• Show Date: 21/01/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Ed Casey Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Manchester Dog Show Society

Breed: Spaniel (American Cocker)

American Cocker Spaniel

Minor Puppy Dog (4, 0abs)

1st: 3958 BEDDING, Miss H Alibama now or never (NAF)

Upstanding buff puppy, pleasing head shape and dark full eyes, long neck, firm topline. Stands on good legs and feet, enough depth for his age. Well muscled quarters, moving freely in all directions. Well presented. BP

2nd: 3989 KIRTON, Mrs D L & STANTON, Mr M & DACKOMBE, Ms F Sabisabi Iroquois eyota

Red and white puppy, late arriving in the class and was less settled. Pleasing head and eye shape, enough neck, pleasing front, enough bone. Well ribbed and bodied, moved positively holding a good topline. Presented in excellent condition.

Puppy Dog (5, 4abs)

1st: 3958 BEDDING, Miss H Alibama now or never (NAF)

As previous class

Junior Dog (3, 1abs)


Upstanding mature black dog, masculine head, dark eyes of good shape, well developed muzzle, strong enough in skull. Strong neck, excellent bone. Well bodied and hard in condition, holds a good topline moving in profile. Quite well ribbed back. Strong well muscled quarters he used to advantage. Excellent coat! Immaculately presented, was certainly in consideration in the dog challenge.

2nd: 4000 PALMER, Mr N & PALMER, Mrs K Arrowbien Frankie Goes To Combleywood

Buff dog who appeals for his pleasing head. Liked his proportions and he impresses on the move, covering the ground easily holding his outline. Strong pigment, dark eyes, pleasing forehand, good bone. Body developing well and shown in good coat, well presented.

Postgraduate Dog (3, 1abs)

1st: 3986 KIRTON, Mrs D L & DACKOMBE, F & OXBURY, J & STAN Sabisabi Lakota teetonka

Black and tan dog who won here on his overall better balance being more compact and higher stationed than 2. Strong enough in head and undeniably masculine. Straight forelegs, well boned, body of good depth, shown in the hardest of muscletone. Balanced in angulation font and rear, moved steadily in all directions.

2nd: 4003 SUNTER, Mrs L & PINCHEN, Miss R & SUNTER, Mrs A Gypsy King

Another well presented Black and Tan dog, masculine in head, quite strong in skull. Long neck, shoulders quite well positioned, longer in back than 2 and not so well ribbed. Tail set ok, well angulated quarters, well muscled, moved with verve.

3rd: 3974 HARRIS, Miss and Miss T Harrisburg once upon a dream

Limit Dog (4, 0abs)

1st: 3970 FRYER, Mrs C Fonesse dirty dancing at carolco

Black and white dog who is good to go over, long enough neck, well constructed front, excellent bone and feet. Deep in body and well ribbed, firm in back, strong well boned, well muscled quarters. Good coat of pleasing texture, well presented.

2nd: 3993 MORRIS, Mrs B Churchill Moser Dog At Mycalleys

Buff dog who really appeals for his typical head, it has ideal proportions, dark eyes of pleasing shape, muzzle deep and square. Long neck, shoulders well positioned. Short and well ribbed body, good legs and feet, firm topline which he held standing and moving, just not in the bloom of the winner.

3rd: 3971 GLOVER, Mr & Mrs M Nasailleen Roosevelt at Mickcals JW

Open Dog (7, 1abs)

Without question, the best class of the day.

1st: 3990 MANSER, Mrs A & MANSER, Mr J Sh Ch Toybox It's A Rap At Nujax (Imp USA) – CC

Chocolate and tan male who has immediate impact, beautiful head, well rounded, muzzle broad and deep, the darkest eyes of pleasing shape, soft and appealing expression. Long neck, well filled front, excellent bone and feet. Compact, deep well ribbed body, short in the loin, firm back which he holds standing and moving. Strong well muscled quarters which he uses to advantage. Elevates when he moves, true coming and going and really eating up the ground in profile. Immaculately presented. CC & BOB


Parti-coloured male with a beautiful head, masculine but not overdone, intelligent expression, well shaped skull. Stands on good legs and feet, quite well ribbed back but could carry a little more body condition. Tail well set and carried, moved freely in all directions. Well presented coat in excellent condition. RCC

3rd: 3980 JENNINGS, Mr D Sh Ch Alibama Blackmail

Veteran Dog (1, 1abs)


Minor Puppy Bitch (11, 1abs)

1st: 3982 JENNINGS, Mr D Alibama Wishlist

Feminine black bitch puppy, quite immature at present but won here on her overall balance. Appealing head and eye shape, long neck, pleasing front, still needing to develop in body and depth. Firm topline which she maintained standing and moving giving her the edge here, coat coming in and well presented.

2nd: 3988 KIRTON, Mrs D L & DACKOMBE, Ms F Sabisabi Choctaw yoki TAF

Another well balanced black bitch puppy, quite similar in overall balance to 1 and at this stage a little more advanced in body development. Pleasing head, intelligent expression, large eyes. Stands on good legs and feet, moving out very positively in all directions.

3rd: 3995 LANGTON, Mrs Y & MORRIS, Mrs V Sabisabi Iroquois Tiva at jennobar

Puppy Bitch (6, 3abs)

1st: 3968 DONALDSON, Miss C Chicomy's Rumor Has It (Imp NLD)

Pale buff well grown for her age, well pigmented, eyes of good shape, muzzle well developed. Long neck, shoulders well positioned, deep in body, ribs deep and well sprung. Well muscled and angulated hindquarters which she used to advantage on the move, holding a good topline. Presented in excellent condition.

2nd: 3966 CLAY, Mrs G Imp Miss marple ot chicarnoj kompanii avec cutiepo

Another buff bitch and at present much more immature than 1, ultra compact bitch with a pleasing head, liked her eye shape and colour. Shoulders well positioned, enough bone for her size, holding a good topline whilst moving, strong well muscled quarters. Well presented.


Junior Bitch (2, 0abs)

1st: 3954 AL-AZZAWE, Mrs J Belmilla Keep Inspiring Me

Black and Tan bitch with a beautiful head, dark eyes, correct shape, head well rounded, muzzle broad and well developed. Long clean neck, shoulders well laid, correct amount of bone and compact feet. Deep body, quite well ribbed back, slightly longer in loin but this did not detract. Strong well muscled quarters, moved out well in all directions in the class but was determined to enjoy herself in the challenge. Beautifully presented.

2nd: 3994 MORRIS, Mrs B Mycalleys China Doll

Another quality Black and Tan bitch, presents a good outline standing. Liked her head, it’s well proportioned, eyes of pleasing shape and colour. Long neck, correct amount of bone and excellent feet. Deep and well ribbed body, short through the loin, tail well set and carried. Was determined not to make the best of herself moving.

Post Graduate Bitch (1, 0abs)

1st: 3987 KIRTON, Mrs D L & DACKOMBE, Miss F & OXBURY, Miss miranda flower iz mazhornogo lada at sabisabii

Pretty headed red and white bitch, skull of good shape, eyes of good size and colour, muzzle well developed, clean through the neck and front. Liked her overall balance, up on front legs and compact in body. Well placed shoulders, good bone, well ribbed body, strong topline. So well bodied and muscled. Coat in immaculate condition but could perhaps be trimmed to further enhance her qualities. RCC

Limit Bitch (2, 0abs)

1st: 3996 MURRAY, Miss E & MCKENZIE, Mr S Charmagen Viva Diva at Sanelle

Well presented black bitch who gives her all for her handler, perhaps stronger in head than I prefer but of good size, pleasing forehand, ribs well developed and carried back. Strong firm topline, firm through the loin and with well muscled quarters, tail ok. Presented in excellent condition.

2nd: 3981 JENNINGS, Mr D Alibama Brownie Points

2 year old brown bitch, still looking a little immature in comparison to 1. Head still needing to break, clean though the neck. Still needs to develop more in body, firm topline. Moved positively, well presented.

Open Bitch (1, 0abs)

1st: 3991 MANSER, Mrs A & MANSER, Mr J Sh Ch Nasailleen Secret Agent At Nujax

A stand out in the bitches here today, beautifully headed, compact in body, immaculately conditioned and moving out with enthusiasm, covering the ground with ease. Her dark eyes are of good size, head well proportioned with plenty of chiselling. Long neck, shoulders well placed, deep in body and ribs well developed, firm topline. Well angulated rear, well muscled, tail well set and carried. As her kennel mate, immaculately presented and handled to advantage. BCC

Mr Ed Casey