• Show Date: 06/10/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Ed Casey Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

South Wales Kennel Association

Breed: Poodle (Miniature)

Poodle (Miniature)

Puppy D/B (6 ,1 abs)

1ST - Kimedee Hot Love (Mrs K Reeve-Kettle)

Well balanced elegant black of pleasing overall size and balance, dark eyes of pleasing size and shape, head quite long and developing well. Enough neck, moderate front angulation, enough bone and good feet. Body of good depth and ribs well sprung, firm in topline, good tail well carried. Moderate rear angulation, excellent muscletone, moving positively in all directions. Well presented coat of pleasing texture. BOB

2ND - Ubora The Queens Gambit (Miss R Pease)

Younger and rangier black who appealed more for her head of good length, dark eyes, almond in shape and pleasing expression. Stands on good legs and feet, more adolescent in coat and body at this age, but that is to be expected. Firm level topline, good tailset and carriage, moved positively fore and aft, showing good freedom in profile. Just not as forward as 1 in body or coat yet.

3RD - Michandy Love of The Game (Miss K Collier)

Junior D/B (3, 2 abs)

1ST - Volgarus Black Orchid (Miss L Mcdonnell)

Pretty headed black who was 4th in the puppy class. Appealing head and expression, with the darkest of eyes and good leathers. Stands on good legs and feet, level topline but needing more condition. Moved ok.

Open Dog (2, 0abs)

1ST - Jayandri Alexander (Mr R P & Mrs J Whitehead)

Upstanding male shown in plentiful coat of excellent texture. Masculine head, quite long with dark eyes of pleasing shape. Neck of good length, shoulders quite well positioned, correct amount of bone and ok feet. Ribs well developed and body of good depth, firm level topline and good tailset. Moved positively but not with the animation of the puppy. BD

2ND - Dominicious Lucky Star (Miss E Stanford)

Well presented dog, shown in a shorter trim, has quite good overall balance, could be a little better in his ribbing. Positive and energetic mover in all directions, ably assisted by his capable handler. Stands on well boned legs and excellent feet. RBD

Poodle (Standard)

Junior D/B (5, 2abs)

1ST - Tafari Touch of Pink (Mrs T Davies)

Upstanding bitch with an excellent outline and plenty of personality. Beautiful head shape, dark eyes, almond in shape and a wicked expression. Neck of good length, shoulders quite well positioned, straight front legs, excellent well padded feet. Typical in outline, has good static balance, short and firm through the loin, level topline. Tail well set and carried. Led her handler on a merry dance on the move but showed glimpses of what she is capable of. RBB

 2ND - Jester The Chester De Isla De Kann (Imp Esp) NAF (Mrs K Mcloughlin)

Masculine red male, well grown. Head strong enough and could have more work although he did have excellent eye colour and pigment. Pleasing forehand, well boned legs and good feet. Deep and well bodied, firm topline. Tail well set and carried. Moves positively and with a good length of stride. Plentiful coat of good texture, I think a more tailored trim would enhance him. BD

Open Bitch (7, 5abs)

1ST - Polaris Shining Bright De Letoile Magique Celmareva (Imp Fra) (Mr M L Spry)

White bitch of pleasing size, feminine head of good length, strong pigment, dark eyes almond in shape, refined skull. Neck of correct length, shoulders well positioned, stands on well boned legs and excellent firm, well padded feet. Ribs are well developed and carried well back, firm though the loin, moves on an even stride holding a firm topline. Tail high set and well carried. Presented in excellent muscletone and a thick jacket of good texture, well presented. BB & BOB.

2ND - Del Zarzoso Gracias Por Venir (Imp Esp) (Mr M & Mrs D Todd & Elrick)

White veteran bitch with much to commend her, appealing head with a typical expression. Long neck, shoulders well positioned, good legs and feet. Longer cast than 1 but well bodied and in firm condition all through. Tail well set and carried, well muscled quarters which she used to advantage on the move holding a good topline. Coat of good texture.

Mr Ed Casey