• Show Date: 07/05/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Ed Casey Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Birmingham Dog Show Society Ltd

Breed: Spaniel (English Springer)

The National - ESS

Thank you to the exhibitors for this numerically strong and quality entry, I was looking for a medium sized, well boned dog with adequate leg length and a compact outline. Heads are very mixed and I think its difficult to put up a consistent type even within an entry of this size. We have many talented handlers in the breed who make the most of their dogs standing but I do expect a well constructed and balanced ESS to maintain its outline moving as well as standing, this was not always the case. Temperaments on the whole were excellent, springers should be an outgoing friendly and happy breed, I would much rather see some over exuberance than timidity and I did penalise that.

Minor Puppy Dog (4, 2abs)

Two litters brothers here. 

1st: WALKER Dexbenella Double Oh Seven

The first is more advanced in development, liked his outline. Head still needing time to break and develop, eyes of pleasing shape although still needing to darken a little. Clean through the neck, shoulders quite well placed, excellent bone and feet. Deep in body and ribbed well back, well muscled quarters which he used well on the move. Heavily coated for his young age and put down in lovely condition. Does not need to grow anymore. BPD & BP.

2nd: HILL Dexbenella double trouble at teignvalley

More adolescent looking than his brother and will take more time to come to his best, well proportioned head. Strong neck, moderate front angulation, likes his bone and excellent feet. Firm level topline, tailset ok. Body developing well, not quite the rear angulation of 1 but well muscled, presented in excellent condition.

Puppy Dog (1, 0abs)

1st: REYNOLDS Clentonian Pitch Perfect

Raw youngster at an inbetween stage of development, his head is of pleasing shape though could have a little more work. Stands on good legs and feet, moderately angulated front, enough depth of body for his stage of development, ribbed quite well back. Well muscled hindquarters, moderately angulated rear. Moved on an even stride.

Junior Dog (1,1abs)

Yearling Dog (1, 0abs)

1st: TOPLISS Beresford Lockdown

A well balanced liver and white youngster of quality, his head has immediate appeal, dark almond shaped eyes, good length of muzzle and an appealing expression. Strong neck, moderately angulated front, correct amount of bone and excellent well padded feet. Body of good depth and well developed, ribbed well back. Holds a firm level topline standing and moving, tail well set and carried. His quarters are well muscled, hocks well let down. Moved positively in all directions when settled. 

Post Graduate Dog (5, 0abs)


Immaculately presented black and white dog shown in A1 condition. His head is so appealing, of good length and proportions, with plenty of work, darkest of eyes, correct in shape. Long muscular neck, shoulders quite well positioned. His legs are straight and well boned and he stands on the best of feet. A little longer cast in body but its of good depth, firm though the loin. Well angulated hindquarters which he uses to advantage on the move. Pleasing tail set and carriage showing off his happy disposition, moves positively on a long stride.

2nd: GLEDHILL Greg De Les Tres Llacunes (Imp Esp)

Medium sized liver and white dog who will always appeal for his typical head with appealing expression, kind dark eyes, muzzle of good length and skull of correct proportions. On the move he is light footed and positive when he goes both fore and aft and in profile. His neck is quite long and clean, he pleases in forehand, correct amount of bone for his size. At two and a half he is still needing time to develop a little more in body. Shown in excellent coat and condition.

Limit Dog (11, 3abs)

1st MITCHELL Peasblossom Xanti

Black and white dog who will always be in consideration, attractively marked, medium sized dog of quality, his head is of ideal balance, dark eyes, almond in shape offering a kind endearing expression. His cheeks are flat and his head is well chiselled. Strong neck and clean through the front, his shoulders are well laid back and he has plenty of forechest, the correct amount of bone for his size and excellent well padded feet. Deep through the body, ribbed well back, firm level topline which he holds standing and moving. He is in perfect weight and shown in hard condition, well muscled quarters, hocks well let down. On the move he goes on a loose lead with excellent carriage and deportment, covering the ground with ease maintaining his outline. Coat in immaculate order, DCC.

2nd: WOODBRIDGE Crackerjanne Court Jester

6 year old liver and white dog with a typical outline. His expression is appealing, his head of good balance, kind dark eyes of the correct shape. Strong neck, well angulated front with shoulders well laid back, moderate bone and round well padded feet. Deep and well ribbed body. Presented in hard muscular condition, second thigh well developed and strong rear quarters he used to advantage on the move.

Open Dog (6, 1abs)

A really good class with quality down the line.

1st: TOPLISS Sh Ch Beresford As Good As It Gets

Liver and white dog who has appealed from ringside for his clean lines and excellent balance. His head is masculine with no sign of coarseness, its well proportioned and his eyes are of pleasing colour. Has good balance and leg length, straight forelegs well boned. Deep in chest, strong level topline which he maintains standing and moving. Firm though the loin, well angulated rear, wide and well muscled quarters. Moves out on a long even stride, covering the ground with ease helped by a quiet unassuming handler who gets every inch out of him. RCC

2nd: TOPLISS Sh Ch Beresford Night Train

Kennel mate to 1st and one who pushed him all the way. Perhaps has the edge on one for expression, lovely dark eyes and a well balanced head. Strong neck, excels in front angulation, straight well boned legs and compact well rounded feet. Deep and well developed in ribs, holds a strong level topline. His rear is well angulated, quarters are very well muscled and he is shown in plentiful coat immaculately presented. Just carrying a touch too much weight here.

Veteran Dog (2, 0abs)

1st: TAUBMAN Meonstoke Hawthorn

Well presented dog with an appealing head, could perhaps have a little more stop. Dark eyes of correct shape well positioned, head of good work. Clean through the neck, shoulders quite well positioned. Excellent legs and feet. Quite deep in body, slightly longer all through. Hocks well let down, his quarters are strong and well muscled and he moved out well particularly in profile. Shown in pleasing coat.

2nd: MORGANS Kennair Dreaming on a Star

A dog of excellent overall balance, his heavy ticking could perhaps make him easier to overlook, but I like his height to length ratio. He has quality bone and excellent feet, his body is deep and well ribbed back. Firm level topline which he holds standing and moving. Shown in optimum body condition and moving well in all directions.

Special Beginners Bitch (4, 1abs)

1st: UNWIN Allenie's The Other Side

Lightly marked liver and white bitch, not the biggest but well balanced and typical in outline. Pretty expression, kind dark eyes of correct shape. Clean through the neck and front, well angulated front, enough bone for her size and excellent feet. Enough depth of body, a fraction more weight would enhance her. Strong, firm topline which she held moving. Shown in good coat, well presented. BSB.

2nd: KIBBY Trimere Taylor Maid at Pinhays

More rangy, longer cast bitch who needs time to develop all through. Pleasing eye shape and colour, strong enough in muzzle. Shoulders are well placed and she has enough bone, a little lacking in depth and needing to fill out still. In a growing stage and tending to stand a little bum high, she moved on a long even stride and covered the ground with ease.

Minor Puppy (5, 2abs)

1st: WALKER Dexbenella Double Take

Litter sister to the minor puppy dog, appealing head with lovely dark eyes. On the lower end of the height scale at present, she was very well balanced in her angulation. Well conditioned body, level topline and moving positively in all directions. 

2nd: HANCOCK & BURSNALL Meadowdale Kelly Heroes to Hawknight TAF

Another lovely puppy, black and white, does not want to grow anymore but she is undoubtedly feminine. Head of pleasing length and proportions, a kind expression with lovely dark eyes. Well angulated front and lots of bone, good feet. Her body already has plenty of depth and she holds a good topline. Moved very positively in all directions.

Puppy Bitch (5, 1abs)

1st: WALKER Dexbenella Double Vision

Quality bitch puppy, more of the size I would expect for her age and my favourite of the 4 from this litter shown under me. Liked her head and expression, her neck is strong and of pleasing length. Pleasing shoulders, well positioned, correct amount of bone for her size. Compact in outline, well bodied for her stage of development, excellent topline, tailset and carriage. Carried herself well on the move and moved out positively in all directions with her happy temperament evident, so nice to see. BPB and only beaten by her more 'ready' brother for BP.

2nd: WEYMAN Spuffing Prosecco

Another lovely liver and white puppy who although marginally older was more immature than 1. A pleasing head of good shape, well moulded with eyes of pleasing shape. Strong and clean through the neck, she has a good front assembly and layback of shoulders. Correct amount of bone, body developing well and of good depth. Firm level topline, quarters were well muscled and hocks well let down. Moving well in all directions, will finish well. 

Junior Bitch (4, 0abs)

1st: CORBETT Trimere Time Fly's

Confident, well grown bitch who has quality. She has a nice expression, head well developed for her age. Long neck, pleasing front construction and plenty of bone, excellent feet. Longer cast in the body but it has enough depth and she maintains a good topline standing and moving. Well angulated rear. On the move she is free and positive particularly in profile and as always from this kennel, presented in very good order.


One I judged as a young minor puppy last summer and one I liked then, more compact in outline than 1 and not as mature as yet. Head is developing well, clean through the neck and front assembly, neck of good length, correct amount of bone and excellent feet. Good depth of body and it is firm and well conditioned. On the move she was leading her handler a merry dance but when she does concentrate she moves very positively up and back and covers the ground easily in profile. Confident and outgoing she was shown in excellent condition.

Yearling Bitch (3, 1abs)

1st: HILL Peasblossom Tupelo Honey with Teignvalley

Quite mature B/W tri bitch who has immediate appeal for her long reachy movement and overall balance. Presented in first class order, she is well angulated front and rear, stands on straight well boned legs and well padded round feet. In optimum body and coat condition, she holds a good outline standing and moving. 

2nd: CARR Alhambian Kirsty maccoll

Liver and white bitch who at present is more immature than 1. Appealing well moulded head and expression, dark eyes. Strong neck, shoulders well positioned and she has good bone. Body is longer cast and developing well, firm topline which she maintains at all times. Well muscled quarters used to advantage on the move. Shown in excellent condition and sympathetically handled.

Novice Bitch (2, 1abs)

1st: UNWIN Allenie's The Other Side

As per SBB.

Graduate Bitch (6, 2abs)

1st: TAUBMAN Meltarose Madeleine at Meonstoke

Attractively marked bitch who is well grown and quite mature in her development. Pleasing front assembly, shoulders well laid back. Straight well boned legs, deep in body and of good proportions. Strong well muscled quarters used to advantage on the move, looks particularly good in profile. Shown in immaculate order.

2nd: MCCOURT Meadowdale Solitaire At Woodspa

Medium sized liver and white bitch with a pleasing head and expression. Clean through the neck and shoulders, correct amount of bone and she has good feet. Body maturing well, level topline, tailset ok. Well muscled quarters. Presented in spotless coat and condition and moved positively fore and aft.

Post Graduate Bitch (6, 2abs)

1st: LILLIE Freeway Remembrance

The first of two sisters I liked very much. So pretty and typical in head, the loveliest dark eyes with a kind expression. Stands over the ground well on excellent legs and feet, she has a very good forehand. Her compact and well ribbed body is strong and firm in condition. Correctly angulated rear with thighs well muscled and hocks well let down. She moves on a free and easy stride covering the ground with ease. Shown in good condition, I think a more tailored trim would enhance her even more.

2nd: ROWLINSON Meltarose Mystique

Sister to the winner of graduate and may of the same comments apply. Well angulated front, good bone and feet. Well developed in body, ribbed well back firm level topline, good tail set and carriage. Shown in good coat and condition. Moves straight and true and covers the ground well in profile, could perhaps be moved marginally faster to show her at her best.

Limit Bitch (10, 4abs)

1st: COKELL Carlyquinn Kisses Of Fire JW

Upstanding liver and white bitch, who has a good outline. Feminine head with an appealing expression, skull of pleasing shape. Long neck, has a good front assembly and well boned legs. Body of enough depth, good tone and ribbed well back. Her quarters are well muscled and hocks well let down, co-ordinated when moving and covering the ground with ease. Presented in excellent condition.

2nd: LILLIE Freeway Fortune

Litter sister to the sister of the Post Graduate bitch and many of the same comments apply, a kind expression from dark eyes and well chiselled head which is well proportioned. Strong neck, excellent forehand, just the right amount of bone and the best feet in the entry. Perhaps not quite as compact as her sister but well ribbed back and holding a good outline both standing and moving. Moves very well in all directions, just decided on the last go around she had enough but one who should always be in consideration. 

Open Bitch (7, 0abs)

1st: WILDSMITH Sh Ch Trimere Tickle Me Fancy

As with the open dog class, there was quality here down the line, 7 entered and 6 were show champions. The winner is approaching 7 but completely belies her age, her head is appealing, her eyes are dark and almond in shape, her head is balanced and obviously feminine. Strong and clean through the neck, shoulders well placed, enough forechest, correct amount of bone and excellent well padded feet. Compact, well developed body, firm in condition, strong and short through the loin. In optimum muscletone, her strong quarters and short hocks were used to advantage moving. On the move she was totally accurate up and down and moved out to advantage in profile in the spacious ring. Shown in immaculate condition with sparking whites she could not be denied the class or the CC and ultimately BOB, pleased to see her shortlisted in the group.

2nd: TOPLISS Sh Ch Beresford Night Class

A favourite of mine and close up here. Liver and white bitch of ideal balance standing with such an appealing head, beautiful dark eyes and a kind expression. Long neck, clean through the front, excellent shoulders well laid back and standing on good legs and feet. Compact and deep bodied, super topline and tailset which never falters standing or moving. A well angulated rear compliments her front and she was shown in hard condition, as were all from this kennel. On the move she is very light footed and covers the ground with ease, looks particularly good in profile. A quality bitch who can never be overlooked. RCC 

Veteran Bitch (4, 1abs)

Three nice Veteran bitches.

1st: WATSON Sh Ch Bordacity Honey Ryder

1st won on her overall balance, very balanced in her angulation front and rear. Head of pleasing shape and balance and with a typical expression. Strong neck, well laid shoulders, enough bone and good feet. Deep in brisket, well ribbed back short and strong in loin, firm level topline she maintained at all times. Moving straight and true forward and aft and covered the ground well in profile. Well presented coat in excellent condition. BV & shortlisted in the veteran group.

2nd: WEST Meonstoke Cherry Blossom At Grosbreuil

Sister to the winner of Veteran dog and she appeals for her typical outline, pleasing head and expression. Strong neck, well angulated front, correct amount of bone and good feet. Firm in topline, compact in body shown in just the right amount of body and well presented coat, moved with ease.

Mr Ed Casey