• Show Date: 09/01/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Derfel Owen Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Boston & District Canine Society

Breed: Pug

Boston & District Canine Society 2022 – Pugs

My sincerest thanks to the society for inviting me to award CCs in for the first time to this utterly delightful breed that I love. I have always enjoyed judging pugs, they are the most fun dogs to spend time with, full of zest for life and character and I was not disappointed today, a couple of exhibits were still getting used to things after a long spell of not attending shows or training which is understandable, but other than that I was very pleased with temperaments, character and attitude on display. Equally, I found the breed overall to be in good health and condition, I had no serious concerns.

Overall, I was very pleased with my winners and with the consistency of my final line-ups in both sexes. In a very large entry, I was able to find a good number of exhibits that accorded with my mind’s-eye of what a pug should look like. I was especially pleased to find out after judging that my two CC winners are litter brother and sister. In particular, I thought the Limit and Open Bitch classes were packed with quality, I’d have happily awarded a CC to any of the bitches placed in those classes.

Toplines were not great on a few exhibits, with some a little ‘bum-high’, their toplines sloping upwards from shoulder to hindquarters, also I found too many tails not set on high, something to look out for.

My Best of Breed winner was Lunham’s Anzelha Heaven Scent. I had judged this bitch before and awarded her top honours at the Pug Dog Club Open Show in March 2020 and was very pleased to see she continues to bloom. Back then, I quoted the breed standard “Decidedly square and cobby, it is ‘multum in parvo’ shown in compactness of form, well-knit proportions and hardness of muscle” and it is what I had in mind today when she moved effortlessly around the ring. She is so well balanced and constructed, steady and purposeful with a gentle roll in her hindquarters, she was true coming and going. Her head is quite lovely, round and proportionate with a short and square muzzle and round expressive eyes. Level topline with a high set and tightly curled tail. I think she is quite lovely and an excellent representative for the breed.

I awarded the DCC to her litter brother Hill’s Anzhela Heaven On Earth with Calaquendi JW. Much the same comments would apply, that squareness of outline, everything in proportion and compact. Lovely expressive and dark eyes and correct pigmentation. Felt his sister was a tighter in front movement but he moves beautifully in profile with good reach in front to demonstrate that purpose of movement.

Best Puppy was Ward & Stuart’s Roxmarr Just William who I also awarded the RDCC. Such a little delight who will have a good show career of him, I am certain. Thoroughly sound and well-constructed, he rather commands attention when stood and on the move. Square and well bodied with well-sloped shoulders and level topline. Lovely round round head with well-defined wrinkle and large, dark eyes. Tightly curled and high set tail.

Minor Puppy Dog 1 – Conquell Calm To Chaos (Ms H G Linnett). Felt he was the most confident mover in the class. Well constructed and in good condition, he moved with purpose and drive. Good depth to chest, well set and tightly curled tail. Liked his head, square muzzle and dark expressive eyes. 2 – Nicobri Hudson River At Hunterspug (Mr I & Mrs C Vurgest). Sound mover, covered the ground with steady purpose. Round head in correct proportion to body, nicely arched neck. Level topline and correctly set tail. Perhaps a little on the large side for a minor puppy. 3 – Taftazini Pastuchovii (Mrs Y R & Mrs R A Mitchell & Willis)

Puppy Dog 1 - Roxmarr Just William (Mrs E & D Ward & Stuart). RDCC & BPIB. 2 - Snugglepug Hold Your Horses (Ms E Arnold-Stronge). Another eye-catcher and in perfect harmony with his handler. Lovely outline, square and correct for size. Round head with a square and short muzzle, dark and expressive eyes. Moved well. 3 - Macmoore The Showman (Mr G & Mrs G Mcaleny)

Junior Dog 1 - Ragemma Hot Potato (Mrs G Saffer). Square, cobby, correct for size, in excellent condition and showing his socks off for his handler. Moved well with typical roll and soundness of purpose. Liked his round head, correct proportions, excellent pigment. Level topline that he maintained on the move and tightly curled, high-set tail. 2 - Pugistie Pop The Question (Miss J & Miss R Collier). Preferred the confidence of movement and stride of the class winner but this is quality dog with much to like. Round head, dark eyes, arched neck, level topline, tightly curled tail. 3 - Tsuselena Pixel Perfect (Mrs S Lee)

Yearling Dog 1 - Pugistie Pop The Question (Miss J & Miss R Collier). 2 - Snugglepug Black Bvlgari (Mrs J & Mrs E Houston & Arnold-Stronge) Correct rounded head, in proportion to body, with lustrous dark eyes which made him rather appealing. Moved well with sound and straight action in front. A little on the large side for my preference. 3 - Roxmarr Evening All (Mrs C L While)

Post Graduate Dog 1 - Flashnik Chase The Ace (Miss N & Miss H Cannon & Burroughs). The best mover in the class, good purposeful movement with straight action in front and gentle roll. Liked his head, dark eyes, good pigmentation. Square and cobby, well constructed with level topline. 2 - Nijacpugs Wreck It Ralph (Mrs J J Truelove) Correct for overall size and shape, nice head with well defined wrinkles and good pigment. High set tail, level topline. Would have preferred some more drive and purpose to his movement. 3 - Tsuselena Blackthorn (Mrs S Lee)

Limit Dog 1 - Aneeva Mr Brightside (Mr J J & Mrs W T Urwin) Excellent purposeful movement Really liked his head and soft expressive, large eye. Small ears set just right. Square and cobby with a level top line and neatly curled tail. Very sound on the move, straight in front and sound rear movement. 2 - Sunlea Billy Ray (Mr N Walker) Well constructed, with strong fore and hidquarters, well sloped shoulders and with good turn of stifle. Round head with well-defined wrinkle. 3 - Conquell Can We Pretend (Mrs G Hall)

Open Dog 1 - Anzhela Heaven On Earth With Calaquendi JW (Mrs A & Miss L C Hill). DCC. 2 - Zobear's Commander In Chief (Mrs D Stuart). Certainly larger and heavier than I prefer, but he is an outstanding mover, with purpose, drive and good reach, moves true in front with a typical and unexaggerated roll behind. Round head with lovely, lustrous and dark eyes that just draw you in, high set and tightly curled tail. 3 - Sunlea Cast A Spell Over Megipugi JW (Miss M I Cowie)

Special Beginners Dog 1 - Pugistie Pop The Question (Miss J & Miss R Collier). 2 - Hunterspug Rainbow Warrior (Mr I & Mrs C Vurgest). Dark eyes, soft ears, good pigment, level topline, rather lacked drive on the move.

Good Citizen Dog Scheme 1 - Lampugs Magnolia (Miss D R Bailey). All the enthusiasm you need from a pug, in good condition. Moved with purpose, level topline, well angulated hindquarters, high set tail.

Minor Puppy Bitch I was very pleased with this class, shows lots of promise for the next couple of years. 1 - Zobear Ring My Bell (Ms J A T Ashton). A very promising bitch that I kept in my eyeline when considering the RCC, she has a promising future for sure. Compact, copy, square she fills the eye when stood, right on her toes with strong pasterns. On the move, she’s a delight in profile with good reach and purposeful action. Round head, dark eye, good pigment. 2 - Limetta Millsweet Naf (Miss S Edwards). Square and cobby, good arch to her neck, level topline, high set and tightly curled tail. 3 - Bringiton Baijiu At Flashnik (Miss N & Miss H Cannon & Burroughs).

Puppy Bitch This was a tightly contested top 2. Both were lovely for size, shape and compactness with purposeful movement, good reach and straight in front with typical roll to hindquarters, good pigmentation and coat condition. Round heads and appealingly lustrous, dark eyes. On balance, I preferred the tidiness of the ears of the winner and she had a tighter curl to her tail. 1 - Calaquendi Kerfuffle (Mrs A & Miss L C Hill). 2 - Roxmarr China Girl At Aneeva (Mr J J & Mrs W T Urwin). 3 - Migang Malena (Mr D R Mousley)

Junior Bitch 1 - Tsuselena Terabelle (Mrs S Lee). Delightfully cobby and compact, just right for size. I just preferred her head over 2, round with square, short jaw, good wrinkle and clear, dark pigmentation, dark and lustrous eyes. Moved well, level topline and tightly curled tail. 2 - Samlynrye Dixie Chick At Briddish (Miss S & Mr R Briddon & Fisher). Similarly appealing, sound and well constructed, she moved very well in profile with a tightly curled and high set tail. 3 - Migang Malena (Mr D R Mousley)

Yearling Bitch not the easiest class to judge, all the bitches had some very appealing qualities but a lot of variation in type and some compromises needed. 1 - Jaudette Do It Right (Mrs J L Richardson). Square and cobby with a level topline, would prefer more strength to her hindquarters. Nice head with sufficient wrinkle, level topline and tightly curled, high set tail. Moved with purpose. 2 - Zobear Absolutely Fabulous (Ms J A T Ashton). Topline not as good as 1 but I liked her head a lot, round with good wrinkle, correct pigment, dark eyes. On the move she was appealing with good drive and reach. 3 - Lampugs Magnolia (Miss D R Bailey)

Post Graduate Bitch 1 - Potbelli Keep On Dreaming (Miss H & Mrs C Rutherford). Very appealing for size and cobbiness with a very lovely and appealing round head with good width of muzzle and dark eyes just keeping you attracted her throughout. Moved effortlessly, maintaining her level topline on the move. Tightly curled tail and high set. 2 - Rosewitch One Love (Miss A J Mitchell). Heavier than the winner but still lots to like. She moves beautifully in profile with drive, purpose and good reach in front, typical roll to hindquarters. Nice head with good width to her jaw and dark eyes. 3 - Nina Von Termel Mopco (Imp Mne) (Mrs E & D Ward & Stuart)

Limit Bitch What a fabulous class, I’d have happily sent the 5 shortlisted bitches moving around the ring endlessly, there was real depth of quality here, a pleasure to judge. 1 - Ragemma Saucy Suzie At Balthazar JW (Mr J, Mrs, Miss M & Mrs G Swinge & Saffer). An absolute cracker, I’ve judged her before and she has lost none of her appeal. Correct for size, cobby and compact, square and balanced. She’s full of character, effectively shoving herself to the front of the queue and demanding attention, just how I like a pug to be. In profile her front movement is ideal, putting her legs well forward and showing off a typical pug roll. I love her head, round and proportionate with a short and square muzzle and well-defined wrinkles and large and dark eyes. With a strong neck, she carried her head proudly. Level topline. 2 - Ragemma Upsy Daisy JW (Mrs G Saffer). Much the same comments apply to this fabulous bitch,  the swagger and character of the winner won the day but they could swap places. 3 - Rhodenash Dream A Long With Anjuli (Miss L Lindsay).

Open Bitch After limit bitch, I was treated to this wonderful class, another class of fabulous bitches, I can see how on another day a judge would reach different conclusions, but I had picture in my mind and 1 - Anzhela Heaven Scent (Mrs A Lunam) filled it. BCC & BOB. 2 - Rhodenash Stella Dreams Of Eivisah JW (Mrs G & Mr S Pike). Utterly delightful. From nose to tail, she oozes quality. Lovely head, in perfect proportion that she carries with poise and dignity on nicely arched neck, super square and cobby with a level topline which is held stood and on the move. Very neat, highly set and tightly curled tail. Moves beautifully in profile, and straight movement in front with typical roll. Fab. RBCC 3 - Ch Surpise Gift Ragemma (Mr E Eddery)

Veteran Bitch

1 - Flashnik Coconut Ice (Miss K H, Miss N & Miss H Birch, Cannon & Burroughs). Correct for size, level topline, good head with wide jaw and square muzzle. Moved well. 2 - Eastonite Black Dolly (Mrs J J Truelove). Good mover, nice head with dark and appealing eyes.

Special Beginners Bitch

1 - Pugistie Apple Of My Eye (Miss J & Miss R Collier). A nice and appealing bitch. Good round head with sufficient wrinkle and dark pigment. Square and cobby with a level topline and high set and tightly curled tail. Moved very well. 2 - Judamie Glorious Gloria (Miss H Reynolds). Too big for my preference but moved very well, with good forward reach and typical roll, level topline, tightly curled tail.

Derfel Owen