless. She has a nice shaped head with dark eyes. Clean neck and shoulder, big ribs with a well-made rear. Heavy coat, which was well presented. Moved out well with drive.

Frances Bard (Judge)