• Show Date: 13/03/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: E Keene Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023


Breed: Retriever (Golden)




Firstly I would like to thank all the exhibitors for this fabulous entry. Quality was very high throughout and final decisions were very close and all that were placed or shortlisted I liked very much. It was a privilege and honour to judge your beautiful dogs, their temperaments were exemplary. Lastly I would like to thank my ring stewards who kept everything running smoothly throughout the day.

VETERAN (25) (4)

Loverock’s & Waldron-Smith Lovissa Space Dust. Had to be in tip top form to win this lovely class, full of quality, balanced boy presented in excellent condition, coat in full bloom, super head and dark pigment, correct forehand and corresponding well muscled quarters with strong hocks enabling him to power around the ring with ease.

Sh Ch / Cib / Cle / est / fin / balt / lva / itu Ch Linigor Pied Piper at Meiepere he is a fine example of the breed, loved his overall shape and balance, stands four square on well boned limbs and tight feet, delightful head and intelligent expression, movement sound but not quite the drive and flair of 1.

McCormacks Sh.Ch. Flyngalee Alonso super type and great condition for his ten years, amazing muscle tone and strong quarters, stylish mover


Williams CESARKA Sea Shanty, 8 ½ months mid gold puppy with a neat outline, super head gentle expression and dark eyes, correct front and lay back of shoulders, well made throughout and at this age had good extension on the move and reach in front, handled well.

Boltons Mergarvey Still Game for Shiresmill, at 7 ½ months is a real baby but lots to like about him, super head and pigment, good reach of neck into well placed shoulders, short body and level topline, just a tad leggy now but should do well as he matures, moved well.

Wallingtons Ambersun With Hearts Of Oak.

PUPPY(10 (0))

Haines Leighsham Tullamore, stunning balance and outline at ten months, delightful head and soft expression, symmetrical front and rear angulation, good length of leg, elbows close in, presented the best balance and overall shape in this class, stylish easy mover, well handled, B.P.D.

Bolano’s Daily Rays Trust your Heart, not the coat or finish of one, but I liked his overall balance, super head and expression, great bone and tight feet, short coupled body and loin, moved confidently.

Williams C Sea Shanty.

JUNIOR DOG (24) (2)

Savages Weisford Guilty As Sin, very eye catching golden boy with a temperament to match, really super head and gentle expression, well constructed throughout with movement to match, impressive easy ground covering strides, should hit the high spots when fully mature.

Bolano’s Grey Goose La Chispa Adecuada, similar in type to 1 but not quite the maturity, he does have all the essentials, super shape and balanced outline, true golden head and kindly expression, good topline and tailset, moved positively.

Bawdens Balsamina Beachcomber at Darthill.


Vermander & Adams Slov Ch Lux ShCh Totally I Love of Sunshines Valley very smart outline on this pale cream dog, super head carriage, complementary angles front and rear, excellent topline and tailset carried correctly, active powerful mover.

Lane & Lane-Ridyards Kulawand Skywalker, loved his shape and overall balance, masculine head, pleasing expression, dark eyes and pigment, neck flows into super front assembly tight at elbow with good bone and feet, topline held firm on the move, super drive from strong quarters.

Archibalds Abinvale Firestorm.


Bardossy’s Shamrock Prince of the Seven Kingdoms, smart outline on this young man who was shown to perfection on a loose lead, lovely head with dark expressive eyes, super shape and balanced outline, correct angles front and rear, active powerful mover holding his topline at all times.

Monteverde’s Angelonato Shakespeare Olvinglay attractive pale cream boy with a pleasing outline, good length of leg, tight feet, correct angles front and rear, possesses a really nice head and expression, super mover pushing off strong hocks and good reach in front.

Barbers Messano Just Good Friends with Swansreach.


O’Gormans Berrymeade Moscow Mule very appealing head and expression, excellent layback of shoulder and angle to upper arm, very good bone and feet, super topline and tailset and is sound and stylish on the move with very well angulated quarters, handled well.

Loach’s & Zubairs Putjade Push the Button super young man lots to like about him, masculine head with kindly expression, nothing exaggerated just nicely balanced from all angles, limbs well boned with tight feet, short and strong in coupling, correct tailset moved accurately.

Bolano’s Grey Goose Nothing Else Matters.


Woods Daily Rays Hope of Hearts to Amirene presented a balanced picture and in full mid golden coat, lovely head and expression, stands four square showing off his construction, ample bone and tight feet, good depth and spring of rib, well developed quarters that are well muscled and used to advantage on the move, easy ground covering strides.

Haxtons Dantassie Double Take loved his clean overall balance and breed type, still needs time to mature but his qualities cannot be denied, beautiful head with gentle expression, correct forehand with corresponding quarters, ample bone and cat like feet, topline firm, active powerful mover at one with handler.

Towers Grey Goose November Rain (Imp esp).

MID LIMIT DOG (24) (2)

Wicklow & Wreds I’m Terra Antyda Newton at Gillbryan eye catching boy with a stunning outline, shown in quality pale golden coat, loved his head with a true golden expression darkest of pigment, strong reach of neck into correct front, good depth of brisket, well developed hind quarters, which were evident on the move where he brought it all together, so sound out and back.

Vernons Graceleigh Popeye super type, who I did well as a yearling and now looks the real package, epitomises breed type, lovely head with super expression, strong neck into super forehand, ample heartroom with depth of chest, short strong body, strong quarters used to advantage on the move, sound front and rear in good coat.

Loverock’s Putjade Peaky Blinders at Lovissa.

LIMIT DOG (12) (2)

Angell’s Millanza Toy Story attractive pale cream dog shown on a loose lead, loved his head and expression, super outline excellent forehand , legs well under the body, firm topline great back end, moved with style and animation and has that attitude and showmanship that should take him to the top.

Bolton’s Stanroph Superstravegante at Shiresmill well balanced boy who I’ve done well in the past, good male head with pleasing expression, mid gold coat in great condition, correct shoulder and length to upper arm, deep short coupled body, moved steadily but not as animated as 1.

Randall’s Kelverquest Portland Bill.

OPEN DOG (23) (5)

Facq’s Terra Di Siena Invictus Du Bois De La Rayere this beautiful dog epitomises breed type and looks every inch a champion, stunning outline with a lovely head and gentle expression, correct forehand with corresponding quarters that are well muscled, great depth and spring of rib, stands naturally on well boned legs and tight feet, dead level topline held on the move. The rapport between dog and handler is plain to see, shown on a loose lead and standing four square with a wagging tail in rich golden coat, movement a joy to watch with super length to his strides. Delighted to award him the C.C. and with my co-judges agreement B.O.B.

Dunbar's Sh.Ch. Linirgor Tomich another excellent example of the breed with a super head and expression, has that ‘look at me’ attitude, correct front assembly and excellent quarters with good width, deep in chest, ample bone, correct tailset, opens up well on the move with great drive, close up to 1 in an amazing class, RES C.C.

Lopez Winterfell De Astrapasuenos not a big boy but has a clean outline, super front and quarters, well boned moved steadily and accurately.


Williams Berrymead Coeur Blimey at Bushyhall SGWC super type,was 4th in Graduate, typical head, such a friendly disposition and really comes into his own on the move, sound and accurate, shown to advantage on a loose lead.

Towers & Hendersons Alibren Galileo to Westervane pleasing head and decent proportions on this pale cream boy. Good bone and well sprung ribs, short strong body and loin, moved well.

Ropers Catnnels Inside Story for Brensham.


Clarke Gears Ousevale Tobermory pleasant head with dark pigment, really nice outline on this pale boy, well made throughout, settled well for his new handler, moved positively and with drive from good quarters.

Wardens Noblemoon Tak the High Road to Glentochty, shortlisted in Mid limit, good old fashioned type, well grown, good bone and feet, liked his shape and balanced outline, super male head, deep mature body, level topline moved soundly.

Williams Eveninghill Detroit Red.