• Show Date: 15/08/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Derfel Owen Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Bournemouth Canine Association

Breed: Coton De Tulear

First, I must extend my apologies to the exhibitors for the extreme lateness in producing this report. As you’ll have noticed on the day, I was suffering with joint problems in my knee and ankle that needed some treatment after the show, I had a family bereavement and then moved house all in a short period of time which meant I took my eye off the ball. None is justification for tardiness, but I owe an explanation.

Overall, I was pleased with the quality here today, not a numerically large entry in comparison to some other breeds but the consistency in quality was apparent, temperaments were very good, the breed is establishing itself well. Fronts have never been a strength in this breed and this will still need some focus in breeding programmes.

SB D/B 1 Craik’s Mopseyscoton Bubbli Bunni. Good coat texture, well balanced overall, correctly proportioned head, correct pigment with lovely dark and expressive eyes. Pleased to see her placed in the SB Group.2 Cheshire’s Cukoton Hiawatha. Not the correct colour throughout showing black on his ears, showed well, coat in good condition.

P D/B 1 Hancock’s Montewhite Lady Velvet Cloud At Cindaires. Nicely proportioned bitch with correct head and super pigment. Dark and round eyes.. Good width to chest and well ribbed. Slight arch to loin and correct tail set and carriage. Parallel going away. BPIB2 Craik’s Mopseyscoton Bubbli Bunni 3 Trickett’s Cotontricks Peggy Sue

J D/B Cheshire’s Cukoton Hiawatha.

PG D/B 1 Trickett’s Valeast Barney Rubble. Masculine dog, balance and well constructed so moving very soundly coming and going. Good neck and top-line with correctly set and carried tail. 2 Needham’s Cotoncloude Bella Bianco. Correct body and head proportions but thought the winner was a little bit better on the move. Nicely balanced head with well shaped eyes but would prefer them darker. Excellent coat.

LD 1 Hancock’s, Flamencoton Seimei, Correct for size, balance and overall shape. Excellent coat texture. Masculine head, with dark eyes and correct pigment. Would like a straighter front. Well ribbed. Correct topline, tail set and carriage. Moved well which gave him this class. RBD. 2 Scott’s, Mopseyscoton Minti Minki, Not quite as outgoing as the winner. Liked his head and eye. Has the correct topline.

OD 1 Murdoch’s Cukoton White Magic Jinx For Cotonalba. He is fully mature and rather commands the ring he has good body proportion and the correct rise over the loin. In full coat with excellent texture,appealing, dark and expressive eyes, black rims and black nose and lips. He showed very well and moved freely and soundly. BD 2 Needham’s Cotoncloude Andiamo Luigi. Well balance and nicely constructed, dark eyes and well set ears. Good coat. Top-line is correct with good strength to the loin, moved well, carrying his tail correctly. 3 Clarke’s, Cotonkiss Heaven Help Us.

LB 1 Harris’, Cotonclover Fiorangelo. Loved her for overall size and balance, compact, correct head proportions, dark eye and pigment with an appealing expression, she has a good top-line and tail and moves well. RBB. 2 Fry’s Lazy Daze Nicely proportioned. Good coat texture, correct tailset and carriage.

OB 1 Pearman’s, Cotonkiss Penny From Heaven At Mopseyscoton. Very balanced throughout and lovely for size and shape. the balanced in head ratios, dark and expressive eyes, well set ears. Topline rises slightly to a well-muscled loin and falls away gently over the croup to a low set tail, good in front and with the correct cotton feel to the coat and well carried tail, she moved and showed well, excellent presentation. BB & BOB. 2 Fry’s Blosscoton Kuhsandruh. Nice proportions and balance, head ok, good coat, top-line good and moves nicely.

Derfel Owen