• Show Date: 21/05/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Fay Matthews-Jones Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Scottish Pomeranian Club

Breed: Pomeranian

The Scottish Pomeranian Club – 21/05/2022

I would like to extend my thanks to the Committee for the invitation to officiate their Championship show, to Fiona my steward and to the exhibitors for their support in awarding my first set of CC’s. My general observations include being pleased to find that most exhibits had clean mouths with nice scissor bites. Grooming and cleanliness was of a good standard. Pigment was excellent in the vast majority. Concerns include coats of incorrect texture; Pom coats at not meant to be ‘woolly’- this is not what our breed standard calls for. Double coat, the outer of harsh texture. Open fontanels and kinked/twisted/curly tails; I found more today than I ever have when judging previously. Tails should be straight. Whilst I didn’t penalise any open fonts on those under 18 months, breeders and exhibitors need to start being realistic and honest with themselves that have these not closed by 12 months they’re unlikely to and take the necessary decisions in their breeding programmes to safeguard the future of our beloved breed. I was saddened to have had to withhold awards in the PGD class due to lack of merit.

Veteran Dog/Bitch

1) CH Kazpom Just Be Coz. Bitch of 11 years. Cheeky face still full of mischief and looking so well for her age. Lovely head with small well-set ears. Fine boned and she carried a lovely rich orange coat of correct texture. Moved well. BVIS.

2) CH Pakov’s I’m A Celebrity JW VW. Dog of 10 years. Head not as sweet as I like however you can’t deny this CH’s qualities in all other aspects. Didn’t really make the most of himself today on the move.

Minor Puppy Dog

1) Altina Like Father Like Son At Yoshe. 8 months. The most stunning head with wonderful expression. This young pup is up on his toes and holds himself so well at all times; both on the move and when stood. Everything is where you would want it to be and he’s full of confidence. Lovely straight front, nice rear and pleasing side action. Puppy coat of good quality and texture at this point. BPD and BPIS.

2) Alexiasdream Alexamillion. 7 months. Another quality puppy who held himself well. Just not as confident as 1 and needs more work on the table. Typical head with nice expression. Short with high well-set tail and nice quality coat. Moved well.

Puppy Dog

1) Altina Like Father Like Son At Yoshe. As 1 MPD.

2) Sueacres Kiss Of Love. 10 months. Super sound honest dog. Lovely twinkling expression. Can stand himself a little long at times. Good quality coat of correct texture. Short back, tail high and well set. Moved OK; beautiful side movement although his front and rear could be a little stronger ideally.

Junior Dog

1) Norvanik Gold Rush. 12 months. Pleasing head and expression. Ear slightly larger than I’d like however can be hidden well in his lovely coat of correct texture. Lovely plume reaching right to his head. Tail high set and he holds himself well to make the most beautiful shape when stood. Moved well although slightly close in front.

2) Sharmipom Yustan Star Trek At Mariajon (IMP Rus). 15 months. Typical head with good eye and pigment. Ear slightly lower set than ideal. Made it difficult for his handler on stance today. He has a lovely harsh coat and lovely plume reaching his head. Moved well.

Novice Dog

1) Carripom Angosura. 20 months. Typical head. Short in back but tail set could be higher. Coat could be harsher. Nice bone and up on toes. Moved OK but a lot of sniffing the floor didn’t do him any favours.

2) Gordost Oskola Yulik TAF. 7 months. Typical head. Nice dark eye and pigment. Puppy whose coat is coming in nicely for his age. Quite long in back and another whose tail set could be higher. Moved OK.

Post Graduate Dog

All placings withheld

Limit Dog

1) Sylvids Lord Of Holyrood. 3 years. Lovely head with sparkling expression. Nice ear and good pigment. Short in back with good tail set. Good coat texture although a little lacking today; colour not ideal. Made a lovely shape when stood. Moved well.

2) Darade I Me Mine At Pomandenmore. 5 years. He looks like a real character. Heavier in head that 1 but of ideal size in body. Good tail set with good plume, coat of good texture making a nice shape when stood.

Open Dog

1) Petitpom Legend Of Love JW. 3 years. The most stunning head; there is nothing that I would want to change. Ideal head and expression. Super ear set, eye and pigment. He is short in neck which sits on well laid shoulders. His coat profuse and of excellent texture. In stance he presents himself flawlessly carrying his tail right to his ears which finishes the picture nicely. His movement was foot perfect today and simply couldn’t be matched. DCC, his first, & BIS.

2) CH Sharhazlah’s Suave Devil Shcex. 2 years. Sweet head with nice eye and good pigment. Ear could be slightly smaller. Short in back with good tail set. In nice coat of good texture. Moved well in all directions. RCC.

Minor Puppy Bitch

1) Degsy Mischief Maker. 7 months. Sweet head with nice eye. Good coat of nice texture coming through. Can hold herself well although a little long in back; needs to settle on the move.

2) After The Sunset Bandolero For Sylvids. 6 months at her first show; sadly lacking in confidence. She was nervous and it showed with her holding her tail down and not showing herself off to the best of her ability. Sweet head and expression.

Puppy Bitch

1) Pomeyre Total Eclipse. 9 months. Sweet head making the loveliest of expressions. Nice ear, good eye, lovely coat of correct texture and excellent colour. She makes a great shape when stood really throwing her head back onto her well laid shoulders. High tail set with nice plume coming in. BPB.

2) Sueacres Legend Of The Fall For Petitpom TAF. 10 months. Another with a lovely head and expression. She was alert at all times and has great proportions. Great coat of lovely colour and correct texture; she really makes the most of herself when stood. Preferred the movement of 1.

Junior Bitch

1) Norvanik Déjà vu. 12 months. Absolutely stunning head and expression. Well laid shoulders, short back and high tail set. Good coat of correct texture and blackest of black colour. Nice bone, up on her toes and moved well.

2) Aacharmoe’s Heaven Sent For Ismirelle. 17 months. Preferred the head and expression of 1. Slightly bigger bitch overall however completely sound. Nice coat of correct texture. Moved well.

Novice Bitch

1) Sueacres Legend Of The Falls For Petitpom TAF. As 2 PB.

2) Midawn Wendy Darling. 2 years. Lacking in confidence somewhat in part and dropping her tail when nervous. Pretty head and expression, ear slightly larger than preferred. Nice coat of good texture. Stands herself well making a nice shape.

Post Graduate Bitch

1) Alexiasdream Is My Destiny For Pomandenmore. 2.5 years. Nice size bitch. Sweet head with alert expression. Good coat of nice texture. Tail set high and plume right to her ears giving her a really good shape. Needs to settle on the move.

2) Divinity Lilly Of The Valley For Alexiasdream. 2.5 years. Bigger than 1; needs more training and needs to settle. Not as well balanced overall as 1; longer in back and shorter in leg. Well coated.

Limit Bitch

1) Norvanik Gold Dust. 3.5 years. Typical head with good eye and ear set. She has a lovely coat of correct texture and makes the most of herself when stood. Nice bone, well laid shoulders and moves well.

2) Gilberta Wings Magical Eyes At Midawn (IMP Blr). 6 years. Bigger than 1; heavier bone and head. Lovely coat and plume with good tail set and stands well. Preferred movement of 1.

Open Bitch

1) Ir CH Toybox Madam Shalay. 6 years. Stunning bitch. She’s an ideal size and would be an asset to any kennel and breeding programme. Beautiful head and expression with everything being where I would want it to be; she is super balanced. Her coat is profuse and she has the most amazing plume. She holds her shape well at all times and her movement was effortless. CC, her crowning I later found and RBIS/BOS.

2) Petitpom Sunset At Sueacres. 3 years. Another honest bitch of good size. She has a sweet head and expression. She has well laid shoulders and a nice high tail set which add to her qualities. Lovely coat of nice rich colour and correct texture; it just couldn’t match the overall quality of 1 in this department. Moved well in all directions. RCC.

Special Beginners Dog/Bitch

1) Gordost Oskola Yulik TAF. As 2 ND.

2) Puppy Love Amouage. 3 years. Typical head. Good coat however texture could be harsher. Moved Ok.

Special Open Black or Cream

1) Norvanik Déjà vu. As 1 JB.

2) Pomeyre Total Eclipse. As 1 PB.

Special Open Orange

1) CH Sharhazlah’s Suave Devil Shcex. As 2 OD.

Special Open Orange Sable

1) Sharhazlah Luvs A Dare Devil. 17 months. Honest dog. Nice head with good eye, ear could be smaller. Nice coat of correct texture. Moved well.

2) Gilberta Wings Magical Eyes At Midawn (IMP Blr). As 2 LB.

Special Open Any Other Colour

1) Midawn Wendy Darling. As 2 NB.

2) Pinch Of Snuff For Carberry. 6 years. Enjoying her day out. Nice head with sweet expression. Movement Ok. Another dropping her tail.

Special Stud Dog

1) CH Sharhazlah’s Suave Devil Shcex. As 2 OD.

Special Brood Bitch

1) Midawn Watchful Wilma. 4 years. Ideal brood size. Well balanced. Ear slightly large. Nice coat of good quality and texture. Moves well. An asset to any breeding programme I’m sure.

2) Divinity Lilly Of The Valley For Alexiasdream. As 2 PGB.

DCC & Best In Show   Petitpom Legend Of Love JW

RDCC   CH Sharhazlah’s Suave Devil Shcex

BPD & Best Puppy In Show   Altina Like Father Like Son At Yoshe

BCC & Reserve Best In Show   Ir CH Toybox Madam Shalay

RBCC   Petitpom Sunset At Sueacres

BPB   Pomeyre Total Eclipse

Best Veteran In Show CH Kazpom Just Be Coz

Ellen Ballantyne Memorial Stakes Open Dog/Bitch

1) Petitpom Sunset At Sueaces. As 2 OB.

2) Pomeyre Total Eclipse. As 1 PB.

Judge - Fay Matthews-Jones