• Show Date: 06/08/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Diane Stewart-Ritchie Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Paignton & District Fanciers' Association

Breed: Gordon Setter


6th August 2022


Judge: Mrs D Stewart Ritchie

Today was my first time awarding CCs to this breed. Thank you to the Committee for your invitation and to the exhibitors for your entry. Todays heat was most challenging for dogs and humans alike. I was very mindful of the need to ensure safety for exhibits and exhibitors alike - these extreme conditions made for a very direct approach to ensure the smooth running of my ring whilst trying also to get the very best out of the dogs without keeping them out in the intense sun. My stewards did a great job too. Considering one gentleman had only come to the show to please his wife - I felt he did great for his first time stewarding despite having been thrown in at the deep end! Thank you to all who accepted my decisions with grace and magnanimity.

I was looking for a dog with substance and bone yet elegance and class. I hoped to be able to find dogs with virtues attributing to their function and form, both going hand in hand with one another. A good mover, plenty of breed type and very little exaggeration. These were my desires and in the main I rewarded those closest to what I considered my ideals. 

Class SBD (3 Entries) 1st: HENDERSON, Mrs L J. WHEN I WAS YOUR MAN BLACK LOFTY (IMP POL). Mature dog with decent outline. He is a shade strong in skull but decent in head proportions. Has good bone and substance. Really nice quarters and long ribs. Moved well. Not so keen on his colouring. 

2nd: TAYLOR, Mrs H. GRAYLACIER BLUE MARLIN. 16 month old young man who put on a nice performance today. Still needs to develop on and I’d like him to fill a shade more in front. He is short in upper arm. Has some depth to his ribs. May benefit from more fill throughout with maturity. 

Class JD (3 Entries) Abs: 2
  1st: TAYLOR, Mrs H. GRAYLACIER BLUE MARLIN (See Sp. Beg. Report)

Class YD (1 Entries) 1st: BUTLER, Mr and Mrs KD and CE. RED ADMIRAL BY RUBYMOON JW. Most appealing head with correct head planes and proportions. Good stop and work throughout. Would prefer a darker eye. Good ear set and length. Really good coat for age both in texture and colouring throughout. Very good topline. Good in shoulder and upper arm. Good width throughout. Still needs to develop a shade in quarters and really nice from hock to heel, short and strong. Moved positively.

Class ND (1 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: PASSMORE, Mrs J & PASSMORE, Mr M. BEECHLAKE THE GAMBLER. Level topline with good presentation. Good coat texture. Decent bone. A bit strong in skull and just a shade full in cheek. Lacks some depth throughout and a little proud of his tail today. Needs some schooling to help him relax and feel confident when being gone over. 

Class PGD (4 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: PHILLIPS, Mrs A & WATKINS, Ms T & MILES, Ms E. GLENMAURANGI MANDALORIAN. This dog presents a pleasant shape although for my ideal I would prefer a little less in hindquarter angulations. He has a really nice shoulder but could benefit from a shade more return of upper arm. Presented in hard condition. I might like a little more positivity in his movement. He has a pleasant head but I prefer a darker eye. 



Class LD (3 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: HALL, Mrs L. MELVIEW MOVING TIME J.W. I really loved this dog for type. He is solid and strong and without excess anywhere. I hate to use the term “old fashioned” but he has that correct look which greatly appealed. He is balanced all through. Strong level topline, super quarters. Good shoulders and good in upper arm. I was particularly impressed with the width across his pelvis. He’s got it all going on constructionally and he has good footfalls. In my opinion this dog has more to give on the move and I know I pushed his handler/owner hard to get as much out of him as I could because I rated him so highly. I would love to see him at his full potential on the move. Thank you for accepting my directions with such grace - it truly was to get the best out of your charge.

2nd: PHILLIPS, Mrs A & SYKES, Mr N & WATKINS, Ms T. GLENMAURANGI STORM TROOPER. This dog was presented here today in excellent muscle, fit and with good coat care. He’s nice in front and has a good topline but I do find him a shade too much behind for my preference. He is schooled and handled well and was okay on the around he just doesn’t have enough proportionally to balance him out for my taste. 

Class OD (3 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: HARKER, Mr & Mrs A & D. SH CH HERNWOOD ACHILLES AT ETTRICK JW. What a lovely dog. I loved him for breed type, style and his workmanlike stance. I found him to be substantial, yet he has a degree of elegance with excellent bone and feet and a very appealing head. Super ribbing through to strong loin. Good in front assembly with complimentary rear. I particularly liked his topline and tail set. Good width over the quarters. He showed great power all through- always devoid of coarseness. I was quite delighted upon reading my catalogue to write this report to find that he is the son of one of my all-time favourites. How lovely to see that his sire’s qualities are heavily stamped in his son. Moved out well with plenty reach and drive and covered the ground well on the around. Pleased to award him the Dog C.C. today.

2nd: SANDIFORD, Mr P & SANDIFORD, Mrs C A & LEWIS, Miss. SH CH HERNWOOD NEPTUNE SEA. Another top quality dog with much to like in all departments. Presented here fit and in really hard muscle. Well ribbed back, short loin. Good width over the quarters. Has plenty prosternum and good fill in front. Strong well-made dog who certainly gave the winner a run for his money. He moved well and was at one with his handler, pushing the winner all the while.


Class VD (3 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: BOXALL, Mrs F & SALAMON, Dr L. SH CH LUDSTAR FREDERICK FRANKENSTEIN (IMP.IT). This 10 year old dog was put down in superb condition. His muscle is rock solid and his coat was in full feather and in top nick. He is all male and the full package on the stack. Excellent front assembly, big strong ribs and moderate behind. Good bone and feet. Wide and powerful in quarters with sufficient bend of stifle without excess. Sound coming and going and tidy enough on the around. He has an appealing head and exudes breed type. I was pleased to award him the Reserve C.C. I was rather disappointed not to be able evaluate him against the bitch in the best veteran in breed competition.

2nd: ROBSON, Mr and Mrs S. LIRIC FOR YOUR EYES ONLY BY YOHENOAK JW. Nice in all departments moves really well. Would just prefer a little move fill in front. Very pleasant head with dark eye. Lots to like just a bit tough competition today.


Class SBB (1 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 1732 JONES, Mrs A & JONES, Mr D. ROYDACK THE DUCHESS. Really shiny coat with excellent muscle. What a great wee mover. She moved so happily and was certainly enjoying her day. Good depth although a little light in bone for my preference. Would prefer a more solid front and less steepness in croup. Head okay with good ear set. Best Sp. Beginners

Class PB (4 Entries) Abs: 1

The two that headed this class are at different stages of development. 

1st: O'KELLY, Ms D & HANCOCK, Mr A CARADILIS SPARKS WILL FLY. Excels in front and forehand. Needs more development in rear. Solid topline and reaches out well on the around. Best Puppy In Breed

2nd: PALLISER, Mrs A J & PALLISER, Mr G. LIGNUM ORO. More my type. Nice on the rear and excels in topline. Would prefer more fill in front and more reach on the move. Time would be of benefit to this stylish bitch. It will be interesting to see her development.


Class JB (2 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: CHAPMAN, Mr D. SAMSETT FIRST LADY. Pleasant head but would prefer a darker eye. Well off for bone and short from hock to heel. Would prefer more development in the quarters. Just a shade steep in croup. Pleasant front assembly. Moved okay. Rich coat of good quality and correct tan.

2nd: HAMILTON-SMITH, Mrs S. SAMSETT FIRST EDITION. Very nice topline and already well developed in quarters. However, I feel she could benefit from more substance throughout. Moderate shoulder angulation and lacking some fill in front. Moved okay.

Class YB (7 Entries) Abs: 1

A really nice class of bitches with choices to make. First and second a very nice pair and hair splitting decisions had to be made.

1st: THOMAS, Dr M. GLYNDERYS MOONSTONE. Excellent for type and body shape. Short from hock to heel, good bone. Pushes off well on the move. Good topline and nice coat. Interested to see her finish.

2nd: HORN, Mrs S & HORN, Mr K. ORDETT LOVE ME DO AT KEASWOOD JW. Another pleasant bitch who used herself well on the around. Like her front better than 1 but she needs to benefit from more fill in front. 


Class NB (2 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: MARKEY, Miss C. BENBUIE LASTING LOVE. Shiny coat in good condition. Level topline. Okay in quarters. Decent bone with neat feet. Would prefer more coat to finish the picture. Pleasant shape throughout. Happy enough going around just a bit untidy on the away.

Class PGB (6 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: BROWN, Mrs G. CAIRACAILIE CHIANTI WITH MARSHMOOR. Bigger package all through. Really liked her front assembly with excellent shoulder and good upper arm. Big ribs, strong loin. Good in bone and feet. Pleasing head with good dark eye, good in quarters and excellent muscle and condition. Lots to like. Really comes together on the move.

2nd: LINES, Ms V L. FLAXHEATH ALL THAT JAZZ. Excellent shape and overall style. Short from hock to heel with good quarters. Decent front assembly, Moved really well out back and around. Just preferred the head of one. 


Class LB (3 Entries) Abs: 0

This class was headed by two very nice, quality bitches, albeit of differing style.

1st: SANDIFORD, Mr P & SANDIFORD, Mrs C A & LEWIS, Miss. HERNWOOD GIN FIZZ JW. Very well put together. She was fit and was put down here today in the very best of order. She has so much to commend throughout her overall construction. For my ideal I might like a shade more bone and her tan a shade richer and more lustrous but she is full of quality. Has a pleasing head and moves out sound and positively with plenty going on in the around as she pushed her competition all the way fighting and gaining the RCC. Good in front assembly, good ribbing through depth, length and spring. Good strength through her loin and strong powerful hindquarters. Tidy feet. RCC

2nd: PALLISER, Mrs A J & PALLISER, Mr G. LIGNUM LUCK BE A LADY. Very nice shape and proportions. What a lovely mover! She has excellent quarters for width of first and second thigh and enough bend of stifle. She pushes off well from her short, strong hocks. Good bone and feet. Good shoulder line although a shade wide in front. Good depth of brisket. In good coat with strength in her black colouring although I would prefer a shade less depth to her tanning with more lustre. Very pleasant head with dark eye and correct ear set, good proportions with enough stop. This girl has so much to commend and I liked her very much. She is one that I considered in the top few of today’s entry. 


Class OB (3 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: PHILLIPS, Mrs A & WATKINS, Ms T SH CH FLAXHEATH TOP MODEL AT GLENMAURANGI. Surprised myself to have found this girl to be my best bitch and best of breed today, as I was never her number one fan from ringside. Just goes to show that judging is on the day regardless of opinions, influences and pre-conceived ideas. One must judge the entry against the standard and in today’s entry for me the girl was definitely the top of her breed. No dog is faultless and there are things about her I’d like to change but I could say that about every dog. Thank you for bringing her and supporting me. She is a credit to her owners, breeders and handler and certainly is the whole package for the dog show. Put down in the epitome of top class order in coat and overall condition. She is rock solid in muscle and totally at one with her clever handler. They present a great package. Good topline and tail set, balanced front and rear with excellent spring of rib and she is deep in chest, although I would prefer just a shade more in length. Good lay of shoulder and enough upper arm. Good width of hindquarters and sufficient bend of stifle without being overdone. She has a balanced head piece with moderation and no excess. Good eye colour and pigment. Good stop and plenty work and chiselling to give an air of quality about her. For my absolute, I might like her a shade more robust all through. She is a tidy mover and shows a clean pair of heels. She moves with style and panache on the around. BCC & BOB.

2nd: UPTON-LOVETT, Mrs S & UPTON, Miss H. ROYDACK PORTRAIT OF A LADY. She has good bone and a decent shape. Would prefer her a little truer in front and with a flatter croup. Pleasant foreface and moved okay today.

Class VB (2 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: Smith, Ms W. FLORES-LILLA OJCOWSKIEJ DOLINY KEWSTOKE (imp POL) BVIB. This girl moves really well and happily. She has nice bone and feet, she is not overdone. She has super quarters which she used to advantage on the move. To be critical I would prefer a darker eye and richer tan but she is still pretty enough. Unfortunately, she stood alone in best veteran in breed competition so had nothing to challenge against but she was quality enough for me to be pleased to send her forward to represent the breed in Veteran competition.
 (1 Entries) Abs: 0
 1st: PASSMORE, Mrs J & PASSMORE, Mr M. BEECHLAKE THE GAMBLER. Level topline with good presentation. Good coat texture. Decent bone. A bit strong in skull and just a shade full in cheek. Lacks some depth throughout and a little proud of his tail today. Needs some schooling to help him relax and feel confident when being gone over.