• Show Date: 05/06/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: EDWARD Forsey Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Southern Counties Canine Association

Judge Mr E Forsey (Muzoku).


PGD (1,1a)

LD (1) 1. Streater, Xanova Beowolf, 20 month old pleasing male, good head of balanced proportions and parallel planes separated by a moderate stop, well placed erect ears, moderate angulation, short coupling and slight rise over loin, nice tight feet and good pasterns, moved lightly at a steady pace but tendency to crab slightly. BD

PGB (2,1a), 1, Oatley & Haberer, Jetaime Georgia, Lovely 3 year old feminine bitch with a pretty head and expression, well balanced square outline, nice arch to neck well set on shoulders, moderate angulation, nice underline, moved well, on the smaller side of the standard. RBB

OB (1) 1. Robinson & Goode, Mirribandi Roulette, Mature well-built bitch in full coat, feminine well chiselled head with parallel planes to skull and muzzle, dark almond shaped eyes, well arched strong neck, deep chest with well laid shoulders, short strong coupling and well set tail, moved true – BB-BOB


PGD (1,1a)

LD (1) 1. Monks, Bergeau Forever Starlight, well toned 3 year old male, masculine head, slightly long but muzzle in balance to skull length, dark well placed almond shaped eyes, sufficient depth of chest, well angulated shoulder, straight topline and nice underline, good rear angulation, moved true at rear but with shorter stride at front. BD

OD (1,1a)

GCD/B (1) Lewington, Corsini Prelude, 5 year old elegant female, balanced head, not to long with adequate breath, dark eye and well placed ears, square outline to body in profile. Slight slope to croup and well set tail, move lightly on her tight well arched feet.

PB (1) 1. Mclaren & Vandenbemden, Corsini Fascination, lovely balanced youngster who was only 9 months old, good square outline, well angulated front and rear, sweet feminine head with an alert expression, flowing arch to neck, moved well in all aspects. BPIB, RBB

JB (1,1a)

PGB (1,1a)

LB (1) 1. Lewington, Corsini Prelude, see GCD/B

OB (2) 1. Mackie, lester & Smith, Ch Domburg Made by Hawksflight, Not the largest of girls but who says quality dosent come in small packages as it did today in this beautiful 4 year old girl in her prime, True in all aspects from the tip of her nose to the last hair on her tail. Balanced head, alert expression and responsive well placed ears, well angulated and toned throughout, flowing arch to neck compact in body, with a lovely rich profuse coat. On the move covers the ground with such effortless elegance that you can’t but stare. BB, BOB

2. Hancock, Niavana over the Moon, another pretty girl, balanced head with good dentition, nice arch to neck , well set on shoulders, out of coat today, body outline slightly longer than tall, good depth of chest and spring of rib, short coupling, slight rise over loin, moved cleanly.


Although a Non CC appointment I was very pleased with both my numeric entry and afterwards I can also say with the overall quality. Great to see so many youngsters and new people in the breed, which promises a bright future ahead.

PD (5). 1, Goodman, Bourgeoisie Raise the Roof at Henchbull, Solid 9 month old of good proportions, large head in balance with body, nice rounded skull with well set ears, good underjaw, strong neck well set on shoulders, broad chest with elbows tight and under the dog, good topline and moderate rear angulation, moved well in all aspects. RBD, BPIB

2. Iqbal & Ibrahim, Bellamiabams Bad Influence at Beauxdogues, another very promising but slightly younger puppy who was also solidly built with good overall proportions. Well balanced broad head, strong muzzle and underjaw, well set eyes, pronounced stop, good depth and breadth of chest, well laid shoulders and rear angulation, a little more rise over the croup and not as clean on the move as first.

3.Mckatherine & West, Locoluxe Go The Distance

JD (1) 1. Spencer, Debsikay King of the South, good balanced head on this youngster, broad but not overdone, nice underjaw, and overall expression, sufficient median grove and enough wrinkle, strong neck set on well laid shoulders, front pasterns need to strengthen, well sprung ribs, broad loin moved steadily.

LD (2,2a)

OD (2) 1. Bamforth, Bellamiabam’s Playboy, super quality 2 year old robust dog, Solid masculine broad head, good well-proportioned muzzle. Well placed ears, strong neck, well angulated front assembly, elbows tight, well off for bone and well muscled throughout. Good sized tight feet. Strong broad coupling, with well angulated rear which enabled him to move with good drive. BD

2. Phillips, Bronzelaza Hooch, 7 month old raw youngster with lots of developing ahead, head still needs to broaden but shows good balance, prominent stop with well set alert eyes, well laid shoulders, good depth of chest, elbows tight, moderate rear angulation, energetic and true on the move.

SBD (2) 1. Phillips, Bronzelaza Hooch, as previous

2. Spencer, Debsikay King of the South, as previous

SBB (1) 1. Spencer, Loggerheads Summer by Debsikay, really pleasing head on this bitch, broad but not excessive, short strong muzzle and nice underjaw with alert eyes giving a nice expression. Sufficient length to neck moderately angled front, well off for bone, large tight feet but pasterns need to strengthen. Broad deep chest, not too long in body with slight rise over croup.

PB (4,2a) 1. Iqbal & Ibrahim, Bellamiabams Rose at Beauxdogues, lovely youngster with pleasing feminine head, head quite clean without too much wrinkle sharing a lot of the pleasing qualities from her brother, solid well proportioned body, well angulated front construction and holding elbows tight into chest, sound on the move with a good length of stride. RBB

2. Iqbal, Ibrahim & Bamforth, Bellamiabams Ivy at Beauxdogues, sister to first so splitting hairs between these two. Lovely well balanced feminine head, good body, sound construction and strong pasterns, slightly more rear angulation than first but didn’t move out as well as her sister.

LB (2), 1, Bamforth, Bellamiabam La Vie Est Belle JW, Another nice head in balance with body size, good breadth with well-placed ears emphasising this, short strong muzzle, strong neck, well laid shoulders and well off for bone, sufficient body depth, well ribbed, short loin, rise over croup, moved well at a steady pace.

2, Spencer, Loggerheads Summer by Debsikay, as previous SBB

OB (1) 1,Bicknell & Cavanagh, Sumo Shimano (imp Ita), super quality 2 year old bitch who was the full package, not the largest but well balanced and proportioned throughout, strong but feminine head with an exquisite expression, strong neck flowing into withers, well laid shoulders. Good bone, strong pasterns and tight feet, well ribbed, short strong loin, well angulated rear, well muscled and moved with drive. BB and BOB


JD (1) 1, Parkin-Russell, Spaclere Timex Tiny Tim, 15 month old who has a nice balanced just off square outline, masculine head with nice square muzzle, and scissor bite. High set triangular ears, strong neck flowing into well angulated shoulders. Nice turn of stifle at the rear and moved true at a steady pace. BD

PGD, (1, 1a)

OD, (1) 1. Langley, Springhaze On Fire, 3 year old with a sold masculine head, good breath and length to skull, moderate stop and an alert expression. Moderately angulated at both fornt and rear with good body tone. A little long in leg but with good bone and compact tight round feet. Straight hocks on the move and true from all aspects. RBD

PB (1) 1 Brailey, Petronella Eki Balarda at Springhaze (Imp Pol), sweet girl just shy of a year, well balanced feminine head, dark almond shaped eyes which gave her a soft expression. Well laid shoulder, elbows held tight, pasterns just off vertical and compact feet. Held a nice level topline on the move. RBB, BPIB

OB (1) 1. Parkin-Russell, Tamarackgsmd Coral Pour Spaclere (Imp Can). Very nice 3 year old, good outline just off square, well proportioned muzzle, flat skull and well set ears. Clean strong neck following into well laid shoulders, nicely ribbed with chest to elbows. Level topline and short coupling, nice slope to croup, didn’t disappoint on the move having good reach and drive. BB, BOB