• Show Date: 25/09/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Ed Casey Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Hungarian Vizsla Club

Breed: Hungarian Vizsla

Special Awards Classes

Junior D/B (7, 1abs)

1st Highforce All or Nothing JW

Upstanding masculine dog of medium size. Head of pleasing shape, good eye colour. Strong though the neck, shoulders well positioned, straight forelegs and firm pasterns. Level topline, tail well set and carried. His ribs are well sprung but I think he could still carry a little more weight to advantage. Shown in firm muscletone, moving out to advantage, covering the ground with ease.

2nd Kincsem Ferrari

Feminine bitch who has immediate appeal, liked her head shape, lean and with a pleasing expression, medium sized and of good colour. Strong neck, shoulders well positioned, correct amount of bone for her size. Good depth of brisket, ribs well developed, just needing to firm in topline a little still. Moved freely in all directions.

3rd Russetmantle Dunya

Post Graduate D/B (7, 1abs)

1st Facanvadasz Banu JW

Positive moving bitch who appeals for her overall balance. Feminine head of pleasing shape and correct proportions, perhaps a touch bold in eye. Well angulated front, enough bone and round well padded feet. Shown in excellent body and muscletone, Moving freely out and back and in profile holding a firm topline.

2nd Omri Ruda Szata (IMP Pol)

3 year old bitch, a pleasing head shape and proportions. A size larger than first, she has moderate angulation, enough bone, and ok feet. Well bodied and very well muscled, moving with enthusiasm, handled to best advantage.

3rd Vizash Crisanto Del Acquadoro

Open D/B (6, 2abs)

Sh Ch Vizslanya Vivmany by Highforce

8 year old bitch who appealed for her head of correct proportions. Dark eyes giving an appealing expression. Strong and clean through the neck, moderate front angulation, correct amount of bone and excellent feet. Compact in body of good depth, ribs well sprung shown in firm condition all through. Well muscled quarters she used to advantage covering the ground with ease.

2nd Facanvadasz Andries

Appealing young dog, perhaps not the head of 1 but it has correct proportions. Strong neck, shoulders well laid and the correct amount of bone and well arched feet. Young and still needing to fill a little though the middle, he has good balance and holds a firm level topline standing and moving. Hocks well let down, moves straight and true.

3rd Kincsem it’s now or never

Mr Ed Casey