• Show Date: 09/01/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Diana Webber Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Boston & District Canine Society

Breed: Italian Greyhound

Puppy Dog no entries

Junior dog no entries

Post Graduate Dog (2 )

1ST Phoenix Rouge Du Zephyr De Bizance (Imp Fra) (Ms L Hague). Dog of overall quality with a well chiselled head and neat rose shaped ears. Plenty of depth of chest and sloping shoulders, good strong but fine bone to hare feet. Moved with reach lift and drive. RBD

2ND Crystaldrift Love Song (Mrs Tate). Attractive dog, sound fore and aft but I preferred the shoulders of 1. Correct slightly arched topline matched with a curvy underline.

Open Dog( 4,1)

1ST Salatini Santino (Miss N Hunter) masculine fawn. A balanced dog in lovely condition giving the impression of great elegance mixed with soundness of body. He has large eyes and a lovely expression when relaxed. He also has the balanced outline I was looking for showing good depth of chest, sloping shoulders, sound hocks and correct angulation. His straight movement with lift and drive sealed the deal for me. BD and BOB

2ND Gemolli The Magician (Mrs C M Henshall) Attractive dog, neat ears, long neck, well muscled thighs and nicely. angulated stifles with low hocks. His straight limbs moved soundly in a typical way. .

3RD Crystaldrift Love Song (Mrs Tate)

Special Beginners Dog no entries

Puppy Bitch (3 )

1ST Rivertoy Remember Me (Ms L Hague) Sweet black youngster. Elegant head, long neck, neat rose shaped ears. Good fill in front with strong bone and spring of pastern. . A very sound pup.. Moved how she should for the breed. BP

2ND Ansanda Winter Bird (Mrs A J & Miss D M Guyton). Finer than my first place, elegant and confident. Another with a sweet expression and large bright eyes. Neat ears, long neck, good length of rib and sound all through. Excellent glossy smooth coat.

3RD Crystaldrift Calypso (Ms T R Tanya)

Junior Bitch ( 3 )

1ST Jewlnick Out of The Blue at Birchwind (Mrs M Hayden-Smith) very elegant and balanced blue not long out of puppy. Lovely slightly arched topline and correct length to height ratio. Petite yet sound with straight limbs and sloping shoulders allowing reach and lift on the move.

2ND Littlebriton Paper Moon (Mrs Sl Read). Larger mould than 1, Neat ears set well back, Long neck leading to good shoulders, correct well bent stifles.

3RD Crystaldrift Calypso (Ms T R Tanya)

Post Graduate Bitch (4 : 1)

1ST Salatini Silhouetta (Mrs A Collins) Bitch in lovely condition who won principally on her movement. Strong bone, correctly angled pasterns and hare feet. Good fill in front and in fit condition.

2ND LittleBriton Dragon Queen (Mrs J Carmody). Elegant bitch with a, fine and narrow head with a slight stop and rose shaped ears. Sound quarters and a lovely coat.

3RD Littlebriton Winds ‘o’ Winter (Mrs Sl Read)

Open Bitch (7, 1)

1ST Littlebriton Winter Is Here (Miss J E Doherty) Lovely pied bitch with correct dentition .Elegant and sound. Sloping shoulders with straight legs well set under her body. Slightly arched topline with a curvy underline. . Moved true with lift reach and drive and a low tail. BB

2ND Artmeis Summer Breeze at Birchwind (Mrs M Hayden-Smith) Balanced bitch with an exquisite head, attractive alert expression and neat ears. Sound straight well filled front and a lovely outline when relaxed. Nice size and moved in a typical way with lift reach and drive. RBB

3RD Ch Chrisford Chasin Pavements (Mrs K & Mr R Rutter & Wheeler)

RES Salatini Serafina (Miss N Hunter)

VHC Ansanda Glitter and Gold (Mrs A J & Miss D M Guyton)

Special Beginners Bitch no entries.

Judge Diana Webber