• Show Date: 05/11/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Doug Bedford Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Working & Pastoral Breeds Association Of Scotland

Breed: St. Bernard

Working & Pastoral Breeds of Scotland

5th November 2022

Saint Bernards

Judge Doug Bedford (Chateaunewf)

Puppy Dog (0/0)

Junior Dog (1/1)

Post Graduate Dog (0/0)L

Limit Dog (2/0)

1. Dawstenbears Chasin Dreams (Mr S & Mrs D Milburn) At not quite 2 this boy has a great future, he made an immediate impact with his clean cut profile and excellent balance. Good head proportions, straight and deep in muzzle and plenty of topskull, good bite and ear set, just a little haw on eyes, well angled front, well bodied, excellent topline to good slope of croup, correct angle of stifle, moved with balance and good drive, just missed out on top honours today.

2. Tombears Ready for Anything at Philandros (Ms P J & Miss G Forrest & Thomas) 3 year old of overall good quality, Strong top skull and very balanced clean muzzle with good stop, good bite, eyes a fraction tight, well angled front, back level, well ribbed, good turn of stifle, moved very well, covered ground with clean rear action.

Open Dog (6/1)

1. Tizine Wielkopolski Bernardyn for Bellfries (Imp Pol) (Mrs R D & Mrs M D Bell & Jeffries) A superb, quality class, where this 5 year old looked a picture, well presented and in great condition, lovely proportions, well bodied with bone and head to compliment, muzzle deep with good length to correct stop and strong top skull, bite ok, clean flews and good well shaped eyes, plenty of neck to well angled front, strong front legs of good length and chest to elbow, well ribbed, excellent level topline with strong loin to good curve of croup, tail of length to hock, well arched toes, moved so freely for a big dog, with plenty of drive and clean going. Pleased to award him what I now understand will be his crowning CC.

2. Ch. Chedham Times Are A Changin (Mr M & Mrs K Macdonald) A medium sized dog who ticked a lot of boxes, put together so well, nicely balanced, lovely eye and good ear set, well angled with a lovely level back, Another classy mover who covered the ground well. RDCC

3. Chandlimore Gunz for Hire (Mr D & Mr B Jennings & Deegan)

Res. Ch Tombears Who Dares Wins over Philandros (Ms P J & Miss G Forrest & Thomas)

VGC.Ch Mountsaviour Druesburg (Ms P J Forrest)

Puppy Bitch (2/0)

1. Eyeobe Happy Dance (T Aitken) 10 month who, looked a picture standing, good head, with deep muzzle and plenty of stop, clear in eye with ears that were a little long at the moment, really well angled in front, had plenty of leg length and was very balanced holding a very good topline, good angle of stifle, she moved really well, clean coming and going and with correct footfall in profile but the outline on the move was spoilt by a curly tail carriage. BPB, BP

2. Dawstenbears Touch of Class (Mr S & Mrs D Milburn) 6 months old and took a while to settle, but when she did she showed she has a lot to look forward to, good clean head, deep enough in muzzle which was nice and square, good in stop and a topskull that is coming on well, well angled and good length of fore leg, which she held straight, lovely topline and a good turn of stifle, showed flashes of really good movement when she settled, 2nd today but definitely one to watch.

Junior Bitch (2/1)

1. Glengracie Splash Out (Mr R Dasgupta) A 15 month who decided to make life a little difficult for her handler today, however, she showed me she had a good head, with a nice square muzzle with plenty of depth, good clear eyes and a nice circumference to her top skull, correct angles to shoulder but could take a fraction more fore leg length to balance her, well ribbed and good tail set, she moved cleanly coming and going but was a little stilted on her rear today.

Post Graduate Bitch

1. Coldlea Five Star (Mrs S & Mr T Judd & Nagrecha) 18m who had a very nice balance to her, she was full in body, with enough head to match, deep in muzzle, flews could be tighter, very good bite and clear well shaped eyes, strong in neck, well angled with just enough fore leg length, she held a good topline with a very good angle of croup and turn of stifle, found her feet a tad long, a very steady but correct mover, clean coming and going and with spot on foot placement in profile.

2. Chandlimore Victoria (Mr D & Ms S H Meyrick & Thorpe) This 2 year old girl has so much going for her in body, well ribbed, good size, correctly angled and excellent leg length, a lovely topline and good curve to croup, however the head whilst very clean, with a lovely eye, lacks the strength of her body and therefore she appears unbalanced. Moved really well, good width going and showed some nice drive from her rear.

3. Coldlea One Moment in Time (Mr R Dasgupta)

Limit Bitch (2/1)

1. Kosmo Dogs Copacabana at Meyrickthor at Coldlea (Imp Rus) (Mr D & Ms S H Meyrick & Thorpe) This 3 year old had the sweetest of expressions, really good muzzle, deep with clean flews, a well-shaped eye, correct amount of stop and plenty of width to topskull, enough neck to well angled shoulders, good width to her chest that was correctly to her elbow, just enough leg length to balance her and a very level back, good tail set and plenty of turn of stifle which allowed her to move freely showing some nice drive from her rear. Pleased to award her a well-deserved. RBCC

Open Bitch (4/1)

1. Chandlimore Call The Police (Miss A & Mr T Grainger & Nagrecha) 2 year old girl who stood out for me, good size and well balanced throughout with a very good head, square in muzzle with good depth and clean in flew, well-shaped eye, correct amount of stop to strong top skull of good width, well set ears, plenty of neck to well laid shoulders, very good length of forelegs which she held straight to neat well arched feet, good in body with a level topline to strong loin and well angled croup, enough turn of stifle but not overdone and plenty of tail length. Moved well covering the ground with good front pick up and plenty of drive from the rear. Pleased to award her the BCC and just pipped the male on movement in the challenge for BOB, going on to an excellent WG3 under Frank Kane.

2. Chandlimore Shot in The Dark at Alpentire (Mrs J Mcmurray) Very nice 4 year old, with plenty of head, substance and bone to match, square and deep in muzzle with broad skull and well set ears, good angles and holding her topline level, well angled stifle, moved OK, steady and sure, the closest of calls for me in the challenge when called in.

3. Chedham Butter Would'nt Melt (Mr M & Mrs K Macdonald