• Show Date: 10/03/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Di Atherton Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023


Breed: Bernese Mountain Dog

Crufts 2022

Bernese Mountain Dog

Judge: Mrs Di Atherton (Athersbern)

I was honoured to be asked to judge Bernese at Crufts and I had a fantastic day. There is a definite atmosphere at Crufts, different to every other show and more so this year after the pandemic. I hope everyone enjoyed their day. I had some difficult decisions to make, not always for good reasons. I found enough good dogs, but we seem to be losing the correct shape with lots of “long in body, short on leg” types. Bone was lacking in some and temperaments were not always the friendly, fearless, self-confident nature we expect, sadly in adults as well as youngsters. Hopefully now we are back to some form of normality we can concentrate on trying to improve on any issues we have.

Veteran Dog: (Entries: 7 Absentees: 2)

1ST NL/VDH/SSV/Bel/Lux/Aus/Swiss/INT Ch Devael Loud 'n Proud VDW (Miss M K De Wolde)

The first time I saw this male was in 2017 and I liked him then. All I can say is he has got better with age! Now a Veteran who certainly doesn’t look or act his 7 years he gave me everything I was looking for. He is upper medium in size with an excellent compact outline showing correct proportions. Gorgeous masculine head with flat skull and clean muzzle. Scissor bite. His dark eyes are almond shaped and he has a kind expression. Correct ears which he used well. He has good length of neck leading into a dead level topline. His tail reaches to his hock and is carried correctly when moving. Excellent angulation both front and rear gives him a balanced outline. He has excellent bone and always stands four-square on his tight feet. Correct markings and presented to perfection. Very happy showman who powered around the ring like he could go all day. I couldn’t fault his movement reaching out well at the front and following through at the rear. His joy at being in the ring shone through and he was always at one with his handler. Loved him. First class of the day and nothing could beat him. DCC, BOB and Best Veteran. Also short-listed in a strong Working Group.

2ND Flintas Kalnu Suo at Bernaroso ShCM (Imp Lt) (Mrs O & Mr A Vaychkus & Vaickus) Another good sized male of nearly 9 years. Gives a nice outline on the stack with a level topline and excellent angulation. Masculine head shape but eyes are slightly rounder although dark in colour. Used his ears well, being attentive to his competent handler. Good bone. Jet black coat which was presented well. Moved out well with style but slightly close at the rear.

3RD Monalou Russian Ambassador (Miss M Gurney)

RES Monalou Spirit of Discovery ShCM (Mr A & Mrs J A Fairclough)

VHC Ch Waldershelf Causing Kaos ShCM (Mr C, Mr J M, Mrs D & Miss D L Hughes)

Minor Puppy Dog: (2,0)

1ST Liskarn Can’t Buy Me Love (Mr M & Miss L Edmondson & Hughes) This happy boy gives a nice body shape on the stack; head is good for his age with lovely dark eyes and pigment. Would prefer better front angulation being slightly short in upper arm which also shows in his movement making him crab slightly when viewed from the rear. Presentation and handling were faultless.

2ND Tremywyddfa Hot Gossip (Mr G & Mrs J Perks) Nice puppy not at all happy with his surroundings. Again, good head developing well with dark, kind eyes. Dipping behind the withers at the minute but good angulation front and rear. Moved soundly. Worth persevering with as he should develop well.


Puppy Dog: (8,2)

1ST Bernolli Daniel Craig at Padiky (Imp Rus) NAF (Mrs D N & Miss P N Spencer) Another boy not entirely happy with his surroundings but he let me go over him. Head is coming with a flat skull and good ear set. Good length of neck leading into level topline. Balanced outline with decent bone. Moved soundly and showed he could be happy! Presentation was excellent and handled to get the best out of him. Best Puppy Dog.

2ND Bernolli Dragon Heart at Bernannan (Imp Rus) (Mrs R L Marshall) No disgrace to be stood behind his litter brother this dog has many of the same attributes. My notes say nice but naughty! Just not as free moving as his brother, being closer at the rear.

3RD Kernow Dollar Promises at Maxjabar (Mr O & Mrs M Copeland)

RES Up to Date von Romanshof (Mrs F S & Mr W Byrne)

VHC Bernsego Surburban (Imp Rus) TAF (Mrs R & Mr P Meakin)

Junior Dog: (6,2)

1ST Bobb vom Durrbachler Wald TAF NAF (S & S Peacocke & Plant). This can be a difficult class to judge in our breed as they can change so much in a short space of time. This dog presented totally out of coat but he has nothing to hide! Good size for 16 months showing excellent body proportions with good bone. Masculine head showing flat skull, good stop and muzzle length. Dark, kind eyes and good ears which he used well. Stands four square and on the move shows reaching, powerful drive. Occasionally carries his tail high when he gets a bit excited. Easy winner of this class.

2ND Up to Date von Romanshof (Mrs F S & Mr W Byrne) This dog was 4th in previous class. Smaller all round than winner but a decent shape which allowed him to move soundly. Good head developing with correct bite, dark eyes and kind expression.

3RD Bern Haus On Oka Hero (Mrs R Johnson)

RES Gorsebern The Great (Mrs B Harry)

Yearling Dog: (6,2)

1ST Jaybiem Only Making Plans (Ms J B Miles) This dog presents a balanced outline with good bone for size. Correct masculine head with dark eyes and correct ear set. Level topline, good angulation and correct tail set. Moves soundly. Would like him a bit bigger all round but he has time yet.

2ND Tickbern Yardhand (Mrs P A & Mr J Cooke & Stevens) Bigger stamp of a male but needs time to just come together to give the finished picture. Lovely masculine head with dark, almond shaped eyes. Correct ear set which he used well. Good length of neck and level topline. Good bone and nice feet. Moves soundly at one with his handler. Presentation was excellent. Just preferred maturity of first.

3RD Fortonpark Talk of The Town (Mr & Mrs J O'Toole)

RES Lowcroft High Hopes (Mrs V Caswell)

Post Graduate Dog: (13,4)

A difficult class to judge with some close decisions.

1ST L'eroe Dei Nostri Tempi del Sacro Fiume (Mr F Verzini) 3 year old who presented a lovely outline on both the stack and when on the move. Masculine head, flat skull and dark eyes with kind expression. Stood foursquare with level topline, correctly angled with excellent bone and tight feet. Presentation and handling were excellent to bring out the best in this young male. Moved out with style, excellent temperament.

2ND Waldershelf Fame N' Fortune (Mrs A & Mr P Manix & English) This younger male pushed hard for the top spot being a slightly different type. He is a touch smaller but still balanced length to height. Masculine head with dark eyes, very in tune with his handler. Moved out well showing powerful, sound movement. Jet black, plush coat was presented well and handled very well. Just pipped on maturity but it was close!

3RD Daithi Magic Bernese of Ballyford (Mr F & Ms A Davis & Goonan)

RES Napoleon vom Durrbachler Wald at Waldershelf (Imp Nld) (Mr A & Mrs F Hallam)

VHC Monalou Galloping Gourmet (Mr A & Mrs J A Fairclough)

Limit Dog : (10,2)

1ST Jaybiem Modus Operandi JW (Ms J B Miles) Mature male coming up to 4 years old. Lovely cobby outline with bone to match his size. Masculine head with flat skull and short muzzle. Eyes are dark in colour. Shown in full coat so can look stuffy in neck but he isn’t. Level topline and correct angulation both front and rear with correct tail set and length. Soundest mover in this class.

2ND Semus De Zandvijver at Bernervalley (Mr D & Mrs J Benson) Correct outline from this 2-year-old male who was bigger than first. Lovely head shape and he used his eyes and ears well to show excellent kind expression. Correct length of neck leading into level topline and balanced construction. Moved out soundly but he was unsettled by change of handler. Just needs to mature a bit more.

3RD Parwizz vom Durrbachler Wald at Arvella (Imp Nld) (Mesdames R, J & E King, Green & Dedman)

RES Waldershelf Cubby Ad Astra (Mr C, Mr J M, Mrs D & Miss D L Hughes)

VHC Kernow Billy No Mates at Jukesbern (Mrs N & Mr D Cotton)

Open Dog: (15,3)

1ST Kernow Troublue (Mrs S Bridges) 4-year-old dog showing excellent breed type. Masculine, mature head with flat skull and pronounced stop. Dark eyes and kind expression. Well set ears which he used well. Scissor bite. Decent length of neck leading into correct shoulders. Strong, level topline and well-muscled rear. Compact body with correct proportions. Excellent bone and tight feet. In profile he covers the ground well but was a touch close when viewed from behind. Presented well. RCC

2ND Ch Shirdees Greatest Showman at Jukesbern (Mrs N & Mr D Cotton) Bigger male than 1st but still giving a lovely shape. No doubting his sex with a masculine head of the correct proportions with kind expression. Uses his ears well and is very attentive to his clever handler. Excellent construction being balanced with a level topline. Excellent bone to match his size. Would have preferred cleaner movement coming towards but excels in profile. Excellent presentation as usual from this exhibitor.

3RD Tjofselinas Chirac (imp) Swe (Mrs & Mrs J Hartley Mair & Baldwin). Mature looking male who is just coming up 3 years of age. Another of the correct type giving a lovely outline on the stack and maintained on the move. He is darker faced than the 2 above him but still correct according to the Breed Standard. Excellent head shape with deep stop; dark, almond shaped eyes and kind expression. Sound on the move but he did look like he would rather be anywhere else than in this show ring! With more enthusiasm I’m sure he could have gone higher.

RES Joseph vom Durrbachler Wald at Arvella JW (Imp Nld) (Mesdames R, J & E King, Green & Dedman)

VHC Fi/ee/lv/lt/balt Ch Ridon Hennet Äike Ee Jch Lv Jch (Miss Hanna Murto)

Good Citizen Scheme Dog: (3)

1ST Kernow Blue Mist (Miss M Austen) Medium sized male who gives a good shape but could have a bit more bone. Masculine head with dark eyes and kind expression. Handled very well to show his sound movement.

2ND Trudaleaze He's Fab You Lous at Maxjabar (Mr O & Mrs M Copeland) Longer cast dog of good size. Nice head shape with kind, dark eyes. Moves well in profile but close behind when viewed from rear. Handled well.

3RD Kernow Loving Pledge (Miss Ej Akehurst)

Veteran Bitch: (8,3)

1ST Int Ch Mimi V Rueschbode (Mr L Buri) Lovely 8-year-old enjoying her day. Good size and lovely cobby shape. Excellent construction with dead level topline. Beautiful feminine head and expression not looking her age. Presentation was excellent and handled to show her sound movement which was especially good in profile.

2ND Ch Kernow All My Loving (Miss E J & Mrs S Akehurst & Bridges) Another of excellent type although just a touch long in body. Lovely head shape having flat skull and short muzzle, really dark eyes and well-set ears. Presented in wonderful condition, happy girl. Moved a touch close behind.

3RD Meadowpark Dream Come True with Kingstonska ShCM (Mrs L & Mr D Abbott-Brown & Abbott)

RES Tickbern Takin Liberties at Takodabern (Miss B Sayer)

VHC Ch Trudaleaze Majik Potion (Miss L & Mr D Marsden & Robertson)

Minor Puppy Bitch: (1)

1ST Liskarn Love of My Life (Miss L Bridges) Beautiful puppy whose tail never stopped wagging! Very shapely with level topline. Feminine head which still needs to develop but dark eye and correct bite. Very attentive to handler and in this class, she powered around the ring. By the time it came to the Bitch challenge she seemed a bit tired but it's a long day for such a baby. Presented and handled beautifully.

Puppy Bitch: (7,2)

1ST Monalou Dancing Queen (Miss M Gurney) Gorgeous typy girl of 9 months. Excellent outline with correct proportions. Feminine head with lovely dark, kind eyes giving a soft expression. Correct scissor bite. Really good bone for such a young girl. Very happy nature and moved out soundly, excelled in profile movement. Best Puppy.

2ND Meadowpark's Sunshine Dream at Lovetrac (Mr P F Lovel) Medium sized girl with good angles all round. Plainer in head than first but she has plenty of time. Moved soundly.

3RD Waldershelf Gin and Tonic (Mr S & Mrs J & Miss E Green)

RES Kernow Glory Days at Trudaleaze (Miss L & Mr D Marsden & Robertson)

VHC Liskarn Addicted to Love (Miss L Bridges)

Junior Bitch: (8,1)

1ST Etterbern Forever Fashion (Mr L J Reynolds) Gorgeous girl who I have had the pleasure to judge before. My notes say excellent, excellent, excellent! Just needs more maturity to win top honours in today’s company but I'm sure it won't be long before she is winning CC’s of her own. Medium sized with correct body shape. Feminine head with dark eyes and lovely expression. She comes into her own on the move being handled to show her powerful gait at just the right speed. Her happy disposition shines through. Only thing I can fault her for is she isn’t mine! Love her. RCC

2ND Schastie Evropy from Russia with Love and Joy to Kinelarty (Mrs S & Mr P Murphy) Slightly different type to first. Shapely body with good bone and feminine head with slightly longer muzzle. Kind expression. Handled well to show off her sound movement.

3RD Etterbern Fashion Trends (Mrs L Wood)

RES Bern Haus On Oka Floriana for Bernora (Miss F Wood)

VHC Auseire Candy Magic (Mr M & Mrs T Shields & Byrne)

Yearling Bitch: (15,4)

1ST Fortonpark Chase That Dream (Mrs J Baldwin) Gorgeous shape to this young bitch who caught my eye as soon as she entered the ring. Happy and confident in nature, every time I looked at her, she was engaging with everything around her. Beautiful outline with excellent bone, she was always standing four square with a level topline to show her wonderful balanced structure. Stronger in head than 2nd but still feminine. Excelled in movement being sound from all directions but looked fabulous in profile. Presentation and handling was excellent as usual from this handler. In the challenge I just kept looking at her and couldn’t fault her so Bitch CC! Hopefully her first of many, loved her.

2ND Rodiveco Queen of Hearts (Mr G & Mr L Dybdall & Lydon). Very feminine head on this young bitch, flat skull, good stop and correct muzzle length. Good length of neck and level topline. Slightly longer in body than 1st. Moved out well but a bit unhappy on examination. Unlucky to meet the winner who was on top form.

3RD Waldershelf Can't Ignora JW (Mr S & Mrs J & Miss E Green)

RES Iscabern Summer Saffron (Mrs L F Oakaby)

VHC Kaimon Gerheil Lizzy (Imp Est) Lva Jnr Ch/ltu Jnr Ch (Miss E Krjukova)

Post Graduate Bitch: (14,2)

1ST Sennen Understandably Wicked at Seanri (Mr E & Mrs W Giffney) Young 2-year-old bitch headed a class of mixed quality. Sound in construction being balanced with good bone. Strong but still feminine head with dark eyes, flat skull and good stop. Strong neck leading into level topline and correct tail set. She moved the soundest in the class, striding out well in unison with her handler. Just left her coat at home but another with nothing to hide.

2ND Shirdees Me and My Girl (Mr M & Mrs J Bramble) Smaller bitch than 1st and slightly different type. Compact in body with good angles at both ends. Can stand a touch bum high. Good bone for size. Lovely feminine head with cheeky expression, did her best to throw her placing away by being naughty but I saw enough to see her sound profile movement. Excellent presentation.

3RD Malindibeach Serenade at Moonbach (Mrs J.a Riseborough)

RES Fortonpark Classic Design (Mrs J Baldwin)

VHC Objet D Art Du Hameau De Baika avec Roesilbern JW Jw’19 (Imp Fra) (Miss J A & Mr D Wright & Kirk)

Limit Bitch: (9,3)

1ST Jaybiem Phoebe The Won (Ms J B Miles) Strong bitch of upper medium size with excellent bone. Correct angulation both ends with dead level topline. Loved her head shape with flat skull, good stop and dark eyes. Presented in hard condition, well muscled. Handled to show her stylish, powerful movement. Carries her tail high.

2ND Fortonpark Look Whos Talkin (Mrs J Baldwin) Lighter frame to this girl than winner but still good bone for size. Excellent construction. Darker faced and I preferred the head shape of 1st. So sound on the move from all directions. Presentation and handling excellent. Close decision!

3RD Meadowpark's Dancin' On My Own (Mrs J A Harris)

RES Iscabern Daffadowndilly (Mrs L F Oakaby)

VHC Jesterbrock Lovestruck (Miss W A Sherwood)

Open Bitch: (16,7)

1ST Ch Bernfawr Jonquill (Mrs J Y Weston) Very shapely mature bitch of 5 years with good bone for size. Pretty feminine head with dark eyes giving good expression. Skull could be flatter. Good reach of neck with correct angles both ends. Tight feet. Very happy temperament and she was the soundest mover in the class being particularly good in profile.

2ND Tjofselinas Uk Ella Rose for Meadowpark (swed Imp) (Mr G & Mr L Dybdall & Lydon) Similar overall shape and size to winner, touch longer in body with level topline. Skull was flatter, dark, almond shaped eyes. Very attentive to handler, wanting to please. On the move she appeared to over-reach but overall, a very nice girl.

3RD ICH Bernervalley Summer Dream (Mr D & Mrs J Benson) Rangier type of bitch than the two in front of her but still lots to like. Fabulous on the move, holding her topline at all speeds. Slightly long in loin. Beautiful mature feminine head with dark eyes and excellent expression. Very happy show girl.

RES Corin Attila Od Zlatého Jinanu (Mr P & Mrs Š Viznar & Viznarová)

VHC Padiky Starr Studded Skye JW (Mrs D N & Miss P N Spencer)

Good Citizen Scheme Bitch: (7,2)

1ST Malindibeach Serenade at Moonbach (Mrs J.a Riseborough) Very nice shapely bitch of three years. Feminine head with dark eye. Would prefer slightly shorter muzzle. Good reach of neck into level topline. Good angles both ends. Happy to be in the show ring but could use her ears to better advantage. Excellent presentation. Soundest in this class.

2ND Jesterbrock Apus at Calizley (Mrs C E Hundley) Bigger type than winner but within Standard size. Nice expression with dark eyes but skull could be flatter. Good bone for size. Moved well in profile.

3RD Malindibeach Armani Rose (Mrs S Small)

RES Ch Trudaleaze Majik Potion (Miss L & Mr D Marsden & Robertson)

VHC Trudaleaze Ain't I Fab You Lous (Miss L & Mr D Marsden & Robertson)