• Show Date: 07/08/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Emily Evans Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

National Gundog Association

Breed: YKC Members' Handling & Senior Handling

National Gundog Association 

YKC Members' Handling

A Big thank you to all the handlers for their entries and their patience.I understand it was very hot on the day and sometimes it makes it harder when the dogs are hot.

6-11 Years (13,5)

1st Myla Savory

Myla presented her dog correctly and kept a good observation on the judge at all times.The straightest of lines and good precise turns at corners and when turning.I could tell this handler had an excellent rapport with her dog too which is always lovely to see.

2nd Ava Savory

Ava was always aware of the judges' whereabouts and presented her dog well.Good pattern work and a very smart handler.When showing the teeth just ensure your hands aren't covering the dogs bite.

3rd Alexis Kirkwood-Emery

Another smart handler.Always sympathethic to her dog,especially in the heat and aware of my movements at all times.Clean presentation of her dog at all times and when showing the bite.Good pattern work but just make sure your lines are straight and watch where the judges feet are pointing.

12-17 (8,4)

1st  Calleigh Hird

Confident handler who also had an excellent rapport with her dog.Pattern work was very good,lines were straight,corners were tight and everything was executed well.Clear show of the dogs bite,allowing me to see clearly.Great observation skills watching my movements whilst also concentrating on the presentation of your dog.Very smart,well done.

2nd Amelia Tatum

Smart handler,pattern work was very good,just keep an eye on your lines being straight as you did veer slightly and one point.Another handler that was attentive to their dog and also the judge at all times with great presentation skills.

3rd Erin Simcock

Neat lines and good pattern work.A confident handler with good presentation of her dog at all times.Just needs to keep an eye on the judge and watch her shadowing but yet another excellent handler in the class.

18-24 (2,2)

Fossedata Systems Senior Handling

25-45 Years (8,7)

1st Gillian Sarrou

Very Smart Handler,great presentation of her dog at all times.Pattern work was great and her lines were clean.Precise presentation of the dogs teeth and attentive to both judge and dog at all times.

46-59 Years (1,0)

1st Nicky Hartley

Good handler.Excellent rapport with her dog who seemed a bit tired due to the heat so didn't make her life easy.Smart presentation of her dog but pattern work and lines could be improved.

Emily Evans (Eminala)