• Show Date: 09/06/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: EDWARD Forsey Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Three Counties Agricultural Society

Breed: St. Bernard

Judge Mr E Forsey (Muzoku).


PD (1) 1. Lyons & Grubb, Snowfordhill Nimrod , promising 6 month old youngster at his first show, balanced head which cried St Bernard. In good coat which was a little soft at this time. Well angulated front with good sized tight feet, topline slightly high over the croup, short broad loin, well angulated rear, a little excitable on the move to start but settled into a clean rhythmic stride BPD, BPIB

JD (0) No Entries

PGD (1) 1. Forrest & Thomas, Tombears Ready For Anything At Philandros substantial 2 year old, large round well proportioned head, good abrupt stop, some loose skin, strong neck, well laid shoulders, strong straight legs, large feet which could be tighter, good rear angulation, moved well for a large dog, played his substitute handler up in the challenge. RBD

OD (1) 1. Forrest & Thomas, Ch Tombears Who Dares Wins Over Philandros large 4 year old, in good coat with rough texture, broad head with abrupt stop, short square deep muzzle, well set thick ears laying close to head with a pleasing expression. Solid neck, good front and rear angulation and substantial bone, nice low set hocks, strong loin, moved true at a good steady gait. BD

VD (0) No Entries

PB (1) 1. Grantham, Trixie Morley, pretty 11 month old smooth coat, square muzzle of good length, correct dentition, well placed ears, slightly narrow in head compared to length, strong neck, well laid shoulders and rear angulation , well-toned throughout with a strong coupling, moved true but a little lethargic on the day. BPB

JB (1) 1. Anne, Gwilihill Forest Folk Over Stagbatch, another youngster with lots to like, well balanced head with lots of character, well placed dark eyes, abrupt stop and well placed thick ears. Moderately angulated both front and rear, good substance throughout, large tight feet with well arched toes, level topline, well set tail, pleasing overall outline. Moved true out and back. RBB

PGB (1, 1a).

OB (1) 1. Deegan, Chandlimore Heart Beat, 2 year old with a very pretty head, of good size and balance without being overdone in any feature. Dark pigment and tight eyelids, head carried well on strong neck flowing into strong well laid shoulders. Broad deep chest, level topline which she held on the move while covering the ground effortlessly with good reach at the front coupled with a powerful drive from the well angulated rear BB and BOB.

VB (0) No Entries