• Show Date: 08/07/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: EDWARD Forsey Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

East Of England Agricultural Society


Judge Mr E Forsey (Muzoku).


PD (1) 1. Goldmali Salute Belshedo NAF (Mr C R & Miss A J Metcalf & Willingham), 9 month old promising youngster, clean head with sufficient breadth, high set ears with an alert and attentive demeanour. Square outline to body, moderate angulation front and rear, tail set slightly low, moved well at a steady pace holding a level topline – BD, BPIB

JB (1) 1. Foryd Carnedd Gwenllian*** (Ms N Hugo), Young lady with a pleasing head, even muzzle to skull ratio and good parallel planes separated by a moderate stop, good side profile , square outline and well angulated throughout, well set tail, sufficient bone and tight feet. Very clean and light on her feet when moving - BB, BOB, BSB

PGB (1) 1. Foryd Carnedd Gwenllian*** (Ms N Hugo), as previous

SBB (1) 1. Foryd Carnedd Gwenllian*** (Ms N Hugo), as previous


PGB (1) 1. T'safira Do Cabeco Do Seixo (Imp Ptr) (Lady S Mckinlay), timid 2 year old of good proportions and body substance, feminine head with well set small ears, short strong neck, well angulated forequarters. Short coupled and holding a nice topline on the move, tendency to crab on the away and back - RBB

VB (1) 1. Nl Ch Rainha Da Casa De Loas Em Bamcwt (Imp Port) Ejw'16 (Miss L J, Mrs S A, Mr J & Mrs F Bermingham, Kendrick & Almeida), very nice 7 year old, good sized balanced feminine head, dark oval eyes and small ears. Strong neck flowing into moderately set shoulders, slight bend to short pasterns. Slightly longer in body than height at withers, good spring to rib and depth to elbows. Moderate rear angulation and well set tail in full rich coat. BB, BOB, BVIB


PD (1) 1. Kalkasi Just Because (Mr I & Mrs Y Baverstock) a nice sized 10 month old male in fine coat and sporting a good full mane. Nice head, not to broad with slight stop and dark almond shaped eyes, good angulation front and rear which provided him with a nice free gait. Slight rise over loin with well-set tail and characteristic J tip. Good tight feet - BPIB

JD (2,1a) 1. Kalkasi Just Because (Mr I & Mrs Y Baverstock), as previous

PGD (2) 1. Pyrcot Spirit of Ohana (Mrs T & Mrs P J Kennedy), Strong two and half year old boy, nice head of good proportions with good strength in muzzle and dark almond shaped eyes and well placed tidy triangular ears. Well angulated front, good bone and slightly sloping pasterns. Good turn of stifle at the rear, overall outline slightly longer than height at withers with correct depth and breadth of chest and moved true in all aspects at a steady gait – RBD

2. Madrasleibhe Croaghaunb (Mrs K Thompson), another two and a half year old male, a more pretty rather than masculine head which comes from him being finer in bone and narrower in body compared to first. Well angulated front and rear, nice topline and well toned. Required a bit more urgency on the move coming across as a little lethargic today.

OD (2,1a) 1. Gillandant Thief of Hearts at Dewyche (Mrs G P & Mrs K M E Pollard & Maggs) – what wasn’t to love about this two year old male, strong masculine head but without coarseness, deep muzzle, and dark pigmentation. Full rich coat and mane covering a strong neck and powerful shoulders. Well boned, slight slope to pasterns, compact tight feet. Deep and broad chest, nice underline, held a lovely topline on the move. Covered the ground in a seemingly effortless casual gait - BD, BOB

PB (2,1a) 1. Kalkasi Just for Fun (Miss G Amron), 10 month old pretty youngster who still needs time to mature, head of a blunt V with a slight stop, nice dark eyes and good pigmentation. Nice overall outline showing good angulation front and rear with level topline. Moderate bone sufficient for her size, well set tail of good length. A little raw and loose on the move at the moment.

PGB (4,2a) 1. Belshanmish New Sensation at Pyrajay (Mrs R S & Mr J R Thorne), lovely feminine head on this youngster, well balanced, almond shaped eyes, small triangular ears set well, elegant arch to neck, good angulation and tight compact feet. Just off square in body outline, good depth of chest, would like a little more breadth. Nice turn of stifle, well handled and moved true in all aspects covering the ground with ease.

2. Jumicar Uptown Girl (Mrs J Bhattacharya), 2 year old bitch, head of good size in proportion to body, slightly lower ear set and rounder eyes than first which detracted from her expression. Strong short neck, well angulated and with good bone throughout. Chest of sufficient depth and breadth, slight bend to pasterns and large tight feet. Moved well at a steady pace.

OB (3,2a) 1. Ch Kalkasi Super Cool JW (Mr I & Mrs Y Baverstock), impressive and confident 3 year old with many endearing qualities, balanced feminine head with a sweet expression, nice almond shaped eyes and slight stop, firm well set neck. Body longer than tall, good depth to chest and moderate angulation front and rear. Well set tail of good length, in good coat and true on the move - RBB

VB (1) 1. Ch Belshanmish Pretty in Pink at Pyrajay ShCM ShCEx VW (Mrs R S & Mr J R Thorne), really lovely girl who doesn’t show her almost 8 years of age and has a real confident air and grace about her, very pretty head, slight stop, almond shaped eyes and alert small ears. Strong neck flowing into well angulated shoulders. Level top line with short muscular loins. Well angulated and muscled rear. Very elegant and light on the move with a perfect footfall. BB, RBOB, BVIB