• Show Date: 10/03/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Diane Smith Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023


Breed: Poodle (Toy)

CRUFTS DOG SHOW 12th March 2022

Toy Poodles

My thanks to the exhibitors for a lovely entry, it would be wonderful to see so many at all Championship Shows. At such an important event there is a wide range of exhibits, I was looking for those who fulfil the criteria of the breed standard and who showed with soundness and enthusiasm. I felt both CC winners had the X Factor on the day and must congratulate the BOB winner on his Group 1 place and eventually being awarded Res BIS by the eminent All- Rounder Stuart Plane. Thanks to my stewards for keeping things running smoothly.

Puppy Dog (6) 1 Grant & Murphy’s Silvora Tick Tok, This is a really exciting youngster, excellent head properties with small dark eye, well defined chin and lovely expression. Has well placed shoulders with straight front, well angled rear and tight feet, deep body of compact shape with reachy neck. Thick quality coat beautifully presented. Movement true fore and aft but also with plenty of drive as he powered himself around the ring. I shall watch his progress with interest. BPD & BPIB

2Watts Villanders in Cinnamon at Micador Upstanding deep brown male refined throughout and shown in firm body condition. Pleasing head, masculine outlook with nice dark eye. Good straight front along with his well angulated rear gave him a striking outline which he used to advantage on the move. Thick coat was of dark even colour well presented.

3 Martin’s Philora Silver Special

Junior Dog (5 ab1) 1 Brunton’s Tafari Ta Da It’sAfterglow Pleasing head and eye with masculine outlook, sturdy body covered by a wealth of coat well presented. Good reach of neck, straight front with well angulated rear, looked good when stacked. Moved out well keeping a good profile.

2 O’Sullivan’s Afterglow Algernon Black show in excellent coat, nicely prepared covered a well proportioned body of good shape, presented a pleasing picture stacked. Moved steadily, just preferred the head properties of winner.

3 O’Malley’s Dakata Sparkling Vin Rouge

Post Graduate Dog (6 ab1) 1 Kinson’s Soul of My Soul because You’re Mine .(Imp Srb) Deep Red in colour here was an upstanding male who presented a lovely picture stacked. Good reach of neck above well-made body with good deep rib cage shown in muscular condition. Has a pleasing masculine head with good stop and well placed eyes of good colour Thick jacket was a deep and even colour, beautifully prepared. Moved out well really covering the ground.

2 Eaton’s Philora Silver Oscar this boy possesses a lovely moulded head with smallest of dark eyes and good chin. Short compact body good reach of neck, well angulated rear. Wealth of silver coat nicely presented. Moved well.

3 Hunt’s Aedan The Milky Bar Kid

Limit Dog (5 ab2) 1 Mc Auley & Hodge’s Afterglow Home James to Byron A lovely honest young man without any exaggeration, pleasing outline with good reach of neck. short compact body with good front and rear angulation. Refined head with masculine expression from well-placed eyes good stop and plenty of moulding, Deep, well covered ribs, good front, and feet. Moved with precision both fore and aft while in profile his action enabled him to cover plenty of ground yet retaining his outline. Perhaps initially not the most glamorous in the ring but coat was well prepared. In returning for the challenge, with an improved top-knot, his qualities were even more evident, and his overall soundness earned him the Res CC much to his owners surprise.

2 Shirley’s Tuttlebees Devils Brew, upstanding boy of beautiful make and shape, refined head with dark eyes, good chin, and plenty of work in the face. Nicely constructed throughout with good feet and well angulated rear. Thick black coat was expertly prepared, and he presented a lovely picture stacked. Moved steadily always retaining his profile.

3 Well’s Afterglow Action Man

Open Dog (5ab2) 1 Isherwood, Lynn, Stone and Shaw’s Ch Afterglow Agent Orange My notes say Wow ! an absolute show stopper from nose to tail. This stunning two-year-old was shown in full bloom presenting a perfect outline stacked, short compact body and long neck to give the shape I like to see. Exquisite in head with melting expression from well-placed eyes, good stop, well defined chin, and plenty of moulding, all enhanced by well-placed ears and a wealth of furnishings. A look of arrogance defies you to pass him by. Well-conditioned body with good muscle tone and well-placed tail. Has excellent reach of neck set into well laid shoulders, straight front, and well-angulated rear. All was covered by a wealth of thick crisp even coloured apricot coat in full bloom expertly presented as always with not a hair out of place. He powered round the ring with plenty of reach and drive in a free-flowing action yet retaining his outline. His ring presence and enthusiastic character makes him the complete package just demanding attention. I had no hesitation in awarding him the CC and BOB. What else can I say fabulous, just wish he was mine.

2 Aulisa’s Meng Xiang Dian Better In Time nicely coated exhibit with well proportioned body in firm condition. Pleasing head with good chin and dark eyes well placed to give masculine expression but without any trace of coarseness. Thick black jacket was well prepared. Straight front and well angulated rear producing good steady movement.

3 Howell’s Srb Ch Kiragleons Just for Kicks at Pajkos Hujch, Rojch, Srbjch, JunKlub Ch

Veteran Bitch (2 ab1) Jones’ Ch Clopton Nuts About Dancin a youthful nine & half year old keeping her lovely even coloured brown jacket in a popular modern trim. She has a pretty head and feminine expression. Excellent shape, good reach of neck and well-set tail. Clearly a mummy’s girl calling for a change of handler, but then she was better settled. A pleasure to see her enjoying her day out.

Puppy Bitch (6) 1 Godfrey and Bell’s Aedan Danced with the Devil

very pretty youngster excelling in head properties with small dark eyes and already working in the foreface. Good reach of neck and compact body with tight feet. Firm body condition topped by quality coat presented in good order. Was enthusiastic on the move yet retaining her topline, should have a promising future. BPB

2 Furey’s Stole the Show very similar to one, but a month in age can make a difference so early in the career. She has many similar qualities, with lovely head and eye giving a feminine expression. Straight front and angulated rear which she uses to advantage when moving. Plenty of coat nicely prepared. Shall watch both with interest.

3 Ingarfill’s Baloubet Bad Romance

Junior Bitch (10) What a class, and a headache in the nicest way. Any of the first 5 could change places on another day. Some girls were affected by noise and clapping making them think they could dance around doing strange things with their legs!! Taking all things into consideration I decided.

1 Hardcastle’s Afterglow Memorandum What a find so early in the classes Stunningly elegant black youngster excelling in outline, when stacked is a superb exhibit from any angle. Possesses a beautifully refined head with plenty of working to give a very feminine expression with just that twinkle of naughtiness in her small dark eyes. All framed by just enough furnishings. Lovely size with compact body, good reach of neck with good lay back of shoulder, straight front, and well angulated rear. Expert tailoring of her thick jacket completed the picture. Movement in profile was good keeping her outline but was also accurate both fore and aft this tipped the balance in her favour here. In the challenge I was drawn to her youthful beauty and with the promise of more to come could not resist her, hopefully starting off her collection of CC’s.

2 Moss & Nelson’s Tirkane Collaboration very close up to one with many similar qualities. Pretty head and expression, with lovely eyes and well chiselled foreface. Excellent outline stacked from good reach of neck and short compact body. Well angulated rear which she uses to advantage very stylish on the move. This lady excels in quality coat, which was beautifully presented.

3 Laws’ Ch Karamouche Educating Rita.

Post Graduate Bitch (12 ab3)

1 Dace’s Sheframol Devil’s daughter at Skykalew upstanding girl who presents a pleasing overall balanced picture without any exaggeration. Has a good body and reach of neck, well sprung ribs, and in firm muscle tone. Black coat was nicely prepared to present a lovely picture stacked. Straight front and well angulated rear was used to advantage, and she was able to retain her topline on the move.

2 Murphy’s Afterglow Finger of Fudge another taller, girl, but well proportioned throughout. Pleasing head and expression. Firm body covered by jacket of even brown colour which was well presented. Nicely constructed with good front and rear, producing sound precise movement in both directions and in profile.

3 Mabe’s Dakata She’s on Fire

Limit Bitch (12) A class of real quality bitches, especially in the five short listed, their places could have changed on another day.

1 Sheppard & Marchal’s Mikasa Magicstar Pose What a little cracker, just my type so compact but with good reach of neck presenting a lovely picture stacked. Possesses a pretty, refined head with good chin and plenty of working to give a very feminine expression, plus a twinkle of mischief in her small dark eyes. Has a good firm body, well sprung ribs straight front and well angulated rear. Thick black coat was beautifully tailored to enhance the overall picture. Moved with plenty of drive and enthusiasm, sound in both directions and retaining her shape in profile.

Pressed hard in the challenge but today had to settle for Res CC

2 Corish’s Tuttlebees Devil’s Design another who really appealed, exquisite head with well placed dark eyes and plenty of working in the face to give a very feminine expression. Has a compact body and reach of neck, well sprung ribs, and good muscle tone. Thick black jacket was expertly prepared to present a lovely picture stacked, just the shape I was looking for. Moved with plenty of drive and enthusiasm, being positive both fore and aft but also retaining her outline in profile. Pressed the winner hard.

3 Burns Coghlan & Howard’s Grayco Izadorable.

Open Bitch (6 ab3)

1 Nelson’s Ch Morning Breeze What Will Baby Be (Imp Swe) the answer,

a little stunner. Possesses a beautifully refined head with plenty of moulding in the foreface to give a very feminine expression, with small dark eyes all framed by well-placed ears and plenty of head furnishings. Lovely to handle with good lay back of shoulder, straight front, and well angulated rear. Her long reach of neck compact body gave her the shape I want to see when stacked. Expert tailoring of her thick jacket completed the picture. Movement in profile was excellent with plenty of rear drive also precise fore and aft. Lovely representative of the breed she wears her well-deserved crown well.

2 Corish’s Montelle Talk of Love with Tuttlebees, Delightful head and eye on this white girl with correct pigmentation plus plenty of moulding in the foreface to give a very pretty expression. She is well balanced throughout with good front and well angulated rear. Has a good body and reach of neck, well sprung ribs, and good muscle tone. Sparkling white coat was expertly prepared to present a lovely picture stacked. Was positive on the move looking good from any angle.

Parr’s Canparr I’m Runnin Around

Good Citizen Dog Scheme (4 ab1)

1 Bell’s Aedan Talk of Making Music What a little poppet, so pretty and feminine shown in a trim which really suits her. Small bitch with lovely head and eye, firm, well-toned body beneath a thick coat almost like curly astrakhan. Moved enthusiastically, clearly enjoying her time in the spotlight. Just loved her.

2 Dunkeld’s Bielcee Mint Julep, another in good coat nicely presented. Pleasing head and expression, shown in firm body condition, was steady on the move, also enjoying her day out.

3 Hughes Lady Black Secret

                                                                                  Diane Smith (Judge)