• Show Date: 22/10/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: EDWARD Forsey Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Newfoundland Club

Breed: Newfoundland

Judge Mr E Forsey (Muzoku).


JUNIOR D/B (10,4a)

1. Bull, Sandbears What Ya Fancy At Ravenshore, Lovely 16 months old female with some strong features but retaining a feminine expression, short strong muzzle, broad head with well set, small ears. Moderate angulation front and rear and well off for bone. Shorter coat than most but of good texture. Moved in harmony with her handler at a steady gait holding a level topline throughout.

2. Farrar, Darkpeak Starlight Express, a beautiful 11 month old female puppy who presented a striking side profile, Pretty head, well placed eyes with nice tight rims, good length of neck, well angulated front and sufficient forechest. Depth of chest to elbows. Level topline and nice turn of stifle at the rear. Still maturing and a little loose and playful on the move but definitely one to watch.

3. Carter, Zentaur The Fizz Factor, 15 month old male, lovely masculine head of good breadth, deep strong muzzle and correct dentition. Dark eyes giving him a nice expression. Well angulated front and rear, nice depth of chest, could benefit from a little more breadth of chest as moved slightly close on the away and back but with a perfect side gait.

Res. Leech, Bulawayo Faundland at Mileoak Jw

VHC. Burton, Ceedernewf In the Forest.


1.Duff, Titanbears Vainglorious Jw, 20 month old strapping male of good size and bone without being overdone. Strong masculine head, deep short muzzle, small well set eyes, strong neck, well set on shoulders, well angulated front and rear, slight slop to pasterns and large tight feet. Level topline and clean underline, broad rump with slight curve and good turn of stifle, moved with purpose.

2. Duff, Titanbears Wicked Method Jw, lovely sister to first who carried a lot of her brothers qualities, very pretty head with exquisite expression. Well angulated front and rear and having sufficient bone throughout, longer in body than height at the withers coming from length of ribcage. Pasterns could strengthen more but another who moved with purpose in harmony with her handler.

3. Bull, Sandbears Work of Art at Ravenshore, an honest 2 year old female of good size and proportions. Feminine head, could be slightly tighter on the flews, good breadth and shape to occiput. Moderate angulation and good bone, compact in body with short strong loin. Tail of good set and carriage just slightly short in length. Moved true in all aspects at a steady gait.

Res. Wilson,Sparkybears Tiny Temper

VHC. Carter, Zentaur The Fizz Factor

OPEN D/B (11,5a)

1. Mercer, Ch/Ir ChKing of Helluland Keep Distance at Larkharbour, Not the biggest girl but striking 6 year female in all aspects, well balanced head, kind dark eyes, tight flews and rims. Small well set ears, strong neck carrying her head elegantly. Well angulated front and rear, good depth and breadth of chest. Strong bone and well-muscled throughout. Tight loin, Moved with a real presence covering the ground with ease.

2. Hudson & Bone, Newfangled Bone Idle, Large 5 year old substantial male, nice clean outline on the stand with a compact body. Large broad masculine head, deep muzzle, dark eye and well placed small ears. Solid neck well set on moderately angulated shoulders, good depth of chest, would like a touch more breadth of chest for his size, movement was true.

3. Crosier, Nurburgnewf Cayman, Another large substantial 4 year old male, clean outline from the side, with large strong bone throughout. Good masculine head, short deep muzzle, small wide set eyes, solid neck nicely set, moderate angulation front and rear, large compact feet. Good depth to chest but again slightly more breadth would benefit him. Level topline and nice set to tail. Moved cleanly at a steady gait.

Res. Baxter & Woodhall, Newfashion This is Me

VHC. Franklin, Shinglebay High Hopes Shcm