• Show Date: 03/07/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Elaine Bradley Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Windsor Dog Show Society

Breed: Weimaraner

Windsor Champ Show 2022


I would like to thank Windsor Dog Show Society for their kind invitation to award my second set of CCs in a breed I’ve been close to for more than 30 years, the sun shone and the layout of the rings and benching was very impressive, easy for all to get around and super large rings that we made the most of, my thanks to my very efficient stewards Laurie & Eddie, but most of all my thanks to the exhibitors for giving me the opportunity to judge their dogs and for their gracious acceptance of my decisions. To say I was delighted that my BOB/BP not only went on to take Gundog Group 4 but also Gundog Puppy Group 2 is an understatement, congratulations!!

PD (3 Entries) Abs: 0

A lovely class to kick off the day, 3 promising pups but all at different stages at the moment, 1. Simpson’s Sireva Emeyefive this boy took my eye at my first look round and didn’t disappoint as the class went on, mature 11.5 month old, I liked him for size & type, masculine head with no coarseness framed by ears of correct set, length & desired slight fold, he has the gentlest of expressions, strong neck into well laid shoulders, excellent depth, strong topline to correct tailset, his moderate angles front and rear all add to his ability to move out with ground covering drive, to top it off he wears a jacket of the palest silver grey, for me he stood away, not only in the class but also in the challenge and I couldn’t get past him for the DCC, which I understand is his 2nd and I’m sure he won’t be long before he wears his crown. In the challenge for BOB he pulled out the stops over a very nice bitch and I was more than happy to award him BOB and BP, he then went on win Gundog Group 4 and Puppy Group 2, I’m sure he has a very exciting future ahead, I absolutely loved him. 2. Phillips’ Farnfield Linesman from Rivertone another lovely puppy but a real baby at 8.5 months and at that in-between stage, his head still needs to break and his chest needs to drop again but he has it all there and just needs to come together, good angulation all round, correct height to length, good feet, once settled he moved out well. 3. Hillen’s Britmans Auriol

JD (3 Entries) Abs: 0

1. Thorne’s Mabanika A Team another 3 nice youngsters headed up by two 13 month old litter brothers, who were quite different to each other. This boy is solidly built, all-male, strong neck and correct front assembly, strong topline and correct tailset, super depth, slightly smaller and not as long as his brother, he needs to relax and he will then show himself off better, moved well once settled. 2.Thorne’s Mabanika Cheers slightly larger version of his brother, a little longer cast but still balanced, again he has great depth and well sprung ribs, I preferred his head and expression to that of his brother who I found a little too square in head and not as gentle in expression, not as settled either standing or moving as his brother but gave enough to earn this place 3. Arnold’s Gunalt Roku

YD (1 Entries) Abs: 0

1. Razzell, Hazeltine & Crowther’s Hundwith Checkmate of Corotine JW 20 month old, I liked his head and expression, correct length and set of ears, good depth of chest & spring of ribs, strong, clean neck, moderate angulation front & rear, strong level topline, nothing overdone, sound honest dog who was a little unsettled to start with but moved well with drive once he settled to the job in hand

PGD (6 Entries) Abs: 2

1. Robson’s Robricci Aramis JW 19 month old who is maturing nicely, I liked him for size, lovely head and expression, good bone and substance, strong neck into well laid shoulder, correct front assembly with ample forechest, good depth all through, moderate angulation fore and aft, nice feet, sound, ground covering mover who keeps his topline and tailset on the move, not in his best coat today but couldn’t be denied his first place 2. Pearman’s Weipowa Denton at Britmans slightly bigger size than 1, very masculine boy, not as good in neck & shoulder assembly as 1, he has a nice head and kind expression, strong topline & correct tailset, another sound mover, I’m sure these two will probably swap places on another day, close decision 3. Hunter’s Braefell Dragonfly

LD (1 Entries) Abs: 0

1. Burgess’s Gunalt Vettel To Hantzburg stood alone but deserving of his first place, he is maturing into a nice dog and just coming into his best at 3 years of age, he is medium sized, nice colour, he has enough depth of chest and good spring of rib, good forechest, nice head and kind expression, level topline & correct tailset all held well on the move which he does very soundly, if I’m being critical I’d like to have seen a little more muscle but overall a pleasing picture standing and on the move

OD (3 Entries) Abs: 1

1. Kerr’s Kalimor Hudson this was a tough class with 2 very nice dogs making for a close decision, this boy was the slightly bigger of the two but so well balanced, nice head & expression, super forechest and good depth, well balanced angles front and rear, well boned legs down to lovely feet, moves soundly with drive and forward reach, unlucky to meet the puppy in the challenge but I’m sure his day will come, pleased to award him the RDCC 2. Beagrie’s Gunalt Audio from Feldhund JW another nice boy with a lovely head and gentle expression, slightly smaller in size but again lovely balance to him, not as much bone as 1 but enough, good topline & tailset, nicely angulated and sound mover, I just preferred the better front action of 1 which pipped this boy to the post. I understand they are both on 2 CC’s and I’m sure both will gain their crowns as they are both deserving of their titles.

GCD/B (5 Entries) Abs: 0

1. Morris’s Kalimor Dottie 10 month old bitch who is a lovely shape and quite mature without being overdone for her age, super head and expression, strong topline & tailset, lovely angulation all through, moved true coming and going and so steady for a baby, being picky I’d like a slightly paler coat colour but she is a lovely girl and has a lot of promise, she also won PB and JB which I was told gave her the last points for her JW, well done. Considered her for the RCC, I’m sure she has a very bright future ahead and I’ll watch with interest. 2. Reakes’ Thrihyrne Love Letters the only L/H of the day but what a lovely one, she has the prettiest of heads with a gentle expression, I like her size, there’s nothing overdone about her, she has enough depth, good bone & feet, good in topline & tailset, her coat is a lovely pale silver, correct length of coat on the body with feathering coming along nicely, I think she will mature into a very nice girl, moved soundly. 3. Hunter’s Braefell Dragonfly

PB (6 Entries) Abs: 0

Three litter sisters headed up this class of pups 1. K. Dottie repeat 2. Robson’s Kalimor Nancy At Robricci was a close decision between 1 & 2, very similar remarks apply, another with a nice head and expression, a smidge bigger than her sister but still balanced with good angulation, today she wasn’t quite as positive on the move as her sister and was crabbing slightly which cost her the class but I’m sure they will change places on many occasions as they mature on, their breeder must be very pleased with this litter. 3. Dobbs’ Kalimor Summa Love 4. Anderson’s Hollieseast Chanel Chic 5. Duncan’s Hollieseast Chic Couture

JB (3 Entries) Abs: 0

1. Kalimor Dottie 2. Thorne’s Mabanika The Good Life litter sister to 1&2 in JD, she is a nice size with enough depth and forechest, good head with gentle expression, enough neck into well laid shoulders, moderate angulation, holds her topline well on the move which is sound and free-flowing, a couple of months younger than 1 and not quite as forward but she definitely has plenty of time on her side 3. Hill’s Weipowa Into The Wind

YB (4 Entries) Abs: 1

1. Rodgers’ Minstergate Carnival JW just out of junior and what a lovely girl she is, well made with nothing overdone, she has a lovely head and gentle expression, good strong neck into correct front assembly, excels in forechest and correct depth of chest & spring of rib, super strong topline down to correct tailset, she carries her tail correctly at all times and it just never stops wagging, she has great angles fore & aft and uses them well with effortless ground covering movement, her coat is a lovely colour but found it a little soft today, personality plus and another who I’m sure will gain her title 2. T. Love letters 2nd in GC 3. Filby & Brown Desjiem Dujardin

PGB (4 Entries) Abs: 0

1. Hill’s Weipowa Beretta this is a sound, honest bitch, nice head and expression, good neck, ok for forechest, good depth and balanced angles, she was probably the best muscled dog of the whole day and certainly looks like she could do a days work, she impressed with her sound, ground covering movement 2. Finch’s Silberliss Soiltaire nice colour, nice head and sweet expression, ok for depth, just feel she needs a little more length of leg to balance her and was crabbing on the move 3. Wood’s Stormdancer Do Something 4. Standen’s Huntersfrend Asia

LB (8 Entries) Abs: 0

My notes say WOW what a class!! I was spoilt for choice and there weren’t enough red cards! 1. Marr’s Sharnphilly Grace Kelly at Cleimar a lovely size girl, appealing head and kind expression, she has excellent angles all round, is clean all through with super balance, she is elegant with enough bone and good feet, she nearly through it all away by pacing on the move but pulled it all together both in the class and in the challenge to win the class and then the BCC in strong company. I understand this was the all important 3rd to make her a Show Champion, congratulations, well deserved, I’m sure it won’t be her last. 2. Hostler’s Kalimor Daisy JW I thought this girl would be my winner on first look round the class and she pushed hard all the way, super head and gentle expression, good depth and balance, strong topline which she holds on the move, moves out soundly covering the ground, I was really nitpicking between 1&2, 1 just put on a little bit more sparkle at the end of the class but was more than happy to award this girl the RBCC, another who deserves her title 3. Morris’s Kalimor Gem

OB (6 Entries) Abs: 0

1. Hazeltine & Crowther’s Sh Ch Hundwith Chortle with Hookwood JW Sh.CM ShCEx another class of cracking girls this one wasn’t my obvious winner at the start but the more I watched the more I liked, she is a lovely shape, balanced and well made all through, I like her head and expression with good ears framing, correct angulation moving soundly and holding her topline and tailset, well deserving of her title 2. Phillips’ Rivertone Head Above Water similar comments apply to this girl, I actually preferred her head and expression, she is well angulated, good depth and bone, holds a strong topline and tailset, a close decision but 1 just had that bit more pizazz on the move 3. Simpson’s Sireva Margrave

Elaine Bradley (Judge)