• Show Date: 06/10/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: FELICITY SNOOK Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

South Wales Kennel Association

Breed: Bedlington Terrier


1. Bannister’s Miteymidgets Modern Love. Very promising 10-month-old puppy of good proportions and well balanced. Masculine, but not coarse. Correct shaped head, with narrow, rounded skull, small, triangular dark eyes and thin, velvety ears. Good mouth and teeth. Correct front and good feet. Correct body shape. Top line developing nicely, keeping it on the move. Presented in excellent condition and coat. Moved with correct gait and getting better as time went on. BEST PUPPY.


1. Bannister’s Miteymidgets New Vision JW. Full of grace and style, producing a super shaped, balanced dog. Good head. Well laid shoulders, with long and sloping upper arm. Straight forelegs forming a good ‘horseshoe’ shape. Good feet. Deep chest. Flat ribbed. Excellent outline and proportions, masculine yet refined. Natural arch over loin. Muscled hindquarters, hocks strong and well let down, with moderate turn of stifle. Very good mover with typical Bedlington gait of mincing action, light and springy. Presented in super coat and condition. BEST DOG.

2. Offer’s Ch Woolytop the Viking. A worthy champion. Nice size, masculine, with elegance and strength. Super pear-shaped head with narrow, rounded, deep skull, no stop, strong jaw and excellent mouth. Finished off with beautifully presented silky topknot. Nice small, triangular shaped eyes and good filbert shaped ears. Good length of neck, set well onto good shoulders. Correct front. Excellent linty coat. Shown in excellent condition. RESERVE BEST DOG.


1. Lacey’s Bowlingbrook Tumbleyweed. Although nearly 18 months old, seemed quite immature. Appeared to have a shorter head, but all the essentials OK. Balanced and in proportion, showing a good Bedlington outline. Correct linty coat. Moved very well in true Bedlington, distinctive, mincing fashion, up and back, plus side gait.


1. Lacey’s Bowlingbrook Tumbleyweed. Repeat.

2. Bannister’s Miteymidgets New Variant. Colour acceptable - dark charcoal. Ultra-feminine bitch which I feel still needs to mature on. Nice head with narrow skull, perhaps could have a stronger muzzle. Correct eyes and ears. Deep chested and flat ribbed. Hocks strong and well-let down. Correct Bedlington distinctive movement. Good proportions, just needs time to develop. Nice coat with correct texture. Sound mover.


1. Bannister’s Ch. Miteymidgets Going Global JW ShCM. An old favorite of mine and she never disappoints. A very worthy champion. Blue bitch, so graceful, with everything flowing, showing no weakness or coarseness. Lovely pear-shaped head, with narrow and rounded skull. Small dark, triangular eyes and super thin ears. Good length of neck into good shoulders. Correct straight forelegs, forming a good ‘horseshoe’ shape. Nice topline with arched loin. Wonderful Bedlington movement. In super coat of correct texture and colour. So shapely, moderate and balanced. Now 8 years old and still on great form. BEST BITCH & BEST OF BREED.

2. Porter-Manning & Porter’s Woolytop Secret Wispa among Wallaroo. Another very nice bitch. Very good head with good triangular, small eyes and well-shaped ears. Correct length of neck. Nice front and shoulders, feet and arched loin. Pleasing hindquarters and excellent on the move. Presented in good condition and coat. RESERVE BEST BITCH.

3. Baldwin’s Woolytop Leading Lady.

4. Jones’ Tcharia Tydfil of Pengerrig.

Felicity A. Snook