• Show Date: 07/08/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Fiona Donaldson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

National Gundog Association

Breed: Spanish Water Dog

Judge’s Critique

50 Years Anniversary Championship Show

National Gundog Association - 7th August 2022

I would like to thank the NGA for the opportunity to judge at this special show. I had a wonderful selection of dogs and was offered the best hospitality both before and during the show.

Thank you to all the exhibitors who gave me the opportunity to judge their dogs. Our hobby is costly and it is hugely appreciated that you think my opinion is worthy of the expense, thank you for accepting my decisions on the day.

General construction has improved since I last judged but I think we should watch rear over angulation and movement. I was pleased to see mouths have improved but some exhibits would benefit from cleaner teeth. All exhibits were presented in a clean condition and temperaments were great even in the baking heat.

Veteran Dog (1:0)

1st Affleck-Carter’s Nelsonandaluza de Ubrique: Well-muscled 7 year old, strong head with correct flat skull, pleasing dark eye. Moved well at the rear. Best Veteran.

Puppy Dog (2:0)

1st Hodkinson’s Zorrazo Villain of Circumstance (IMP HRV): 10 month old, who was presented in a beautiful coat. Well proportioned, slightly longer in body than height as is required. Moved well fore and aft with a good brisk movement. Was happy to award this youngster the RCC as he is a fine example of the breed and must have a bright future

2nd Griffiths’ and Sacaj’s Elmajor First One Out: Well bodied for a 9 month old puppy. Curly tail but correct tail set. Was not the easiest dog to handle on the day but I managed to feel a well-muscled boy with a coat of good texture and finish. Movement was a little erratic due to having too much fun.

Junior Dog (2:0)

1st Hodgkinson’s SH CH Zorrazo Quest for Success (IMP HRV) JW ESP JCH: What an outstanding example! Strong head with flat skull, good pigmentation and eye colour. Beautiful coat of correct texture and curl for his age. Deep chest and well sprung rib. Correct angulation of shoulder and upper arm and well-muscled throughout. The moderately angled hindquarters and his other attributes produce a wonderful outline and pleasing masculine dog on the move. Delighted to award him CC and BOB.

2nd Griffiths’ and Sacaj’s Elmajor First One Out – 2nd in puppy

Special Beginners Dog (1:0)

1st Griffiths’ and Sacaj’s Elmajor First One Out – 2nd in puppy

Novice Dog (1:0)

1st Walker’s Zaryan Sky full of Stars: Good coat with correct texture and curl. Pleasing expression and good pigmentation and strong head. Eye colour good. Was not settled today which affected movement and outline.

Graduate Dog – no entries

Post Graduate Dog (2:0)

1st Preece and Cooper’s Janamorio Northern Arlo: Strong, well-muscled masculine dog who is very impressive in profile. Deep chest and well sprung rib. Excellent head with flat skull. Eye colour and pigmentation tone with coat colour. Presented in beautiful coat and handled professionally.

2nd Abrahams’ Adormidera Dark Necessity: Lovely dog with expressive dark eyes. Long tail with correct tail set. Rear angulation was moderate and movement was brisk. Would benefit from a little more weight and time to body up and mature.

Limit Dog (2:0)

Both dogs in this class seemed a little distracted today which affected movement and profile on the stand.

1st Abraham’s Adormidera Ziggy Star Dust: Good head with flat skull. Dark eye and very appealing expression. Good length of rib, would benefit from a little less weight. Long tail carried correctly with correct tail set.

2nd Spencer’s Valentisimo’s Has to Be: Beautiful rustic looking dog, one of the best coats of the day, correct texture and curl. Strong head and muscular neck set into well-laid shoulders. Moderately angulated hindquarters. Unfortunately was not working with handler today.

Open Dog (3:0)

1st Trebert’s Valentisimo’s Ballesteros: Masculine dog who stood well in profile showing the correct 9:8 proportions. Deep chest and well sprung ribs. Strong head with excellent eye colour. Would prefer a lower tail set.

2nd Peart’s Josalyn Rio Ziggystardust via Janamorio: smaller in stature but was all male when you got your hands on him. Well-muscled and moderately angled hindquarters. Good length of rib. Moved with a brisk action, very well handled and presented.

3rd Hodkinson-Rutherford’s and Rutherford’s SH CH Zorrazo Hey There Yogi Bear

Good Citizen Dog Scheme Dog (1:0)

1st Affleck-Carter’s Nelsonandaluza de Ubrique – 1st Veteran Dog

Veteran Bitch (1:0)

1st Abraham’s Adormidera Princess Leia: 9 year old, presented in rustic coat. Dark eye, with a pleasing, feminine expression. Well laid shoulders and length of rib. Moderately angled at rear. Very happy veteran who lost out to the male veteran who was more steady and brisk in movement.

Puppy Bitch (2:0)

1st Salvatierra’s Sierrasalva’s Fiesta: another lovely puppy shown in shorter coat of good quality and texture. Excellent front with good angulation of shoulder and upper arm. Good length of rib and on the stand showed the correct proportions and outline.

2nd Capille’s Chanderhill End of an Era: Another beautiful 6 month old puppy. Lovely coat with loose curls correct for age. Excellent outline and very strong head. Looking forward to watching this puppy mature.

Junior Bitch (2:0)

1st Salvatierra’s Sierrasalva’s Fiesta – 1st Puppy bitch

2nd Capille’s Lendever’s Tempting Whisper: good head and lovely dark eye toning with dark coat. Angulations front and rear good, which were illustrated on the move.

Special Beginners Bitch (2:0)

1st Affleck-Carter’s Perrorizado Isla White: Presented in good quality rustic coat. Athletic on the move, well-muscled. Good head, eye colour and pleasing expression.

2nd Slaymaker’s Pabiaga Marietta at Salvajero: shown in short coat. Pleasing profile with good head and kind expression. Preferred the movement on number 1 today

Novice Bitch (1:0)

1st Capille’s Lendever’s Opaque Attitude: Lovely head with flat skull and dark eye, which contributed to the desired expressive look. Good coat and moved well.

Graduate Bitch (2:0)

1st Capille’s Lendevers Quaint Tinsel: Lovely feminine bitch who was steady on the move and looked good on the stand showing the correct proportions and nothing exaggerated. Coat of excellent texture and curl.

2nd Affleck-Carter’s Perrorizado Isla White – 1st Special Beginners Bitch

Post Graduate Bitch (2:0)

1st Slaymaker’s Pabiaga Marietta at Salvajero – 2nd Special Beginners Bitch

2nd Griffith’s Valentisimo’s Freedom Good head and lovely expression. Unfortunately, she was not settled on the move today and movement was a little erratic. When on the stand, was happy to show her happy and friendly temperament. Would benefit from carrying a little less weight.

Limit Bitch (1:0)

1st Peart’s Josalyn Ria Nessa Via Janamorio: Very well handled and presented. Coat in excellent condition and texture. Both rear and front angulation excellent, which showed when she moved across the ground with a brisk and athletic action. Lovely head and expression, was pleased to award this lovely girl the RCC.

Open Bitch (3:0)

A lovely class of three very different types

1st Spencer’s Conbrio Box of Delights: well presented and handled bitch with lovely rustic coat. Beautiful head and expression. Desired angulation of shoulder and upper arm and hindquarters moderated angled. Moved effortlessly around the ring with a brisk and athletic movement. Delighted to award her first CC

2nd Hodkinson-Rutherford’s and Rutherford’s Zorrazo Cheek by Jowl with Chanderhill: Best coat of the day, rustic but with a touch of glamour. Very athletic bitch who moved with ease around the large ring. Excellent head and expression.

3rd Salvatierra’s Sierrasalva’s Fuerza

Good Citizen Dog Scheme Bitch (1:0)

1st Slaymaker’s Pabiaga Marietta at Salvajero – 2nd Special Beginners Bitch

Prepared by Fiona Donaldson