• Show Date: 16/09/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Ed Casey Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Darlington Dog Show Society Ltd

Breed: Dalmatian

VD (2, 0abs)

1st: NEATH-DUGGAN, Mrs S & BAKER, Ms S Ch Buffrey Incognito By Dalleaf JW

A dog I have done well before, pleasing head and eye, super pigment, dark eyes of correct shape and colour. Strong and clean though the neck, shoulders well laid. Firm topline which he maintains standing and moving. Shown in pristine condition and moving out to advantage in all directions.

2nd: MARLEY, Miss Lisa & LIBBEY, Mr Matthew Bellili's D'Amore De Loin Sh.CM ShCEx

Black and white spotted dog shown in fantastic condition and muscletone. A little more refined in head but still retaining a kind expression. Clean through the neck, pleasing forehand, body of good depth. Firm in condition, moving freely in all directions, just a little steep in croup. 

PD (3, 0abs)

1st: ALEXANDER, Mrs J offordale grenadier

Well marked dog of pleasing type and balance, dark eyes of correct shape, like his expression. Strong neck of good length, shoulders well positioned, correct in bone. Stands on excellent feet. Firm in body, level topline which he maintains standing and moving. Shown in excellent muscletone and moving freely in all directions. Best Puppy.


Well marked dog with a pleasing head, dark eyes and a kind expression. Has a good forehand, well boned legs and cat like feet. Developing well in body, could carry just a little more weight to advantage. Firm in topline, moved very soundly and positively in all directions, should have a bright future.

3rd: WHINCUP, Mrs Donna Louise & WHINCUP, Mr Kevin Tamilanda Instant Envy

JD (7, 0abs)

1st WILKINS, Ms Kelli Gloriandus Petersburg at Salvadorada (Imp Rus)

B/W spotted dog with a kind expression. Well marked and very well constructed dog, stands on the best of legs and feet. Clean through the front, excellent shoulders well angulated, deep in body, ribbed well back and firm in topline. Strong, well muscled quarters, short hocks well let down. Rythmic mover who covered the ground with ease in all directions. Shown in perfect condition. DCC, his first.


Attractively marked liver spotted dog with an appealing head, liked his expression enhanced by eyes of correct colour. Correct amount of bone and excellent feet, still needing to firm a little in topline. A good moving dog who covers the ground with ease on a long stride.


PGD (12, 2abs)

1st: TINGEY, Mrs Helen & TINGEY, Mr Roy Dallyador Lockdown Legend

Sired by the open winner and very similar in profile, perhaps not the head of his sire although eye colour is good. Stands on well boned legs and has excellent feet, well padded. Enough depth to his body and firm in topline which he holds firm at all times. Light footed and a free easy mover in all directions, strong well muscled quarters which he really uses to advantage.

2nd: ROBBINS, Miss Victoria Jasquarella Edge of Winter

Dog with a very appealing head and expression, excellent spotting of good size and shape. I liked his outline standing and he is a very rhythmic mover when he goes in profile. Beautifully condoned and at one with his handler.

3rd: SIMS, Miss J Koroyza Hrafna Floki For Snowspeeder

LD (6, 1abs)

1st: CROFT, Ms Rebecca Koroyza Viking Voyager

Liver spotted dog with a good outline. Head of pleasing balance. Strong neck, shoulders well positioned. Good depth of brisket and well ribbed back, excellent topline, tailset and carriage. Holds a good outline when moving but doesn’t always make the most of himself on the stack, was in consideration in the challenge and will be a worthy champion.

2nd: PHILIP , DUNNACHIE, Mrs L , Mr M L ,M Dvojica Enrique

Black spotted dog who pushed 1 hard, as always shown to advantage and presented in first class condition. Pleasing head shape, eyes of good colour, ears a little small and too high set which spoil his expression somewhat. Neck of good length, good bone and excellent well padded feet. Body of correct depth, holds a good outline moving. Well muscled quarters which he uses to advantage in profile.


OD (7, 0abs)


Attractively marked liver spotted dog of good colour, now a Veteran but belying his age and looking better than ever. Head is refined and good to go over, pleasing eye shape and colour. Clean through the neck and shoulders, enough bone and good feet. Toned body of optium condition and pleasing depth, level topline, strong through the loin. Strong well muscled quarters which he uses to advantage on the move. RCC.

2nd: LOCKE-MCFADZEAN, Mrs A Ch Caprillis Panache Over Sassafras (Imp USA)

Quality black spotted dog who will always be in consideration, appealing head shape, correct eye colour and a pleasing expression. Stands on excellent legs and feet, body of correct depth and coat immaculate in its condition. Strong well muscled quarters, moves on a long even stride covering the ground with ease.

3rd: SIMS, Miss J Ch Mullabuoy Magic Man For Snowspeeder JW

VB (5, 1abs)

1st: DORE, mr Leslie Daldior Miss Hula Hula Girl

Very free moving bitch who excels in profile gait holding a good outline. I liked her head shape, dark eyes and pleasing expression. Stands on good legs and feet, correct depth of brisket. Shown in fit hard condition, well muscled quarters and hocks well let down.

2nd: BARRETT, Miss Lisa Jane Dalamanti Ice Ruby JW Sh.CM VW

9 year old bitch shown in super condition, appealing head and eye. Good forehand, shoulders well positioned, enough bone and retaining excellent feet. Firm well conditioned body of correct depth. Moved very well in all directions.

PB (6, 1abs)

1st: PAGE, Miss C & PAGE, Mr I & PAGE, Mrs K & PAGE, mr Winflash chanel paris

Eyecatching bitch of pleasing size and balance, long neck, pleasing forehand with shoulders well laid back, well boned legs, although her feet need to tighten a little. Capacious ribs, firm through the loin, holds a very firm topline at all times. Really comes into her own moving, covering the ground effortlessly.

2nd: ALEXANDER, Mrs J Offordale kalinda

Pretty bitch who has instant appeal. Appealing head and expression, enough neck, shoulders well positioned. Balanced in body and holding a good topline, free and easy mover in all directions. Well marked and beautifully conditioned from this kennel.

3rd: WHINCUP, Mrs Donna Louise & WHINCUP, Mr Kevin Tamilanda Instant Star

JB (13, 2abs)


Pretty black spotted bitch, ultra feminine and with a lovely head shape and dark expressive eyes of good colour. Attentive show girl who presents a lovely outline in profile, shoulders well positioned and the right amount of bone. Correct depth of brisket, firm thought the loin and well muscled quarters she used to advantage on the move. Moving very well in all directions.

2nd: CHANCE DODDS, Misses H G & P C Dotlun Apache Inch Perfect

Quality liver spotted bitch with a beautiful head and eye. Well constructed, shoulders well positioned, pleasing bone and substance. Body developing well, although I felt she could carry a little more weight to advantage. Positive and free mover in all directions.


PGB (13, 3abs)


Liver spotted bitch who excels in outline. Feminine head with a lovely expression, correct eye colour. Pleasing front angulation, just right for bone. Ribbed well back and holding a level topline both standing and moving. Moves on a long and free rhythmic stride covering the ground with ease,

2nd: FOSTER, Mrs Lauren Perdita's Tomorrowland JW

Well marked black spotted bitch with a little more substance than 1 but retaining femininity. Excellent shoulders well laid, well boned legs and well padded feet. Body well developed and presented in hard condition. Moving straight and true and covering the ground easily in profile.

3rd: CHRISTIE, Mrs J Sophtspot Josephine

LB (7, 0abs)

1st: HOPKIN, Mrs Julie Dvojica Evangelista JW

This bitch has a striking outline, beautifully headed, dark eyes and an intelligent expression. Just right for bone and substance, standing on cat like feet. Body of correct depth, firm solid topline which does not falter either standing or moving. Correct depth of brisket, well ribbed back. Strong well muscled quarters with hocks well let down. Black spots on a clear white background and sparkling in condition. Moved out to advantage on a rythmic stride covering the ground with ease. Moved up a gear in the bitch challenge to win the CC & ultimately BOB. Pleased to hear she was shortlisted in the group.

2nd: VALENTINE, Mrs S Wrendragge Rainbow Dream

A well marked black spotted bitch of obvious quality. Really appealed for her beautiful head and expression, pleasing front angulation, stands in excellent legs and feet. Toned body of correct proportions, firm through the loin, just a little steep in croup. Moved very well in all directions.

3rd: TINGEY, Mrs Helen & TINGEY, Mr Roy Dallyador Secret

OB (12 Entries, 3abs)

1st WHITE, Ms Marina Sophtspot La De Da At Belsmard ShCEx

Well marked black spotted bitch, the clearest white coat. Pleasing head and eye, liked her expression. Has ideal balance, pleasing forehand, the correct amount of bone and excellent feet. Good depth of brisket, well ribbed, strong and firm through the loin and holding a firm level topline standing and moving. Moves straight and true and covers the ground with ease in profile. Handled to best advantage, she will always be in contention. RCC

2nd GARDNER, Dr & Mrs W J E & J M Ch Dvojica Chilli Chutney for Wrendragge JW

One I have judged before and whom I have awarded highly previously, I still rate her highly. Liver spotted and beautifully marked, she has a look of quality. Excellent outline, clean through the neck and shoulders, just right for bone and size. In correct body and holding a firm level topline at all times. She moves perfectly straight and true but I felt she couldn't quite match the enthusiasm of the two younger bitches.

3rd RICHARDSON, Mrs L Ch Mapplewell Limited Edition

Mr Ed Casey