• Show Date: 07/08/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Diane Stewart-Ritchie Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Paignton & District Fanciers' Association

Breed: Beagle


6TH JULY 2022


Judge: Mrs D Stewart Ritchie

Class MPD (2 Entries) Abs: 0

In this class I preferred the head and balance of 2, however he was rather unsettled and wasn’t using his tail at all. Of course he’s still young and has time to get his act together, but judging is on the day and performance matters.

1st: Bridgeman, Ms Diane & Logue, Mr Hughie. KINGSWIN BUG 'A' LUGS Blanket tri boy who was just a shade long in loin for my preference. He was good in quarters, upper arm, bone and feet. Pleasant head although a shade deeper in flew than I prefer. Moved out really well, using himself and enjoying his day. 

2nd: Coates, Mr J & Coates, Mrs D. GLADSTYLE READY TO ROLL. Really smart puppy with good development in the rear. Strong in hindquarters and with plenty width over thighs. I would prefer more return of upper arm, but he has a good shoulder line and has a cracking topline and is well balanced throughout. His footfalls are indeed pretty good, he just needs to learn to like it all and enjoy himself. He’s still got plenty of time to get it together.

Class PD (2 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: Beard, Mr John. KELLITCREED SWEENEY TOD. What a smart little package. He really pulled my eye when I first went over him, with his overall strengths in construction and movement. So much to like from his clean, balanced, well proportioned head, gentle expression with that bit of alertness about what was going on – he was cheeky and that too appealed. I liked him front, rear and topline. He has excellent ribbing, carried through to his short strong loin area which was well muscled up already. He has a cracking topline and his tail is bang on. He is well off for bone and with good feet. He is compact and has no exaggeration which I particularly liked. He moved with reach and drive in abundance, keeping a solid topline at all times. Everything flowed smoothly from one part to the next. He is young but fit and in hard condition. He certainly gave me the impression of a young hunter who was made well enough to do his job. His light effortless movement was delightful with enough schooling to compete as well as the seasoned ones pushing for the top awards. In the challenge I freely admit he’d gotten under my skin from his initial assessment. His fit for function, moderation, type and soundness with attitude secured him the Reserve CC today in really good company. I was pleased also to award him Best Puppy In Breed and see him later win Hound Puppy Grp 3.

2nd: Coates, Mr J & Coates, Mrs D: GLADSTYLE READY TO ROLL: (See. Minor Pup Report)

Class JD (3 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: Wenman, Mr M. WENANNOU WHITE THUNDER. Compact hound with excellent angulation fore and aft. He is well enough put together and has a good shape. Good in proportions, he is sturdy with a degree of elegance. He has a pleasant enough head with good eye and expression, although I would like a shade more length in fore face for ultimate balance, he has well placed ears. Nicely developed in hindquarters with good topline and tail set. He was a bit soft and fine in coat, however. Moved with some purpose.

2nd: Breeze, Mrs Elizabeth & Breeze, Mr Gerald. PARKEBREEWAY WYSEMAN. Rather strong in head for my desire and a shade longer in body than I prefer. He has very nice quarters, topline and tailset with good angulation in front and rear. He is well developed behind. A shade deeper in body than leg length. He has a correct coat.


Class YD (1 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: Jones, Mr TN & Jepson, Mr SA. EARDLEY SPECSAVERS. Most appealing head with dark eye and of correct shape and excellent pigment. Balanced head. Good in upper arm and excellent quarters. Moved with plenty style and charisma. Balanced in proportions with good depth of rib. Tidy feet. Very nice attitude. 

Class PGD (2 Entries) Abs: 0

Difficult class with both exhibits displaying different strengths and weaknesses.

1st: Cornell, Mrs S. FELINOAK DANNY BOY FROM BRONLLYS. Decent head proportions but would prefer a darker eye. Good length of upper arm, a shade steep in shoulder. Would prefer more development in width of quarters and bend of stifle but he was balanced front and rear and thus moved quite well.

2nd: Bell-Thomas, Mrs Sue & Thomas, Mr Alun. AMORPAPAVER JUPITER. Didn’t quite put in the performance of 1, although I preferred him in eye. Has pleasant angulation but not quite the balance in body length to leg length that I prefer. 

Class LD (5 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: Lewis, Mrs C. FALLOWFIELD VINCENT. Tri. Super fit hound of desired make and shape. Excels in breed type and is a cracking mover. Good in bone. Has an appealing head with pleasing eye and pigment. Excels in quarters and is strong and positive in topline and tailset. He puts it all in on the move. Showing himself well and at one with his handler. He moved effortlessly and with plenty reach and drive. I liked him very much.

2nd: Whitton, Miss J & Edge, Mrs E. JALHAR THE WONDER OF YOU AT HAGGATTY. This tri is another efficient mover of good shape. Strong well developed hindquarters which he used to power around the ring. Nice front assembly, straight and true when viewed from front. Good bone. A shade long from hock to heel. Would prefer a shade less in flew. Good ear placement. Overall nice shape.

3rd: Wright, Mr N & Mitchell, Mr L. HUNTSHILL UP TO TROUBLE

Class OD (4 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: Craig, Mr D R. CH DAVRICARD JACOB (AI). Tan/White. I’m sure there is little I can add to what has already been written about this fabulous hound. He screams quality as soon as you look at him and, of course, doesn’t disappoint on the move either. Sturdy, compact and strong yet still retaining a degree of elegance. He is put down in the very best of order with superb musculature and in correct, quality coat, dense, waterproof as well as being shiny and sleek. He is dry throughout and has complimentary angulation front and rear. Good length of ribs, strong and well developed in loin. He is a pleasure to go over and he flows with every part fitting smoothly into the next. Solid and strong in topline with correct tail set. He has a very appealing head framed by his correct ear set and length and lovely expression. Standing on the best of bone and feet. He is the complete package and is blessed with that ultimate quality that quietly but surely demands to be noticed on the stack and continuing when he shows himself off on the move. Thank you for affording me the opportunity to go over this wonderful example. I loved him. DCC & BOB. Delighted to see him pull a strong Group 2 placing today.

2nd: Chapman, Mrs Theresa Mary & Chapman, Mr Andrew. GEMARK EYAS. Cracking little mover presenting a picture of balance all through. Excellent topline and tailset. Good angulation fore and aft. Strong in topline with really good ribs. Well put down and has a pleasing head but would prefer a darker eye. 

3rd: Caple, Mrs Helen Jennifer. MORSEFIELD MUDLARK

Class VD (1 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: Anthony, Mrs H & Anthony, Mr I. OSPREAGLE HOT DIGGITTY DAWG JW. Well-proportioned with good length, depth and spring rib. Good bone but would prefer tighter feet. Solid topline and good in underline. Good tail action on the move. Pleasant head with pleasing eye colour and shape.Moved well for his age in todays difficult weather conditions.


Class SBB (2 Entries) Abs: 0

Two extremes in this class – a young one and an older veteran girl.

1st: Langman, Mrs Sarah. MADIKA HIGH FLYER. Really nice shape, short from hock to heel. Good in upper arm. Would prefer a more solid topline. Pretty head with good expression, clean without excess. Good in hindquarters. Moved well. Best Sp. Beginners in Breed

2nd: Brownlow, Mrs J. BELLVALLEY DUNNIT. Level topline and good tail. Good length and depth of rib. Short loin but lacking a shade in muscle. Would prefer a more solid topline. A shade steep in shoulder. Moved ok on the around, a shade untidy going away.

Class MPB (2 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: Bridgeman, Ms Diane & Logue, Mr Hughie. KINGSWIN LOOKS LIKE TROUBLE. Tri baby who is well off for bone and with good feet. She has a good head and correct eye, with cleanness throughout. Good amount of stop and well placed ears. Moderate neck into good shoulder and front assembly. Deep in ribs, carried well back to short loin. Adequate angulation in rear and with enough width over thigh areas. Excellent topline and good tailset. Good in underline. Correct set on of tail and performing well already for a young one.

2nd: Langman, Mrs Sarah: MADIKA HIGH FLYER (See Sp.Beg report)

Class PB (4 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: Simkin, Mr & Mrs D & K. SIMELDAKA MARFA RIDGE. Best Puppy Bitch. My notes say ‘gorgeous head and eye’ - that’s a good start when you come to the front of a dog for assessment. She had appealed already. She is very well made all through with good balance and proportions. I liked her height to length proportions and her solid topline and tailset. She used herself really well for one so young. Well placed shoulder with fullness in depth of brisket. Good in ribs, spring, length and depth. Strong in couplings and moderate angulation in rear with good development across first and second thighs. Moved out well, at one with her handler – so much to like already.

2nd: Coates, Mr J & Coates, Mrs D. GLADSTYLE TOO CLOSE TO CALL. Pretty girl who is just needing a bit more development in work and pigment, but I liked her proportions and kind eye and expression. Clean in lip and nothing exaggerated. She is nicely put together and is a tidy little mover. She is good in bone and feet and short from hock to heel. Really nice in hindquarters, good in upper arm, just a shade steep in shoulder. Moved with tidy enough footfalls.


Class JB (3 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: Havard, Miss & Mrs LA & PJ. ANNAVAH PRINCESS TIANA. Superb head on this young tri girl, so typey and with lovely expression. Fully pigmented. Good amount of stop, clean in lip and correct planes and proportions. Well placed ears. Excellent topline continuing on to correct tailset. She has a super front both in shoulder and upper arm, as well as straight and true when viewed from the front. Well angulated forehand and with matching rear angles. Strong and wide in quarters with correct bone and feet. She has the best of ribbing and short in loin. She has super balance throughout and is put down in great order. Really appealed.

2nd: Craig, Mr D R. DAVRICARD MARCIA (AI). Most glorious head and expression, arched neck leading into good shoulder and upper arm. Straight and true in front with super well developed ribbing. Cobby, strong and sturdy yet still elegant enough. Level topline and good in croup into tailset. She is well developed in rear and is a tidy little mover. She is just a shade deep in body comparative to her leg length for my ideal. Moved at one with her handler and certainly is sound out, back and around. Put down in the very best of order in coat, muscle and condition.

3rd: Jones, Mr TN & Jepson, Mr SA & Jepson. EARDLEY CAUGHT IN THE ACT

Class YB (5 Entries) Abs: 2

1st: Havard, Miss & Mrs LA & PJ. CH ANNAVAH BUTTERCUP. Tan/White. Loved her for her overall type and shape. She is young and attractive as hell. Loved her expressive eye and super head. She has so much to commend in all departments. She has a superb topline, excellent front assembly and correlating rear end. Strong and solid, yet elegance throughout. She is super in balance for length to height proportions and in depth of body through to leg length. She is strong in pelvis and short from hock to heel. Super bone and feet. When she is fully mature in muscle she will be one to watch. I liked her on the move too. Full of type, a classy young hound.


2nd: Beard, Mr John: KELLITCREED'S BACK CHAT. Blanket tri. Upstanding, showy girl, just a shade longer than is my particular taste. She has a lovely head with dark expressive eye, dry and without excess, leading into arched neck, good in shoulder and upper arm although a shade wide through her front. Level topline, good tailset, short croup. Strong tail used well as she moved. Good in footfall out back and around.

3rd: Breeze, Mrs Elizabeth & Breeze, Mr Gerald. DUFOSSE HONESTLY OF PARKEBREEWAY.

Class PGB (5 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: Chapman, Mrs Theresa Mary & Chapman, Mr Andrew. GEMARK EMBER. Very pretty girl with the most pleasing head and eye. I liked her proportions and balance. Good in most departments. Solid and compact with a degree of elegance. Moved out really well as well as good out and back. She has great carriage and was very sound, putting in a good performance in todays heat.

 2nd: Anthony, Mrs H & Anthony, Mr I. OSPREAGLE JAMAICA ME CRAZY. She is a bit deeper than I normally go for but her movement was attractive and I rewarded her for it. Excellent topline, tail and quarters, good in upper arm. Pleasing head. Lots to like. Moved well on the around.


Class LB (11 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: Beard, Mr John. KELLITCREED JESSICA BARKER. This young lady caught my eye as soon as I looked around the class. She had a very appealing outline and shape and really came together on the first run around for the exhibits collectively. She’d caught my eye and I was already interested to get to know more. She has a nice expression and good ear shape. I’d like her a shade less wrinkled in head but that’s just one thing. I loved her through the body and her balance and proportions throughout. Super length to height and good in depth to leg length. Well placed shoulders and return of upper arm with good angulation. Well sprung ribs of good depth and length and good in loin area. Well muscled and solid, devoid of excess. Strong well developed rear. Short and strong in croup with correct strong tail carriage. She really used herself well and never stopped showing. Her side gait is tremendous, covering the ground with clean, sure footfalls. So much to like, she’s got plenty of appeal.

2nd: Lewis, Mrs C. FALLOWFIELD ROYAL ROSIE. A typey tri girl with many particular breed attributes. Very appealing head with correct eye colour and good pigment. Solid and sturdy, strong and compact too. Well angulated fore and aft and good in rib. Stands on good bone and feet and is put down in the very best of muscle and conditioning. She moves well out and shows plenty of enthusiasm. Preferred her in head to 1. Level topline, with well develop croup, used her tail well. 


Class OB (10 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: Craig, Mr D R. CH BAYARD GLORY BEE. Typey, houndy girl who is so full of class. She is solid and strong, yet devoid of any coarseness. I liked her for size and proportions and her overall construction was excellent. She stands on good legs and the best of feet. She put in a fine performance on the move, keeping her topline and super tail carriage at all times. As she moved it was so pleasing to stand away and enjoy my mind slightly wandering to ‘feel’ the similarities to my CC winning male. They were a definite pair, matching in construction and type. She is well angled fore and aft and has the best of ribbing. Short and strong in loin and with well-developed muscle throughout. I loved how she carried herself and I could almost see her in a pack doing a full days work – and then there’s her pretty face. She has correct head planes, proportions, stop, eye colour and shape with appealing expression. Clean and dry without any excess – all adding to the classy girl she is. Strong and robust and she had plenty on her for endurance. Sound mover who is absolutely from the top drawer. Delighted to award her the CC today in good company.

2nd: Breeze, Mrs Elizabeth & Breeze, Mr Gerald. CH DUFOSSE DRAGONFLY OF PARKEBREEWAY JW. Quality tri girl who is nicely made. She has good angulation in front with complimentary in rear. Big in ribs and with strong level topline. Good in tailset and carriage, using herself well throughout her performance. She is good in topline and underline and has good depth. Quality bone and feet and with a pleasant headpiece. She is totally sound out and back and has plenty reach and drive, covering the ground well whilst maintaining her shape and topline on the around. Slightly long from hock to heel, but no dog is perfect and her continued performance certainly made up for this. She persisted in todays heat and never put a paw wrong. She pushed the limit winner all the way in the Challenge for reserve best bitch and succeeded with the RCC today.

3rd: Havard, Miss & Mrs LA & PJ ANNAVAH LADY GAGA 

Class VB (6 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: Mcbain, Miss Samantha & Stevens, Mr Matthew. REDCAP BELLA SORELLA JW SH.CM VW. This girl is in fine order for her years. She is fit and in super muscle. Pleasing in angles front and rear and with enough ribbing through to muscular loin. She keeps a strong topline and has the very best of tailset. Her tail carriage is spot on and its so nice to see her moving with style and propulsion. Her head was a bit strong for my particular taste. She had plenty to like and I was pleased to make her Best Veteran in Breed today, to represent the breed in the Veteran Group.

2nd: Scarlett, Mrs N. TIMAMSO SASKIA FOR MICHELROY. Another good mover who has all the essentials of construction in front and rear. She is a shade deeper in body than I prefer in relation to her leg length which just spoils her overall balance for my eye, but she does move out well. Preferred her in head than 1, with overall balance just tipping my decision between these two heading this veteran class.

3rd: Brownlow, Mrs J. BELLVALLEY DUNNIT

Judge: Diane Stewart-Ritchie