• Show Date: 09/07/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: ELAINE STANMORE Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

East Of England Agricultural Society

Breed: Saluki



Thank you to the exhibitors for a quality entry, to the Society for inviting me to judge at this well run show and of course to my stewards.

All the Salukis were presented in lovely condition and had good dentition. We had the benefit of a large grass ring in the pleasant morning sunshine.

Minor Puppy (2)

1. Postma and Smith’s Classicus Fuad. 6 months Black fringed red, well grown, happy boy who was gently handled and showed very well for his age. Has a very nice head and far seeing eyes, good front, and a deep chest, very controlled going around the ring. Liked his foot shape and felt he was the most together in outline here.

2. Campling’s Classicus Faizan. Litter brother and very similar to first, also quite tall, lovely rich red colouring, lovely head and expression, nice shoulder and upper arm, deep chest and flowing profile movement, excellent temperament.

Puppy Dog. (1)

1. Postma and Smith’s Classicus Fuad.

Junior Dog (1)

1. Francis Velourias Slinky Vagabond. Lots to like about this quality grizzle, he has a very nice head and expression, correct feet, deep chest, nice topline and moderate quarters. Moved lightly and well. Front construction could be a bit better, and was a little down in pastern.

Yearling (3) 1

1. Glaister’s Impala Zia Dexter the Gambler (IMP USA) JW. Black and rich tan tri Lovely head and expression, good underjaw, long neck into good shoulder and upper arm, deep brisket and good quarters. Looked lovely going around the ring and seems really in tune with his owner.

2. Francis Velourias Slinky Vagabond.

Post Graduate Dog (2) 1

1. Clanford’s Canapus Fortuna (Imp NLD) Substantial cream, nice eye shape and expression and good pigmentation. Good shoulder and upper arm, deep brisket and moderate stifle. In lovely condition but could lose a little weight to advantage. Stands a bit high at the withers and would prefer larger feet.

Limit Dog (5) 2.

1. Quadling’s Classicus Alron with Malenkhai. From three nice dogs I liked this attractive medium size fawn grizzle, has a lovely head and expression, well set ears with soft silky fringes. Long supple neck into well constructed front, slight slope to pasterns and correct feet. Deep brisket, I liked this dog’s balance and topline which flows gracefully over his shoulders onto a slight rise over the loin which is moderate in length, gentle slope to pelvis with a low set tail. All combining to give him the desired symmetry. Moved well and was a strong contender for top honours.

2. Harding and Cowley’s Classicus Odysseus of Ashahni. Very attractive tall red grizzle of quality with a lovely head and expression, long supple neck, deep brisket good front angulation and feet, strong quarters. Movement was very sound, light and flowing. I preferred topline of 1st but I am sure they will swap places, depending on preference.

3.Chippendale’s Imhotep Rears Natural jasmine (IMP Bel)

Open Dog (7)1

1 Brady’s Ch Classicus Azim for Bordercot RCC Very attractive red/fawn grizzle, who has matured into a lovely dog. Has a beautiful head, long neck into very good forehand construction, slight slope to pasterns and good feet. muscles slightly arched over the loin and brisket long and deep with sufficient loin. Strong, moderate quarters and moved with soundness and grace. I feel he fits the standard very well, unlucky to meet an old favourite of mine in the veteran winner.

2. Campling’s Classicus Octavius. Golden fawn of similar quality who I see is a son of first, most of the same remarks apply and he also is a very good mover. Still relatively young for a sighthound and not quite as developed in ribcage as his sire.

3. Glaister’s Ch Vanechka Otis S Berega Turi (IMP Rus) JW ShCM


1. Stephen’s Alshara Aslan Bedu.CC I have always liked this silver grizzle, going back to giving him a strong yearling class at Crufts. Hard to believe he is now 10 years old, he was in very fit condition, and It is so nice to see veterans coming back so well after such a long period without shows. He is very like some of the dogs which were around when I first started judging in the 1980s. Not a big dog, everything about this boy spells moderation, he has a lovely head and expression, excellent shoulder and upper arm, straight forelegs, correct feet with strong springy pasterns. Good topline and deep brisket, moderately narrow front, Moderate bend of stifle and well developed first and second thigh. From some quality dogs in the challenge it was lovely to see his sound, light, flowing, movement. It was his day today and I felt he really deserved the CC, his third, and BV.


1. Sanders-Parker’s Classicus Felicitas BPIBPG3 Extremely pretty and feminine red and white parti, has a really lovely quality and balanced head with gentle oval eyes, very good overall angulation and outline, moved very well. Pleased to hear she was PG3 at only 6 months old.

2 Harding’s Classicus Florentina at Ashahni Attractive black and tan parti sister to first. This puppy is also very promising, long, strong neck which flows into her good shoulders, she has a good overall outline and moved well when settled. Both these puppies had lovely temperaments.


1. Freegard’s Mumtaz Obsession Another really lovely puppy, black fringed shaded fawn, she has a lovely head, although I slightly preferred the minor puppies expression, everything to like in her conformation. She moved very well. Not happy in the ring, if she can get over this must have a bright future.


1. Fisher’s Ruweis Malahah One of two lovely cream litter sisters which I liked very much. Extremely feminine, she has a really lovely head and pigment, lovely shoulders and upper arm and well balanced quarters, moved very well.

POST GRAD (5) 2.

 1.Fisher’s Ruweis Mahnisa Litter sister to graduate winner and another very feminine cream.. She had such a proud air and definitely a dignified expression. Really lovely head and eyes, good front and feet, deep brisket, good topline and quarters, sound mover with lightness and lift.

2. Warner’s Savuka Rasheika. Black fringed red, larger overall than 1st, but very nicely constructed throughout with balanced angulation and flowing lines. She moved well. Preferred head and expression of 1st.

3. Woolmer’s Al Nafiseh Flowering Sage.


1. Garratt and Oakey’s Caryna Esperanza cream, difficult to overlook this bitch as she has such lovely construction and flowing lines. Excellent angulation top and underline, pasterns and feet. Extremely good movement.

2. Mackenzie Loughran’s Classicus Ophelia. I really liked this very pretty golden cream who has such a lovely head. Needs time to mature, moved well but didn’t quite have the overall balance of 1st.

3. Williams Tigsisle Totally Unique


1 Ireson, Dann, Farris and Cosentini’s Jazalle Aneeqa CCBOB Have always liked this cream bitch and she looked really beautiful today, a picture of maturity and flowing lines. Exceptionally lovely head and expression, framed by her well set ears and beautiful fringing. Her neck flows into an excellent shoulder and upper arm, she has a deep brisket and good topline with slight arch over loin, well balanced, moderate quarters and a long low set tail. She moved very well and I felt she was a very worthy winner.

2 Sanders-Parker’s Ch Classicus Olympia. RCC Well known winning grizzle parti, who I liked very much. She also has a lovely head and her long neck flows into really excellent front construction which makes her front movement so ultra sound, she has a lovely depth of brisket and outline, moderate stifle, strong first and second thigh and low hocks which combine to give her very good hind action and light lifting movement. This was a really lovely class.

3rd Garratt and Oakey’s Ch Caryna Remeny.


1. Ch/Ber Ch Ulmarra Tropical Ice at Winton VW At over 12 years old, this bitch is a great credit to her owner. She has a lovely head and expression and a long neck, very good feet, long and deep brisket and a nice outline. She moved very well and went around the ring with such style and soundness. I wished I could have had a BV award for both the lovely veterans today.