• Show Date: 20/05/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Diane Stewart-Ritchie Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Scottish Kennel Club

Breed: English Setter

SKC 20TH MAY 2022


Judge: Mrs D Stewart-Ritchie

JD (3 Entries) Abs: 2

1st: Thomson, Mrs K A: MAURSETT MORGANITE FOR CASPELLWYND. 13 month tri boy who stood alone in this class. Has a very pleasing head as one would expect from his breeding with a lovely dark eye and delightful expression. Nothing overdone about this one in head. Good neck and shoulder line through to very nice topline and tail set. A shade narrow in front. He has a good spring of rib at this point in his development just need to develop a bit more through the quarters. 

PGD (3 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: Vallance, Ms M A: ROWANMYLE WAS A SKELLUM. Blue dog who has a very pleasing head in planes, stop, eyebrows, skull shape and finish to foreface. Enough chiselling throughout although I would prefer a darker eye. Good topline and tail set with decent return of upper arm and good enough shoulder. Deep in rib but would prefer a shade longer. Longer in loin than is my taste. Has good width over the quarters. Moves with strength and good attitude. Well-muscled. 

2nd: Carr, Mr Andrew & Carr, Mrs Lesley: BALVENIE BLUE LAGOON. Blue dog presented here today in the best of muscle, thank you for that I love to see a fit dog. Nice head, correct oval skull with well-placed ears of good length. Good stop and raised brow with plenty of work. Good eye shape, colour and with a nice expression. Would prefer a truer front and a shade more spring of rib. Good enough hindquarters and good bone and feet. Moved okay.

3rd: Shepherd, Mr Donald: MARIGLEN CINNABAR

LD (7 Entries) Abs: 1

1st:Normansell, Mrs C: LATIN LOVER REWIND FOR LARRENIE (Imp Ita). Heavily belted blue who presents a nice picture of elegance teamed with substance and balance. He has the best of topline and tail set and has a really nice front assembly. Good ribbing all through, short strong loin. Good bone and feet. Would like a shade more development in rear, however, this did not impede him on the move, where he used himself well and had good carriage throughout. Put down in good coat and muscle, although carrying too much weight which was disappointing. In my humble opinion I feel that he has attributes in certain departments that could be very useful to the breed which I had noticed lacking throughout my entry. 

2nd:Simpson, Mrs Lesley & Simpson, Mr Douglas: DALREAVOCH NORTHERN LEGEND. Blue Belton. Really loved this one’s head. So correct and with the most lovely expression. He is of a nice type and is balanced front and rear with pleasing angulations. Good topline and tail set and well sprung ribs of good length to short strong loin. He has many breed requirements I just feel he needs a little help from his owner in show presentation to bring them to the fore. My notes also say nice mover.

3rd:Taylor, Miss Toni Ann: BUMBLECORN ASH OF TATTAY

OD (4 Entries) Abs: 0

Small in numbers but such a quality class, headed by 3 Show Champions of immense quality who battled hard for their placings – all of whom I admired for various reasons but judging, for me, really is “on the day”. Thank you for affording me the opportunity of going over your lovely dogs.

1st: Phillips, Mrs A & Watkins, Ms Tereza & Bryant, Mrs: SH CH GLENMAURANGI STAR MAN JW. Fully matured boy of good height, substance, balance and proportions. He has a level topline, is deep in brisket and has good angles front and rear. Where he excels, for me, was on the move affording good reach for the ground in front and with easy drive from the rear, giving plenty of propulsion, whilst maintaining a correct topline as he goes. I liked his tail action and his absolute overall style, head carriage and showmanship, never letting up as I pushed them hard looking for overall fitness and maintaining the correct shape as they went. For me, fitness relating to form is an absolute necessity to win the top honours. He has plenty breed type and whilst not exactly my particular taste in head type his many other commendable attributes far out weight this and I was delighted to award him CC & BOB. 

2nd: Williams, Mrs P D A: SH CH BOURNEHOUSE SECRET ADMIRER. Smart, upstanding male, exuding breed type with such a lovely head. Oval skull with enough stop, raised brows, good head planes and finish to foreface. Correct ear set and length. Oval eye with the kindest expression which really pulls you in. Quite delightful actually. Reachy neck and a well-placed front assembly with good shoulder and return of upper arm. Deep, well sprung ribs of good length through to short loin. Moderate and strong hindquarters used well on the move with good drive. Pleasing topline and tail set. Just couldn’t match the winner in front extension today. An abundance to like and oh so typey. Pleased to award him RCC.

3rd: Danks-Kemish, Mrs R D SH CH RAVENSETT WORK OF ART AT ALOLFRANA JW. I feel this quality Champion needs a mention as he too is from the very top drawer. His typical and most beautiful head just melts you, with the correct proportions and it’s devine expression, work and balance. Good body and well conditioned with nice front assembly. Good topline and has good spring and depth of ribs. Stands on good bone and over enough ground. Definitely a strong contender here today.

 SBD (2 Entries) Abs: 1

1st Carr, Mr Andrew & Carr, Mrs Lesley: BALVENIE BLUE LAGOON see PGD report.

GCD (1 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: Taylor, Miss Toni Ann: BUMBLECORN ASH OF TATTAY: Tri dog well balanced. Nice length to height proportions. Well-muscled and put down in the best of order. Dark eye with good head planes. Quite a nice style about him on the move with nice head carriage and showing some charisma.

JB (2 Entries) Abs: 1

1st:Welsh, Mrs Jennifer: GOLDBIRCH BURNING DESIRE TAF: Pretty tri bitch who is nicely put together with a super topline and tail set, in fact one of the best today in this department. Balanced front and rear. Pleasing in head, liked her expression immensely. She could, however, do with some more muscling and a bit of all round conditioning to lift her profile.

PGB (5 Entries) Abs: 2

1st: McCabe, Mrs M: RACHDALE RIBBONS OF PEARLS. Orange. Really smart young bitch presented well today. In good coat and well-muscled. Excellent topline and tail set, good depth, length and spring of rib, short loin. Pleasing in shoulder and plenty return of upper arm but would like a little more fill in front. Good width over first thigh. Correct oval bone and good feet. She was so pleasing on the move. Much to like.

2nd: Yule, Mr David: ROWANMYLE ONE BEWITCHED. Blue. Another who moves so well today and she pushed the winner hard. Again with good topline and tail set and desirable angulation in front and good bone lengths. Would like a shade more fill in front. Good spring of rib but would prefer a little longer. Nice girl again who had many good attributes.


LB (4 Entries) Abs: 0

 1st Pitts, Mr S WANDSFELL DREAM OF ME. Headed a nice class and had already pulled my eye on initial look around. She got my interest and I was looking forward to individual assessment. She possesses the most delightful head with correct oval skull shape, well placed eyes of good shape and colour, correct ear placement and length and good finish to foreface with enough stop and brow, Correct proportions all through and good head planes. Good length of neck into well placed shoulder line and good in upper arm. Good rib length as well as spring and depth. Short loin. Moderately angulated hindquarters with good width over first and second thighs and with such positive footfalls when she moved. She has plenty reach and drive also. She was my biggest disappointment today as I really felt her from the top drawer in every way and would have loved to have been able to reward her at the highest level. Today, unfortunately, she was presented to me carrying far too much weight although in good muscle. With other quality girls around it made it easy for them to shine over her and in this case her weight is absolutely human error which cost her dearly today. This bitch truly deserves her owner’s utmost attention and management – it’s in touching distance. I’m not good at hiding my disappointment so - “You know what you have to do.” 

2nd: Paton, Mr D BOURNEHOUSE SECRET DESTINY FOR MEADOWFOOT. On studying my results before writing my critique, I noticed that this girl was a repeat mating of my CC winner and my notes are very similar. Most lovely head and expression as one would expect from this kennel. Excels in quarters and moves really well. Decent shoulder with very nice upper arm, she has good quality bone and tidy feet. Good spring of rib, good depth and plenty reach and drive. 

3rd: Simpson, Mrs Lesley & Simpson, Mr Douglas: DALREAVOCH NORTHERN FABLE

OB (5 Entries) Abs: 1

These two girls heading this class were both of top drawer quality and this really was a battle right to the end with the eventual winner snatching the class as she continued to show herself off with her final free stack where she totally came together. These were hard earned wins today and once again, fitness and form prevailing at top honour level.

1st: Richards, Mrs M: BOURNEHOUSE SECRET LOVE. CC. Orange bitch who exudes in type. Quality bone, substance and muscle and put down in fine order here today. Good head with all the essentials, good neck into shoulder line with enough return of upper arm and good in angulations. Deep and full in chest with excellent spring and length to rib, short loin, good width over the quarters with sufficient angulation behind. Good topline. Moved soundly and positively throughout her performance and had plenty attitude too. She gave it her all and her handler never stopped pushing for the win. Her final free stack stole it from the super, typey girl in 2nd place, as she settled into what was evidently her natural, uninterrupted shape and carriage. Delighted to learn later that this CC win today to give, I believe, her much deserved crown, well done.

2nd McCabe, Mrs M: SH CH RACHDALE ELEGANCE JW. RCC. Presented in superb order with so much to commend in all departments. I loved her head and expression – so correct throughout. Nice to see these heads are still around. Good neck into super front assembly with well-placed shoulders and correlating return of upper arm. Good topline and tail set, depth of chest, super spring of rib and of great length with short, strong muscular loin. She has plenty width to quarters and kept her topline well on the move. She was put down also in good musculature. She is a quality girl with so much to admire. I was delighted to award her the RCC. Thank you for affording me the opportunity to judge her.


VB (1 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: Seaman, Mrs B K CH MARIGLEN MERCEDES JW. 9 and half year old girl whom I would have loved to have judged in her prime. She is typey, has so much quality and is still a cracking mover. She has a very nice front assembly with compatible rear. The most pleasing of heads, so balanced, correct head planes, ear set, eye colour and shape and correct finish to muzzle. She tidy in all departments but today just ever so slightly softer in topline and a shade steeper in croup. That being said, her breed type, general construction and total quality made for a distinct impression on my thought process as to how gorgeous she must have been in her prime. I liked her very very much. BVIB

SBB (1 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: Welsh, Mrs Jennifer GOLDBIRCH BURNING DESIRE TAF see JB report